Monday, December 31, 2007

Weekend.. and Shopping..

It's not weekend anymore, but i felt lazy to write down anything last weekend.. And I just found out that I left my camera kat kg.. And i accidentally setting my hp camera to the smallest resolution.. So, mood cam dah kureng.. but that's why we have internet.. a place where we can just find anything in one click.. hehehe..

I went to Midvalley last week.. well, at first I was planning to go to bengkel to service my car but they had too many car on queue.. so i give up.. Drive to Midvalley then.. and met my friends and have a nice weekend.. Not in order as below..

1. I Am Legend.. (indeed)

Well, I have to admit I watch this movie because I can't find any movie that interest me. National Treasure 2 got bad review.. so i passed.. Alien vs Predator? I just hate ugly alien and predator.. So, this is the logical choice. I rate this move 2.5*. It's not a bad movie it just.. i had to watch Will Smith acting for 3/4 of the movie alone.. well apart of his dog and some ugly dracula virus infected human. It was not something that I expected. I just don't know how to feel when watching this movie. The truth is I'm actually laughing at this movie.. (well, it's not an appropriate thing to do since I'm the only one did that).. Anyway, it's a good movie but not so entertaining. What can I say, the title is perfect for this movie.

2. Anuar Zain CD
Thank God I don't bought this CD for myself.. Hihihihi.. It's a birthday present to my friend. I've already listen and burn the copy for myself (as a back-up hehehe) before wrapping it nicely to my friend. I will not buy this CD if I have to choose but this is her request and my pren, wish granted! It's a nice album but so Anuar Zain.. I like Lelaki Ini and one other song (can't remember the title) but to listen the whole album while driving will be a slobber. This is just not my type. this is my type:

Hahaha.. Oh, Josh Groban CD.. I got this for my belated birthday present. Love it! love it! love it.. Thank you catz..

3. HUGO BOSS XXThis is my new perfume.. I hope I like this one.. I don't like my last perfume "212" so much and I couldn't find where I put it. So, I think this is a good time for a new perfume and for a new year.. New year new smell. Hahaha.. Well, my favorite perfume is "Jadore" by CD but my friend said that I should not buy the same perfume.. so, let give a try for HUGO.. Hehehe.. So far, i feel ok la.. I bought a big bottle.. 100ml so, I just have to love it!

4. YOGA Book and DVD

I'm planning to change the way I exercise.. So, I bought this also la.. This is the contra version of my PS2 dance pad.. so I hope I will start doing yoga soon.. There are so many yoga books but this one have a DVD with it and this is also pick of the "month/season?" by MPH.. so, I just buy it. Go Go!

5. Eat Some More

I end up my Midvalley tour by stopping myself from buying a new purse. I just think I need a new one but it has to wait.. So I eat some sizzling mee..

That's not my pic.. I stole it somewhere.. Anyway, it was not so good la.. Maybe because I don't really want to eat this, I just don't know what to choose and I think steak have too much fat. So, I'm on a non existing diet program that come and go in no time..

That's not all.. but that's it for now. Ok la.. I did singgah pasar malam on the way back from midvalley and bought some fruit and vegetable and a pashmina scarf.. and then back at home tried to have a good sleep but watched Manchester United game instead.. Too bad they lost and it's too bad also that Arsenal won.


Friday, December 28, 2007

josh groban - WITH YOU

This is not the latest album of Josh but this is the album that i just got! It's got almost all of Josh's old song but this is a [LIMITED COLLECTOR'S EDITION].. I just got to have it.. It has 2 songs that new to me.. With you and My Heart Was Home Again. All other songs I've already know. That's why it call Collector's Edition.. like me.. hehehe.. I just love Josh.

My head is still processing right now, should I or shouldn't I buy Josh - NOEL album. It's a Xmas album but I've already heard several songs it's really nothing.. just a festive song.. so I guess I'll buy it anyway.. :-) It's a a good thing that i live near KL, so I have no problem to get Josh albums. So far Tower Records is my best solutions. I wonder why we don't have amazon.. Small outlet music store is not big enough for Josh.. Hehehe..

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A New Template, The Same Theme...

I like it! I love it!

I'm just so empty headed right now.. It's still a holiday blues.. I have no mood to really start working or start studying.. everything just dumb..

So, what I'm doing? processing my sunshine blog.. Isn't it great? Hahaha... Ok basically nothing really happen on my Eidiladha + Xmas holiday.. just a boring normal things..

1. Aidiladha..
Both my elder brother and sister not coming home.. It's just a not so happening hari raya.. After sembahyang raya, i just spent the day sleeping and eating.. My newly wed brother came back on Saturday.. 2 days after hari raya.. ok la.. lots and lots of meat anyway..

2. El Classico Nightmare!
Stupid Barca! Stupid Ronaldinho! Why? Why? oh why? Barca lost to that Galacticos team? At HOME!!! I can't believed it happened. I can't accept it! If only Messi played.. It would be different.. I think..
I'm officially depress with this.. Huh..

3. Josh Xmas CD
I just found out that Josh Groban has a new CD release on November.. I should realize it earlier.. it's josh! anyway, it's a xmas cd.. well but why not? I've listen to some of the songs.. it's really a good musical..

Well maybe that's it! Nothing special except that depressing game that really effect my holiday. I spent some time study.. and a lot of time doing nothing..

Monday, December 17, 2007

MeSsI InJurEd AGaiN!!! Oh No! El ClaSsiCo!!

Oh My Messi...

Messi out for 4 or 5 weeks

Messi will be sidelined for 4 or 5 weeks according to the Club’s Medical Services. Ecography performed on Sunday revealed that he has torn the upper part of the femoral biceps in his left thigh.

If the diagnosis is correct, the player will miss between 5 and 7 Barça matches. These begin with the end of year classic against Real Madrid, then the cup game with Alcoyano and league encounters with Mallorca, Murcia and Racing Santander.

Article from

It is a sad news.. Happen at a great time. Barca won 3 - 0 against Valencia with Messi assist 2 of the goals but too bad he got injured and miss the next el Classico against Madrid? He just make that game not as interesting as it should be anymore.. at least for me.. Hu hu hu..

Anyway.. I hope Messi get better soon.

The Golden Compass

I've watched this movie. It was ok. I like it. ***/*****

If you want to know what's this story is about.. Feel free to read it at or you can just Google the movie title then you know.. (Hahaha) I'm so lazy to elaborate it and I can't wait to the next sequel of this movie. Just for information, I had read this book. "His Dark Material" by Philip Pullman have three parts:

1. The Golden Compass
2. The Subtle Knife
3. The Amber Spyglass

I can't explain which one I like.. the movie or the books.. I like them both. Like I like Harry Potter but to tell the truth Harry Potter's movie quite sucks.. But I like Harry Potter a lots so, i kind of accept it. but this one is different, it's better like.. If you read LOTR books and also watched the movie.. you'll understand. It's good like that. You just accept that something in the book just so difficult to be translated but it is still good.

So.. Enjoy the movie OK! I did! :)

Friday, December 14, 2007

HaPpY BirThDaY To mE!

28 Years Old...

How do I spend my birthday? Last year I spend the day by doing a CV for the promotion and it was proved a success.. This year I spend it by studying for GRE.. It is a very tough exams especially on a verbal section which required me to have a millions vocabulary.. Today diagnostic: Verbal (11/30) Quantitative (28/28) Analytical (maybe 4 Hahahaha.. i don't really know, it's a writing task)

What goods that had happen today.. pre-birthday day..

1. Send my application to Uni of Minnesota (Finally)
2. My house mate irons my dress for tomorrow as a birthday gift (ok..)
3. I did spent the night studying.. (nice)
4. Oh.. almost forget, That K called me and apologized to me.. so the three consequences that i thought possibly happen, do turn good this time.

What i expect to happen today (it's 2.40 am so i guess it's today.. my bday)

1. Nothing really.. i will be surprise if anyone remember my birthday.. well maybe one or two friends.. The truth is, i don't mind and don't expect it too because without the reminder from my hand phone, i might be forget it myself.

What I wish to do this Saturday ( a day after my bday)

1. I will watch "The Golden Compass" movie.. i don't care if I have to watch it alone.. I've already book the ticket for 2 person and for 1 person.. so, no matter what.. I'll watch the movie. The reason :- This is the movie I'm looking forwards since October this year.. so, I'm not gonna miss it!
2. Study even more.. My grammar is SUCKS! I'm trying my best to improve it.

Ok, that's it! My not so glamorous birthday celebration.. I just hope all my plan success and I'll be content with it. Whatever it is.. I also hope that all my sadness go away and I hope that I could stop thinking about her and how hurt I am.. In other words stop being pathetic.. ;-)

I also wish I'll become a better person, a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend and a better errmmm... aaaaaa... everything la... (i just lost words like CT.. hahahaha)

And my last but not least wish is if not too much.. I wish Barca to win La Liga and Champions League both this season! HAHAHAHA...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Need A Shoulder To Cry On..

Everyone need a shoulder to cry on...

Lately, I feel very lonely.. very sad.. and maybe depress.. i don't know. It just inside me , i feel it. Maybe it's because of the "things" that happen lately in my life or maybe because i have so many things to deal with.. or maybe it's the combination of all..

1. Friendships..
I lost a friend.. this is something that i never ever think would happen in my life.. I mean really lost a friend. Gone. It's hurt. I keep asking myself why? I know i shouldn't but i can't help this feeling. I feel so sad. I lost a friend that i used to love. I lost a friend who i can tell the weakness i feel inside of me. A friend who i thought understand me. I just feel sad and no way, i mean no way i can forgive her for everything she did to me.

2. Boy Friend?
I also think I just end up something that not really there. I just hate feeling cheated. I hate him for all the things that he didn't do and I'm angry to myself for not having more patient. I just had enough. I just can not pretend anymore. Enough is enough.

3. The Wedding..
Well, it was my younger brother wedding last week. I'm happy for him. No pretending.. I'm really happy for him but.. I think i have enough of his attitude of "Me against the World". I have no more energy to be a perfect sister. I just can not stand selfish anymore. Anyway, he clearly doesn't need me anymore. Sometimes i wonder suppose it be when you are happy, people around you should feel the same?

4. The Exams..
This is not really a problem. Maybe i just have too much anxiety.. too worried.. I have a fluctuated feeling.. sometimes i feel everything gonna be OK but sometimes i just feel what if I don't make it? I'm thinking too much into this..

I'm worried about many other things.. I'm worried about my work.. I'm worried about my health.. Sometimes I think I'm overly cautious of my health. I always afraid with so many things.. The previous problems keep haunting me. I don't know how to stop thinking and imagining something that not there.

I feel life is not fair.. I feel my problem is just stupid to be a problem. Maybe it's not a problem, it just me.. yes I'm overly thinking of everything... and now I can't sleep.. Right now, I feel like i have no shoulder to cry on. The one who I can tell everything and anything.. I need somebody that i can be weak.. somebody that i don't have to be strong.. Somebody that i just can cry my heart out. Somebody who would think that my stupid little problems is not so stupid after all..

But you can't get everything you want..

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Love You But..

I love you but.. do you love me?

I love you but.. am i just your friend?

Why? Why? Why? Don't you feel it? We know each other for quite some time now. We talk a lot.. We like each other... but.. why u never treat me differently? I'm not getting younger... Please love me.. What should i do? So tired to do more.. maybe this is the best! We will be friend forever!

I love you..

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Silent War! Gosh I Hate Her!

I’m a “Peace” person. I love peace, I will not start a fight with anybody and if I can, I will avoid making any scene and obviously, I’m not a drama queen. Although, people at the airport always treat us like a ball, they kick us all around the airport before finally said that this is the right line (I hate Air Asia!) I still maintain my charming. But.. Now I have a war in the office. This is what I call the silent war and we don’t really talk (well… ). The war is between Kate and the rest of us (5 cute ladies). I don’t understand her, well we can say I kind of understand her problem but I absolutely do not understand her action. I was her friend and I did love her as a friend… Until she decides that she doesn’t need me as her friend anymore. She decides that our friendship is not important.. at least not as important as her “affair”. So, this is what happen, we walk away from this friendship. Like Lida said “Friend is NOT forever” and I felt like crying every time I think of it.

The Story Began..

We love hanging out together.. We jog together and sometimes we shop together. We enjoy our company and I used to tell her my little sad story and she was indeed a friend who always listens. Maybe this is her strength and her weakness. She always listens, people like telling her story and maybe so did our senior. But not all people had a good intention. This senior start to play around, he tried to touch her hand and talk “bad” words. She was so depressed, she cried and we decide if it became worst we will tell the big boss..


I don’t know how, that guy kept taking her time and she started to forget us, people around her. Or dared I said, friends around her. So, time consuming, she had no more time for us and the fact that both of them already married to someone else did not matter anymore. I remember asking her “are u OK now?” and she told me, it was nothing to worry. She told me the reason they are close (like a dove) is nothing but professional.. It’s a job thing! Well.. she look happier and fading away..

The Action..

Being a straight forward person, I told her that she is going too far but we end up, me being a speculative and bad person. They are “just a friend!” who like to talk.. a lot.. But.. He is the only friend she wants now. I was becoming invisible. Like a silhouette.. but I still love her, I was just so frustrated..

The Turning Point..

She kept give me reasons to back away. Her friends do not matter anymore, and series of broken promises started. I can’t handle it. She was not here anymore. She in her own world and I’m not part of it. She pushed us away. I hate her and I miss her but she obviously doesn’t.

The Result…

I’m starting to ignore her. We talk only when we need to. I know, I give up on her.. I should not do that to a friend but she was the one who started it. Friendship is not a one way highway; it takes two people to be friends. But, I would ever never imagine that she will do this to me, to us.. She boycotts us! She won’t talk to us.. she do her own thing now.. She stay away from us, she alienated us. She makes us her enemy.. Why? I can’t understand this! She is the one who makes the mistake. She is the one who disappointed us not the other way around.

What she thinks? We should understand her little love story? It’s not even cute! In fact I think it’s ugly. Who on earth will bless infidelity? She makes me sick! And truly I can’t imagine, a long time ago, she was my friend.. It seems so not real! I wish she disappear and OUT of my life.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Well.. I'm Back!

After some time, i feel like retired from blogging. I don't want to write publicly anymore. Well, I did write my own e-diary but somehow, i miss to write here. I need some place to express my thought freely and publicly. We all need our time, our space but i felt that being judgmental to yourself is not a good thing too. So I think that become anonymous i the right think to do. The problem is i love this blog, i love my blog.. what i have to do is delete all of my pictures here.. and I will.

Why is this blog so special? First of all, the color. It's just so bright and cheerful. I create it my self. Secondly, I love who I am. This is the event that happen to me, and I don't want to delete it. I mean, I did crazy of Mawi.. and once upon a time, i thought that Alexander is the best thing that happen to me. I did love him. One more thing, I still in love with Josh Groban. :)

So.. I'm here to be myself and to be anonymous (Funny theory right?) And I love you..