Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Di dalam Dilema...

Nampak gayanya.. memang susah la nak dapat research area yang kena ngan kehendak.. since kat sini vhdl tak la strong sangat.. hanya ada satu prof je.. dan dia most probably tak available..

Aku baru je discuss ngan my prof about the research.. It end up, aku mungkin akan buat boundary detection.. which means.. image processing.. hmm.. aku ingat lagi, suatu hari dulu aku penah cakap, tak nak buat apa2 yang melibatkan image processing.. pusing2.. elak2.. ke sini jugak aku landing..

So, we'll see.. Aku malas la nak pikir banyak2 kan.. buat je la.. peduli la kan.. next semester aku amik subject. digital image processing.. then aku try to relate.. implementation of image processing using FPGA... Boleh?

tata.. report dari lab..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tetiba je..

Tetiba je aku rasa sangat teringin nak gi Kuala Terengganu.. isk isk isk..

Aku rasa, nak bawak satu family and we stay kat one apartment or hotel yang terkenal.. hehehe.. Then aku nak gi melawat masjid kristal, gi pasar/pekan kat terengganu tu.. pastu beli kain sutera, makan keropok losong, makan seafood.. melawat sana, sini dan seumpama dengannya..

So, aku rasa.. melancong ke kuala terengganu akan menjadi one of my agenda bila balik ke Malaysia nanti.. hik hik hik.. Which is in 2010..


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Xmas Dinner no. 2

Well, It's on Xmas day.. Ni rumah kawan satu tempat keje ngan gigi.. Baverly pick us up around 2.00pm, we have a nice lunch.. walk around the neighbourhood, eat pie and ice cream and watching Xmas movie before going back home... Malangnya, aku lupa charge battery camera.. So, we have a half part of it je la ok.. Still.. it's a good part :D

Very proper and great arrangement table.. Jangan salah paham ek.. tu sparkling Juice ok..
gigi nak pose gak...
Ini Carol.. nice old lady...
Sian tak kat aku??? Ni je yang aku leh makan...tapi kenyang gak la..
Gigi and Baverly kat pokok Xmas...
me and gigi
Me, Baverly and Carol... June come later.. Boleh tak, for half of time there aku lupa nak bukak tudung... all girls kan.. apara! but good for pic la..

It's very American style of Xmas celebration.. And.. aku dapat Xmas present!!!! Yay! Tak sangka lak akan dapat present.. Bukan bende besar pun.. but a present is a present.. Aku and gigi rasa bersalah lak sebab tak bawak apa2.. Mana tau kan..

Actually around 4.30pm, ada sorang lagi datang, June keje kat sepital. so dia datang lambat.. No pic sebab no bateri.. huhuhu.. Kiranya aku dapat 3 Xmas present la.. So sweet of them..

Friday, December 26, 2008

Xmas Dinner no. 1

Xmas dinner party on 23nd Dec... yang aku ada mention sebelum ni... Not much of eating but more of playing games.. Aku really tertarik dgn Wii tau...

Tennis game...
The loser.. Hahaha...
The winner... Hahaha...
Me, sai loe and aunty Lona (aunt Lona dah duk sini ~20 tahun, Malaysian who married with American)Aunty Lona and friends... Kami yang muda2 (hehehe) sibuk main, diorang dok bergossip kat dapur and of course aku sorang je yg tak paham pe kebende... hiksss..
gigi and host (she from Taiwan, Patrick's gf)

Well, it's a fun night... Kat sini Malaysian mostly chinese.. mr. H & family is the only other malay.. I think bila aku balik Malaysia nanti, aku boleh at least paham chinese (yo oo oo je kan)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

S*it Happen!

Hari ni - around 5.30 pg

Aku and another friend sleep at the back of car.. tidur2 ayam la... Suddently aku terkejut ngan feeling that the car is out of control.. It move left and right out of line.. seriously, I'm a little panic.. But thank god, Sailo manage to get in control again.. The icy road.. urghh.. He said sorry to us but it's not his fault anyway.. and I said sorry for.. hmm.. well be a little dramatic..

Pukul 6.30 pg

Me and gigi mengucapkan happy holiday and nice flight to Sailo.. Feeling so tired and mengantok.. kami terus drive balik ke rumah.. which will take another 2 hours again.. and Gigi has to work at 1pm.. So, we hope she can get a nice little nap before work.. As for me.. I have the whole time in the world..

Pukul 8.20 pg

Yes.. We dah sampai Columbia, and it's snowing.. gigi silap masuk simpang.. Ops.. where are we? but we are close... There, we see Columbia College and yes.. that's Colllege Ave.. We go towards Parid Rd.. we'll be home soon.. Yay! But.. but..

"What happen gigi!!!! Stop the car!!!"
"I tried! I tried!"
"Oh noooo.... "

The car cannot be stopped.. It's sliding on the road.. the icy road taking it's tool.. We are not so lucky this time.. In fact I can said.. it's a bad luck.. A thin stupid layer of ice.. it's on the junction, the truck in front is stopping and the road is declining.. and the ice.. hmm.. It's so cold.. all of us kuar dari kete.. I see something is leaking.. the front car is push inside and the weather is freaking cold.. I actually have a whole body shaking in this unbearable weather.. We move over.. Nothing wrong with truck.. We wait for the police inside the car.. and the engine sound really really weird...

Pukul 9.30 pg

We had settled with police.. we drive the weird sound car to the nearest bengkel.. (We had found out that Sailo only have a third party insurance.. which means there is no cover for repairing the car).. We have no choice anyway.. Just to look at the car cost us USD34.50 :( and then they said we have to send it to different shop because it's involved body frame.. Radiator pecah and bonet depan bengkok ke dalam.. We call towing service (yang ni insurance cover) to go to another shops..

Pukul 11.30 pg

Check car took around 1/2 jam.. tunggu towing guy.. another 1 hour... bla bla bla.. Kul 11.30 pg kitorang sampai kat kedai ni.. Kami kene tinggal kete kat sini.. and wait for the quotation this Monday.. Esok Xmas maa.. huhuhu... So, aku call Mr. H to pick us up... Nasib baik ada Mr. H which.. I truly believe and no doubt at all will help us.. And indeed he came..

Pukul 12.00 pm

Gigi not feel very good.. she doesn't to go home.. we ask Mr. H to directly stop at her work place.. Mr. H invite me to go to his house which I accept.. The truth is, aku tak tido semalam tapi since dah lama tak jumpa kak Ana and aku pun rasa malas balik umah.. lepak umah diorang always a nice feeling for me... Having lunch and pray at Mr. H house.. lepak2.. sembang2.. Main game ngan anak2 dia.. around pukul 4pm aku balik umah...

Pukul 4.00 pm

Gigi suppose akan balik soon.. but I am so very very sleepy... I don't sleep since last night.. Basically aku terus pengsan..

Pukul 10.30 pm

Wake up... baca internet.. I feel it's to late to call gigi.. and finally.. I wrote this blog..


I'm thinking.. I wish the cost for car's repair is not so expensive... Tomorrow I will help gigi to look at yellow pages to find out any other shops available in case the quotation is too expensive.. at least there must be other options..

Like I said.. s*it happen.. We don't ask it to happen.. Noboby want it to happen..

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ni kes Bosan ek...

Hari ni.. selain bangun untuk makan... aku lepak atas katil ja... Aku patutnya dah mula study for Research projek tapi.. as I said.. takde keje cari keje pastu malas.. Memang nak kena pukul ni!!! One of the reason aku rasa aku buat good decision start research is, Barca stop play for 2 weeks. (xmas and new year holiday).. So, I believed I'll be bored to the point that I'll die! Hahaha...

Pukul 7.00 pm

Sailo(Andrew - sailo mean adik), Gigy and another friend pick up aku.. We all ada cristmas dinner - Nanti aku buh gambar ok.. We all lepak umah Patrick sampai kul 12 am.. Makan kejap je.. duk habiskan masa main video game.. Patrick ada Wii.. Best gila.. My fav- Tennis, Bowling and Golf.. Aku rasa Wii lagi interactive dari PS2.. Main tennis sampai berpeluh2.. Huhhh.. Serious best!

Esok - Kul 4 am

Gigi and me akan ke St Louis.. We nak hantar Sailo gi Airport.. Dia terbang ke China esok.. Balik holiday.. Bestnye.. The good thing is.. Sailo bagi kete dia kat Gigy.. So, pasni kami ada kete nak jalan2.. Yay!!!

Sekian report kali ni.. (See.. when I start blogging.. I just can't stop.. hiksss)

I've been Tagged!!! Sorry Myra.. took a long time..

But better late than never right???

  • List these rules on your blog.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
  • Tell 7 unspectacular quirks on yours.
  • Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
  • Link the person who tagged you. (Myra)
  • Leave a comment for each blogger. (Ni macam malas sikit.. check nama korang ok..)
7 Facts About Me...

Macam penah buat je kan... well, let makes a new one :D

1. I'm not a very humble person but not arrogant as well.. I'm down to earth.. I say fact! I do fact! And I tell the truth even it hurts... Tapi masih tapis ok...

2. I love soccer to the point that I think it's a little bit too much.. Specifically, I love Barca! And everything Barca...

3. I think too much.. but above all I worried too much (to the point that it's annoying) Kalau anything happen not the way I want it to happen.. or I plan it to happen, I'll think that the world is crumbling.. I need somebody to tell me.. It's ok.. everything gonna be ok.. And that is not the end of the world...

4. I always make emotional decision.. Can be good can be bad.. Good when sometimes I need action without overthinking.. Bad when well, think before act is good right???

5. I always think the ideal way of living is shopping, watching tv, do nothing and hang out.. But I always end up.. feel bored and try to find a challenge and sometimes regret it later.. Well.. It's complicated.. (even this sentence is pusing2 la I guess)

6. Apa lagi ek... I love myself.. ni boleh kira ka? Ok.. I love myself first.. So, other people action yang tak directly impact me (or my family or my friend or my country -- anything related to me) will go into nothingness in my book.. So, you can do whatever you want ok..

7. I think I need a boyfriend.. Hahaha... tiba2? No la.. Life is too boring right now but I have no calon as well.. hmm.. What to do? What to do?

7 Unspectacular Quirks

1. People always think that I look like sombong.. But actually I'm not once you get to know me.. I just always into my own world and sometime tak berapa notice the situation that I have to act like an angel.. But anyway, i tak sombong tau...

2. I'm always realistic but I am a dreamer too (that's the reason why I became Cinderella in previous quiz)..

3. I know that I'm a straight forward person.. It can hurt people sometimes.. BUT I rarely judge people.. I say what I think and I don't hold back... So, I tak cakap belakang ok.. if I did.. I always felt guilty..

4. I usually tak feel intimidate dengan most situation (usually with people yg same level with me).. That's why even though this is my first semester here, most people ingat i dah lama kat sini.. Well, for me all people is the same no matter where they come from..

5. I always try to do my best.. want to be the best.. whatever.. I'm competitive but I compete only with myself.. tak involve orang lain.. so, that's make me not competitive.. boleh paham ka?

6. What else??? Hmm.. I always see black is black and white is white.. Give me a good reason and a good argument and a good proof.. I'm willing to change my mind ok.. For me, do it and say want to do it is a BIG different.. and I believe in action..

7. Lastly.. I rasa i ni jenis open book person.. So, I think to find 7 Unspectacular Quirks about me is a hard work..

The 7 People I'm Tagging would be:

Noreh Jones
Kay (Being Me) :D
whoever Interested la...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What's New???

1. Well, walaupun ni bukan really a new news.. Tapi weather kat sini going crazeyyyy... Semalam, aku rasa adalah yang paling sejuk pernah aku rasakan dalam hidup ni.. Well setakat ni la.. Suhu -17 Celcius.. Wooooo... Sejuk gila.. Semalam, aku gi makan umah kawan and jalan2 kat mall, so kuar kete je.. LARIIIII!!! Sejuk nak mampus.... ketaq gigi2.. grrr.. Masuk kete pun bukan terus warm.. Well kesimpulannya SEJUK GILA!

2. Akhirnya aku tengok gak wayang kat sini.. "Till the day stood still" (kalau tak silap la tajuknya gini) Well, aku tengok sebab iklan macam besh.. Keanu Reave lak tu.. Tapi citer ni... hmm mmg tak best la.. aku bagi C+ Harga tiket wayang kat sini USD6.50 (student price) so sekali sekala tengok ok la kan...

3. Hari ni aku discuss ngan one of my professor pasal research master.. Well, aku kena ada at least satu research.. So, it's time for hunting! Aku dah tanya 3 professor la sebenarnya.. Yang pertama aku tak minat sebabnya more to fizik (but very related to nuclear) tapi aku tak minat la.. Yang kedua, VHDL project.. Yang ni sebenarnya pilihan pertama, tapi prof tu cakap.. he may be not available.. he ask to talk with him again end of next semester.. well, I think it's too long to wait.. So, yang ketiga ni.. Well, my analog prof.. Aku minat la jugak tapi memang sound susah kan.. Well, aku rasa cam ini la pilihan yang tinggal.. before aku go to image processing ke pabala ke.. Well.. the result is....

- Dia accept aku.. YAY! Dan well, actually dia ada cakap beberapa kali pasal doing PhD.. Hmm dan aku beberapa kali cakap.. I can't say anything about that.. I'm not sure..

- Aku tanya dia pasal RA possibality.. Aku cakap walaupun aku ada sponsor, adalah bagus kalau aku dapat duit lebih.. sebab duit sponsor cukup2 ja.. hehehe.. and she said.. YES! YAY!!! Tapi dia kata sekarang masih takde fund.. So, i have to wait.. Aku kata.. takpe, kalau ade fund.. it's good.. kalau takde it's ok too.. But aku mmg harap ada la.. hehehe..

- Dia tanya aku, is I'm up for a new challange? Well, actually dia akan gi California this March.. keje kat sana.. pastu after a year balik sini (Missouri).. But she will be here (back and forth) from California.. Well, actually dia tanya kalau aku nak ikut dia gi cont study kat California.. Again, I said nothing! Dia kata skrg dia tengah tanya if dia boleh bawak student and automatically admitted to the university.. This uni is formerly under Cal-Tech tapi sekarang dah independent (aku tak ingat la nama uni nya) tapi she said very good uni.. Aku macam a little bit scared with the idea..

- Well, aku tau tak senang nak dapat this opportunity.. but she repeatedly say that she think that I'm very good (HAHAHA perasan ni).. Well, it's the truth.. she think I'm good.. hehehe.. Aku amik kelas dia this semester.. Tapi aku tak tau la.. Mungkin dia tak betul2 serius.. Yang penting aku akan buat research under dia la.. dan kita tengok how it goes from here.. I like to take things slow..

So, I say.. Let see... Aku beberapa kali cakap kat dia yang my plan so far, is just doing a master.. (phd is not a bad idea though.. hikss) Dan kalau ada income boleh balik tiap2 tahun.. kan mak kan.. Hehehe..

Friday, December 19, 2008

What's more to say???

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Reluctant B-Day Girl..

Well.. My bday jatuh pada hari Ahad.. where we are at the busiest day in our student life.. Anyway.. sempat jugak la my friends kat sini membuat surprise party utk aku...

Seriously, aku memang surprise abis esp bila Yoon Chee, Seng Kai and Andrew tetiba je muncul depan rumah dengan kek.. hehehe.. Thanks guys!!! Well, rumah aku bersepah tahap gaban.. maklumla minggu exam.. then, aku lak tgh prepare nak siapkan keje sekolah n study.. but everything can wait for my bday.. hehehe...

A day after that, Andry, Yuriksa, Gigi again and Flor ajak having lunch.. Well, esok final ma.. Mula2 aku kata tak nak.. but what the heck.. It's just lunch after all.. So, aku kuar jugak la dari rumah.. Indeed, we go to a nice restorent and having a very fine lunch.. I like it...

Here some pichas...

Well, I said relunctant sebab.. actually before diorang serbu aku kat umah... diorang ajak aku dinner tapi aku tak mo sebab aku nak study but finally aku gi jugak.. and we end up celebrating my bday.. So... hmm, babai study.. Then aku actually say no two times for the lunch before finally agree.. Well, I'm glad I change my mind.. and indeed.. They are all great friends...

Yes.. I am lucky to meet them.. :D

It's DONE!!! YAY!!!!

Well.. I have lots to say but I say this one first...

MERDEKA!!! Dah abis exam!!! Dah abis projek!!!! Everything DONE!!! And now come a heavy winter and a "don't know what to do now..." Hehehe... Here some pichas of this morning after balik dari exam.. :D :D :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Busy busy busy...


Hari2 makan maggi..
Tidor lambat..
Kadang2 kul 6 pagi baru tido..


I never expect life will be this excited...

It all will end on December 18

Ta ta..

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Ok.. I'm busy.. but, this is interesting :D

geek song... gee.. hikss

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sonata di Musim Salju...

Well... Hari ni first time gi kelas time snowing... Bukak2 je pintu umah tengok2 dah bayak tompok2 putih kat jalan.. Dan seperti biasa, aku lambat lagi! So, I try my best untuk berjalan laju cam biasa but cannot this time..

Salji means jalan berais... also means.. It's so slippery.. So, aku dengan memakai boot murah (hikss.. baru beli 2 minggu lepas tau!) terpaksa berjalan ngan berhati2 supaya tak tergolek..

Melalui penglihatan aku.. aku rasa ketebalan salji tak banyak.. cuma lebih kurang 1cm ja utk hari ni..


Monday, December 01, 2008

:D -- My Prince Charming!!! Hehehe..



Wow.. Never think I'll be Cinderella

Well.. When Purp jadi Mulan.. I think I might be a Mulan as well.. BUT...

You Are Cinderella!
Image hosted by

Dignified and hard working. With a gentle and soft-spoken manner you have something many people don't. Patience. Even through the moments of heartbreak you're still able to hold onto all of your hopes and dreams. Bide your time; your dream will come true.

Which Disney Princess Are You?


I'm a Cinderella.. Prince Charming!!! Come and Save Me!!!! HEHEHE!!!


Well.. I'm in the lab right now.. doing my project.. :(

But.. On the way here... I walk in the snow... huhuhu....

I like the snow but IT'S COLD!!!!


Have A Nice Day Guys!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

David Cook New Album is OUT!!!!

Well... Now is a super busy time... Finals is close.. Project due is close...

So, light up guys.. Listen to David Cook new albums

It's great! :D Gotta love it!

The question is.. Why David Cook is so sexyyyy??? hehehe...

Happy Thanks Giving!!! (Kepada yang sambut la ek ;-) )


Friday, November 21, 2008

Rise Again My Child...


Dengan berkat dan rahmat-Nya...

Dengan kesabaran untuk todak men-switch ON laptop selama 3 hari...

Dengan pertolongan hair dryer....


Laptop aku hidup semula...


Now, all my worried gone.. (Well, I'm still worried anyway.. hopefully this is not a temporary condition)

May Allah bless us All...



Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Something Horrible...

Something horrible happen...

Last night.. Aku tertumpahkan air atas laptop aku... SO STUPID!!!

Then, my laptop CRUSH!!!

Then, it restart again............................ for 5 minutes....

Befire it go CRUSH AGAIN!!!'

Then.... I cannot Restart it.. My friend said.. It just pengsan... Wait until tomorrow...

So, this morning... I try to on my laptop...

OK.. It On for5 minutes... before it CRUSH AGAIN!!!!!

And cannot restart again.... Until 20 minutes.... And CRUSH AGAIN!!!!

Well.... My friends said.. Wait for at least 3 days.....

NOW.... I WANNA CRY!!!!!


The other solution is >>>>>>>>>>>>> Buy a new laptop.... at WALMART and Return it after I fix this laptop... By sending it to New Jersey???????

The PROBLEM IS...........



NAK BALIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Hate This Weather!!!


The weather is just too cold...
Pasang heater pun.. It's still too cold...
I hate udara from heater..
It makes me sick.. aku pening...

Sejuk gila ni... Seriously.. Ni blom winter lagi....

I miss Malaysia's weather....

I hate COLD!!!!

Oh my....

Today max : 4 C and min: -2 C
Tomorrow: a little better , max : 12 C and min: 0 C

I hate this weather... What can I do about this????????

Friday, November 14, 2008

Did I told you guys that All Barca's players are GREAT??? :D


One of the greatest midfielder in the world..
One of the Barca's Captains.. (trivia: Puyol is captain no. 1, Xavi is captain no. 2)

The Player of the Tournament - UEFA Euro 2008
The Best La-Liga Player - 2004/05

Well.. To add to all this.. He is cute.. Hehehehe..

This is the video of him.. Just found it at youtube.. :D :D :D

Have Fun!

p/s: you know guys.. Now.. I'm trying to study again.. hihihi...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Miss post...

Well.. now I'm trying to study but as always.. time ni la aku nak memblog.. mensearch internet.. tgk game bola.. tgk gambar... berangan.. dan sebagainya... Then.. aku baru perasan.. aku hanya post mizzou homecoming parade but not the mizzou homecoming game.. So here we are.. Since, aku mmg tgh distracted.. Let see the pichas ok.. :D

Aku kesejukan nengok game ni.. And kalau korang nak tau.. game ni 1 jam.. main in 4 quaters.. Tapi bila stop game, time stop jugak.. So, total time spend aku rasa dalam 4 jam utk 1 jam nye game.. Punya la lama.. Rules game bagi aku, lagi mudah nak difahami dari game bola (soccer) Aku yang "hate" american football ni pun.. dapat paham the rules dengan cepat.. Dulu aku nak paham rules offside siap kene tgk gambarajah.. tapi well, american football is easy to understand...

Selalunya bila Mizzou main, aku akan tgk kat ESPN je.. dan aku selalu akan tertidur.. Which mean.. american football is boring! Compare to Barca game. which never ever make me feel sleepy... Hehehe... Soccer still ROCK!!!

Anyway.. Mizzou team is good :D.. And that night (which I believed I was the lucky charm).. We won 58 - 0.. HAHAHA... Tell you, It was very Impresive . where we can conclude.. Either Mizzou is too good or Colorado is too bad or Both.. ; )

But.. What I really want is... Be inside Camp Nou, Barcelona and watch BARCA!!! huhuhu..

The End... :D

Something Great :D

1. I finished the dsp lab on time.. and the TA is cute.. opss.. hehehe...

2. My VHDL homework #6 is made as a skema to all the class.. (Well, nobody knew it was mine but a few close friend..) and I even surprise myself.. Hehehehe...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's a disaster...

Well, hari ni aku sungguh bercita-cita tinggi.. nak masak lemak cili api udang and kacang hijau.. well, this is not the first time aku masak lemak cili api kat sini.. tapi ntah la nape.. somehow.. aku rasa masakan aku kali ni mmg tak sedap la.. So, aku yg dengan confidentnya telah masak seperiuk..

So, persoalannya ialah..

1. Siapakah yang akan mengabiskan masakan aku itu?
2. Kalau aku tak makan. adalah satu pembaziran yang besar.. bukan setakat wang dan makanan malah masa yg dihabiskan...

So, being me.. aku ni memang tak suka masakan sendiri.. kalau orang lain masak.. tak sedap pun aku makan.. tapi masakan sendiri ni.. kena super sedap atau super lapar.. baru aku lalu nak makan.. So.. esok aku akan berusaha bersungguh2 utk makan jugak masakan ku itu.. huhuhu...

p/s: catz.. aku ikut resepi ko tau.. hari tu aku masak.. aku guna resepi kak ana (wife mr. H).. tapi aku dah lupa plak.. So, haruskah aku salahkan kau catz???? Haruskah??? Haruskah??? hihihi...

Saturday, November 08, 2008

So Full!! :D

Hari ni gi makan-makan kat China Garden restoren.. Wah.. So nice..

Lots of seafoods.. and the special is ketam.. Hmmm.. I like it.. very much.. hikss.. And Sengkai said, we should thanks the owner of this restaurent because he brings happiness... And my fortune cookies said that, purple will bring me luck.. So, we singgah walmart after dinner and I bought a purple glove.. Hehehe..

The food.. 2nd round.. Oh, forget to say.. It's buffet..
Malaysian's friends :D
Siapakah gadis ayu bertudung biru itu??? hehehe..Funny dude.. :))

So, finally.. aku dapat makan dengan gumbiranya..

What a Stupid Girl..

Hari ni dengan confidentnya aku ke kelas dengan hanya memakai cardigan and jeans..

Semalam, aku check internet.. suhu max is 17C and minimum 3C.. So, 17 is not so bad.. no need to overcloths myself.. Anyway aku akan balik awal hari ni.. so, it will not reach 3C any moment on a day.. Well, cuaca kat Colmbia ni sewel sikit.. 2 minggu lepas aku rasa suhu around 11 - 12.. tapi last week naik balik ke 18 - 20.. So.. Well, semalam not so cold.. why today's different right??? (I'm talking about suhu max ok)

So, abis je 1st kelas tadi.. aku rasa sangat hairan.. Why so cold? This don't feel like 17C.. But, well... it's still morning. it will improve soon.. BUT.. IT'S NOT!

Aku walk dari building ke building.. dengan gigi dah bertemu gigi.. and I'm really confius.. Normally, temp will not drop at noon.. WHY? WHY?

Solution: be inside the building as long as I can... grrrrr..

So, I pun sembang2 la ngan my pren..

Me: "Why, it's so cold? It suppose to be 17.... right?"
Pren: "No.. Why you said that? Today the max is 9 degree!! And I think now is 7C"
Me: "WHATTTT?? No wonder.. See what I'm wearing now?"
Pren: "Yeah.. It's thin"
Me: "Ok.. Ok.. Dont panic.. I just have to stay inside the building"
Pren: "Hahaha.. you gonna sleep here right? In engineering building"

Me: :p

That's my story today...

And.. Run Saira Run.. Well, I'm kidding! I just walk as fast as I could to go home and shelter myself beside my pren from cold cold wind.. The wind is killing me...

And my fav quote of the day "What a stupid girl!!!"

Mata aku spero agaknya semalam.. how could 9 be 17? Mengong!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Happy Study...

Now I'm ok..

Back to my old self and study like crazy.. hehehe.. well.. u know, study like 'crazy' doesn't always mean study hard.. hahaha.. well, u know what i mean.. hiksss

Dua gambar kat library di bawah di ambil selasa lepas sewaktu aku mengular dari seminar yg aku dengan hebatnya menvolunteerkan diri (hahaha... macam dah takde keje kan, register pastu malas) aku gi the 1st half then rehat kat luar kejap... study.. hiksss...

Ni gambar sewaktu pokok2 itu masih ada daun.. skrg most pokok dah semakin membotak..

Taaa... :D

Thursday, November 06, 2008


I never mention it here.. but actually last week I have a major shut down of myself..

My mood swing very bad.. I'm homesick and I hate everything...

What happen then...

I just completely hate study and hate anything that related to it..

1. So, as a quiz coming for VHDL subject.. I dont study at all.. I keep trying to study but all I can do is stare at books.. So, on the quiz, I rely 100% on my understanding in class..

2. I also don't do homework very well.. As homework dateline nearer.. I just do whatever I can without giving any extra effort for the difficult one.. I just let go and don't care..

3. I even forget to check DSP website and did not alert that there is homework that need to be submitted.. I just realize it when I saw somebody submit something.. I like.. "What's that?" but I have friends who help me on this.. thanks god!

Ok.. that's three things for the three subjects..

I do try to help myself.. I eat a lot last week.. hopefully it help me. but it's doesn't.. I chats to friends.. it lift my mood for a while but only for a while.. I go out.. (Obama, Halloween, walmart) yes, it help a little... And I also sleep a lot.. I sleep around 12 hours a day these day and still feel sleepy..

So the penalty..

1. I got the VHDL quiz result today.. The subject that I always excellent.. I just got the average mark of the whole class (which is still surprise me.. I thought I'll fail for sure)

2. Somehow.. the analog prof keep giving us chances.. So, she keep postpone the homework due.. So, somehow I have to start thinking on her difficult questions.. Cannot ignore it anymore..

3. DSP.. well, what a friends for right? But I have a very hardtime to understand a simple lab problem which I think my TA will be dissapointed in me.. huhuhu..

So, what now???

I feel better now.. A little.. I begin to cook again (one of my drawback is I just cook like a simple crazy food.. everyday makan nasi+kicap+telur).. I also gain back the interest on my study... (but still not as before)

Somehow.. my sleep patern change.. I sleep more these days.. Kul 10.30 dah ngantok (which is not good for my study)..

Kiranya.. I have "something" like deppression or a very homesick sindrom (call home just don't help.. I need to be home and detoxinizing myself like I always did when I'm working.. need to refresh myself just by balik kampung)

BUT.. I know I should not do that again.. As some of you know.. people can read me like a book.. So, it is noticable.. even my vhdl TA ask me if I'm feeling well or not.. So.. right now.. I have to heal myself.. Anyway, It's better now.. It just I'm easily get headache these days...


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

OBAMA WON!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!

A good news to everybody.. For once, American do the right thing! And now.. I have no mood to study.. somehow... hehehe..

This is historical moment.. And I'm here witness it all..

Obama @ Mizzou! :D

One think I respect.. how professional McCain accept this and how cool his speech in defeat..

Monday, November 03, 2008

Jawapan = Beli je

Aku dah naik gila dah ni..

Ape ke heinye aku kena design single stage amplifier yg spekasinya sekian-sekian....

Berapa biji transistor nak bubuh pastu nak kene kira arus banyak mana.. pastu saiz transistor pun kena amik kira.. voltage swing la.. gain lagi.. pabala lagi ntah.. Ni memang tak tercapai dek akal ku..

Jawapan aku ==== check op-amp IC list... check spesifikasi sesuai ke idak.. pastu..


Kan ke senang? Gila aku nak design bende gini..

BUT... ESOK DUE.. and I have not a single idea...

p/s: Apsal aku rasa semua subject makin lama makin crazy? diorang ni kan.. ingat ni intensive study ke ape ke? logic la sikit.. arghhh!!! ni yg aku nak let go je ni.. tensi.. tensi..

It's Halloween!!!

Party at Memorial Union.. just try to having fun.. hehehe...

Me and all indonesian friends
He claims, he is Dumbledore????
Coca cola craze..
Hmm.. I forgot what she is..

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tagged by catz.. Banyak gila soklannyer...

TAG dari catz...

1.When is the last time you ran?
Everyday when cross the road to go to class.. and as always... I'm LATE!

2. Do your jeans have rips, tears and holes in them?

3. What are you dreading right now?

4. Do you celebrate 4/20?
That date means nothing to me...

5. When is the last time you saw your significant other?

6. Do you get the full eight hours of sleep every night?
Not every night.. some night 12 hours.. some 3 hours.. so.. everage ~ 8 hours?

7. What is your favorite current song?
Britney Spear - Blackout albums

8. If anyone came to your house on your lazy days, what would you do?
Do nothing

9. Who last grabbed your ass?
My self??? HAHAHA..

10. Have you ever been in your school’s band?
YUP! Once upon a time..

11. Do you own a pair of Converse?
Nope.. Apa class Converse.. hehehe..

12. Did you copy and paste this survey?

13. Do you eat raw cookie dough?

14. Have you ever kicked a vending machine?
Guilty! :D

15. Do you hate it when a radio ruins a song by playing a slow one after it?
Nope.. It's radio.. what do you expect?

16. Do you watch Trading Places?

17. Have you ever stayed on line a long time waiting for someone?

18. Are you ‘cocky’?
Sometimes... Maybe always?? Hikss

19. Can u live without computer?
Computer is my life..

20. Do you wear your shoes in the house?
Here.. All the time..

21. At what age did you find out Santa was not real?
I always know it's not real..

22. How many phones, house phones and cell phones are there in your home?
1 house phone.. 1 Malaysia cell phone and 1 usa cell phone.. that make it 3 phones..

23. What do you do when you are sad?
Makan, shopping, crying, and whinging..

24. Who would you call first if you won the lottery?
My parents...

25. Last time you saw your best friend?
2 months 2 weeks and 2 days ago..

26. Who, or What sleeps with you?
My laptop.. hehehe..

27. Are you still in High School?

28. Is anyone on your bad side now?

29. What jewelry are you wearing now?
Rantai.. Gelang..

30. What is the first thing that you do when you get on line?
Check e-mails and check Barca news... hehehe..

31. Do you watch Grey’s Anatomy?
Not really.. Ok.. Sometimes...

32. Would you ever wear a boy/girlfriends clothes?

34. What are you doing on Friday?
Play Badminton and Halloween Party...

35. Is Justin Timberlake becoming the next Michael Jackson?

36. Favorite name for a girl?
My name... hikss

37. Favorite name for a boy?

38. Will you keep your own name when you get married?

39. When is the last time you left your house?
Last nite..

40. Do you return your cart (I assume trolley)?

41. Do you have a dishwasher?

42. What noise do you hear?
Ermm... no noise.. SNR here is good..

I wanna tag Purp and Orren and Mimi.. and sesape yg banyak masa ok.. hehehe..

I Think My Brain's Cell Damage A Little...

Hi guys..

I can't really remember what happen last week.. I become forgetful and I always tired..

Study becoming difficult each day.. I can't really do homework and I really tired of study...

I come to the conclusion that.. my brain's cell is somehow shrinking..

And one more.. The impossible thing happens.. I lost my TV remote control.. which is weird coz:

1. I live alone
2. I already search at every possible place.. (for f*** 2 hours) even in the microwave and freezer..
3. I really don't remember, did I watch tv yesterday or not.. aka.. I can't remember, did I use the remote yesterday???

I'm convince now... There is something wrong.. And the worst is.. I wish I don't have to study or do any homework anymore.. which result to..........


I just stop study and do nothing..... which result to............


I do pretty bad at quiz last Friday but it was also because..........


The question is @$#%#^& IMPOSSIBLY DIFFICULT!!! Even the 2 weeks lab task is easier than that quiz!!!!!

Add that two together.... Then we'll know the consequences this Monday...


Friday, October 31, 2008

The Change We Need! (sneak preview)

I have another quiz tomorrow.. So, this is only sneak preview.. got no time to play2... BUT Just now....... Obama came to Mizzou.... YEAH!