Thursday, January 31, 2008

Expect the unexpected..

Life is full of surprise. It happen both way. Things that you expected to happen and it happen. Things that you don't even think will happen and it happen.

1. Totally Expected..

- Well, my friend got 7.0 for IELTS.. Congratulation! Congratulation! Congratulation! She must feel over the hill at the moment and I'm so jealous.. But no surprise, I already know she will get a good result. I hope I also get a good result as well even though my English is not so good :pray:

- My no longer friend still being stubborn, egoistic and arrogant. Ignorant lout!

2. Totally Unexpected..

My friend from my former job at Perak now have move to Bangi.. To be precise, she now live in the same neighborhood as me.. The headquarters of my former company now change to Putrajaya. Who will expect this? And my former boss also live around the area. My first job always something that I value the most. Everything about them still feel soo belongs to me. They are all very important to me. They give me the first foundation in my life. I'm always in awe with them.. and I love them.

My first job is as an Engineer at this company. I used to be very shy and so fresh grad worker.. Very young and inexperience.. I meet great people there, my boss who started this company.. He taught me a lot. We used to work as a vendors to other company but he is genius! He has great ambition and he share it with us.. But after all, being a full government scholarship student, I have to quit. I go for stability (sure).. and a better future (maybe?)... Anyway, I still believe that this company would growth and they are. They are great before and even greater now. I always wish the best for my former boss and his company and the best for my friends who still work there.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Let Sweat Girls!

I felt so tired today... No energy at all. I blame the caffeine. I thought I need caffeine but after a cup of nescafe, I still felt so very tired. Ok.. maybe it's because I don't eat breakfast.. that's why. So, we go out to lunch at Pizza Hut. I don't really want to eat at Pizza Hut actually, it just because we go out with a senior colleague and I think Pizza Hut has a relax environment.. so, we can have a comfortable lunch..

I eat this.. Baked Cheese Rice
(I know, it's not very healthy.. I just never eat this b4, so I try it)

Back from lunch, I still felt this energy drain.. Urghh, then I think.. Is it because I'm getting older? Nah.. it couldn't be the reason. I refuse to believe it. I'm not that old. Ok2.. I know it! It is because of the lack of exercise. It must be it! Lately, I don't do any exercise.. No more jogging, no more gim and no more sweat activity.. So... YES! My Dance Pad! It felt soooo lonnnggg... I stop play DDR since last November I guess.. maybe I already lost my skill.. Go Go Dance Dance Revolution!!

The game sample!
(This game is the only reason why I bought my PS2.. It's so fun and healthy!)

My PS2 Dance Pad!
I have 2 of this.. so I can compete the game with my pren.. Hehehe..

My SONY PS2.. It's Limited Edition (Silver Color)

I still enjoy it. I still good at it. Hahaha.. Yes! I'm so energetic when playing this. I'm sweating and I feel good. I feel more healthy now. How could I stop playing this for so long?? I'm almost forget the feeling of it. Anyway.. I felt so healthy that I thought I don't need a heavy dinner, instead I have salad toping with Thousand Island as a dinner! Hehehe..

My dinner!

I feel good!

Eatable Bihun!

Last night after eat some cake (a bit only la) I felt like I want to eat something spicy or at least a real food.. So I'm chit-chatting with catz (ym), she told me to cook bihun.. well, first thing in my mind was meggi (cepat di masak, senang dimakan) Hehehe.. But, ok la.. since she already put the recipe at her blog.. I give it a try la.. (well it's not like I never cook bihun, it just felt easier to cook meggi).. But I got the problem, since I don't do this a lot (cook), I actually don't have anything at my kichen.. Just bihun, cili boh, carrot, onions, udang kering and some hotdog.. So, I need to improvise.. hehehe.. sayur = carrot.. ok la tu kan.. ayam/kerang/fish cake = hotdog.. Yes. I'm ready! Hehehe..

My bihun.. Ok la kan.. hehehe..

Some people complain about my blurry picture, but since I left my camera kat kg.. this is the best one I got from my camera phone.. So, if it doesn't look tasty.. Please, blame the camera!

Anyway, every time I want to cook and found out that I have not enough ingredients, I turn out just eating outside because it a waste when you already start a car to go to the shop.. why not just buy the food.. Ting! Magically ready to eat.. (My father always suggest me doing this when I call my mother to ask on how to cook something2.. somehow he annoyed I guess, maybe also because he felt it was a waste to cook a meal for one.. and I agree with that)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kidnapped The Footballer!!!

I know it's crazy.. Somehow I'm crazy at the moment.. I'm accidentally found some excited forum where they discuss more about the footballer than the football itself. I bet most of them are girls (the crazy one.. Hahaha).. Well I'm kind of hook.. They talk about the hottest footballer, the funniest footballer's picture and what I like the most is they discuss a plan on how to kidnapped their favorite footballer.. Hahaha.. It's fun. Really. Hahaha..

Here's are some of the funny pictures.. Well, it's difficult to share the kidnapped plan.. I'm afraid if that come true, it will go against me.. hehehe..

Portugal Training Ground.. Hahaha! Crazy Funny!
No wonder C.Ronaldo so good in diving..

Argentinian Player act Sissy.. ;-D

He is no longer Chelsea manager (but I still hate Chelsea) This is his Mr. Bean act..

"You saved my goal- I sit on you now!"

This is not funny, it is rather tragic I think.. poor BMW...

Anyway, back to kidnapped the footballer plan.. Suddenly I remember how me and purple planning to kidnap her ex.. Hahaha.. well, it was very complicated planned and we do think the consequences (in case we got busted -it will ruin our career..) That's probably the main reason why we don't continue the planned.. Hahaha.. Right purple? Ok, I do think at this moment now on how to kidnapped Messi.. Hahaha.. First thing to do - Go to Barcelona, Spain and study the traffic and his work schedule.. (urghh it gonna be complicated since Messi has bodyguards).. ermm.. ok maybe I will steal others planned.. I seriously have no idea.. but the idea to find the idea is fun.. Hahaha..

p/s: It is so hot now. I blame the weather for my twisted crazy mind.. Hahaha.. dizzy.. dizzy..


Well, I sleep like a baby last night.. I think I had covered all the sleep that I had miss on Sunday. I woke up fresh and happy.. Hahaha.. Since yesterday Monday is not blues at all.. Oh, I'm a busy person at the moment, so many things to do.. and no time at all to update my blog (unless for my mama we all go to hell.. hehehe..)

Anyway, yesterday I eat at Rasamas (Formerly known as Rasa Gourmet and Rasa Ayamas) for a million times (ok, I'm exaggerate) but I do eat there a lot. It's my favorite place for lunch and my favorite dishes is chicken porridge with black paper chicken..

This is my favorite.. hehehe.. I can eat this everyday...

When I eat my chicken porridge, I always ask for their sos.. but this time, I had been told that it's no longger free! I had to pay RM0.80 (included tax = RM0.88) well it not much but it used to be free!!! Marah la ni.. anyway, we have no choice right? So, I pay je la. I had a Mango juice as a beverage because Ice Lemon Tea here is the worst taste of all..

My head jammed at the moment (that's why I'm blogging now.. hehehe) Urghhh, I need to read a contract to approve or whatever la.. I hate reading something as droll as that but it's part of my job. I wish I just have to do all the technical job only.. Can't they give me some peace?

On the other note, I stop by at catzs's office this morning to have a breakfast.. So catzs.. I hope you enjoy my donut.. It's special reserved for you.. Hehehe..

Monday, January 28, 2008

Mama, We're All Full Of Lies (HA HA HA)

My Chemical Romance - Mama

Mama, we all go to hell.
Mama, we all go to hell.
I'm writing this letter and wishing you well,
Mama, we all go to hell.

Oh, well, now,
Mama, we're all gonna die.
Mama, we're all gonna die.
Stop asking me questions, I'd hate to see you cry,
Mama, we're all gonna die.

And when we go don't blame us, yeah.
We'll let the fires just bathe us, yeah.
You made us, oh, so famous.
We'll never let you go.
And when you go don't return to me my love.

Mama, we're all full of lies.
Mama, we're meant for the flies.
And right now they're building a coffin your size,
Mama, we're all full of lies.

Well Mother, what the war did to my legs and to my tongue,
You should've raised a baby girl,
I should've been a better son.
If you could coddle the infection
They can amputate at once.
You should've been,
I could have been a better son.

And when we go don't blame us, yeah.
We'll let the fires just bathe us, yeah.
You made us, oh, so famous.
We'll never let you go.

She said: "You ain't no son of mine
For what you've done they're gonna find
A place for you
And just you mind your manners when you go.
And when you go, don't return to me, my love."
That's right.

Mama, we all go to hell.
Mama, we all go to hell.
It's really quite pleasant
Except for the smell,
Mama, we all go to hell.

2 - 3 - 4
Mama! Mama! Mama! Ohhh!
Mama! Mama! Mama! Ma...

[Liza Minelli:] And if you would call me your sweetheart,
I'd maybe then sing you a song

[Gerard Way:] But there's shit that I've done with this f**k of a gun,
You would cry out your eyes all along.

We're damned after all.
Through fortune and flame we fall.
And if you can stay then I'll show you the way,
To return from the ashes you call.

We all carry on (We all carry on)
When our brothers in arms are gone (When our brothers in arms are gone)
So raise your glass high
For tomorrow we die,
And return from the ashes you call.

I'm just so into My Chemical Romance and this is my favorite song.. Have Fun Babey!

Should I Kill Myself NOW?

It's #@$* 3.50am in the morning and I have less than 3 hours to sleep now just to watch Barca miss the @#%$* millions chances in front of goal and let the game draw 1-1. It's not so bad to have draw but if Real win their game, there will be 9 points gap and why they still cannot play well on away games? What is their #$*&* problems? Why they cannot defend the leading goal??? I am totally pissed off right now!!!! I feel like #^@%$#**$#^%$*^^#$$@)^^%#@$!^(&&^%$$#$#%

p/s: I still love Barca it just I'm so ^%&$*#$%$%*^##@%$# at them at the moment!

Fat Fat Day..

Ok.. It's bad for my diet (if I have one) but today certainly one of the worst.. I had a Pringles as my breakfast.. and follow by a cake for lunch.. Then around 6pm I had Laksa.. Ok.. not so bad right? Then suddenly my lovely house mate want to cook.. Ok2, I had a difficulty to say no since I don't have to do anything but to eat.. She cook it simple but a complete dinner around 8pm..

Ikan bakar with sambal and Ikan Terubuk masin

Kailan goreng in sos tiram with terung rebus (ni kes malas nak guna byk pinggan la ni)

This is what we had for dinner.. well she is not the best cooker but the taste still good and I'm ok with simple dishes .. And more, I just eat, everything is prepared by my house mate, i mean everything.. i just wash my hand and have a nice time.. baik kan my house mate? ;-)

Then we watch Juara Lagu 2007.. It's nice coz Exstrange (betul ke eja ni?) menang! Yes! I'm not the big fan but mek Ti don't win anything.. so, it's good.. Hahaha.. Then, one of our friend came to our house to have a sleep over but, guess what? she came with.... my favorite thing in the world right now.. J-Co Donut!!! NOOOOO!!!!! I can't resist this.. Can I?

We already eat some.. It's my old me, always eat 1st and forget to snap2 pic..

I don't realize that my friend is a Man U supporter so, we watch ManU vs Spurs (FA Cup) live on Astro while eating donut (urghh.. very unhealthy).. Well, no doubt Man U win it (3-1) with C.Ronaldo name on the score sheet.. whatever, I like Man Utd but I always support opponent team from whatever other people support.. just to spice up I think so suddenly I don't want ManU to win.. Hahaha.. It just my bad.. but Man U win anyway and she's happy.. and I'm happy too. I just like to shout and complain to piss off my friend but after the game end.. I'm happy ManU win. hehehe.. and we all happy..

Ok, it's late already and I have to go to work tomorrow but I can't sleep now. Not yet. I have to watch Barca game at 1.55am. Athletic Bilboa vs FC Barcelona! It's an away game and Barca don't do so well on away game.. I just hope they play better and stop this away game curse..

Visca El Barca!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just a Teaser.. ;-)

That's Barcelona bra.. got this picture somewhere.. but, did they actually sell it? I love to have it and I really want to buy it.. Hahaha..


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pasar Malam Delight!

I have planned to go to pasar malam since last month.. Don't know why, there is always obstacle that prevent me from doing so.. So, today I got my chance. Around 6pm I start my car and drive to pasar malam with two mission. One, is to buy lots and lots of DVD (hehehe) and two, is to but some spicy food. After eating cake, i just feel that I need something spicy really bad. Suddenly I realize, I have no cash.. so first have to go to Bank.

Then, I arrived at pasar malam.. urghh Hectic! and suddenly i felt it! Hujan renyai2.. Alamak! Ok2.. find your target first. DVD.. They already want to close because of the hujan.. Ok2 hurry up! In this kelam kabut I pick 8 DVDs.. Hehehehe.. I pick some movie that I already watch at cinema but want to have which is: 1. Transfomers. 2. Die Hard 4.0 3. Cloverfield.. Then new movies that I have no time to go to watch at cinema which is 4. National Treasure - Book of Secret 5. Alvin and the Chipmunks 6. Rendition 7. Hitman 8. Enchanted... Hahahaha..

Just after I bought all these DVDs.. The rain comes. Hard rain. It's wet but somehow I manage to buy lots of food.. and one beautiful scarf.. I just love shoppings.. hehehe. Then.. go back to my car and drive home.. Eat the foods (sorry no picture, already finished! hehehe) and now, it's time to watch movie. Hahaha..

Sweeney Todd Meat Pie!

If you watch Sweeney Todd, you'll know they eat meat pie.. But the meat is HUMAN!!! HAHAHAHA.. I know it's sick but after watch the movie I feel like I want to eat meat pie.. hahahaha.. So, we (me and purple) went to Secret Recipe after office, the only place that I know have meat pie with the guarantee of good taste. Indeed, it taste gooood...

Black Pepper Lamb Pie.. Yummy! Yummy!

Half eaten.. look the meat inside? Hahaha.. what kind of meat?

I had a Frost Lemon Tea as a beverage but forgot to took picture la.. but it taste like heaven. hehehe.. Anyway, you know, Secret Recipe is a dangerous place to go.. They have super duper magnetic power that pull people to buy their extremely fat sweet cake and brownies.. So, I bought lots and lots of cake... hehehe.. Irresistible! just like gorgeous footballer.. hehehe..

This is Vienna Brownies.. I had been told that my fav American Brownies is no longer sold.. Why? Why? I hope Vienna be a worth rebound.. Huhuhu :cry: America Brownie please come back! :cry:

This is Lemon Cheesecake.. Super Yummy!

This is Raspberry Cheesecake.. Purple recommend this to me.. :-)

This is Chocolate Banana Cake.. some of my friend said they don't like this cake (because of the banana) but I don't believe them.. I know this gonna be another heaven! Hahaha..

I still don't eat yet all my cakes because last night I felt so tired and full (thanks to meat pie! :-D) I sleep like a child after berangan about some gorgeous footballer hehehe... Now I wanna eat and eat and sleep and dream and watch movie and read some more hot fanfic and ok ok eventually edit my statement of purpose essay.. hehehe..

Friday, January 25, 2008

Too Hot To Resist!

Ok.. 1st I have to admit, I am not perfect. 2nd I am truly like football game, to have a gorgeous footballer playing the game is totally a bonus. 3rd I do crazy of FC Barcelona, no doubt about that. And most important, I LOVE Messi! Cute and very talented.. God given talent on ball control and great great player and a promise of the great future.. And do understand.. I am not Liverpool fan (I'm really hate them last year when they knock out Barca out of Champion League)

But.. but.. Fernando Torres is soooo Hot! :-D.

Gorgeous .. Fernando Torres with Liverpool since 2007/2008

Fernando Torres with Atl├ętico Madrid (Youth 1995 - 2001, Senior 2001-2007)

He is Spain No. 9

Some Commercial.. ;-) meltttss....

This is the best one. That's Olalla.. his girlfriend. Picture (left) taken when he pick her up from work. He knows her since 1992 when his parents bought a house in Galicia.. That's mean when he is 8 years old.
Rumors said that he tattoo his shin VII VII MMI (7/7/2001) as represent the date of his first date with Olalla.

We all know Footballer dates Supermodel.. (Olalla is not :-) ) so Torres completely impress me. She is pretty and this is the Real Love.. Isn't it lovely??? (They are still together)

Just a bonus picture ;-)

Shopping and Movie Again!

It's a long time since I updated this blog.. I just feel so laaazyyy... and nothing really happen to me.. just another shoppings and another Movie...

1. Shoppings...
Well, I have nothing in mind last Sunday but window shoppings just don't suit me.. Me and my friend go out to One utama with nothing in mind just passing time but like I said before window shopping is not my type.. I felt bored and want to kill myself.. Hahaha (kidding!) I just felt so bored that I have to buy something.. I end up bought lots of thing.. New hand bag, and suddently I need new facial foam with a new toner, oh, i also need new pillows, and then I felt an urge to buy "My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade" CD.. (nice CD anyway. no regret).. hehehe.. I took some picture using my hp (my camera tertinggal kat kg la) so, quite bad quality..

My new ELLE hand bag.. hehehe.. it makes me happy!

My new facial foam and toner! Hahaha.. takde koje!

Ni koleksi tilam kecik + bantal gemuk pendek tak tau nak wat pe.. :-)

New Ogival goggle.. nak ada semangat sikit gi swimming sbb yg ni ade power! kui kui kui!

Hiasan kete aku with my Messi.. Cute kan? I LOVE Messi! Barca! Barca! Barca! hehehe..

My Chemical Romance CD.. Besh besh.. hehehe..

2. Eat eat
After shopping we need to eat la kan.. We eat at Chilli's.. Yummy.. yummy..

I eat this! yummy! tak ingat nama dia tapi ayam gril pastu top with beef bacon, cheese and tomato.. marsh potato top with cream and sayur.. pew!

My friend eat this.. Fish Dori whatever.. tapi fish la..

Me - ice lemon tea.. my friend drinks lemonade.. slurp!

Then I bought Donut at Big Apple.. Yummy too! But this is my equation: J-Co > Big Apple > Dunkin's Donut.. All yummy la anyway.. and suddenly I have this donut crazy.. hahaha..

I bought 1/2 dozen.. one, i give to my friend.. then i tak sabar nak makan my fav donut (top with almond) a bite! yummm.. tetiba.. ops.. lum amik gambar.. hehehe..

3. Movie - Sweeney Todd

Actually I watch this movie yesterday (1st day release) kat TGV Cheras Selatan.. After back from office, we watch Spa Q together and then suddenly we saw iklan Sweeney Todd. So, since its already release we call TGV and book the 9.30pm ticket. This is my 2nd time gi Jusco Cheras Selatan.. not bad la.. I shopping some more.. hehehe.. just a shirt (Sale maa..) and disebabkan tak sempat makan (because on the way to tempat makan, there is lots of shops.. hahaha.. tak sempat) So, my friend bought Mac Donald and I bought Antie's Annes Cinnamon Sugar. Then we bought some junkfood.. and dengan sesuka hati berkelah dalam wayang.. hehehe..

Well, about the movie. This movie deserved 3/5 stars.. ok maybe 3.5.. .5 because of Johnny Depp.. He's Johnny Depp don't argue! This story is categories as 18PL because it's so kejam.. bunuh2 orang, makan2 orang.. hehehe.. but not scary la just ngeri.. The blade.. urghhh.. and this movie also sad and funny.. Ok, for those who don't know.. Sweeney Todd originally is a Broadway theater or Opera (not so sure la) this explain why this is Musical Movie.. ala Broadway and Sweeney Todd also Josh Groban's favorite opera.. So, it's a must see for me. Ok.. my comment:
The view/cinematography? : No so interesting la.. dark - maybe because this is a dark movie (emotionally)
The Songs :
It's musical movie but most, ehm maybe all songs - not really interesting..
The Plots : Versatile (Funny, sad, sorry and so on) but it's also boring some time esp the romance part (Anthony part)
Ending: Sad but this is the right ending.. I like the ending
Overall this movie doesn't give me any impact.. but worth the money la.. I'm not gonna watch it again but it's because I already watch it!

Oh, on the side note.. I woke up 4.55am this morning to watch Copa Del Rey(1st leg QF): Villareal vs Barca which end up 0 - 0.. So, basically last night I slept only around 3 hours and my head feel like it's gonna explode now!

Friday, January 18, 2008

GRE Done and Another a day OFF...

Yes! I done it! Finished GRE exam.. I feel so release.. Now, it is time to come back to normal live where everything is simple and easy.. Hehehe.. By the way, we got to know our marks for 2 (out of 3) sections of GRE immediately after the exam finish.. so far I'm satisfy with my self.. :-) .. Well, just to let you know, the 3 sections of GRE are:

1. Analytical Section (45 minutes + 30 minutes)
- This section consist 2 task. First task is to write an essay based on issue given (choose between 2 issues).. I can't remember the other issue but the issue that I choose is about what I think about a profession like politics, business, government and education for those in power to maintain their position or the new leadership should change for every five years as a surest path for enterprise to the success.. something like this la, dia punya tajuk. Well, the other issue absolutely I can't think of.. Another task is an argument essay which I was given an argument and argue la.. ok la.. i think this one just ok la.. my expectation is i'll get 4/6 (hope so)

2. Verbal Section (30 minutes - 30 questions)
- Well, indescribable.. very difficult as I expected. Who know the words like, ADMONISH, CONSUMMATE, OPOSTATE, EFFERVESCENT, PUISSANCE (this only example) and bla2.. So I'm doing bad on this and it doesn't matter anyway at least not for me.

3. Quantitative Section (45 minutes - 28 questions)
- It was difficult too but I manage and this sections is very important. It's Maths and I'm gonna take an engineering course so this is super important section. Thank to Allah, I did good on this section even though I still got a mental block attack (due to the overwhelming stress & pressure) at the beginning of this section. I'm doing ok.

4. Mocking Sections (I got verbal, so another 30 minutes)
- Well, I don't know why but GRE done this.. they will have either 2 quantitative and 1 verbal or 2 verbal and 1 quantitative.. One of the section will be a mocking section and we don't know which one.. So, all sections have to be taken seriously. But I know this last one is a mocking section because the question is easier, as simple as that.

After The Exam...

I finished the exam around 4.30, so I have some time.. So, since I'm at KL I decide to go to Berjaya Times Square.. :-D

1. Watching Movie - Cloverfield

OMG! OMG! Superb! Awesome! Brilliant! This is the three words that I can describe about this movie.. Absolutely 4.5/5 stars. Really good. I just pick this movie because it's a new release and also because the timing is perfect but what I don't expect is this movie will be this good. Very original and different. The plot maybe nothing special but how this movie is done really really good. I heard some claps in the theater room when this movie finished and I will doing it too if I'm not alone. It might not be the best movie of the year (it is for me :-) so far..) but it damn good. Watch it yourself but don't expect too much as it was really unexpected unless you get yourself spoil.

2. Shopping some more
- I give myself pats at the back for not doing two things that I almost done. 1 - I stop myself from buying a new canon camera (not yet coz it's on my list) 2- for not buying a new wallet (absolutely not in my list). 3 - from not buying another book that will include in my queue to read list.. Anyway I bought 1 DVD, 1 VCD, 1 CD and 1 VCD Karaoke.. hehehe.. the details? DVD of conan movie, VCD of yoga exercise (yes, another one), CD of Sudirman it comes with VCD karaoke (I'm tempted)

Finally I feel it! I too tired to continue and I'm also tired to eat.. so I go back home but finally after not eating real food almost the whole day, I go out with my house mate to eat at 10.00 pm. So, tired back home I forgot to set my alarm and end up wakes up late this morning. Then, I just told myself.. Skip work (nothing I can do.. it's late) and call for extension of my off day.

YAWN - sleep or watching movie.. Oh, I already finish torrent Barca vs Sevilla game. Well.. time to watch the game! :-)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Things That I Learned..

1. I'm not a good cooker..
I know as a women you should know how to cook, well I know how to cook but yesterday trial really made my mind. My Mac n Cheese taste too sweet. I can't cook fried rice if there is no perencah Adabi and sometimes I just throw away whatever I cook.. But I did tried and sometimes it turn up good. This is why Malaysia has so many stalls.. it's for a people like me. Hahaha..

2. I'm not a bad employee :-)
I just took a 4 days off just to study (if i really study).. anyway I take days off because I don't want to feel guilty for not doing my job. How can I work when my mind clearly not there. So, I conclude that I did something good this time.

3. I'm a good senior? colleague...
Well I don't consider myself a senior. No, not yet.. I'm just working here for 6 years so I consider myself young and has a lot to learn.. But recently my boss just appointed me a new colleague to guide him. Well actually to teach him whatever I'm doing now so he can continue my job when I go to further my study probably this August. Well, basically I think he doesn't fit the shoes. It's not his fault anyway, he's new. What can I say, his foundation is not strong enough for me to just give him the task and he has the tendency to depend too much on me. Anyway, I help him as much as I can and I'm planning to lecture him on how researcher should work. By thinking and be independent! Since, I'm on leave I just give him some task and I really hope he give me a good feedback.. Whatever.

4. Others.. Out of topic :-)
What happen this weekend? Barca made my weekend and I hope they continue to do so when they win against Sevilla in Copa Del Rey and I wish Malorca finished their job by finishing Real (wishful thinking). And I'm so happy coz Messi gonna be fit anytime soon. Henry form is good now and I hope Ronnie back on form. Anyway, just win.. that's all I ask.. Ok, enough of Barca.. what else? Hmm.. Oh, I met my old friends yesterday. I feel so good, back to memory lane. I miss my good old days when everything seems easier but I love what I have today at the same time.

Ok.. It's time to move on. I have to study now to justify the 4 days off that I just took.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

TOEFL Done... Here we go GRE!

It's done! I took it! It's over.. Now wait and pray...

Name: TOEFLiana (front) GREgory (back.. :-/ )

For those who already took the exam should know that there are 3 sessions in TOEFL and 1 essay, and this is how i feel about it:

1. Test of Written English, TWE (30 minutes - 1 essay)
- I think this one is okey, I hope I get at least 4/6 from this one

2. Listening: Session 1 (35 minutes - 50 questions)
- I hope I score on this, actually it was very confusing.. not like what i expected. The sample test given by ETS and the practice test that I've done, is about 30 - 50% easier than the real one. The conversation is longer and faster.. And on the last section, the professor talk not only speak faster but stammer while doing so. I don't know what to expect but I hope I don't do too many mistake. I should not be wrong more than 5.

3. Structure & Written: Session 2 (25 minutes - 40 questions)
- I'm SUCK! Really, I found it very difficult. 1st, my grammar is bad so obviously this will be a killer session for me. That is also the reason why I should score in other sections. I pray and hope I don't get it wrong more than 10. 25 minutes for 40 questions! Can you believe it? I barely finish this one. The truth is, I'm not confidant at all. Please.. not more than 10.. (pray..)

4. Reading Comprehension: Session 3 (55 minutes - 50 questions)
- Since obviously I have to score on this.. I think the work done. I did ok. I should get most of it correct. Maybe 1 or 2 wrongs but not more than 5.. I think.. I hope so.. But at the end of this session I get so stress after no rest start from listening session.. My head just feel like being compress.. but i made it to the end..

At the end of the exam.. I feel beaten! Tired! and RELEASE!
I do hope I achieve 580 mark. Really Really hope so..

What I can't understand is why we cannot write anything in the test book. Not a scratch.. Nothing or it will be considered as cheating. I don't understand. I also don't understand, why we can't go to the toilet? We can go.. but at your own risk. So, Run Lola Run... There is no gap at all on every session.. the exam is very stress because of the very limited time. Basically no time at all to look back at your answer.. and my head really feel like it's gonna explode.

I can't sleep last night and a night before last night (because of the anxiety I guess) .. So, I drank nescafe early in the morning as a support system for my brain.. and Pearl for my unrest body.. the result: I had to go to toilet 4 times before the exam start and 1 time after TWE.. Run Lola Run.. Too much sugar in my body system on the day of the very tight schedule exam..

This is my story of today.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


I go to IKEA (my 1st time! Can you believe that?) and after sesat and pening2 a few times, finally we arrived at IKEA at 9.00PM. I try the famous meat ball.. (Finally!)

The bad news is (not so bad la).. but I spent RM215.70 at IKEA (excluding food) for the things that I never plan to buy but it's nice to have.. I think I got the spending frenzy this month.. I should have more self control..

I don't think I want to explain..

Friday, January 04, 2008

Once In The Blue Moon (Not a right title, right?)

You Should Go to Grad School

Grad school definitely isn't for everyone, but it looks like it's for you.

You have a pretty good idea of what you want to study - and how it will further your career.

So go ahead and go for it! You're ready to be a PhD.
Should You Go To Grad School?

Isn't it great? I should go to grad school.. What should I say.. I will go. Everyone knows that I will go and if I don't go, I will probably not be able to face anyone in my circle of life. Hahaha.. Crazy!

Actually, I'm doing it again! I play around.. I'm too lazy to study or to work. I should take a leave today. I don't feel comfortable right now.. I feel like to go out and eat an expensive dinner/meal and buy an expensive things right now just to satisfy myself.. maybe to make myself feel better even though I'm not in a bad shape at the moment. I just feel that I need to do something! Oh, maybe I should go watching midnight movie or something. Maybe I just feel terrible for wasting my time and it makes me want to wasting more times. I have a very bad logic on how to fix my life.

I should be a celebrity... Lalalalala...