Friday, February 29, 2008

Welcome to the World!

Boo Hoo!
BSB can wait..
Self center universe can wait..
And even my long waiting TOEFL result can wait!

Wait to give this special entry to Ahmad Daniel!!! Errmm Pu Chak! Hahaha.. Picture taken when he is 4 hours old! So small... Cannot squeeze2 ok.. can see see only.. This baby boy has a special birthday! 29 February 2008!! Interesting! I like it.. He will always young than other baby on his age.. Happy birthday every 4 years.. Hahahaha... Congratulation to my friend! Can't wait to squeeze squeeze her baby..

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Backstreet's Boys ALLRIGHT!

The tickets
Yeeehhaaaa!!! I got It I Got It! Want to know? Backstreet's Boy in town! Yes! That one! They are doing the World Tour Unbreakable Concert.. This Wednesday at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, 8.00pm.. This is how it's began...

Friday Afternoon Last Week..
Me and Purp inside the car, on the way back from lunch.. Listen to

Purp: Saira.. BSB will come here..
Me: BSB? Really? When?
Purp: I think it's next week.. It's weird.. On Wednesday nite!
Me: I will check then.. Maybe it's the contest dateline..
Purp: Do you interested?
Me: Do you? I don't mind, I like them too.. But my limit is.. hmm RM300.. I won't pay more and I hope it less..

It's weird right? I check on the internet.. it's true.. the show will be on Wednesday.. On the weekday.. What are they thinking???

Me: Purp!!! Purp!!! It's true.. It's on Wednesday and the price also cheap! It's only RM88 but free seat I guess.. Anyway we have a conference on Wednesday and Thursday at PJ
Purp: Yeah.. too bad.. Will we still go? I don't think we can make it on time..
Me: Too bad...
Me: Purp! I got an idea.. We can make it if we go back early.. we can excuse ourself at 4.30pm coz we have something 'emergency thingy' that need to be settle..
Purp: If it doesn't work.. we can drive straight from PJ then..
Me: Yeah.. that will do too.. set then.. I call for the tickets.. OK?

More obstacle! The operator just told me that the tickets must be collected 2 hours b4 the concert.. We definitely will not make it! But the operator immediately suggest me to buy it at their open booth.. Where else? all over KL - MidValley, KLCC, OU, ... and I'm not planning to go to any of those places.. Lucky me Baby on the way to MV.. Hehehe.. So, I told Purp.. everything settle now.. We just wait..

Ta Da... Baby give me the tickets just now! Hehehe.. I'm really going to the BSB concert.. Wow! Can't Wait! Purp already dreams about them.. I will do some homework (Listening to their Unbreakable album.. It was nice! I like this homework).. Hahaha.. I already thinking about the dress.. What should I wear? Something that look young and casual.. After all, we grew up together.. BSB and me.. I lived in their era.. Once upon a time.. boy bands was so so famous.. BSB was/is my fav.. (compare to Blue, N'Sync, Westlife, 98 Degree, 5ive).. So, It's like going back to teenagers la ni.. Hahahaha... Quit Playing Game With My Heart!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Blues Kick In!

Drink Coffe..
Me: Mimi, you know Barca Won yesterday!
Mimi: Oh, Really?
Me: Arghhhhh!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!
Mimi: WHAT? WHY? What Happen?
Me: Los Puntos LOST!!! Ermm.. Real Madrid Lost! I can't Believe it!
Mimi: Ohhh *crazy*

9.30 a.m
Me: Mimi mimi.. I still not start the job
Mimi: Me too.. Can we declare today as a day off job at office?
Me: I think ok la coz today is Monday.. We had a Monday's Blues.. Right?

10.00 a.m
Me: You know Mimi Barca Won! and Real Lost! Hahaha!!!
Mimi: Yes, I know you have said that
Me: Mimi.. Mimi.. Los Putos is real fun.. they thought they get the goal but they don't Funny! I can't stop laughing at them
Mimi: Yeah.. What a bad luck

Me: You know Mimi, Deco is cute *send pic via Skype to Mimi*
Mimi: Really? Ok la.. How about Messi?
Me: Messi is special and Deco is cute and Torres is extra cute
Mimi: Saira, I'm really ngaktok aa.. don't you?
Me: Why do you think I'm still talking about football then?

Me: Mimi, read my blog.. I update about Barca!
Mimi: Ohh ok
Me: It's nice ha?
Mimi: Ermm yes.. I wish we can go out doing some shopping thingy
Me: Yeah.. but we have meeting at 2.30pm and Barca close the gap!
Mimi: Yeah

Me: Mimi lets eat
Mimi: Ok..
Me: I want to work at Barca
Mimi: Yeah.. You wish! :p
Me: Ohh.. I'm afraid now, I really have to finish my project on time!
Mimi: Yeah, right
Me: Boss already warn me.. I'm scare wish Purp was here
Mimi: Ok

Me: Talk talk talk
Mimi: Ok.. yeah.. right
Boss: Saira, can you involved in the meeting?

Boss: So, Saira the project must finish on time!
Me: I'm positive boss!
Boss: Good

Meeting finally end..
Kiki: I bought something new..
Me: No, you can't tell me.. NOOOO!!!
Kiki: Yes, I do!
Me: OH NOOO!!!!! I'm Super Jealous! VIOS? NO!!!
Kiki: Sorry guys.. It's last Saturday..
Me: I want it too!!! Oh No!
Kiki: Later Saira.. Remember, USA? Further Study?
Mimi: Yeah Saira.. you should wait! and I'm jealous too
Me: OMG! I want it too! I want it too!.. Ok you guys can ignore me!

Mimi: Back late?
Me: Yeah.. Need to settle things
Mimi: Bye.. See you tomorrow..
Me: Bye.. Ok.. Arghh!!! Why not I do this things sooner??!!

Back Home...

From 9 to 2..

Upside down a Rollercoaster Ride of Barca...

From 9 point gaps >>>> 8 points >>>> 6 points >>> 5 points >>>> 2 points!!!

Hoorey! Hip Hip Hoorey!!!

Only time will tell... 3 Trophies to Chase>>>>

>>>> La Liga >>>> 13 games to go!
>>>> Champions League >>>> The journey cont..
>>>> Cope Del Rey >>>> QF!


Good things this week..
~~~ Barca WON 5 - 1
~~~ Messi Score Again! ( 2 in CL and 1 against Levante)
~~~ Eto'o Hat-trick
~~~ Fernando Torres Hat-trick
~~~ Real Madrid LOST :D
~~~ Chelski LOST the Carling Cup to Spurs. :D

Enjoying the new iPod

The iPod come to my possession around last week but being a lazy me, I just explore the iPod today.. I like it.. the sound is so nice.. great! great! great! It worth it! I like almost everything about this iPod except that I have to manage the songs via i-Tune.. It's not very difficult but I don't like it. I can't just cut and paste my music using folders like explorer.. So, I settle with playlist to sort my music. Lovely! The Classic i-Pod with 30GB storage..

Gadget oh gadget.. why we want to have it and then hate the complexities it give us.. I mean I want everything to be simple and easy. I hate learning new things and all good things has its limitation. It just me, I always hate to learn the technology but love what it give us. For example, I never learn properly how to use my camera. I just know that basic buttons we need to push.. All the scene and extra feature means nothing to me unless when someone shows me.. Until now, I only know the basic features of my hp.. My little brother was the one who teach me how to make a shortcut and bla bla bla.. That's why, if I want to change my phone to a PDA phone, I will buy exactly like purp PDA phone at least I don't have to survey all the software.. Urghh.. This is a statement from a girl who find that fill-in an electronic form is a burden.. Hahaha..

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weekend With Catz...

This weekend is quite different.. Well same but different, same because it's my typical weekend different because this time I spent my weekend with catz.. That not always happen. Catz always "busy" with her life. Hehehe..

On Friday Evening... (detail with pics and everything at catz)

Finally we have time to go swimming together... But before that we go shopping first la.. Catz lost her swimming suit somewhere (the result for not swimming for a looonnngg time). Being a typical me, I feel like want to buy a new swimming cap also.. Hahaha.. Ok, after shopping we go straight to the swimming pool. Well, I don't really like to go swimming on weekend coz there will be lots for other people but because of catz, it's ok la.. But.. But.. I don't know why, I feel a little bit off that day. I can't swim well.. Feel tired too fast. I feel like I lost my momentum, lost my rhythm, ala lost form gitu.. hehehe.. In other words I feel like 'berudu hilang ekor' Hahaha.. Really, I basically have to stop half way and get myself altogether back.

But as I said before, no matter how tired I felt (in this case I even tired b4 swimming as well) swimming always a good therapy.. Always makes me feel good.. If only I can swim everyday, I would.. And a note to Mimi (a friend who always want to go swimming with me, but never do).. As I observed, there is lots fatty fatty people who go swimming. It's ok. You are much better than them.. Don't worry k.. You are beautiful.. Hehehe..

After all the sweat under the water.. kui kui kui.. catz want to eat at Village View (konon2 recommended by someone la.. but not by me ok, that diner normal2 je 4 me) She said she never go there, so.. ok la.. doesn't matter la but I never expected catz want to really eat like you know.. really really have a meal.. Well, Ok then.. We have a BIG dinner (at least 4 me).. Babai my never existing diet program.. Hahaha.. When we talk about food, watchout at catz's blog ok (for pics and review) Ok.. We spent time.. borak borak.. buat ketupat.. confessing confessing thingy.. ya ya ya da da bla bla bla.. (we cont. at my house after that) catz back at 2a.m I think.. hmm maybe coz I'm not really sure. I already slept when catz say she want to go back.. Sorry catz.. Hehehe..

On Saturday Noon.. (detail with pics and everything at catz)

Wake up wake up sleepy head! I have to fetch catz and drive to Mines Shopping Center. We planned to watch Vantage Point today.. Nothing much else, we have lunch at Nando's beside the lake. Catz want to site seeing with the boat.. but I don't feel like it.. Maybe next time.. Ok catz.. we will try it later.. maybe.. no promise here.. (possibility is 20% only) Hehehe.. 1st- I don't think it's interesting. 2nd- I have this sickness, wek wek problem if it involved something that was not stable and in motion.. We walk walk a little bit and we went back after I bought some breads from delifrance for my lunch tomorrow.. Hahaha.. Catz bebel bebel that I should eat real food and cook. What? Cook? Hahaha.. Bread is a real food.. OK! Hehehe.. (all pics at catz's blog)

Vantage Point

Ok.. What should I say about this movie.. What's the word? Hmm>>>>> Marvelous! Right? Too much? Ok.. I settle with>>>> Great! It's a great movie.. It's a structure movie.. I like the structure.. So this movie is recommended by Saira.. Hehehe.. I give this movie 3.5/5.. Actually I want to give it 4/5 but I don't really like the ending.. It was too easy.. After all the chase, the conflict, the great plan by the terrorist, everything.. I'm a little bit disappointed by the ending. So, Agent Barnes saved the president just like that? All the bad people died just like that? Wow.. The Great Agent Barnes is still in one piece after his car being hit by a truck? At that speed.. Hahaha.. Beside that, this is a great movie. I like the idea. I like how the movie was made. I like it la.. Best la.. Gi tengok la..

Friday, February 22, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Well.. It's rare for me to dedicate my post just for my beloved Barca.. But I'm Really Really Really Happy today. Being a Malaysian with EPL as a major dominant in football broadcasting I'm not able to watch this game live but the Delay broadcast on 6.00am today really really makes my day.

BARCA WON! YES! AWAY GAME! YES! That's mean we got 3 away goals which is a LOT! Celtic have to at least score 2 goals in Camp Nou with Barca not scoring any. Well, It's NOT gonna happen! TRUST ME! BARCA almost invincible at home with only 1 lost this season and the margin only 0 - 1. So, I dare say we already are in a RO8 (QF).. Ok Ok.. they still have to finish the job on March 4th (RO16 2nd leg).

Back to game.. This is the most excellent game display by Barca! Everybody play to their best. Messi back at scoring goals.. Ronaldinho find his spark again. Deco become the Deco i know again. Henry is Henry! Iniesta and Xavi Superb. Yaya Toure shows why he play for Barca! Abidal, Marquez and Milito play great and most of all our Capitan.. Puyol really shows He IS the best Captain! Not to forget V.Valdes, the goalkeeper who don't have too much to do.. And it's a matter of time Eto'o will be as great as well.. It's a shame we conceded 2 goals.. There is things to improve but it's OK for me at the moment... This is Barca! This IS BARCA that I always know..

The stats will tell all.. Congratulation Boys! I LOVE YOU ALL! (I'm acting like a football nuts now.. Hahaha! Sorry! (I'm not really sorry actually. Hahaha))

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

NOW I Know...

Yesterday I went to catz new apartment.. Wow! Very nice second house.. I like it. But the nicest thing is catz cooked for me. (see urself at catz blog). She said it was a very simple and easy but for me, it was very good and the taste was so yummy! The best spaghetti I ever eat. Thanks catz! Next time I definitely will go again to your house! *BIG smile*

After watching that nice Yummy spaghetti by catz, purp want to eat spaghetti too. So, we went to Secret Recipe this lunch. The truth, seriously, catz's spaghetti was more Yummy! Hehehe.. Anyway, every time I went to SR I always want to try their Lamb Stew.. but never did until today..

Meat Ball Spaghetti
Irish Lamb Stew

Look nice right? But Yarkhh.. 1 bite! I know I can't eat it. It cost me RM25.00, so purp said just eat it for the value of the money.. But seriously I CAN'T. One bite will followed by a gulp of my frosty orange juice. Ok.. and I'm out of juice. This dish might be delicious for others but not for me. I can't stand the smell of the lamb. I never like lamb but I thought this might be different since I like their black pepper lamb pie. But this was a total disaster lunch for me. I have to stop by a shop and bought myself a lime ice-cream just to erase the taste of this food and I also bought some bread to eat since I don't have a proper lunch. OH.. NOW I KNOW! Never ever eat this again. Urghhh.. What a waste..

As always, on the other note.. beside the very stressful day I still have time to be happy for Real Madrid LOST over Roma.. HAHAHA.. I'm very happy they lost! HAHAHA.. Hahahaha!!! I hope (Really Hope) Roma can finish the job on the second leg. And I'm also SURPRISE by the Liverpool WON over Inter Milan.. Really I'm more surprise of Liverpool won than Real Madrid Lost.. Inter Milan for me is one of the best team in Europe and, Liverpool.. I always thought that Liverpool will got no chance at all. Surprise surprise.. My brother will be very happy now.. Ok.. In case if some of you got lost.. I'm talking about RO16 UEFA Champions League! The most grand league in the world and Barca won it just 2 years ago 2005/2006 season.. And Tonight Barca will face Celtic! A must Win! Barca.. Barca.. BARCA!!! Hehehe..

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Typical Weekend..

Yesterday I have a mission! I want to do a face facial! It's a long time since I did a face facial.. So, yesterday I went to Beyond Beauty at Mid Valley to pampered myself (well, sort of, it was recommended by my friend). Being a typical me, I sign up for their package (7 + 1 treatment) for RM1068 excluding the facial of that day. I know, I'm not making any sense for sign up since I am planning to further my study abroad starting probably this September but this package has no expired and they know my situation.. And I like the promoter, she is nice and I like nice people.. Hahaha..

What else did I do at MV? Of course la Shopping and Movie again...

There is not so much for shopping because I just spent too much lately.. Most of it is because of the application fee by USA University.. I spent more than RM1000 just for the application.. Urghh.. And I'm nervous at the moment because TOEFL result will arrived anytime soon. Ok, back to subject, I'm planning to buy sasari..
But unfortunately, size 8 for brown/black is out of stock so does my 2nd choice the blue/white. So, I have no choice but give my contact, make a reservation and wait they call me. Anyway I still need a new sandal, since I still want this sasari, so the replacement shouldn't be too expensive but comfit. So, I bought BATA Comfit sandal.. Ok la.. I also bought some BUM equipment bags that if I think I'm not gonna used it, I can easily give it to my younger sister..

I watched Jumper!

Two reasons why I watched this game:
1. No other movie that caught my interest
2. Hayden Christensen
Well, this movie just OK.. not so excited 3/5 stars. I don't really like it because there is certain things such as why Jumper and Paladin exist didn't touch in this movie. What is the originality of them? We just have to accept that there is Jumpers and Paladins in this world. This is not "normal" for us, so I think it should be explained. The acting ok la but I don't think there is a chemistry between Hayden and his girlfriend and I also don't get any feeling about his mother as well.. The story is nice but it not strong. The cinematography is great. I agree with cinemaonline review:
All in all, "Jumper" is a mediocre film, but the action and the scenery are a feast for the eyes.
Ok.. Last note.. Barca WIN! and Real LOSE! Happy smile :D 5 points gap now.. XOXOXO

Saturday, February 16, 2008

HUHUHU... Tears.. and more Tears..

This is what happen when you watched hindustan.. *TEARS* :TEARS: ^TEARS^ hehehe.. I just watched Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham.. Sedih.. Huhuhuu *cry*. This is not the first time la watching that movie.. Suddenly je tingin nak nengok.. terasa nak jiwang.. kui kui kui.. Anyway a very good movie esp to Shahrukh Khan Lover like me.. Shahrukh Khan Rock! I Lap U! Hahaha.. Since now is mood hindustan.. I explore youtube and watch lots and lots of SHK video clip.. Wawawa.. tingin tingin sangat nak tgk semua citer dia balik.. Ok la.. since I watched a lot and maybe almost all SHK movie.. ni my top 5 shk movie..

1. Asoka - Love Love Love this epic movie.. I really like shk in this movie..

2. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge - This is a classic pure love

3. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai - No need explanation

4. Devdas - Tears.. Tears and More Tears.. Classic Love Epic

5. Baazigar - Baazigar oo baazigar.. lama giler dah cite ni but I remember the feeling..

Other than shk movie.. there is one movie by Anil Kapoor "1942 A Love Story". This is one of my all time hindustan movie gak la..

Well talk about hindustan.. I also want to list my top 5 hindi songs..

1. Chaiyya Chaiyya (Dil Se) - This song itself can fill my top 3.. Great v.c and Dance..
2. Taal Se Taal (Taal) - :melts: beautiful song just beautiful..
3. Jiya Jale (Dil Se) - Again.. unique song.. Love love love the dance..
4. Mehndi Lagake Rakhna (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge) - Lagu yg waktu malam b4 wedding tu..
5. Rang De (Thakshak) - great dance and song.. the only song that was good in this movie but I like it 1st time dgr..

Well, actually there is too many songs and movies.. the list will be too long.. Anyway I had stop watching hindustan since no more Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan, Anil Kapoor, Akshay Kumar dan seangkatan dgnnya.. shahrukh khan is like the king at his prime and Akshay Kumar used to be my dream guy.. Hahaha.. but that was a long time ago la.. Hahaha..

Akshay Kumar

Talk about hindustan is like walking down the memory lane.. old story, old feeling and now I'm planning to buy more hindustan movies.. Feel good to layan diri sendiri at the moment.. Hahaha..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Change It!

How is it? I change my blog header.. I think I need something more serious.. Serious? Yes, exactly! There is a lot of serious things happen around me at the moment.. A serious project need to be finished. A serious application need to be filled.. And a serious feeling that need to be ignored!

Anyway, my absent is for a reason.. Going back hometown at Perak for Chinese New Year is something that I need most but I don't realized how much I need it until I do. It straighten me back to be a good me.. somebody that I know better.. well, nevermind.. And only dial-up internet available doesn't suit me.. But as expected I was stuck on the traffic last Sunday while trying to come back here.. Kajang. 3.5 hours normal traveling time turn to be 6.5 hours.. well nevermind again..

Ok la.. No mood lately, and last night depressing over GRE result did no good. I can't sleep and I end up woke up at 8.45am.. Too late to go to work but I went anyway.. Girls know how to solve problems, right?

Thank you tonight there is American Idol on TV.. Something I like on TV.. It just makes me feel something.. maybe a little joy. Arghhh lazy and tired and hungry! No mood at all..

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I'm sad.. so sad.. so frustrated.. Ntah la.. I hate English Language! I'm bad at it! HATE IT! HATE IT! HATE IT! I just got the GRE result! It's bad..

I feel like I want to go swimming tonight coz swimming always makes me feel better but I'm so tired at the moment! My muscle still tired from yesterday swam and my friend is not here, outstation at Melaka.. and I don't have a private swimming pool so, I can't go alone.. I HATE IT!

One more thing! Internet connection is so damn slow! takes hours just to load this stupid page! I HATE IT!

Something to release my tension! I want to buy that Tide bleach! :-)

Monday, February 04, 2008


While I'm writing this.. Linda is singing her 100 songs and Eva sings her 45 songs and I'm off at the moment to catch up my voice.. Hahaha.. What a funny night! I'm sure my neighbor put a cotton inside their ears or they silently curse us for sings our heart out in the middle of night.. we started at 10pm but now, WOW it's 12.40pm.. Wei! Esok KEJE!!! Hahaha.. Gilos ke ape deme ni.. The point is, I'm the one who will suffer the most! Barca game will be started at 1.55am and finished around 4.00am.. WAWAWA!!! I'm gonna die tomorrow..

Furthermore, Eva had bring more foods from her restaurant.. More food.. Oh No! OMG.. I think I should fast tomorrow.. It is too much.. no doubt we eat it. It's free.. Hahaha.. Oh, what now? Eva change the VCD again.. From Sheila Majid to P.Ramlee/Saloma now.. Sure, they don't want to stop! I don't care.. they only have my TV until 1.55am.. Ok.. I'm off to Bila Larut Malam.. HuwaHAhahaha... Oh My God.. They're killing Me!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Malam Citer Seram.. Hari Makan2..

Last night my friend come over to my house, we planned to watch "Don't Look Back" (Jangan Pandang Belakang).. Scary Giler.. Serious. I'm scared! It just not for me. I don't like scary movie coz it makes me scared.. hehehe.. Anyway DLB is The best Malaysian made scary movie! I scream a lot! No wonder it became one of the top movie in Philippine. Anyway, in the middle of the movie my house mate came and join us.. So, they love scary movie. Ok fine. . I enjoy it as long as they enjoy it.. (Un)fortunately, they want to continue watching scary movie.. We watched "Hantu Jerut Purut" - Indonesian scary movie. Not as scary as DLB but scary jugak la.. Wawawa.. I hate them! Why? Why? Hehehe..

My friend ni somehow I think have (what we call ek, yg queen bee ada tu) kind of hormone yg attract people (guys or girls).. My house mate (the one that rarely spent time at home) like her I think. So, the next day she decide to cook for us.. Ok.. I help her la since I'm a nice person.. hehehe.. She go to pasar and bought ikan terubuk (my request.. hehehe) and some sotong. So, we eat quite a lot (my house mate even present the cook nicely like in restoren) Hehehe.. ok la, it's fine. I enjoy it.

Talk about my house mate (one of the two).. Erm, she is some kind of attention seeker (i think la) I pity her when my friend didn't ask question when she talk about her Moscow trip.. hehehe.. and she also show some picture of her with Sheikh Muzaffar's mother (Angkasawan Negara tu..).. and still my friend kind of ignore her or more likely not so interested la.. hehehe.. and I don't help either.. Hahaha.. She even talk about her 'panorama' segment (yg tv1 nye slot tu).. hehehe.. I just don't want to encourage her (like I always did).. Somehow I just tired.. I still pity her but maybe I shouldn't.. My other house mate so 'laser' to her yesterday (She said right to her face that she is soo pretentious!).. so, I play soft.. hehehe.. (apa yg aku mengarut ni.. hehehe) The point is, I feel sorry for her.. And I'm sorry for feel that. I shouldn't.

Ok la, not enough with a nice lunch for us. She cook muffin for us (I help too la).. then, after around one hour she cook nasi goreng (this one quite surprising la.. i already have enough food) anyway, I just eat for her sake.. after all she did the cook. It's too bad my other house mate not at home. It will be a nice drama to watch. Hahaha..