Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Love Me...


Today I decide to pamper myself... And I have an Amazing day..

9.30 a.m: Bangun lambat hari ni.. Yay! Oh masih mengantok lagi.. kunci jam kul 10.00am. I give myself 30 minutes more..

10.00 a.m: Good Morning Malaysia.. Oh, nak tgk DC latest TV appearance.. Check the internet.. Yay! Oh.. He is so cute..

10.45 a.m: Mandi.. mandi.. Ada appointment utk facial hari ni..

11.00 a.m: I'm happy with myself.. wearing my newest t-shirt (beli waktu kuar ngan catz hr tu).. I think I'm looking good.. Start drive to Midvalley

11.45 a.m: Yay! Senangnya dapat parking.. I park kat the Garden..

11.50 a.m: Sampai awal lak kat Beyond Beauty ni.. Oh.. lapar la.. takpela.. aku just minum tea bunga yang memang disediakan while waiting diorang bersiap..

12.05 p.m: The facial start.. "We are going to do ultrasound treatment.. bla bla bla" (seriously, I don't really understand.. hehehe)

1.50 p.m: Wow! That was the best treatment ever.. I never enjoy the facial this much.. Seriously, one of the best 2 hours in my life.. I'm relax and now I feel that my face.. ermm soo good.. Very good.. Seriously my skin deserved this.. A big thank you to the beauty center.. I feel beautiful..

The Garden..

2.00 p.m: Serius lapar.. tapi this is peak hour.. So, aku decide gi The Garden je la.. kurang sikit orang.. Hmm look at the pamphlet.. No restaurant caught my interest.. Jalan2 dulu la.. Oh, a lot of expensive outlet.. Hmm.. I'm on budget! (That coach bag look temping by the way.. but hell NO!)

Too many crowd.. But that's Midvalley...

2.30 p.m: Cross to Midvalley.. Wahh.. LAPAR.. Tak makan apa2 lagi ni.. I decide nak makan Nando's but.. hmm too mamy people queue.. Think! Think! Think!.. Hmm.. Delifrance look nice.. Orang pun tak ramai.. Ok.. Delifrance then..

2.40 p.m: While waiting for my order.. On my iPod and listen to DC.. But.. well.. OK, I need more relax song.. Why not give a try to David Arculeta.. Ok la for a change.. I order Salmon with Teriyaki Source and Iced Coffee.. Nice lunch..

Tu sikittt lagi tak larat makan.. Hehehe.. Malu nak amik gambar start makan sbb ada org kat sebelah.. dah abis makan baru amik gambar.. Jgn mare.. Hehehe..

3.30 p.m: I'm relaxing at delifrance.. Drink my remaining coffee slowly.. Listen to DC now.. Oh.. This is great.. Bill please!

3.40 p.m: Oh.. Speedy Video.. I want to take a look.. Hehehe.. Hmm.. Soundtrack album.. Looking.. looking.. FOUND IT! Phantom Of The Opera Soundtrack.. Yay! but wait! WHAT??? RM98.00 Wow.. Very expensive for a CD.. Hmm.. maybe later.. But.. Hmm.. I remember.. I know why I'm here.. Hmm.. Where is it? YES! Yay! Blake Lewis Album! Yay! Anyway, the price of the album is even cheaper than my lunch.. So Why not?

Blake Lewis Debut CD.. Runner-Up American Idol 2007
(Aku minat dia dulu.. dan sekarang.. Hehehe)

4.00 p.m: Guardian.. Oh, I need a new foundation cake.. Oh.. this cashier stupid.. ever heard turtle? Thank god DC always with me.. in my iPod.. So.. I'm good..

Angel Fit Maybelline.. Dolu2 aku terkezut sebabkan aku ingatkan Maybelline boh nama Angel Feet utk bedak muka dia..

4.20 p.m: Mags.. mags.. Take a look la.. But.. Terbeli la pulak..

EURO 2008 dah dekat.. And tu walaupun mag my home tu mahal (bagi aku la.. yg jarang beli mag ni.. RM20.00).. tapi aku nak berangan utk design my living room 2 years from now.. Hehehe..

4.50 p.m: Back to The Garden.. I just need some groceries.. No mood into shopping today.. Oh.. There it is.. Cold Storage.. Shopping some waters.. fruits.. and foods..

5.30 p.m: Pay the parking.. Feeling really good now.. Where is my car.. Oh.. Time for Blake Lewis..

6.20 p.m: Reach home... I drive calmly mainly because of Blake Lewis.. I want to reach home slowly.. I enjoy listen to the CD.. Seriously, I'm musically flexible.. I can listen Pop, Rock, Classical or Soul.. And Blake Lewis album is really enjoyable.. For god sake, this guy should win American Idol last year.. (America get it right this year but not last year) I'm so glad I buy his album.. He give all his element and I remember why I love this guy.. I'm feeling really good.. Blake Lewis certainly one of my fav.. And bonus mark.. He like DC as well.. (this fact has nothing to do with me liking his music k)

8.30 p.m: Relax and hungry again.. Oh.. I didn't buy any ready made food.. So, what should I do? But I did buy something to cook.. So, I cook for myself..

Aku cook spaghetti tau.. Hehehe.. Tapi terbeli spaghetti halus la plak.. Sos tu guna daging cincang, carrot, ciliboh n sos spaghetti kimball.. Rasa bangga lak aku cook.. My name is Saira Cook ok.. Hehehe..

9.30 p.m: Here I am.. Enjoying the music and surfing internet.. I listen to Blake Lewis now and reading some more about DC.. And hey guys! This is a must see video of DC.. He was hilarious! David Cook, I don't know that you can act as well.. And I want to be Cookified as well.. HAHAHA

End.. I Love Me! And my skin is beautiful.. Hahaha..

Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm On Hiatus...

I'm kind of busy.. Well my mind is busy with so many things that I can't/lazy to write here.. I think I'll be back soon..

This might be a very short hiatus..

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I'm on the moon at the moment.. I just so happy.. Yay! Yay! Yay! I can't believe it that now.. I really have my own house.. Today I collected my key (Well not after pay some more bla bla thingy).. Hahaha.. I feel so surreal.. Well.. I know I'll have my own house at the moment I bought it (2006) but to really have it is different.. Well, this is not my childhood dream.. I thought my husband (whoever he is) gonna buy it to me.. I thought I'll have a typical life where I don't have to think for myself.. Now.. It's like.. I'm so independent? Am I like it? Well.. I like it that I able to manage but I think not thinking by myself would be nice too.. So.. This is it! I got to do it myself.. This is my house anyway..

The Keys
Purp go with me to collect the key and we immediately visit my house and believe it or not.. I already made a deal with a contractor for the grill and railing.. I had a deal.. (I close the deal on the evening when I'm going there for the 2nd time of the day).. I'm glad that everything happen now.. As you all know, I'm going to US so.. I think I only have 2 and 1/2 months.. So.. If I calculate it right.. I'll be able to stay in my own house for around 1.5 month.. What an anticlimax.. Have a peeps guys.. Oh.. just for you to know.. from the outside, the color is Orange (I LOVE IT!)

The Front Door and the Hall

The Stairs

Suddenly I feel so not ready.. Well, I have a good life if not great here in Malaysia.. But I have to start back to ground zero and become a student.. At a place I never go and the people I never met.. Oh, I'm soo not ready.. This is a mix up for me.. I really really want to design my dream house.. I have this and that plan to my house and it all have to hold.. (FOR 2 YEARS!)

Anyway.. This is it.. This is the path of my life.. Either you go for it OR.. ok.. go for it!

What Your Taste in Music Says About You

What Your Taste in Music Says About You

Your musical tastes are energetic and rhythmic.

You are full of energy and can be quite talkative.

You are forward thinking and open minded.

You despise conservatism of any sort.

You are intense, detail oriented, and motivated.

You are an ambitious person, though your ambition is anything but conventional.

Got the link from purple's blog and kind of tiru her taken the quiz.. Well that's it! The Josh + David Cook (I wish I can only say David without the last name.. but there is other David out there that was as famous as him.. urghh) style of music.. Oh Purp.. I enjoy Evanescence and Within Temptation as well (maybe not as much as you do)..

7 weird/random facts about me

This is the first time I've been tag by Mimi.. So this is my answer

1. Crazy Obsession
Thank you to all my friends who can stand my crazy obsession.. I obsess in lots of things sometime I think I need a therapy and sometimes I think it was a therapy.. When I'm obsess.. Time and money is nothing.. Namely some: Barca, Josh, Harry Potter and the recent David Cook (There is lots more actually)

2. I Love Doing Nothing
Being a rag is one of my fav.. If I don't insaf.. I'm afraid I'm gonna be a rag in the next life.. Being a rag also contribute to the 'antisocial' thing.. Staring into nothingness can be interesting you know.. Try it! Hehehe.. You'll see something believe me..

3. I Hate Window Shopping
I like shopping but I hate window shopping.. So mengantuk and waste of time maa..

4. I Love Watching Movie
I love movies, series and tv show.. I can spend the whole day watching TV

5. I Don't Know How to Appreciate Scenery
When I go to the beach.. Well, I felt nothing.. When I see flower.. well.. OK.. And I have absolutely no idea how sunset can make you 'feel' something.. But I love painting esp by Vincent Van Gogh - 'The stary night' People can say it mean this and that but it still feel personal for me..

6. I Love Babies
I love babies.. I want babies.. But I'm single so.. long way for that but I love babies.. And I think babies love me too.. hehehe..

7. I Hardly Interested On Other People Business
I usually have no feeling whatsoever with everything around me unless there is a direct impact to me.. So.. I don't really do blog hopping, I only read my friends blog.. I don't really read any forum unless it about Barca, Messi, Josh or David Cook.. I'm basically don't care.. So, eventhough you buy a real diamond.. well, I don't feel anything.. That's why I think Eva can friend me.. I don't feel anything everytime she showed me her brand new FENDI or CD or whatever.. I'm just.. oh OK.. It's nice..

I would like to tag:

1. Noreh Jones
2. Catz (eventhough Mimi already tag.. hihihi)
3. Purp (eventhough Mimi already tag.. hihihi)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Guilty Pleasure...

That is exactly what I feel at the moment.. I just torrented (is it a real word?) "Analog Heart" by David Cook.. I feel guilty doing it because this is the work of David Cook and I just download it for free.. I have no choice since this is the album he produced before entering American Idol (His Independence Album) and they had stop selling it.. I do feel like a pirate here.. But I really really want to have this album.. So.. That is why I say.. No Choice.. All songs write, sing and produced by him.. So, you understand right? why I want it so much.. And hmm.. I got it..

Another top story.. Well I found a link made by a generous David Cook fan where I can download all of Cook performance in AI with a DVD Quality.. I'm talking about 3000++ kbps file you know.. That is a super clear DVD quality (Even better than tv.. OK our sweet astro - well if you wanna know, Astro is analog tv, they converted analog signal from satellite to digital for our decoder and then converted it back to analog on our TV.. That's why if you wanna buy LCD TV, go for a good brand or just buy Plasma TV, else you will be disappointed watching a bad TV quality.. or else stick to the plat tube TV ~~~ I'm so off topic here.. hehehe) I mean all. like ALL and I'm really2 glad to have a chance to watch the "ZZ Top and David Cook - Sharp Dressed Man" performance again.. in good HQ And all others as well like 'the fall in love moment' -> Billy Jean.. hehehe

Oh.. just to mention, I went to do a medical checkup again today (They doing it part by part you know) and this time my blood was taken for some test and HIV test prove -ve (very the expected) and the TB test result will only come out this Friday.. I believe I'm TB free but Purp has to worry since her skin show 'something' while mind.. clear like an angel (imagine that! Hahaha)..

Tomorrow kind of a big day for me.. I'll tell you later!

c ya'

Monday, May 26, 2008

The La La Land...

Last time I'm in the woopee woopee wonderland.. OK I'm over it.. Now I move to the La La Land.. Hehehe.. In this land I'm no longer jump upside down but constantly in haze and floating.. HA HA HA.. That's right.. The La La Land seems more lightheaded.. and beautiful.. I love David Cook! Hehehe.. Ok my friends, I know you guys want to vomit and some want to slam my head to get some sense out of it.. Don't blaim me.. It's Cook fault not me.. He has this vibe all around the world.. And his laughing style really infectious you know.. His dreamy eyes.. His spontaneous act.. His small crook smile while singing... His confident smile.. His.. ~~~ La La La.. Ok I got to stop.. Hihihi.. I don't want to cause a vomit epidemic here you know.. :p (A side note: Josh.. I still love you and you too Messi.. Hikss)

Ok.. I want to landing for a while.. As today is a Monday blues.. We got to be blues right? I check my baby today.. Oh.. It's growing you know.. Really yummy to eat.. Wanna see it?

Oh.. Some getting old.. Don't worry, I'll eat you..
Oh.. Little one come out now.. Good boys and girls..
See? More little ones.. Can't wait to be eat?

Oh.. The effect of la la land is enormous.. Welcome to the la la land.. You gonna love it! Muahh.. Don't pinch me OK.. I love this la la land.. Hikss..

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wonderland Break...

Well.. I said before that I'm still in some state of mind which I call woopee woopee wonderland.. It's like a therapy for me.. being in the zone where everything is high and happy.. So to add to that I'm like stalking David Cook life via youtube.. There is so much more.. I like the Larry King, Jay Leno, Idol Extra, Jimmy Kimmel and lots of etc shows.. And I super like the Guitar Hero commercial.. It's crazy.. you tell me why.. Wow.. Hahaha.. But that is not the only things I do these day OK.. Hehehe.. I have some wonderland break also you know.. In chronological order kay.. hikss..

The Long Waiting Phantom Of The Opera DVD

Yes.. I got it! Abby just come back from her vacation.. and she bought me POTO DVD.. Yay! Yay! Now I can return Purp's dvd which I kept for myself for so long.. Hahaha.. I just love this movie so much! It has so much soul that I can't explain.. I love all the songs in this movie.. the intense.. the everything.. That is why I love it when David Cook didn't change the arrangement when he sang "The Music Of The Night".. I just love it! And I got really angry when AF sangs it the following week which I thought they had 'butcher' the song.. So I watch this movie again.. Thanks Abby.. I love you.. Hehehe..

Dinner with Catz at Kopicat.. (read details at catz)

Well.. kalau korang nak tau ni Cat Farish punya kedai.. So kitorang nak try la kan.. Honestly aku rasa tak la sedap sangat.. hehehe (just OK).. Harga lak agak mahal tapi OK la ngan 'standard' kedai dia.. Yang aku nyampahnye.. si Cat tu macam malu2 plak.. Perasan la tu.. At first kitorang is the only customer kat kedai tu kan.. So, bila dia kuar tu.. as the owner aku rasa dia patut tegur je la kitorang.. tak yah la malu2 macam terkenal sgt kan.. Anyway, maybe he has some issues himself kan.. who knows.. Anyway, it was nice.. I mean his effort in business.. I respect that.. Moga2 dia success la..

Movie with catz - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I like this movie.. Very entertaining.. First of all aku bukanla peminat Indiana Jones tapi this is macam the current thing kan.. So, aku gi la tengok.. I must admit.. This is a very nice and good movie.. Worth my time and all others.. I give this movie 4/5 stars.. Very the Indiana Jones la.. Bagi peminat Indiana Jones memang akan puas hati dan bagi golongan cam aku ni lak akan terhibur la.. So, watch it out guys..

Shoppings? Eating?

Hahaha.. Of course la I'm doing some shopping kan.. I bought a t-shirt and also a shoes.. HAHAHA.. I show u guys ok..

Nice shoes? or sandal.. doesn't matter la kan.. I LOVE IT! I like the color..
Ok.. I like Cinnabon .. My fav ok.. Tapi this one so kecil la.. I penah beli tempat lain besar (harga same je)
I thought donut time is over.. Ntah la nape aku beli.. maybe sebab aku baru realize yg gaji dah masuk.. So, I buy it to Abby.. Hope Abby eat all of it! Or maybe I'll do that.. Hehehe..
Ok.. Catz tingin makan kat Johnny's so.. kitorang makan la.. Gambar ni ending of eating HAHAHA.. Wait for catz review la yer..

AF Final!
Last night.. ni la event yang orang Malaysia tengok kan.. OK la... I don't have any comment.. It just that I like Nubhan's new song so much.. I did vote for Nubhan.. Hehehe.. 3 times only.. just to show that I like his new songs.. I think AF has a so-so season.. Well.. In the middle of a crazy American Idol.. I can't give too much attention to AF.. I just acknowledge it..

So.. That's it for now.. Lots to come I hope..

Friday, May 23, 2008

Woopee.. Woopee.. Wonderland..

Hehehe.. I'm still in the woopee woopee wonderland.. David Cook wins.. Hahaha.. My blogging moment quite numb.. Not that nothing happen in my life but this jump upside down still cont. in my heart.. Yay! David Cook menang.. I suka.. I suka.. Hehehe.. Yay!

Back to the real world which is always jump downdown only.. The bad things is aku kena amik exam English ntah apa2 oleh my comp.. utk evaluate tahap English staff katanya.. And to tell tou the truth I flunk it! One of this stupid test task ialah kitorang kena main peranan and I got it wrong.. Otak aku mamai sebenarnya.. dah abis baru aku sedar aku salah paham soklan.. Hampes nyok betoi.. Nanti sah aku akan direcomend amik english course.. Please la.. I'm at Missouri that time tau.. Happily meeting Mr. Cook and maybe preparing myself to be Mrs. Cook.. Hahaha..

2nd bad real world story is my boss ni paksa2 orang tulis paper and masuk competition utk my project lak.. Aku tak nak tau.. Orang bz ni.. Nak uruskan visa la.. Uruskan hal2 lain lagi.. Nanti nak wat kenduri lagi.. Tapi dah big boss suruh terpaksala kan.. Ni yang aku nak gi woopee woopee wonderland balik ni.. David Cook save me!!!! Hahaha...

Another story is.. not so bad la this time just.. urghhh... cannot wait to back to woopee woopee wonderland.. Aku gi medical check-up pastu dia mintak RM180 kalau tak bawak surat offer letter dari JPA.. huhuhu.. Aku tak bawak tapi Purp bawak, so aku cakap kat diorang.. ala sama je.. (dengan muka kesian).. Disebabkan aku cute.. dia kata okla.. this time dia kasi.. lain kali jgn wat camtu.. hehehe.. So, next appointment is 4th July.. Opss US Independence day.. Cook!!! I'm Coming!!!! Hihihi..

Save David Cook Save The World!!! Ha Ha Ha..

Thursday, May 22, 2008


The Winner...
Yay! Yay! Yay! David Cook won it! Now I can say that American got it right this time... A well deserved David Cook who have all the persona.. He has the Originality, Versatility, Diversity, Confident, and Look (hehehe) Simon is wrong! Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm happy..

To David A, he can be successful as well.. but the title is belong to David Cook!!! Hahaha.. David Cook won! Yay! Yay! Now.. the justice is done.. The people have spoken.. Hahaha.. David Cook WON!!! Yay! WOOHOO!!! YAY! (David Cook - 56% David A - 44%) Cook get 12 Millions more vote.. Hehehe.. GREAT!

David A and David Cook
The Top 12
The American Idol 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Go Go David Cook...

Simon said.. David A knock out the final.. That's mean he is super bias to David A.. Is he think that David Cook performance not great? For me.. It's not him to tell.. David Cook give his different and versatility on the finale.. He can do it all from go out rock to touch your heart.. He did it.. David A also great but for me it's like watching a one tone ballad tune and he did it well.. Really well but trust me.. I already have Josh Groban for that.. The perfect.. sweet.. beautiful Josh..

Back to David Cook.. I can't vote, so my opinion doesn't matter.. But aku marah gila ni kat Simon.. No matter what result come out.. For me, David Cook is the winner.. He deserved it.. I hate bias thingy so I hope so does the Americans.. I hope they vote David Cook and throw it to Simon face.. He can have an opinion-- publicly.. but he has to be fair.. This is what he didn't do.. If he said the winning song of David Cook don't feel like it but I know he felt the same for David A song.. He just said the song is not great.. That's it! BIAS! American.. DO SOMETHING!

By the way.. If David Cook lose.. I'm OK with that.. It's a competition.. Someone will win and someone will lost.. I just hate the unfair and bias game..

Here the article that I love: I feel like crying reading this.. Great bitching! I love it!

p/s: Aku meroyan.. Hahahaha..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Hari ni adalah hari yg paling aktif dalam cuti 3 hari ni.. So hari ni paling letih.. Dan hari ni patut tidur awal sebab esok keje.. Tapi aku tak leh tidur ni. Badan letih sangat tapi tak leh tidur.. Nak buat ape ni? Tulis blog ni tak membantu la.. Isk isk isk.. Tension..

Monday, May 19, 2008

Finally My Car Got A New Speaker...

Okla.. I give up.. Walaupun telinga aku dah get used ngan bunyi speaker pecah (sebelah kiri) tapi memandangkan abang n kakak ipar aku datang sini hari ni.. aku mintak diorg temankan aku gi Brothers la.. Aku somehow think people akan take me more seriously la kalau lelaki yang beli bende2 kete ni.. By the way.. abang aku tak membantu pun.. Kitorang sort of make no bargain whatsoever.. Just ok la.. pasang la..

Well.. I take serious the sound quality inside my car ok.. even aku kind of bertahan almost 1.5 months ngan speaker pecah.. (Reason: kawan2 selalu nasihat aku to just biar je speaker tu since I'll only used that car until August) Tapi aku tak tahan la.. Tak de feel gitu bila aku dengar lagu dalam kete.. Dah la aku ni kalau takat medium range sound tu nothing.. Mesti gegar itu kereta..Hehehe.. Aku beli speaker kat Brothers.. Brand: Kenwood, Size: 4" (sebab speaker depan) Harga: RM236.00 termasuk pasang (Pasang free sebab itu je yg aku mampu bargain).. So, orang Brothers tu kata this one is a good quality.. So.. Maybe it is la kan.. Takat ni aku puas hati la..

Narnia Again...

Ok la.. Nak kasi tau.. Hehehe.. Tgh hari tadi aku tengok lagi citer ni.. kali ni ngan Shelly.. Sebabnya.. Ntah la sebab aku rasa nak tengok lagi sekali la.. Kalau haritu aku find out King Peter is more appealing dari Prince Caspian.. Kali ni aku rasa aku dah crush habis kat King Peter.. Wow so kingly la.. I love him.. I love him. I love him.. HAHAHA... Tapi menurut movie (dan juga buku citer) this is the last time Peter and Susan will be in Narnia.. So, since aku tak abis lagi baca complete series buku Narnia (Aku baca takat Prince Caspian je - book 4/7) so, aku takleh confirmla.. Tapi it's mention in the book (The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian).. Since the next Narnia (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) akan tayang on 2010 dan buku dia aku tak abis baca lagi.. so tak leh confirm la.. Tapi aku yakin mmg takde la King Peter pasni.. Huhuhu.. Anyway.. That's the way it is..

Queen Saira Out!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Crazy Moment...

I just cancel my outing with Shelly today.. Why? Be.......cause... of this stupid David Cook hooked.. I juat want to watch the marathon of American Idol.. Ok.. I have no life! Hiksss.. By the way I just found a web where I can download all the mp3 of AI.. Well I'm only looking for David Cook..

If I'm not mistaken.. there is only 3 artist that used to make me hooked this bad.. Well if we add DC.. It will be 4.. The most singer that I love and still do is Josh Groban.. Well.. this is no competition.. I love Josh but I wanna add to that.. It's David Cook.. I don't know the future.. Will DC live to the expectation? Because last time when I'm crazy hooked to Mawi (Hahaha) he doesn't live to the expectation.. I got frustrated and I don't think he deserved my interest (Hahaha.. statement maut).. Anyway I know.. Since AI is SOOOOO much better by zillion miles than AF.. He will live to the expectation..

I can't believe that I choose to shut down in my room helplessly watching the re-run of AI than going out having some real fun with Shelly.. I think it just not fair to Shelly if I don't enjoy the outing coz my mind surely will be somewhere else.. There is always next time.. Right?

I'm in my zone.. By the way.. when I got bored with certain part of AI.. I'll switched to my Roswell DVD.. (I can be this antisocial u know.. Hakss)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Go Go Cook! The Cook Vibe...

I think my cook talent and spirit arise dengan kehadiran David Cook.. Hehehe.. Anyway hari ni aku tak kuar rumah.. Completely rest.. Linda ajak riadah pun aku malas.. Sebenarnya the biggest reason aku rasa la.. sebab marathon A.I ni.. Aku nak tengok David Cook.. So aku malas kuar jugak.. Apa aku buat utk makan? Aku masak la.. Lunch aku masak simple je.. Malas la amik gambar.. Ni aku nak tunjuk my dinner.. simple gak tapi aku rajin lak amik gambar.. hehehe.. Tadaaa!!! My Cook:

Chicken Ball n Carrot masak with Sos Tiram.. Sedap gak la (Perasan.. hehehe)
Ni pulak kicap ngan cili api..

Nothing special about that 2nd pic.. Yang specialnya ialah that is my cili api tau.. Ni kali ketiga aku makan cili aku ni.. Aku a little obses ngan pokok aku ni.. Aku rasa cili aku ni sedap sangat.. Banyak la aku makan.. Habis tu aku sekali makan jer.. Hehehe.. Pastu aku duk risau takut cili aku abis (dengan rate aku makan dia la).. Aku dah buh baja. Moga cepat2 tumbuh balik cili yg aku dah mamam tu..

Aku sesema lagi tapi sakit tekak macam dah ok sikit la.. Good.. David Cook send his vibe to me... Now I Cook.. Hahaha.. A lot.. :D

Trivia: David Cook is from Blue Springs, MISSOURI..
I'm Coming David!!! Hehehe..

Huhuhu...Sakit Lagi..

Nampak gambar tu.. Tu la teman aku di katil dalam 2 hari ni.. Aku sesema dan sakit tekak.. Hidung sumbat maa.. Lepas satu.. satu aku ni.. Kalau ikutkan aku malasla nak risaukan mak and abah tapi semalam aku kena this homesick (ngada2 kan).. Reasonnya semalam on the way gi restaurant to have dinner with purp aku ternampak sorang makcik ni drive kete.. mula2 aku cam marah je.. bawak kete ntah apa2 pastu tengok2 makcik.. tetiba teringat mak aku.. mak aku pun kalau bawak kete ada sikit2 ntah apa2 la.. Tetiba rasa rindu sangat.. Huhuhu.. So malam tadi aku call umah.. Hehehe.. Macam mana nak sorok suara yang rockers ni kan.. Pastu hidung asik sumbat je dah jadi termengah2.. Dah aku kena dengar tips2 kesihatan.. And again.. they ask me to go to hospital.. Anyway aku rasa minor je ni.. Aku tak nak la gi... Hehehe..

So.. pagi ni aku rasa tekak aku pahit la.. Tadi makan coklat pun pahit.. Tapi aku dah tak demam (malam tadi ada demam sikit).. So, malula kan nak jumpa doktor.. Nanti doktor kata aku ngada2 pulak.. Kalau aku rajin aku gi farmasi la jap gi.. Skrg tgh tengok American Idol marathon.. Best best.. Go Go David Cook!!!


Friday, May 16, 2008

The GREAT News...

Inilah takdir ketentuan Ilahi.. AKu bersyukur yang amat2.. Macam it was mean to be je.. Tadi aku di ajak oleh my new cute manager untuk pegi tengok projek di lab ***. Aku yang ala2 nak tinggalkan Mesia ni mestilah tak berapa minat kan tapi kami dimaklumkan we are needed there just as a consultant.. So aku pergi la.. So, sampai2 sana we met this expert.. Mula2nya aku just concentrate on the problem (projek tu la).. We are getting serious.... Then.. My new cute manager warning us.. Hik hik hik.. "Jangan serius sangat.. we are only consulting them.." Wow.. very the protective.. Takut dia kalau kitorang bawak balik projek ni (I'm so touched..)

Anyway.. waktu minum2 tu (after we conclude the problem :D) Kitorang borak2 la ngan expert tu.. He is from US! (Now I'm very interested) and he work at Washinton University in St. Louis.. Nak tau St. Louis tu kat ne? Kat Missouri la.. Hahaha.. The place that I'm gonna go! He is Iraqian (asal usul la tapi dah jd warga US).. Wow.. very the great news.. Then, more great news.. dia ada project usahasama ngan Uni aku.. University of Missouri-Columbia.. A BIG Project.. 3MilUSD budget punye project.. Wow... Then anak dia pun akan masuk Mizzou gak next year.. So, he seems very interested la nak kenalkan his daughter kat aku.. hihihi... Dia siap mention lagi kalau aku good, aku leh buat summer project ngan dia kat Uni dia and he gonna pay me.. Wow.. Coz he need interns la.. I'm very the happy you know..

Now I have his home number.. his cell number.. his e-mail address and he already jemput me to his home.. Wow.. I feel safe and happy now.. He also said he can help me settle down.. he said he know a lot of people there (well, since he live there kan).. He know a Muslim community and a good Muslim family (who can take care of me?).. I'm really really grateful to Allah.. Inilah doa aku.. Semoga aku jumpa orang yang boleh guide/tolong aku or take care of me while I'm there.. Now, abah will not have to worry too much la.. Inilah hikmahnya kalau ikut nasihat ibu bapa.. Kalau ikutkan aku, aku memang pilih Uni of Pittsburgh.. Thank God aku pilih Mizzou..

Kalau aku bernasib baik.. Aku akan sambung PhD kat sana.. Wow.. (Ini cita2 je.. hehehe.. dah carried away la ni..) Anyway.. Sememangnya takdir aku.. It was mean to be for me to go to that lab and met him.. Our path cross at Malaysia..

A Long Waiting Narnia...

Inila cerita yang paling aku tunggu2 tahun ni.. Tak tau la naper tapi aku nak sangat tengok citer ni.. Ala2 ngidam gitu.. hikss.. Anyway semalam 1st day launch.. Aku apa lagi.. terus booked tiket malam tadi dan tengok citer ni.. Hasilnya???? VERY GOOD! It worth all my waiting and longing for this movie.. I LIKE IT! Aku bagi citer ni 4/5 stars.. Aku suka la citer ni...

Bagi pembaca buku Narnia.. citer ni ada ubah sikit2 untuk disesuaikan ngan movie tapi basically semuanya ada la.. Buku citer dia pun tak la complicated sangat anyway.. Pandaila penulis script tu keluarkan ayat2 yang witty dan kelakar untuk menceriakan suasana.. Tapi agaknya la orang putih ni memnag cepat ek membesar.. Dah besar pun budak2 4 orang tu makin tinggi.. Macam Harry Potter gak.. membesar bagai johan.. Aku suka High King Peter.. Mula2 mostly aku tertarik ngan citer ni sebab Prince Caspian tu.. Muka dia ada ala2 Spanish.. hikss tapi bila dah tgk movie ni aku rasa aku suka King Peter, The Magnificent...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Karaoke Hang Out...

Oh.. So cute.. :p

Ok la.. Sekarang tengah nengok American Idol.. Like I said before. DAVID COOK RULED!!! Go Go David Cook!!! He is the best! He he he... Next week final.. I predict David vs David.. and Hopefully the Cookers Win! Yeah! Hehehe.. (I think this is the reason la why I love to cook lately.. Hahaha)

Anyway.. sebelum aku demam2 tu - In April 2008 la.. (which skrg tinggal sisa2 demam sebab bila malam badan aku akan panas sikit).. Aku kuar ngan Abby tengok Forbidden Kingdoms and then her friends call to join us.. So, a short hang out jadi a lil bit long.. And well.. Extended activity that day was Karaoke at Alamanda..

Since we talk about Idol here kan.. So.. Kalau korang teringin nak practice your tone.. Here.. one of the OK place to test your bakat la.. Nama karaoke ni i tak ingat la.. something about star? Cam gitu la.. It has no buffet like Red Box tapi price dia ok la.. A lot cheaper, only RM25.00 for 1 hour.. Lagu pun banyak tapi sound system dia tak la hebat sangat.. Kira kalau tahap2 amatur tu boleh diterima la.. hik hik hik

Some pictures of Abby and friends.. Me? Camera shy la.. Hahaha..

Smile to the cam.. Say cheese..
Over gitu..
This one is too cute.. Hehehe..

We had a good time...

Percubaan Yang Gagal...

I love my friend.. I value a good friendship.. But sometimes there is game that you always lost.. No matter how much you want it.. You always lost... That happen when you play it alone.. Bertepuk sebelah tangan pasti tak berbunyi kan.. But if you try it hard enuff.. Maybe.. Maybe the other party will finally noticed.. Can it be?

Ini la kisah aku pada hari ni.. I got sentimental (like always.. haks).. I want to mend something that broken.. The broken friendship.. But I have no courage.. no guts! But today.. I want to do it! I want to stop this silent war.. YES! I'm gonna do it! I just have to call her and act like nothing ever happen right? Just ask her current situation right? So I call indeed..

I called (Nervously... sejuk kaki dan tangan)
Kring.. kring.. kring..
That person: Hello...
Me: Hello.. Hmm Is it you ****? (I know she recognized my voice)
That person: Yes.. Who you want to talk with? (Sound so stiff and unfeeling)
Me: Hmm.. It's me.. Saira
That person: Ya.. Who you want to talk with? (Sound very stiff and frozen)
Me: (You.. I want to talk with you) Hmm... Is Roxx there? (All courage gone..)
That person: ... (Calling Roxx immediately)
Roxx: Yes..
Me: I cannot do it! She pushed me away.. I felt it!!!
Roxx: ....

That's it! The end of my courage (at the moment).. It's not that I don't expect it.. It just that.. I don't know.. Maybe it was too broken to mend.. Maybe I should try again next time.. Maybe I should let it go.. I just want to change things.. I need to change it.. I want everything to be better.. I don't want to act like an enemy anymore.. I'm tired.. It's ok if she want to maintain her ego.. I must admit defeat now.. I can't win.. She win.. I try next time..

Mood: Sentimental.. Hiksss..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Everybody Hurt...

This song is dedicated by someone to Rijkaard at barca's forum that I always read..

Everybody Hurt by REM

When the day is long and the night, the night is yours alone,
When you’re sure you’ve had enough of this life, well hang on.
Don’t let yourself go, everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes.

Sometimes everything is wrong. now it’s time to sing along.
When your day is night alone, (hold on, hold on)
If you feel like letting go, (hold on)
When you think you’ve had too much of this life, well hang on.

Everybody hurts. take comfort in your friends.
Everybody hurts. don’t throw your hand. oh, no. don’t throw your hand.
If you feel like you’re alone, no, no, no, you are not alone

If you’re on your own in this life, the days and nights are long,
When you think you’ve had too much of this life to hang on.

Well, everybody hurts sometimes,
Everybody cries. and everybody hurts sometimes.
And everybody hurts sometimes. so, hold on, hold on.
Hold on, hold on. hold on, hold on. hold on, hold on.
(everybody hurts. you are not alone.)

Best la lagu ni.. Kalau David Cook nyanyi mesti best.. Meletops! Anyway lagu ni sedih sangat.. Aku suka la lagu ni.. Barca condition really pathetic at the moment... Walau apapun aku tetap suka Messi and Barca!

Visca El Barca!

My New Accessory... Another Don't Think too Much! :D

Hari ni start masuk keje.. Serious! Aku malas gila ni.. Malas yang amat2.. 1.5 bulan tak masuk opis rasa macam berkarat habis dah otak aku ni.. Yang aku tau nak cuti dan nak blah cepat2 gi US... Tapi mungkin seminggu je la kot aku akan blues aku ni atau mungkin hari ni je kot.. Hehehe.. Anyway.. Best story of the day...

Aku beli Anne Klein Charm Bracelet dari Mimi.. Hahaha... Aku suka! Aku suka! Actually Mimi beli online tapi tak sesuai ngan dia.. Before Mimi beli hari tu aku ada tengok gak Charm Bracelet ni cuma nak pk dulu. hikss.. So.. Cakap2 je tak best la kan.. tengok la.. cun habis ko.. (Pic amik dari blog Mimi je, sebab aku malas la.. Hehehe)

Gambar dalam kotak.. Elegant gitu... Aku dah ada jam gantung2 Yay!
Very the nice kan.. Memang cun bila aku pakai.. Hakss (Perasan...)

Mimi tak nak kasi diskaun kat aku.. Totap RM300.. Huhuhu.. Tapi memandangkan aku seorang yang memahami tak pe la.. Lagipun Mimi tolong belikan aku selendang dari Vietnam.. Thanks la Mimi sebab susah2 ja tolong belikan.. kena jalan jauh2 membargain2 lagi kan.. Hihihi..

Ni la selendang pashmina sulam2 aku.. leh jadi selendang, mafla atau selimut badan.. Hehehe.. Sungguh lembut sekali.. Di import dari Vietnam.. Cun kan?

Mood: B.o.r.i.n.g NAK CUTI!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Desperate Housewife.. But not a Wife.. Hikss

Hari ni aku lepaks di rumah.. best best.. Anyway aku bangun pagi dengan kecewa for two reasons 1- Barca kalah.. Poor Rijkaard, it suppose to be his final great moment at home.. 2- Bangun2 aku rasa badan aku panas.. Huhuhu.. demam lum baik lagik!!! So, aku pun bangun bersiap2 kononnya nak gi klinik tapi sebelum tu nak basuh kain dulu la.. So, aku basuh kain.. sidai kain berpeluh2 badan aku.. tetiba rasa badan dah tak panas.. cancel la g klinik.. Pastu.. tetiba rasa nak masak pulak.. Hehehe.. So aku masak my lunch la.. Very the simple.. takde gambar ek.. Aku masak nasi, sup sayur, ikan masin and telur dadar ja.. Habis masak.. Makan!!!

Pastu.. pastu.. rasa bosan la kan.. teringat kat catz.. Macam mana nak pulangkan dia punya bekas balik ek.. Takkan nak bagi bekas kosong je kan.. So.. Aku pun buat desert la.. Nanti pulangkan bekas tak la kosong kan.. This it what I made for me and for catz.. For abby and for Myra as well.. Kalau ada lebih lagi.. for my opismate esok as well.. Tadaa!!!!

Agar-agar Mangga.. (Real Mangga k.. Diimport dari depan umah aku kat Manjung sana) Yummy tau!!!
Sekali-sekala buat.. jakun la sikit kan.. Hehehe..

Inilah kerjaya aku sepanjang hari ni.. Lepas selesai masak.. Aku kemas bilik dan ubah deco sekali.. Katanya Linda, kena ubah kedudukan perabut supaya lebih sihat.. Betul ke? So.. aku dengan berkerja keras mengubah kedudukan perabut bilik aku... Hehehe.. (No picture k.. i segan you.. hehehe)

Balik je Myra and Abby.. Aku kasi la diorang makan.. Myra makan desert ja.. Abby makan nasik yang aku masak and the desert.. Hehehe.. Sah! Aku dah jadi desperate housewife.. Tell you what? I enjoy it! Hehehe.. Aku bercita-cita nak ada kebun kecil kat depan umah aku nanti.. Nak jadi garderner la pulak.. Nanti la.. Hehehe...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Late Night Goreng Pisang...

Inilah akibatnya bila aku decide nak full rest.. takde keje lain.. tido.. makan.. blogging.. internet.. Unfortunately bagi aku.. aku demam balik on the evening.. Kepala aku pening and badan aku panas balik.. tapi tak teruk la.. I wonder when this gonna end. I'm so tired.. Seriously.. Aku rasa dah bepapan-papan panadol dalam badan aku ni.. Really.. This is not good..

Anyway, aku tetap lapar.. Hahaha.. So, memandangkan pagi tadi dah kopek pisang.. aku kena la goreng jugakkan.. Abby and Myra ada kat umah, so aku goreng je la untuk di makan bersama-sama.. I'm not feeling good but my appetite seems to be ok.. fenin la..

Pisang Tanduk Goreng.. Mari makan... Hehehe...

Anyway, esok aku cuti so hari ni leh la tengok game Barca tetengah pagi buta.. This is the last game at Nou Camp by Frank Rijkaard (Barca's coach).. His services will be terminated on 30th Jun 2008.. Should be a game honors to him.. He do so much but the cycle just finish.. I'm sad for his departure.. Really a classy man.. I like him.. He is a great coach..

Frank Rijkaard... Barca's Coach 2003 - 2008

May tonight game be a sweet memory for him.. His Last Game at Camp Nou should be a great one! (I really really hope..) I expect a standing ovation no matter what... Go Go Franky!

HaPpY MoThERs DaY!!!

I love you Mak... For you.. The best mother in the World...

And For all the Mothers in the World...


Good Morning Sunday!

Pagi ni bangun rasa sihat sikit.. Tapi I'm not gonna risk it! Catz kata, demam cam aku ni sebenarnya kena rehat 2-3 hari sampai betul2 sihat.. Sebabnya hari tu pun dia demam cam aku, demam.. baik.. pastu sakit2 badan kat certain2 area.. So, aku akan ikut nasihat catz.. Harini aku akan totally rest! Dan juga esok.. Aku akan cuti esok utk rehat lagi.. Selama ni cara aku salah la aku rasa bila aku keep kononnya nak lawan demam sampai habis energy..

Aku bangun bersemangat tau nak buat sarapan sendiri.. hik hik.. So, this is my preparation...

Minum susu sambil2 mengopek pisang tanduk from our kebun kat kampung (Bawak dr kg hari tu).. Hari yang sihat kan?

Pastu.. Jeng jeng jeng.. catz singgah ke rumah aku membawa...

Nasi lemak lauk ayam... Sihat ke ni? Hehehe.. Anyway nampak gayanya doktor pun tak kisah.. kira sihat la ni kan?
Dan.. The yummy home-made coklat.. very the XL you..

So, berakhirla cita2 aku nak goreng itu pisang itu.. aku simpan pisang itu utk sessi petang la nampak gayanya.. Thanks catz for the breakfast.. You are really a great pren... jangan lupa masak pisang yang i kasi tu tau!