Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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Nothing in particular.. But I always tempted by bread.. Love our normal variaties malay foods coz I'm addicted to it..

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Repetitive act..

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1. My purse

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Can't remember.. When is the sad love story I've seen last? Hmm.. I'm on SATC marathon DVD now.. So, I guess when Big engage with Natasha at the end of seoson 2.. Which I watched last week.. Yes.. That's it! How could Big do that to Carrie??? WHY? WHY? Tell me why???

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X-File : I Want To Believe

This is not a catchy title whatsoever.. This is the title of the current movie available around cinema at the moment.. And BELIEVE me guys...


Never.. ever.. I'm so angry and annoyed this much after watching a movie.. It's so shucks and I can't stop cursing this movie all the way in cinema.. Linda (my partner in crime) can't stop laughing for the pressure we had while watching this movie.. x-fille-ly nobody other than us say something/anything while watching this movie.. It was scary.. psychotic.. but NOTHING! I say NOTHING alien-ish in this movie.. Just a psychic (Paranormal yackkk???) That's it!

I tell you why this movie shucckkk...

1. Mulder absolutely look old and has lost all the charming that once make me like him..
2. Scully.. beside looking old, have no logical reason for whatever question she has in the movie..
3. That FBI agent who bring Mulder back in case.. Who is she? Why she look so important (for no reason) and die frog-ish (also for no strong reason related to the important of the movie)
4. The bandit.. The villain.. Why them? They are a crazy modern-Frankenstein.. I can get this kind of villain in cinemax channel every other day..
5. The psychic.. What so paranormal about this? Maybe it's true.. maybe it's scam.. So???
6. Scully.. She is so busy trying to save this kid..So annoying story line.. bla bla bla.. I can see the connection but still shuckkk strory line..
7. DON'T GIVE UP! Is this catchy? Do you get annoyed, intrigue, wonder, whatever bla bla bla when some psychic told you this words? Is it? DON'T GIVE UP??? Seriously, I have to tell Linda.. Don't give up watching movies in cinema..
8. I WANT TO BELIEVE... What? I know my sister is dead but I want to believe that I can save her - Mulder.. Arghhhhhh!!!!
9. The complicated-ness of the Scully-Mulder relationship is cheap for me.. What?? Kill me please!
10. This movie is SLOW like hell.. The 1 hour 46 minutes felt like 3 hours..

I'm so depress watching this movie.. So pressure and wasting my time.. I'm so tired with all the works I've done and I get more pressure by watching this movie.. I know it's not a great movie (with Dark Night/Wanted/Hulk/Everything else).. I come with low expectation and what I get is even lowest.. I give this movie 0 Star... If I'm being generous.. I give it 0.5 star.. Daaaa.. I want to believe but...

Monday, July 28, 2008

OMG! Opis dilanggar tornedo,,,

Ok la.. Just a small notes on Monday blues.. I'm in the process of packing my stuff.. So, my office is a total disaster.. Waaa.. Tolon!!! I have no energy to process all of this documents.. put in the box and got to do some handover for my projects..

On the other notes, I just cancel my HSBC credit card and my American Express.. Reason? I just don't want it anymore.. The scary version of Amex is, it has no credit limit.. I know that I cannot trust myself these day.. And in US? Only god know.

This week is my last week in my office.. I feel good.. Seriously, I'm in no mood of working anymore.. I want to go back home and be with my family.. Seriously, I'm homesick.. HAHAHA! This always happen to me actually. from time to time I get homesick.. That's why I'm actually worried about my 2 years period in US.. What will happen if I get homesick.. according my diagnosis to myself.. I always get homesick every 2 - 3 months.. So, the cure is.. balik kampung.. But, when you can't do that.. Waaaaa.. sobs sobs.. Seriously.. I can't imagine it.. at least not yet...

Now.. I'm so 'pening' about the apartment.. I already settle the utilities.. And I had change the departure date to 16/08/08.. Hope JPA accept the change.. And I already ask a Malaysian student that I found recently via facebook to stay for a day in her apartment before pick up the key, the next day. Estimate arrival time is Sunday afternoon.. Then I can spent some time to look around or just sleep before going to orientation and pick-up the key, the next day.. This is my plan.. so far..


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Perghh.. Wahhh.. Ermmmm...

Sorry la ye.. I nak buat entry yang pasti meruntun jiwa.. Ahakss... Tadi lunch time, me and purp gi makan KFC pastu.. on the way back aku teringin lak nak beli raja buah ni.. So, aku beli selonggok and terus singgah di rumah aku dan menjalankan xtvt yang sungguh memberahikan ini.. Hehehe..

Setelah makan beberapa ulas.. baru teringat nak amik gambar.. hihihi..
Close Up...
Second Round.. Hihihi..
Nyam.. Nyam...
Purp cuba bakat bukak durian..
Ni kategori penat makan la ni.. sampai kena guna dua belah tangan..
Save the best for last...

I'm in heaven... HAHAHAHA..

Lepas makan kitorang Zzzzz 20 minit.. pastu masuk opis balik..

Inikah amalan makan yang sihat? d.i.e.t? Adakah perkataan ini memberi apa2 makna? Haksss..

Weekdays @ Mid Valley... + Movie Review...

Semalam aku cuti!!! YAY!!! Actually I should go to the court regarding the accident that happened in 2003.. So, aku decide takmo keja la kan sebab takut lama duk kat court.. Tetiba dalam kul 9.15a.m (on the way ke court) aku dapat panggilan from lawyer cakap there no need to because the other part just agree on **apekebendentah*. So YAY!

So.. since aku mmg ada plan nak gi MV sebab nak gi Sony Center.. So, aku call la si Purp yang mmg berada di kay hell tu (urusan visa dia) untuk singgah di MV on the way back.. Hiksss.. So, after selesai urusan di Sony Center dan sementara menunggu Purp aku jalan2 la di MV itu.. After that I enter the shop that i should not enter.. I should know better not to enter MPH books store.. Hikss.. But it's like a magnet.. I just want to look around.. Ok, to be honest, I just there for 10 minutes or so.. and out of nowhere I buy another book..

Ni la tajuk buku yang aku beli.. Labyrinth by Kate Mosse.. Sebenarnya b4 this ada dua tiga kali tgk buku ni tak pernah rasa nak beli pun.. Tapi after baca 2 pages inside MPH tu.. rasa meronta2 pulak nak beli.. Buku adventure cam gini mmg selalu menarik minat aku...

Lepas beli buku ni, aku terus gi Secret Recipe.. Duduk minum and baca buku ni kat situ sambil tunggu Purp sampai.. Bila Purp sampai ja, kitorang terus lunch situ.. Then.. We went to Machine @MidValley a.k.a Apple Outlet. Purp nak survey Apple Macbooks.. Konon2nya nak pakai laptop Mac and enter "fanboyism" of Apple.. Hikss.. Aku tak suka sangat la Apple Macbook sebab, 1st of all design dia tak cun kecuali gambar apple kena gigit tu mmg classy la.. Ntah la, aku pun tak sure tapi aku kurang minat kot.. Maybe sebab aku pun dah kena fanboyism of Sony and I just prefer Windows instead of Mac OS X Leopard (ntahapantah).. Hiksss.. Tapi suka hati la kan..

Pastu we shopping some more.. Ntahapaapaja aku ni kan.. Aku g beli sarung bantal la.. lapik kaki la.. Isk isk isk.. Tak ingat2 ke ko nak terbang dah.. Pastu sebagai penutup xtvt.. Kitorang tengok citer The Dark Night..

Bagi aku citer ni best la tapi tak la sampai patut dapat 5 stars (Cinemaonline review).. Aku bagi 4.5 stars dan bagi aku kebestsan citer ni setaraf la ngan Iron Man cuma citer ni lebih berat lagi.. Lebih dark.. Tajuknya pun The Dark Night kan.. Dua superhero kegemaran aku this year is Iron Man and Batman.. I feel the story and as a batman, I proud with the Gotham City.. Hehehe.. Actually aku tak suka sangat la ending dia tapi itu kot yang pengarah tu rasa the best.. Aku nak buat ending lain.. Hehehe.. Tapi citer ni mmg up to par la.. Seperti yang dikatakan semua orang.. Citer ni mmg best! Gi la tenok ok.. Highly recommended!

Aku rasa nak review gak citer yang aku tgk last week.. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

Well.. we all know hero citer ni tak hensem tapi aku suka la citer Hellboy ni.. So, bila Hellboy 2 kuar.. aku mmg nak tengok.. Citer ni lawak la.. CGI hebat tapi aku rasa ada part2 yang dragging.. Kadang2 aku rasa lawak tak berapa jadi tapi the whole wayang tu gelak la.. Aku je kot.. Maybe mood aku on that day not as good.. Tapi citer ni for me.. too much ugly creature.. Dulu Hellboy 1 tak la banyak sangat.. So aku bagi citer ni 3.5 stars.. Enjoyable? YES!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

HA HA HA!!! 4 - 4


Tapi kalau gajiku turun balik sempena cuti belajar ni.. 4 - 4 is a good news..


I know I can do it! Ha Ha Ha Ha...

AKU DAPAT 4 - 4!!!!


I always know I can do it!!!


Aku meroyan ni!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!! WOOOHOO!! YIPPIII!!!!


I just back from blood lab kat kajang.. Kena buat test blood for MMR.. Sepatutnya tak yah tapi since aku memang tak simpan buku kesihatan (waktu sekolah2 dulu) yang simpan maklumat immunizations aku.. aku kena la buat blood test sebagai bukti yg aku ni dah penah kena cucuk2 itu.. Untuk 3 test ni saja aku kena RM225.00.. Mahal wei.. kopak.. kopak.. Pastu yang lagi tensi, utk cocok MMR ni RM50.00 ja.. Aku tanya diorang, boleh tak aku just cucuk jer? hiksss.. Tapi cam tak leh je kan.. unless aku mmg takde la MMR ni dlm badan aku.. Result? 2 weks from now.. Lambat lagi.. nasib baik sempat..

Ok la.. Sebenarnya malam tadi aku memproses laptop lama dan baru.. Hehehe.. So, Ini jalan ceritanya..

Kita mulakan cerita dengan muzik orchestra.. ta da da da.. ta da da da... hikss
[Iklan] Saira excited sambil catz inter frame :-p
Sepanjang malam tadi proses membuang dan mengemas data dilakukan.. Semua maklumat2 "XXX" telah di delete.. Pengguna seterusnya pasti tidak dapat mengorek rahsia hitam pengguna terdahulu.. Yang putih2 saja ditinggalkan.. Hiksss
Ini adalah beg yang memanggil2 untuk digunakan.. Huhuhu.. Sedeh..

Sekian cerita malam tadi + pagi tadi... Sekarang nak buat hardcopy utk projek opis yang bakal ditinggalkan..

Monday, July 21, 2008

Antara Tiga..

So.. seperti yang telah di war-war kan oleh aku sendiri.. Aku dah ada laptop baru.. Yay! So, now it's time to think.. What will happen to my old laptop? Laptop lama aku elok lagi.. sihat dan masih comel.. Tapi.. tapi.. tapi.. I nak laptop baru kan.. Hihihi..

Spec laptop lama:

Twinhead Efio!121i
Intel Centrino 1.6 GHz
512 MB RAM
Windows XP Pro
Screen size: 12.1"
Weight: 1.8kg

Kira best la tu kan? Usia laptop itu ialah 3 tahun 3 bulan.. Dolu2 harga laptop masih mahal lagi.. So, boleh dikatakan tak jauh beza harganya ngan vaio aku.. kurang beberapa ratus je... So, since my sis tak jadi beli laptop ni dari aku.. Aku nak kasi kat adiks ku.. Masalahnya, yang mana satu ek..

Calon 1:
Adik lelaki aku ni bakal mendapat anak tak lama lagi.. Aku pernah dengar dia sembang ngan wifenya perihal membeli laptop.. Patutkah aku hadiahkan laptop ini sebagai hadiah mendapat baby baru?

Calon 2:
Adik lelaki aku ni lak sedang belajar di UiTM Shah Alam.. Tahun pertama degree in Mech Eng. Adik aku ni dah ada desktop.. Pastu tinggal lak di luar kampus.. Adakah bahaya untuk dia memiliki laptop (takut kena curik) ataupun ini merupakan hadiah yang baik untuk dia menjadi pelajar yang lebih mobile..

Calon 3:
Adik perempuan aku sekarang ni tingkatan 4.. Tahun depan amik SPM.. Kat umah mmg dah ada desktop tapi asyik dimonopoli aleh abahku saje.. So, give her this laptop is also nice since dia suka terperap di bilik.. Tapi adakah terlalu muda untuk dia memiliki laptop sendiri? Tapi dengan menghadiahkan laptop ini kepada dia juga baik untuk pendedahan awal.. Bolehkah laptop ini sebagai hadiah pemangkin untuk SPM 2009?

Aku ada masa dalam 2 minggu saja untuk menentukan calon mana yang bakal menang.. Hehehe.. Ketiga2 calon mempunyai justifikasi yang baik.. Hikss...


Ok la.. Aku buat entry orang yang masih sengih2 ngan laptop sendiri.. Hihihi.. Sebenarnya tak susah nak tgk spec laptop ni, gi je la tengok kat website sony tu kan.. Tetapi atas permintaan, aku senaraikan la serba sedikit specnya.. Kiranya spec yang menyebabkan aku beli laptop ni la yer..

Intel(R) Core (TM)2 Duo CPU T8100 @2.10GHz
Windows Vista Business
3.00 GB RAM (Upgrade from 1GB)
NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS
Screen size: 13.3"
Weight: 1.94kg

Harga.. setelah deal ngan kedai.. dapat harga standard model ni.. RM4988.00.. What's more? I suka la ngan beg dia.. dan dapat juga windows XP Pro, Kalau install Windows XP Pro ni, it will automatically uninstall Vista.. So, for those yang cintakan XP.. You got it la.. But Vista and XP cannot run together..

Ok Nora.. I post this 4 U.. Performance.. ok la kan.. Bila tgk kat spec tu, it suppose to be ok la.. Gambar tu, amik kat internet saja.. tiada bezanya..

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yay!!! Blogging with my new VAIO.. Hiksss...

Right now I'm with catz at Old Town White Coffee, blogging with my new gadget!

I just bought a new laptop: Sony VAIO SZ series.. Yay!!!

Today xtvt:
11.00 a.m: Fetch catz at her house...
12.00 p.m: Park at BTS
12.10 p.m : Shopping at Metrojaya...
1.00 p.m: Go to Low Yat
1.15 p.m: Bought my VAIO
1.30 p.m: Have lunch at Sushi King
2.30 p.m: Pick up my vaio
3.00 p.m: Shopping at Parkson Sungei Wang
4.30 p.m: Drive back
5.15 p.m: Hi tea at Old White Coffee

Now... : Blogging.. HAHAHA Aku tgh jakun ngan laptop baru.. hiksss.. catz tak abis2 interframe..


Syiokknya.. Hihihi

Battery kong la (tadi mamat tu tolong charge kejap ja).. nanti i update pics lg.. hehehe

Friday, July 18, 2008

Have a break with YouTube!

It's rhyme with jelly mean or silly bean.. It was originally singing by certain singer who produce a certain album call triller.. Hikss..

I love YouTube...

The series that I follow have some progress.. Finally they are moving on instead of moving in circle..

I love YouTube..

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Innovation Day...

Skema tak tajuk entry ni.. Hehehe..

Ni la projek aku.. Hik hik hik.. Classified ke? Too expose? Hmm..
Ramai wei.. Bebudak saje.. Aku ingatkan nak letak sign PG16 depan projek aku tu.. Bebudak ni kalau explain sampai esok pun tak paham...
Kasi purp je la yg layan.. Hikss
Siapa itu? Hikss.. Mimi n Rocky pose..
Esok last day.. Yay! Aku tengah pk nak pakai baju ape untuk esok ni.. Hehehe.. (sebab perasan bakal dapat pingat waktu penganugerahan projek esok).. Sungguh perasan aku.. Nak naik pentas ni.. Hehehe..

27 Days to Fly..

What I'm doing right now?
Have a peek at this blog while finishing the review project report.. To be presented today at 3 p.m

What I'm going to do next?
Continue briefing people/students about my project on "Innovation Day"

What should I do actually?
Relax and pack off all my stuff from the office and continue managing my apartment at U.S

Why I'm still busy with my project?
I have no idea..

People keep asking me.. and telling me... "Ni mesti dah kepala dah kat U.S dah ni"
And i keep told them.. "My boss never let me do that.. See, I'm still busy with the project"


Anyway.. All will end this week.. Yay! And wait for the great weekend plan! Hiksss..

Monday, July 14, 2008

My plan today.. n movie review..

Ok.. Today is Monday's blues.. This Wednesday I have so call "Innovation Day" which I have to present my project.. Urghhh.. I'll try my best.. There is some so and so thingy got to finish.. bla bla bla..

But today.. What I'm gonna do? I'll go to KL again and collect my Visa.. Yay! Finally everything is done and I just have to wait for the flight tix.. Ops.. I also have to do some online application for the utilities for the apartment.. I can't believe that I have less than a month in Malaysia.. I love my new house.. I want to spend more time with my house.. Huhuhu..

I also think that I need a new laptop.. I really think so. My old laptop still in good condition but I think I need a new one. My old laptop age is 3 years and 3 months.. Is it old enuff? BTW, I plan to stop by at Lowyat today and do some survey.. Did I really need a new laptop? Yes.. I think so.. But.. seriously, I have no budget..

Ok.. I think I delay my Hancock movie review long enuff.. I thought I want to re3view it together with Hellboy 2 but.. Well, what happened, happened. This is my $0.02 of the movie:

I love it! For me it was more entertaining that "The Incredible Hulk".. It's funny, sad (not so much), touching.. bla bla bla.. I give this movie 4.5 Stars.. Will Smith was great in this movie.. Well, what else should I say.. Ok.. I admit, I'm not in the mood to review it.. It is a great movie and worth every penny you spent on it. I hope it clear enuff. And one more, I also had watched "The Happening" (DVD - made in pasar malam).. Tell you, thank you god I don't watch this movie at cinema.. Not worth even a dollar of your money.. M.Night Syamalan is losing his touch.. That movie have no substance, no point and the complete version of a person who have no idea on what he is doing. Interesting in the beginning.. it makes you hook.. but didn't I told you.. The ending is what it count.. This movie for me is meaningless..

Oh.. Ramblings again.. I bet you can tell my mood now.. I just wish to be more cheerful but I can't.. Why? I'm so tired of myself..

Great Weekend? Or Stupid Weekend?

Warning! This is only a stupid ramblings..


I decide to do what I love most.. I do Nothing! I love do nothing.. This past 2 or 3 weeks really hectic for me and I need a break. Being a rag is one of my fav things.. Sue me! Hakss..


After doing nothing the whole Saturday.. Sunday feel quite refreshing.. I have a plan with Shelly and Purp to watch Hellboy2 today.. Well,the plan don't do quite well I tell you.. Somehow we manage to shop and having lunch before queuing for the tickets. The result is devastating and of course I must say.. Stupid.. We don't get the tickets. Stupid!

Back home with frustrating and feeling stupid, I have the sudden urgh to eat Rambutan (I already eat it on Thursday though) but sometimes I have a "Rambutan moment" where I need to eat a lots of rambutan.. So, I buy 3kg rambutan just for myself. I also do a marathon of Bourne Movie (It started on Saturday). Oh, forget to say.. To be a rag, you also need a supply of tons of movies/series (Anything HBO/Cinemax/Star Movie or DVD can offer you). Back to story, watching Bourne's trilogy also give me an urgh to cut my own hair. Just like the movie.. (Exactly like Julia Style and Marrie (Bourne's gf)), I stand in front of the mirror and cut my own hair and let it drop on the floor.. Looking at my new hair makes me feel good and for 2 secs I belief that Bourn is standing not far away approving my new looks. Hikss.. Stupid?

Every Sunday, HBO/Cinemax/SM will shows a new movie.. This week, SM shows Goal 2. The story about Santiago Munez who move from New Castle to Real Madrid.. I hate and love the movie. Well, to be honest I don't love the movie but I love to hate that movie. First of all.. The movie start with 2005-06 Real Madrid vs Barca game where Barca humilate Real 3 - 0. I miss Barca too much.. watching the glimps of Barca player give me a weird feeling. I worried. Can I still watch Barca in US? I really miss Barca.. Every game.. I wanna see it. Ok. The movie, what I hate about that movie is Real Madrid.. Yachhh.. I hate Real Madrid. This movie is about them.. bla bla bla.. They actually "win" CL in this movie.. Urghhh.. whatever..

My room is a disaster. Mostly becoz I live like a quenn, except I have no dayang2.. When I do nothing.. I don't care how my room looks like. I still "in the process of unpacking/repacking/packing". I want to do what Linda suggest to me. Just seal everythings in the box. Hmm.. I gonna do that I guess.. Hahaha..

p/s: Stupid rambling.. This is what happen when you mess up with your own plan and you can't let go the angry inside your chest.. Stupidity is like a chains reaction.. It leads to another stupidity.. Writing this last night - offline.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Visa Interview - My Experience...

Woke up slightly earlier today coz I have to take public transport tu US Embassy in KL. Took Komuter to KL Central and Putra to Ampang Park. Took a taxi and tadaa... I'm at the front gate of US Embassy.. Tapi mek kura2 ni jakun sikit.. Pi tanya drebar teksi tu.. Betul ke ni US Embassy? Hikss.. Pakcik tu pun jawab.. "Amerika kan? Ni la tempat orang amik visa tu.. Tu nampak tak, panjang orang beratur tu.." Hikss...

So, I immediately queue up with the rest of others and meet this cute guy. Hehehe... Aku pun tanpa segan silu beramah mesra la ngan mamat itu.. maklumla..

"Nak gi sambung study ke?" (Aku tanya dgn senyuman paling menawan sekali)
"US kat mane?"
"Kat Texas.." (Dalam banyak2 tempat kat US, mamat ni nak g Texas? Tempat yang panas itew..)
(Akak? Dia panggil aku akak? Adakah aku tak nampak seperti undergrad? Why? Why?)
"Saya gi Missouri..
PhD ke? Dari University ye?
Ha ah.. .. University.. Akak?" (Another University's PhD taker with I believe have no job experience.. Haksss..)
"Ye.. Saya sambung master je.. Dah tua2 ni baru nak sambung belajar" (I end the conversation nicely.. He doesn't look that cute anyway.. He looks totally normal and average..)

After some time.. Sampai la giliran aku.. I have to leave my hand phone, ipod, camera and car keys behind.. I also have to drink (only some) of the water I carried. They afraid that was the fluid bomb or chemical poison or whatever.. I have to drink it to prove, it was indeed.. only a water...

I met this nice lady inside who are going to US for a meeting in Chicago.. I have a words vomit syndrome due to the too long waiting for my turns.. Too much info expose from my side.. Hahaha.. But no worry coz it will never be in the tabloid anywhere.. Haksss.. Furthermore, words vomit is a drug for boringness.. It cured it for some level.. Haksss..

My long waiting come to the end and finally it's my turn for the interview.. (The interview is open where, if you speak loud enough.. The whole room can here you)

"Hello, good morning"
"Good morning.." (Tell you, this guy is cute..)
"Why you want to go to US?"
"To further my study in Master program" (Thank you I can make a proper sentence..)
"What program you'll be taken?"
"Electrical Engineering"
"What is your undergraduate study?"
"Electrical & Electronic Engineering at University Science of Malaysia" (I'm doing good I think.. Hikss)
"You work with the government?"
"Yes.. "
"Tell me about your work and your research"
"Bla bla bla..." (He wrote something about what I'm doing.. whatever...)
"Who will sponsor your study?"
"The Government"
"What type of scholarship?"
"Errr.. Wait let me read... errr.. Scholarship by the government?" (What kind of question is this?)
"What is the name of it?" (Wah.. soklan cepu emas ke ni?)
"Err.. let me read the letter.. hmm.. Err.. Do you want to see my letter of financial affidavit?" (I'm blank.. HELP!)
"You know.. like the younger people.. JPA, MARA etc.."
"Oh.. Yes, JPA.. just like them.. same.. same.. only this is for a Master program" (YOUNGER??? You mean I'm OLD???.. Suddenly, you are just another average Joe)
"Ok.. you are done.. have a nice day and you can collect your visa on Monday after 3p.m"
"Thank you average Joe"

Finito! Yay! Finally.. Walking back to Ampang Park's Putra Station to KL Central.. Have lunch and back to the office.. Lalalala..

Time frame:
Appointment time: 8.50 a.m
Arrived at the gate: 8.35 a.m
Submitted Visa form (Counter): 9.20 a.m
Finger prints taken (The whole 10 fingers): 10.00 a.m
Interview Time: 11.15 a.m

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


My parents nak balik umah diorang hari ni.. To be exact, around 2 hours from now.. Huhuhu.. Saya sedeh.. Nanti saya tinggal sorang2 kat rumah... Purp tak bawak SATC.. Huhuhu.. Saya sedeh la.. Tapi Purp and Shelly tgh plan nak tengok citer tajuk lucah.. Hikss.. Saya nak join la.. kalau tidak nanti saya sedeh lagi.. Tengok citer tajuk lucah ni best jugak rasanya... Jangan salah paham tau.. citer ni "U" = UMUM.. Tak tau la nape tajuknya begitu.. Ataupun aku yang bengong.. HAHAHA..

Oh.. Aku meroyan lagi nampak gayanya.. Ni mesti sebab aku sedeh.. Huhuhu.. Sian kat aku.. Purp kata tak tau lagi nak tgk citer tu hari ni ke esok.. sebabnya kena confirm ngan Shelly dulu.. Huhuhu.. Aku sedeh...

Movie plan: Hancock - Hero: Will Smith

Monday, July 07, 2008

US Embassy Appointment... & Ramblings...

Yay! Akhirnya aku dah buat appointment utk gi US Visa Interview.. Slow betul aku ni.. kekawan aku yg seangkatan mostly dah gi dah.. Ada yang dah selesai pun.. tinggal nak terbang je tapi aku ni mek kura2 sikit.. hiksss...

Interview Appointment Date: 11-Jul-2008

So, rasa nervous la jugak sikit2.. Hehehe.. Sat gi aku tersengih2 kat embassy tu kang nampak tak serius lak kan.. hikss.. Rasanya semua dokumen dah shiap.. Yang tinggal nak confirmkan location je.. Ada kata kat bangunan MCA.. Dalam web pun kata Visa kat bangunan MCA tapi kat surat confirmation ni kata kat US Embassy - Malaysia, Jalan Tun Razak.. Isk isk isk.. Kena tanya San ni, dia wat kat mana hari tu..

Okla.. Sebenarnya semenjak Sasha takde ni, aku macam malas memblog.. Pastu sekarang ni sibuk ngan umah baru lak.. my bro pulak baru register UiTM Sabtu hari tu.. Pastu Sabtu malam my older bro buat kenduri kekah anak2 dia.. Sungguh sibuk jadual aku kan.. Hehehe... Now my parents ada kat umah aku.. Lepak-lepak.. Sian diorang sebab aku gi keje.. Tapi yang bestnya tgh hari ni balik umah sebab mak masak.. Yay!!! Hahaha.. I suka.. I suka... Esok diorang balik la plak.. Sedih.. Huhuhu..

Okla.. Rasa cam dah meroyan dah sikit.. Tadi membaca review catz yang masih lagi jiwang ngan filem Sepi tu.. Cakap hanya org yang tengok je dapat paham.. Huhuhu.. Jiwang!!! Mood aku sekarang ni tidak sesuai untuk berjiwang jadi aku tak tgk la kot citer tu.. Opss.. bukan jiwang kata catz.. Realiti.. Realiti nangis2.. Huhuhu.. Even jantan macho pun nangis katanya.. Adakah hubbynya yang dimaksudkan itu??? Hiksss..

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

No More La La Land...

Aku sungguh busy sekali.. First of all, of course la pasal rumah baru yang memerlukan perhatian aku kan.. Tapi aku juga sungguh malas sekali.. So, bila busy + malas = tension...

Kerjaya baru aku:

1. Aku jadi plumber.. Aku sekarang dah pandai jadi tukang paip.. Hahaha.. Sebabnya aku baru je tukar kepala paip aku untuk mesin basuh aku..

2. Aku jadi bibik.. Hehehe.. Mula2 dulu aku upah Indon kemas baju2 aku pastu aku rasa cam tak berbaloi sebabnya aku kena amik dia jauh pastu aku pun tak sure mana nak kemas, mana nak buang, mana nak simpan.. So, jadi la bibik untuk diri sendiri

3. Aku jadi administrative officer.. Dalam dua, tiga hari ni aku dok sibuk mengexplore beberapa website untuk dapatkan maklumat.. Aku cari best price motel kat missouri (pastu check google map lak utk pastikan it's a good location), pastu aku duk kaji website bandar columbia untuk memastikan samaada aku boleh bayar letrik, air dan sewer secara online, pastu aku dok sibuk menguruskan + membayar visa process.. (Ni siap menyumpah2 maybank customer care yang kurang care kat aku pagi tadi) dan lain2 process documentation..

Aku sebenarnya physically and mentally exhausted.. Aku duk pk pro and contra pegi awal ke us.. Pastu duk pikir camne aku nak duk umah sorang2 lagi.. Abby outstation and Shelly dah tak larat nak tido umah aku..

Aku no more in la la land.. What happen to David Cook now? I absolutely have no idea..