Friday, October 31, 2008

The Change We Need! (sneak preview)

I have another quiz tomorrow.. So, this is only sneak preview.. got no time to play2... BUT Just now....... Obama came to Mizzou.... YEAH!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Home Coming Parade... :D

Ok.. Another round.. Pichas frenziiiiiiii... Hehehe....


Ni very early in the morning.. the day of the game.. Big event for the Tigers... :D :D So, they have a parade to celebrate it.. And I really wish the won the game..

And the other big 12 is the dark force.... hehehe... (I'm talking about Mizzou Tiger here)

p/s: wait for the game pichassssss.... hehehe...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Autumn In My Heart... Hehehe...

Ok.. Here we go again.. the pichas only post...

And the bonus pichas......... is... hehehe....


p/s: Wait for my homecoming pichas.. It's too many and it need time for me to pick the best.. hihihi... tungguuuuuuu.....

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Tot my Laptop DVD Rom Kaput...

Dengarlah kisah benar ini..

Semalam aku try bukak DVD aku (nak sambung tgk my series sebelum tido) Tetiba.. my DVD cannot read the DVD? WHY??? Last week everything is fine! Then, aku pun try bukak CD.. Pun tak boleh maa.. Then, aku pun sangatlah tensi rasa nak balik Malaysia pi marah Sony.. Sebabnya aku check kat website, Sony service certer sangat jauh.. Paling dekat NY (rasanya).. So, I can't live without my laptop ok..

So, hari ni aku google dan berpk how to repare my DVD Rom.. Search2 internet rupa-rupanya Sony and Dell mmg ada banyak masalah ngan dvd rom.. So, I tot.. Oooo.. that's why aa.. So, I'm the unlucky one...

But, I still not give up.. I uninstall and reinstal DVD Rom driver.. tepuk2.. sayang2 my laptop.. Then aaa.. Suddenly, I realize.. Rupa-rupanya ada UBAT STAPLER dalam DVD player aku.. WAAAA!!! I'm so surprise.. Why ada ubat stapler? So CARELESS meh... This ubat stepler aa.. very small and can damage things esp electronic.. So, I remove the ubat stepler (at 1st I tot it was some wire loose in my dvd rom)..

Then.. TADAAAA!!! My dvd rom WORK AGAIN!!! Thank god! I think aaa.. the ubat stepler had block the laser to read dvd.. because it very close to the light emitter (i think la).. Aiyooo.. Last night, I open and close my dvd rom like 10 times... Nasib baik everything good now...

Sekian my story kali ini.. Huh..

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Life So far...

Tired? Sure! and very...

Enjoy? Kind of...

Happy? Not sure...

Fruitful? Very much...

Tension? Always...

Overall? Ok :D

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I miss a friend...

Sitting here.. In front of my laptop and piles of notes and report.. Suddenly I feel so tired.. So, I decide to look at my virtual albums.. How things used to be good and cheerful.. How things used to be great and happy.. I can't change the way I feel and think.. I can't change how my heart react to the unexpected event.. I can't change the past and I can't change how other people feel..

But one thing for sure.. I do miss the past and how I wish everything to be different.. But all I can do is facing the future and let the memory go..

But still.. I miss a friend.. I always do..

Monday, October 20, 2008

Percubaan untuk Insaf... #2

I'm a bad bad student lately.. why?

Because of that super effective!!! They said that the dvd will arrived in 5 - 9 business days.. But WHY oh WHY??? It arrived in 2 days??? I have a test this Wednesday but all I'm doing is watched that frigging dvds.. I spent all my friday's night and all my saturday's day and night watched that series.. Huhuhu.. So much of self control ha?

Now.. As I almost finished the whole dvd (I'm at 20/24 episode now).. I decide.. Enuff is enuff.. I have to start study again.. And I should start focusing on what's important..

Huhuhu.. Remember the key word Saira.. Self Control!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Update??? maybe just ramblings???

Now is a gap time for another class.. So, aku kind of no mood to study but in the mood of blogging.. So, I'll ramble something at this computer lab.. :D

So far, things going well for me.. I already took 2 mid-term test (analog & vhdl) and another one (dsp)next week. So, the result for that 2 test.. hmm.. quite good.. Aku puas hati la.. in fact aku rasa in vhdl I did very well.. hehehe..

Since aku tak tau how to write down my thought or feeling.. I'll list it ok :)

1. Aku apply job at dining (hehehe..) tak dapat lagi tapi aku kenal 2 Malaysian chinese yang keje situ and they are nice.. in fact aku suka berkawan ngan diorang.. Jiran aku (betul2 duk atas aku) is Malaysian chinese from Penang.. she very nice la.. We do plan to do stuff together like shopping at the end of semester and have fun chatting in Malay (we kind of like it) sebabnya macam exclusive gitu.. somehow we fill proud talking in malay.. HAHAHA..

2. Aku rasa aku built some reputation in vhdl. well get high mark and can finish the lab earlier than others.. I have a nice friend as well in vhdl class.. And they are cutes as well (budak2 la).. HAHAHA... Anyway, I like vhdl.. so.. that's great!

3. Aku tak la bagus sangat in DSP.. tapi I'm doing ok.. The TA is nice (hehehe) and somehow I like dsp subject and even thinking of doing some extend courses and project in dsp.. tapi macam tak sesuai ngan keje aku.. So, I'll give more thought on that later.. But I like dsp.. The lecturer always relate the subject to the application in real world which makes it more interesting.. Dsp test is on this coming Wednesday.. And today, one of my classmate had approach me and ask if I wanna study group with him.. Isn't it great? (well I already have friends to study with anyway but I'll give time for him) It's like my wish come true.. Now, I have several people who like and want to study dsp with me.. :) It kind of makes me feel good..

4. Every Friday, I got invited to play badminton with some Indonesian friends.. So, i like it very much.. Now, the exercise will be more interesting.. I like it more than doing some normal cardio or running.. So, I'm happy.. :D

5. Calculus is a "BIG" thing here.. Sebabnya most of the subject need calculus.. So, I have friend who are willing to help me with the calculus.. So, I feel good.. I kind of forget EVERYTHING.. hiks..

6. Oh.. I have a new habit (which is not really good).. Every class day, I need a coffee in the morning.. So, after the first class (which I always late 15 minutes due to bgn lambat.. hehehe) I need to drink coffee.. So, I always bought a cup of coffee at starbuck.. It cost me around 2 dollar.. Waste or not? But I like it.. hmm.. It's a good coffee.. :D

7. My DVD had arrived! Yay! But I didn't get it yet.. Anyway.. I like shopping at amazon.. hehehe.. This should not.. I mean SHOULD NOT become a habit.. hmmm....

8. Last but not least.. Even though I feel good now (it upside down).. My life is still boring.. But it getting better than before but still boring.. And the weather is getting colder and colder.. It's freezing now.. My brain also freezed sometimes..

That's it folk..

Have a nice weekend! :D

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Percubaan untuk Insaf...

Ok.. Study time...

Tiap kali nak study.. aku teringat kat Messi.. ceh.. check Messi news dulu..

Ok.. start study..

Cup.. check minggu ni Barca lawan sape... baca forum jap..

Ok.. start study..

Eh.. tengok sikit sape online.. Si bunga melur online.. eh.. mimi.. hi all.. hehehe..

Ok.. start study..

Wait.. need to call wit.. "Wit.. I feel bored.. oh.. u wanna study.. ok"

Ok.. start study..

Ermm.. I should listen to some music.. search imeem... and wait.. I wanna buy something at amazon... search amazon as well.. .... ...... ...... ...... Ordered!

Ok.. start study..

OMG! I forget to watch "Heroes" this week.. check and watched it! :D

Ok.. start study..

Wait.. wanna write something in my blog.. and check my friend's blog.. Purp! Update please..

Ok.. start study..

AIYAAA!!! Already 1 a.m??? Tomorrow have class.. Sleep now...

But.. I wanna study... Tomorrow then...

Sekian.. The story of Saira is trying to study..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Snap-snap picture kat campus..

You can say.. my post is either wordy or pichy... hehehe..

My good friend.. Suwit :D
So cute.. hehehe..

A Little Help Indeed...

Well.. aku frustrated semenjak dua-menjak ini bereason ok.. Aku frust sebab aku rasa aku tak buat yg terbaik (well maybe yg termampu) untuk exam last week.. Aku masih ada DSP subject yang examnya minggu depan.. So, my suffering still not end.. Well, maybe no end until graduate..
Anyway, di sebakan aku stuck tak lepas2 utk subject analog.. Aku buat keputusan untuk consult lecturer je la.. And now, i see a little light.. By the way, apa yang interesting ialah.. let read my conversation with her..
Me: "I don't understand why it's like this?" sambil tunjuk calculation yang beribu2 lemon
She: "Well, you have to consider everything.. bla bla bla.."
Me: *sigh* "I'm not good at this.. I can't see the circuit in all direction, my mind is not built for this"..."Well, I don't mean that, I mean I can see digital better.. but I don't think it's only me.. maybe everybody feel the same"
She: "Yes, in analog you have to consider every little thing"
Me: "Ok, I try again.. let see"
Me:"Is this right?"
She: "Yeah you got it, but you also have to consider.. bla bla bla"
Me:"Ok, I think I get it.. I try again"
She:"I don't mean the homework to be so painful"
****notes: this is the 4th homework****
Me: "But it always does" Semua homework dia susah la!!!
... do some more work... isk isk isk..
She:"I have to go now" (she have a meeting)
Me:"Me too (tak sebenarnya).. I'll see you tomorrow"
She:"Ok, see you tomorrow"
Itula.. seperti biasa, aku buat perangai.. huhuhu.. mengadu...
Anyway, I feel better now..

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tak Mo Study Anymore...

Only a short note..

Subject makin lama makin susah.. Study.. study pun kadang2 tak paham2.. Benci la.

Boring.. Nyampah.. dan seumpama dengannya..

Sesungguhnya.. saya sangat rindu life sebagai seorang career woman... Huhuhu... Sebabnya saya tak suka exam.. I hate being judge ok.. Tak suka exammmm.. Tulunnnnn!!!!!

Sekian, meroyan kali ini...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Only Rumah Terbuka this year..

Disebabkan aku yg tukang amik gambarnya.. So, no pic of me.. Thanks to Mr. H and family.. I can taste some Malaysian food.. Hiks..

Kak Ana and friend

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Eid Mubarrak - Sembahyang Raya...

Pictures tell a thausand words...

Lokasi: Hall kat downtown..

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Siapa ini?

Answer: My classmate... isk isk isk.. lawak kan...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

This is a student life???

Ok.. Again, sorry guys still no hari raya pic ok.. Why?

Dua minggu ini adalah minggu yang terbusy dalam hidup aku sebagai seorang student.. Dan aku rasa hari ni adalah hari yang sungguh busy sampai nak makan pun tak sempat ok..

Bangun pagi, terus gi kelas.. Disebabkan bangun lambat sebab tidur lambat cuba menyelesaikan keje sekolah DSP yang tersangatlah susahnya.. Well, keje sekolah masih tak siap ok dan due datenya kul 5pm jap gi.. Habis kelas kul 10am terus g lab VHDL cuba selesaikan lab yang macam main puzzle itu.. Dah seminggu aku pk pasal lab itu.. Sampai la kul 12pm.. Kelas DSP kul 12pm sampai kul 1.00pm.. Start kul 1 sampai kul 2pm.. Lab DSP lak.. Well, tensi ni sebabnya homework lum siap.. Nasib baik TA DSP tu cute.. hehehe.. So ok la.. Kul 2pm cepat2 aku kuar lab and pegi ke kelas VHDL.. Exam VHDL yang pertama ialah lusa..

Habis je kelas VHDL.. dah pukul 3pm.. Ada dua jam lagi utk siapkan keje DSP.. Well, aku masih tak tau camne nak selesaikan.. Nasib baik ada geng tolong explain tapi dia pun tak sure.. So, kul 3.45pm kitorang gi jumpa lecture tanya pendapat.. Ok.. I think I figure it out (Finally!) Hanya ada masa 30 minit lagi utk siapkan keje sekolah itu.. Kul 4.50pm.. Siap and hantar..

Kul 5pm dah janji ngan Alice jumpa kat rec center.. So, otak aku pun berat.. exercise will do me good.. Tak banyak kelas kt rec ctr hari ni.. so, aku amik the only available class which is "Pilate Challenge".. Memang sungguh mencabar sekali.. Balik dari rec ctr aku terus g ke lab.. Sebabnya, Rabu exam ok.. Esok nak study dan aku tak nak dah tgk lab VHDL tu.. tensi.. tensi.. This lab just took too much of my time.. So, aku stay kat lab ngan some friends sampai kul 10.30pm.. Nasib baik ada orang bawak biskut.. Huhuhu...

So, skrg ni aku dah balik umah dan makan maggi.. Huhuhu.. tak larat nak masak or buat apa2 kecuali tulis blog.. hehehe.. And purp.. I read your notes waktu tgh compile vhdl program.. So, sorry for a very short reply.. I'll see what I can do..

Sepanjang hari ni aku berfikir.. Waktu aku keje and study dulu tak pernah aku sebz ini walau bz macam mana sekali pun.. Tapi alhamdulillah.. everything done just like what I want it to be done.. Now vhdl lab dah siap.. (Thank God!) but.. I just check blackboard (website for class taken) Waaa!!! DSP new homework and Analog new homework just been post!!!

Now.. I should sleep..

Monday, October 06, 2008


Well, I know.. aku seharusnya meletakkan gambar sembahyang raya dan juga jamuan raya di rimah Mr. H.. Tetapi, aku berasa sungguh malas sekali dan aku juga sedang sibuk mahu mengulang kaji dan juga menyiapkan homework yang due datenya esok..

Maka.. Ku tempelkan gambar yang aku terima dari keluarga di Malaysia.. Gambar2 aku di sini akan ku tempel di lain masa..

Yang sudah bersalin itu. kenapa kelihatan seperti masih sedang mengandung sih? :D

P/s: Di sini, aku kapan sekali bergaul dengan warga2 Indonesia.. Maka, bahasaku sudah bertukar dong... (maka, bacalah entry ku kali ini dengan tone yg betul ok) Hehehe.. Jangan mare..

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Adakah aku anti-sosial?

Well hari ni aku turn down three invitation..

1. Alice ajak g dengar band jazz kat downtown
Alasan: Nak study dan do laundry
Reality: Barca game vs Atletico Madrid.. Sungguh berbaloi ok.. Barca menang besar 6-1 WOW! and I did do laundry..

2. Seng Kai ajak gi perjumpaan pelajar Malaysia baru dan lama
Alasan: Tak leh makan kat restoren itu dan juga nak study
Reality: Malas gila nak pegi lagipun esok ada jamuan raya dan another Malaysian yg duk atas aku ni sakit perut.. dia tak nak g.. so aku pun malas la

3. Athelia ajak gi makan buffet kat downtown
Alasan: Nak study
Reality: Memang nak study pun la.. aku tak start ke bende pun sejak siang.. duk tgk bola + tv.. Lg pun esok ada jamuan raya..

I feel bad for turn down everything... But there is always next week kan.. Aku malas gila ni.. Malas study jugak tapi kalau aku duk umah at least study la sikit kan.. tengok gak la buku tu.. kalau keluar sure nothing kan.. Pastu dgn feeling uncomfortable lagi.. Didn't mean to tak comfortable ngan Malaysian student tu tapi ntah la.. Rasa macam tak nak ja.. Diorang in fact baik and ingat kat aku ni.. It just not a right time..

By the way, aku ada VHDL mid-term exam next week and homework DSP due on Monday and VHDL lab due last week yang perlu disettlekan..

Huhuhu.. adakah aku anti-sosial?

Friday, October 03, 2008

Isn't He Amazing? :D

nuff said..

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya!!!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada mak, abah, Sham, K Ija, Ana, A Kamal, Emi, Ida, Iwan, Kak In, Fikri, Auni, Khairi, Nisa, Haziq dan seluruh kaum keluarga yang lain...

Tak lupa juga kepada kekawan semua.. Purp, Catz, Ina, Mimi, Kay, Abby, Myra, Kak Nard dan seluruh warga NM

Tak lupa juga kepada kekawan lama K Ana, K Wa, Tantie, Yan, Farah, Ana dan semua2nya yang tak tertulis disini...

~~~~~~~~~@SELAMAT HARI RAYA@~~~~~~~
Kepada semua...

Saya sampaikan lagu ini kepada keluarga dan sahabat..