Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finally, Something That I Like...

I don't know it's good or not, but this is absolutely better than my previous suppose to be project - as is my Master Thesis..

I have a talk with the prof that will be my advisor/supervisor.. He is the chair of Chemical Eng. Can you believe that? Anyway.. we talk about the project today and well.. it is decided, I will work on cyclotron.. Well, it is not that I'll build it.. I'll just use the facility and one of my earliest job is to make an automatic way to move the isotop material that had been produced.. But that's not my Master thesis.. that is just the work necessary.. My Master thesis is to design ..bla bla bla bla process isotop for cancer treatment bla bla bla... and bla bla bla use the automatic move bla bla bla.. Dalam erti kata lain, aku pun tak berapa tau detailnya.. But it sound interesting and absolutely sound difficult as well.. Anyway at least I'm not doing Radar anymore. Not that it's not good, it just doesn't really suit me.. And seriously.. I know almost nothing on Radar and so that s mean it will be much much more difficult.

Ok.. Project talk.. study talk.. I know I owe a Chicago trip pictures but... back from Chicago je.. I have 2 projects, 1 mid-term and 1 homework. Tu tak termasuk my depressi mood lagi yang mendelaykan all that. So, later ok.. Mungkin aku akan letak some pics.. Let see..

Later :D bye..

News That Not Related To Me!

Not related? What the heck it doing here?
Answer: I don't know

Why is this relevant?
Answer: It is not relevant at all.

What do you think about it?
Answer: Honestly, I'm happy.

Answer: Absolutely!

Where is the news?
Answer: Here

Monday, March 30, 2009

Because I'm Up to No Good.. (wrong idiom!)


First day after Spring break.. Class at 8 am. I ask myself? Why I took an 8am class???? Arghhh!!! So tired and lazy.. Then aku rasa aku sesema.. makan tak sempat.. so aku dah bungkus biskut and pisang for my breakfast here.. Pastu aku terkocoh2 amik medicine bag...

Now, I'm at library.. still trying to start my day after class..... Ok, the real reason is aku ada project group meeting petang ni and basically............................ I do nothing! .................................................................................... yet.

So now I want to do something la. Check2 beg aku.. rupa-rupanya ubat sesema takde dalam beg.. baru aku teringat aku kuarkan time gi Chicago ari tu.. Waaaaaaaa!!! Aku malas balik umah.. So, now I'm at library stress with running nose.. I got to do "things" for the project first.. going home mean.. sleeping.. since this is the thing yang sedang berlegar2 dalam otak aku sekarang.. nak tido!!!!!

Keep on fighting! Yes... I'm trying but my heart is just just just........... (fading echo sound)

I want coziness.. I want comfortness.. I want my home..


I am No Good Now...


Break don't do me good..
My energy level for study is close to zero..
I really want to go home and stop doing this..
I am not up to this.. Not anymore..
I just want to be like before..
At home, go to work, no worries of exams, project, assignments, bla bla bla..
Just enjoy life as it come to me..

Bottom line - I don't want this anymore!!!!! CAN I?????



Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back??? NO!!!!

Scheduled Post!




Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not Related :P

Scheduled Post!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hop On! Hop Off!

Scheduled post!

Schedule Post!

My Spring Vacation Start!



Until later guys :D

Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome To The World!

My new nephew.. Gambar dari skype! Usia 6 hari.. Nama? Blom ada.. hehehe..


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ring of Fire

Ok.. I just submit my extended project report.. I'm satisfied with it.. God I have to.. I don't sleep at all yesterday.. At 1.00 am when I check the clock.. I'm thinking... 1 am already? urghh.. but since Friday I have no class and I'm doing this report why not just finished it! And it takes me until 6.30 am.. When I go to bed.. It's sunlight already... Well, I can't really sleep.. So, I just lay down and wake up around 9.00 am.. The report must be submit before 5pm.. So, I seleep back.. and wake up again at 12.00pm.. And I lay down again.. And finally at 2.30pm I wake up and mandi.. Suddenly feel like.. This is not the life that I want.

For some reason, I don't feel tired, I don't feel hungry as well.. Now is 5.45 pm and I'm sitting at the library playing internet.. already make plan with friend to go to gym and I still don't eat anything.. Ok.. I'm kidding.. I eat 1 cube of chocalate and a glass of Milelia..

Ok.. got to go now.. Off to play badminton :D

And here guys.. Ring of Fire by Adam (Audio only)


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good and Bad...

No No.. I'm not talking about American Idol..
But Yes.. I knew who is in the bottom three..
And also Yes, I knew who had been kick out of AI or not :p

Ok.. What I'm going to say is actually is a more boring topic.. which is about my study.. And everyday I'm more depress than yesterday..

Today, when we submit the project report.. (ADSP) suddenly the prof said, he gonna extend the due date to this Friday.. Good news??? arghhh.. It's good news but bad as well.. mean aku kena do more work on that.. Reason? Well, the prof returned our 1st project back and made a comment.. He told us to repair and correct our report to meet the standard since the first report was returned today.. Dia bagi 2 more days to make it right.. And I knew he expect more this time and I also knew that I need to repair a lot.. Arghhh M.A.L.A.S nya!

But I have another good news.. Aku dapat 11.2/10 utk my first project! Tak sangka kan? Not like purp.. I don't get "absolutely excellent!" (I'm still wow, girl) I'm not that good :D but I'm in the top 10.. because he told us that only 10 people got more than 10/10! WaaChaaa!!!

report.. report.. report.. I wish I have more to said.. And I wish I can explain all the result and make a good analysis on data..

Toggle to A.I
Guess artis: Carrie Underwood with Randy Travis and sape ntah tak kenal but song a warm feeling song :D..
Notes: Paula look beautiful (p/s: why I'm always comment on paula???)
Other notes: Carrie Underword do has a beautiful legs.. and beautiful voice :p
A little snippet: Result is unpredictable! :p


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hate Him or Love Him! - :P

P/s: This is scheduled post :D

Ok.. First of all.. I don't know why I'm doing this.. Hehehe.. I have homework and project report due tomorrow.. Tapi.. as I said, still on the mood guys!

Hate him or Love him! That's is my verdict to Adam!

and of course... LOVED HIM! Hahaha..

Adam, I say this.. WOW! Adam on fire! It's hot! It's current! It's young! It's Adam.. Can you hear his voice range? AMAZING! Fantastic.. Simon don't like it? Who cares? Kara is speechless? Me too (in a good way).. For me, that song, that arrangement.. I just love it! Go for unique Adam! Hahaha.. nampak cam aku sungguh crazy to Adam kan.. I'm teling you guys, my likeness to him is not like David Cook level at all.. I just like to talk over the moon.. Hahaha..

Okey, this is my rank...

1. Adam - I feel so Gothic.. whatever.. xD
2. Allison - Go Go Girl!
3. Matt- He is good :D

To be honest, it is not difficult to choose my top 3.. Because I just have to think which three that I like the most but.. to rank the rest.. It's kind of difficult because all of them just blend.. Maybe because of country themes.. Nobody really stand out or stand in.. :P.. I don't really enjoy it except for open mouth performance by Adam.. But everybody is good I guess.. Anoop great as well.. I don't really like Lil Round.. So the show just ok.. My busy-ness maybe a factor as well.. whatever la kan.

Suddenly all mood drop.. ;-)

Quick Note

Aku rasa nak muntah buat report ni.. Tolong!!!

Bila lah derita ini akan berakhir... :(

Tak sabar menanti Jumaat.

Sabtu : Thai's party a.k.a aku n geng makan2
Isnin - Khamis : Chicago trip..

I am so tired! The report only halfway done.. :(

AI - Country Song theme...


No spoiler..
I'll give my rank and comment later to avoid spoiler.. :P

but - I watch Adam sing with my mouth open..


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I know.. Lately, I keep doing this.. writing/reporting small stuff and ramblings at most... but..


Aku telah berjaya menyiapkan projek ADSP.. Sehari lebih awal.. So, aku akan ada masa untuk buat report yang baik.. Seriously, aku tak sangka akan berjaya siapkan projek ni.. Hahaha.. (tahap difficulty aku bagi 8/10), lapan sebab aku berjaya siapkan dengan rama-ramanya.. kalau tak aku bagi 12/10.. :p Dan menurut pengiraan aku.. dah dekat seminggu aku tidur between 4 a.m to 6 a.m.. What a good student! Hahaha.. Anyway, not all the time aku focus on project.. see my "percubaan untuk insaf.." Yeah, it's in between that and there.. and sometimes aku just tak leh tido sebab Matlab code or the algorithm sedang berpusing2 dalam kepala aku... Ok.. bottom line is.. Good job Saira! Hahaha.. *pat on my own back*

Tapi, seriously.. hahaha.. aku gembira! ya be da be du! Terasa kurang satu bebanan.. Ok.. time's up! 4.22 am.. I'm done for today!

Sekian ;-)

I'm Curse...


My RF subject..

Is there any chance for me to drop more points on this subject?
Yes.. Drop points is like theme of the subject for me..
I am not upset.. I am beyond upset..
Stupid points.
Stupid silly way to drop points..
It's beyond me..


I truly, madly, deeply don't understand this.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Percubaan untuk insaf #7

I'm distracted..

You will too..

Because this is so good..

What would you do?


Iklan Happy :D



I told you so guys!!!

Aku telah berjaya do my own Levinson-Durbin Algorithm guna Matlab..

Oh my goodness.. I'm happy..


Now, move to the implementation... Project is not done yet! :P

p/s: Teruk betul aku ni.. Now my mind start wondering and now want to start play2 the internet.. reward >>>>>> result :P *dush! dush! dush!*

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Percubaan untuk insaf #6

This is entry should be titled: Matlab Kill Me.. Tapi aku ubah pikiran... sebab tajuk di atas adalah lebih releven :p

As usual, I'm struggling with the project.. And I'm telling you.. Matlab is killing me.. Even though Matlab is a high level language but somehow, I love VHDL more.. (ok, not related)

I'm doing the project, but somehow I can't think clearly... The result is messing with me.. But somehow after tenung.. telek.. testing.. aku rasa aku jumpa problemnya.. So, kalau tau problem mean I'll get answer soon.. That's good right? Coz, knowing the problem is good. The solution can only can be realize if you know the problem.. So, as a conclusion.. I should get the answer tomorrow.. Because, tomorrow my mind will be better.. because I just figure out a possible cause of this problem.. That mean there is a progress.. Progress mean you should reward yourself.. Hmm.. Tomorrow is the right time to settle the problem.. Right.. So, I think tomorrow everything will be settle.. hmm.. Ok! Muktamad..

Esok adalah hari yang paling sesuai untuk aku sambung..

Apa patut aku buat sekarang?
Baca forum barca.
Main2 facebook jap.
Tgk game CL, barca vs Lyon.. I can't get enuff of it.
Pastu Tido.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Percubaan untuk Insaf #5

First, let me say...

Thank God I'm taking a master program in USA..


Aku baru je lepas sembang ngan one of my friend (from QA and BTN).. We compare between us and UK master's program. Conclusionnya.. adalah ayat di atas.. HAHAHA...

Ok.. ok.. real reason.. first of all, UK's master program (by course) is 1 year.. So, that's mean hectic, stress and damn crazy.. kerana menurut cerita kawan di sana.. dah la kelas dari 7am sampai 7pm.. Makan pun sambil jalan.. Itulah gambaran sibuknya.. Purp, I don't know you.. this is someone else story.. Aku sungguh terpegun dan terpana mendengarnya.. Hehehe..

Aku pulak.. Masih lagi bertarung dengan percubaan untuk insaf.. Dan trendnya ialah.. semakin banyak keje.. semakin suka aku menulis di sini.. Ini bermakna.. aku begitu mudah di distracted.. So, menurut my friend.. kalau la kitorang ni kat UK.. memang fail la.. sebab we are very lazy people.. Hahaha..

Seriously, aku masih lagi berpendapat.. alangkah baiknya kalau aku study di UK.. sebabnya.. It's my %$#&@ dream! jpa saje je campak aku kat US ni.. Aku nak gi Barcelona!!! Waaaaaaaaa!!! So, dear lazy people like me.. study la du usa.. unless you all sanggup lunch sambil jalan ke kelas dan kelasnya 12 jam sehari okie... :p

On other note: Aku nak rambling jap pasal lab partner aku sem ini utk subject nuke! For god sake!!!! aku terpaksa partner ngan minah dari negara itu lagi.. Aku ingatkan dia berbeza.. Well, yes dia berbeza in term of knowledge.. at least she contribute something.. BUT.. every lab.. Aku ulang ok.. Every lab! Aku yang buat analysis data, aku yang buat calculation and aku jugak yang jawab soklan.. keje dia ialah.. tiru aku dan juga memberi buah fikiran untuk jawapan2 aku (this is where I think she good) sekurang2nya... Tapi, since ni dah macam lab 6 or 7.. bila meeting je.. dia akan kata "maaf, saya sangat sibuk dan tiada masa".. Grrrrr... aku marah la ni.. Tapi, as usual jugak.. I just let go.. Marah ni... Marah... On last week lab, dia tak datang, mc. So, aku buat sorang lab.. I'm doing fine ok! And she dare! Ulang.. DARE! mintak data aku.. (she do a week late - alone also) which.. I eventually gave it to her.. When I ask her, she said.. "How will the TA know.. It just a data.." Aku tak tau nape aku just let go.. Mostly I just malas.. Since this subject tak strict sgt on copying (not like vhdl last sem).. But.. still... grrr.. Dia telah buktikan yang aku tak perlukan dia... So, at least I know that.. But still.. I make friends here and this is just a meh and can be ignore.. So I ignored.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Percubaan untuk Insaf #4

Ok.. Now jam dah pukul 12.50 am.. Aku nak buat lab report yang kena submit esok.. Seriously baru buat around.. hmm 20%.. Lately aku sangat malas.. Now, aku purposely wake-up around 12.30 am utk buat report ni.. then baru tido balik.. But as a warming up.. well.. here this entry come..

Lately.. I am addicted to Within Temptation.. Serious purp.. I dah nominate "Mother Earth" album as one of the best album ever! Anyway Purp.. do you know they have a new album? and my friend here have all of their albums? :D as well as Nightwish, and so on so on yang seangkatan dengannya..

Ok.. back to this entry.. These two song.. no matter how dark was the lyric.. I can't get these two songs out of my mind.. I like all of their songs but these two songs stand out somehow.. And it keep playing in my head.. over and over and over..

Caged - Within temptation

The Promise - Within Temptation

No Spoiler.. Promise. ^_^


Football first :D..

YAY!!! Yeeee Haaaa!!! Barca Won (No surprise :p). We go through to QF Champion League.. YAY YAY YAY! Barca menang 5-2 (6-3 on Aggregate).. Big surprise? No. Yes we have the best attacker in the world but I can't say the same for our defender.. And say again who is our forward?

need I say more?

And what is the second best news to this? Of course Real Madrid knock out 4-0 against Liverpool and 5-0 on aggregate.. What a shocker? Real? The 'biggest club' in Europe? HAHAHA.!!! What a shame.. Memalukan La Liga jer, anyway as Barca's supporter; as usual.. LOLLLLLLL to LPB a.k.a EE (Los Putos Blancos/Evil Empire) Yes, we hate Real Madrid.. :DDD

Ok.. American Idol...

First of all, I wanna say.. I have no intention at all to annouce the loser here.. I just talk about the shows and maybe rambling a little if I crush to hmm.. let say Adam :p

New rule is.. If the contestant was voted out (had the least vote) the judge can turn over the result and rescue him/her. So, maybe when American become stupid (no surprise) the professional can rescue them.. good ha? Did the judges rescued anybody today? :PPP

Guest artist: Kenye West and Kelly Clarkson.. :D Kenye West look good and sound really good as usual.. but Kelly Clarkson dah gemuk wei.. She still sound good tho but, tembam beb! And is it me or Paula boobs look ermm bigger?

Other notes.. aku makan tiada henti.. apa nak jadi ni??? Waaaaaa...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Did I Told You? Did I Told You?

Warning!!!: American Idol Spoiler! It is 8 hours before it shows in Malaysia.. :p

Did I told you? Adam Lambert is wayyyy out of other people league.. Totally KILL the stage.. Kill the other possible American Idol 2009.. He is sooo sooo AWESOME!

This is Michael Jackson week.. By that, I became nostalgic.. Remember "Billy Jeans" by David Cook? Marvelous.. Marvelous performance by David Cook.. and still are.. Right before Adam, I said to myself.. NOBODY! NO ONE! ever ever will get pass David Cook's Billy Jean.. I almost wish I can watch David Cook performs again.. Until...

Adam Lambert - "Black or White"

I'm not saying he is better than David Cook.. Maybe he is, maybe he is not.. but he is certainly at level if not more.. Anoop is so disappointing with "Beat It".. It's Beat It, come on.. beat it! So, when Adam came and said he gonna sang "Black or White", I'm kinda nervous.. Another big song.. but HE . NAIL . IT! Well done Adam! I'm always right when it came to AI.. ;-)

My overall opinion on this week shows - It's a so-so from most of them.. some is even weak.. I give you guys my top 3 and they are definitely a catch!

1. Adam Lambert - Need I say more? Out of this world..(ok I'm exaggerating.)but well, he is great!
2. Allison Iraheta - I love this girl.. Only this week, I believe her.. She is great! Watch her out guys..
3. Danny Gokey - Power! That's it! I love his vocal.. He is good.. Absolutely the biggest challenge for Adam.

Following is a good and almost great but not so.. in order.

4. Lil Rounds
5. Scott Macintyre - I'm bias because he is blind..
6. Alexis Grace
7. Kris Allen
8. Matt - Maybe he should be in a better place, but he sang after Adam.. It's hard to not be bias
9. Jasmine
10. Michael

Worst Performance, in order

11. Jorge
12. Anoop
13. Megan - I don't even know she sang a MJ song.. don't like it

They said the rules gonna change.. And tomorrow 2 contestant will be kick out.

Macam aku sungguh banyak masa sekali kan? Hehehe.. but AI is my fave show, so.. Anyway, I have mood to do this, I may not do this every week.. We'll see.. :D

Editted: I re-watch David Cook - Billy Jeans.. Ok.. NOP.. NOBODY is better than David Cook's Billy Jeans.. Billy Jeans is DC magic moment.. not even Adam.. (almost Adam.. almost, that I can give ya') Sorry.. hehehe.. Still, at least there is Adam who is better than everyone else, so far.. :p

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Simple note...

# 1

I miss the sun. Hari ni buat pertama kalinya bagi semester ni bila aku balik dari kelas, hari masih siang. Kelas aku habis kul 6.30 pm.. So, selalunya dah gelap.. tetapi keadaan akan semakin berubah. Ya, cuaca masih lagi sejuk tapi hari sudah makin panjang.. dan malam makin pendek.. I kind of like it. :D

# 2

Sepanjang minggu lepas, semua masakan aku menuju ke arah disaster.. Aku masak 3 jenis masakan..

i) Sambal kerang - Ini memang total disaster ok.. tak leh makan langsung.. aku end up basuh kerang tu balik and simpan.. hehehe.. Not my fault.. Mana la aku tau ground chili tak sama ngan cili kering blend.. I tot it is the same ^_^

ii) Masak lemak cili api - Ini sepatutnya masakan selamat sebab dah selalu buat.. tapi kali ni aku beli cili api merah yg kecil tu.. selalunya cili api hijau yang kecil tapi tak la kecil sangat.. Anyway, sebab kecik aku rasa cam tak cukup je.. So, selalunya kalau cili api hijau tu aku buh dalam 15 biji, cili api merah yg kecil ni aku buh dalam 25 biji.. kononnya.. kuantiti kelihatan sama.. Aku yang tahan pedas ni pun rasa telinga, perut dan esofagus aku terbakar.. So, kena makan nasi + satu sudu kuah + kicap sedozen.. hehehe...

iii) Macarono baked - Last time buat sedap mavelous gitu... tapi kali ni buat.. ermmm.. ku paksa jugak diri ini untuk makan ok.. Sebabnya aku salahkan mushroom cream.. different brand.. and kali ni aku buat experiment, macaroni with salmon + beef and chicken sosej.. not bad aa.. still, it's mushroom cream fault.

Kira hebat gak aa masak 3 jenis dlm seminggu.. main reason is aku tak leh aa makan semua itu.. kena rotate2 ok.. sebab semuanya tak puas hati..

# 3

Projek 2 utk subject ADSP dah kuar.. My life going to be hell again. Due: before spring break.

# 4

Aku plan nak jalan2 di Chicago on Spring Break.. masih merancang schedule okie.

# 5

Aku baru je dapat tau yang aku ni femes.. HAHAHA.. Menurut Gigi, ada seorang mamat (dari negara itu) terpana mendengar nama aku.. ayatnye lebih kurang begini.. menurut Gigi.. "Eh, awak kenal Saira? Kawan Saira ke? Dia femes tau.. Dia ada ke sewaktu International Welcome Party yang lalu.. Dia yang mana satu yer.. Saya sungguh ingin tahu"... HAHAHA.. Aku masih berfikir, adakah ini perkara baik atau perkara buruk.. Tapi rasanya ia bergantung kepada - Apakah sebab sebenar kepopularan aku? Adakah kerana aku cute? atau adakah kerana aku cool? Atau mungkinkah kerana aku kerek? (more likely.. HAHAHA)..

# 6

Ape ke heinye aku mengarut di sini? sekarang hampir jam 2 pg.. Aku harus tidur.. Bukankah aku telah katakan yang projek-2 ADSP sedang menanti? Bermain-main begini adalah tidak sihat bagi seorang pelajar yang popular seperti aku.. kekeke... Lihatlah Donia!!!


Monday, March 09, 2009

Wishes from Me to All of you...

Percubaan untuk Insaf #3

Multiple post again?

Now, I decide.. I should have "percubaan untuk insaf" the series... hehehe... When I said percubaan untuk insaf, ini bermakna aku sedang duduk di meja study.. bukak buku.. music ready.. everything perfect for study.. but.. but.. As usual... Saira is easily distracted.. Maybe because she had joined the group of "Lazy People" at FB.. hehehe...

Sedang aku cuba memulakan ulang kaji.. aku teringat xtvt Jumaat yang lalu.. yang telah membuatkan tangan aku menggigil.. hehehe.. So, sebagai apertizer memulakan ulangkaji, aku mengedit gambar dan berangan terlebih dahulu... Believe me, when I said.. I really want to study now... :D

This is one of "Mizzou After Dark" event.. Every Friday we can go to the Memorial Union and have fun in a healthy way... :D (kalau rajin and ada masa la).. Last Friday's theme is "Country Western Night".. Enjoy!

Salah satu xtvtnya, ialah decorate MU.. three paints color given.. This is my work.. hehehe..

Below pics is riding a mechanical bull.. So much FUN!!! Seriously.. hehehe..
(my time: 30 secs or less :p)

OK.. Now, Saira is going to study okey... :p

Daylight Saving & Another Left Out Singer on AI

Ok.. Hari ni Daylight Saving Start.. Bermakna, jam dicepatkan sejam.. So, now beza masa dengan Malaysia bukan lagi 14 jam, tetapi 13 jam.. Untuk memudahkan pengiraan.. I give you guys example ok...

1. Kalau masa Malaysia ialah 10 pagi (Rabu) bermakna masa sini ialah 9 mlm (Selasa)
2. Kalau masa Malaysia ialah 11.30 mlm (Rabu) bermakna masa kat sini ialah 10.30 pagi (Rabu)

So, just tolak satu dari masa Malaysia dan tukar dari AM --> PM, hari pulak depend on pagi or malam.. Malaysia adalah 13 jam lebih cepat dari USA (central time) okie :D

Another AI ramblings.. Ini adalah salah satu dari performance dalam top 36 yang aku suka tapi didn't make it.. Original singer untuk lagu ni adalah background song untuk blog aku kali ini.. And this is Junot Joyner rendition of "Hey There Delilah"... This song did touch my heart... And Junot's rendition is truly beautiful.. I would say that I like his version more than the original singer.. but both are good.. And for whatever reason.. I like this song.. It makes me sad... somehow...

Hey There Delilah - Plain White T’s
(Learn to play guitar for this song here)

hey there delilah
whats it like in new york city
im a thousand miles away
but girl tonight you look so pretty
yes you do
time square cant shine as bright as you
i swear its true

hey there delilah
dont you worry about the distance
im right there if you get lonely
give this song another listen
close your eyes
listen to my voice its my disguise
im by your side

oh its what you do to me
oh its what you do to me
oh its what you do to me
oh its what you do to me
what you do to me

hey there delilah
i know times are gettin hard
but just believe me girl
someday ill pay the bills with this guitar
we'll have it good
we'll have the life we knew we would
my word is good

hey there delilah
ive got so much left to say
if every simple song i wrote to you
would take your breath away
id write it all
even more in love with me youd fall
we'd have it all

oh its what you do to me
oh its what you do to me
oh its what you do to me
oh its what you do to me

a thousand miles seems pretty far
but they've got planes and trains and cars
id walk to you if i had no other way
our friends would all make fun of us
and we'll just laugh along because we know
that none of them have felt this way
delilah i can promise you
that by the time that we get through
the world will never ever be the same
and youre to blame

hey there delilah
you be good and dont you miss me
two more years and youll be done with school
and ill be makin history like i do
you know its all because of you
we can do whatever we want to
hey there delilah heres to you
this ones for you

oh its what you do to me
oh its what you do to me
oh its what you do to me
oh its what you do to me
what you do to me

Saturday, March 07, 2009

American Idol Black Out :P

Ok.. Setelah membaca blog mimi.. baru la aku sedari yang aku ter-miss American Idol wild card.. Ini menunjukkan aku semakin blank dengan rancangan TV ni.. I'm a lil bz.. So.. Anyway, I'm surprise.. Why oh Why?? Ricky Braddy didn't make it? Aku almost sure he gonna make it.. So beautiful voice.. and sape perempuan itu, (bukan megan) yg kulit hitam itu.. ape ke hei nye? Anoop is fine :D

Ok.. Here some of his beautiful voice okie..

Friday, March 06, 2009

Another B-Day, Another Eating Out! I Wish I go to Hell Kichen...

Walaupun aku agak kerap meng-update blog ini, tidak bermakna aku mempunyai banyak masa terluang.. Kesibukan sering kali menyebabkan aku malas menulis perkara-perkara yang berlaku di sini, hanyalah bebelan dan cetusan perasaan kerana post-post seperti itu datang bagai air yang dicurahkan ke baldi.. Tidak perlu usaha yang lebih...

Maaf ya, aku berasa agak sukar berbicara begini.. hehehe.. because it's so not me! :p

Ok... Back to reality..

Last two weeks was Gigi's Birthday.. So, we all pegi celebrate dengan cara orang profesional.. iaitu.. pegi makan.. Yay! I like :D.. We all gi makan kat one of American restaurant.. A good one, a little expensive.. but a good one.. with a good environment..

It's a nice dinner and we are loving it.. :D

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Speku.. Speku.. (On-Hold)

I'm having a second thought on this post and for a meanwhile, I'm holding the post.. It's not too bad, it just.. not sure.. too much writing creativity maybe.. That's why I said.. I need to re-think this.. In other words.. I need Purp opinion on this.. hehehe.. Purp, when we both online.. I'll publish it and we'll see from that..

Reason: I don't want (again) being label as a stinky-heart person because.. If that person doesn't know.. or too blind to realize, I loved her, I did love her.. and that make me hate her even more.. And I do hate her.. Seriously.. How could she ruin a beautiful friendship??? How could she????? Maybe it's nothing for her.. (Ok.. I'm back to my self-pathetic way.. damn her!)

On the other hand: get over it Saira, it's been a year (or more) shittt! I am pathetic :o

editted: Ok.. I made my mind.. No need purp opinion.. I just let it go.. no re-post on 1st entry.. :p


Not all good now..

Again, I do a stupid and careless mistake on the quiz..
I just so stupid in this RF class..
I keep doing, repeatedly a stupid mistake..
I accept, people do make mistakes.. but repeatedly doing stupid mistake is just dumb.

I don't understand myself now.. I think weekly simple and easy quiz is just not for me.

I'm afraid now. Please.. I'm only asking for a B.


Tickled Pink but don't be Haste...

Aku gembira.. Ya, kerana dua perkara telah berlaku pada hari ini. Dua perkara yang memberi manfaat kepada aku sebagai seorang pelajar dan juga sebagai seorang pekerja. Sebelum ini aku berada dalam dilema kerana beberapa perkara tetapi akhirnya nasib yang baik memihak kepada aku. Aku akan utarakan "idiom" yang pernah aku katakan dahulu..

"The harder I work, the luckier I get"

Ya, percaya ini. Kerana ia memang benar. Selama ini aku telah menolong salah seorang professor di sini melakukan kajian mengenai radar dan "signal processing". Ia bukan kerja mudah dan ianya amat memenatkan sekali tetapi aku terus melakukannya kerana aku beranggapan ini mungkin perjalanan ku. Namun, beliau jelas mengenai keinginan ku, iaitu ke arah teknologi nuklear. (She had highly recommended me to other professor in nuclear engineering and it prove to be fruitful). Hari ini, kami bertiga telah duduk semeja dan berbincang (me, my prof and prof from nuke) mengenai perjalanan aku. Ya, besar kemungkinannya.. mungkin melebihi 90% aku akan melakukan tesis di "Nuclear Reseach Certer" di sini. Tidakkah ini berita gembira?

"Tickled Pink"

Pepatah di atas memberi maksud gembira.. sangat gembira. Aku gembira dengan berita ini. Aku gembira kerana aku sememangnya tidak minat pada pemprosesan isyarat (hikss). Minat aku lebih kepada perkakasan (instruments) dan ianya mestilah berkaitan dengan teknologi yang ditakuti ini. Tidakkah berita ini lebih gembira lagi jika aku katakan "research reactor program" di sini merupakan antara program yang dikenali dan mendapat pengiktirafan di USA.

"but don't be Haste..."

Ini bukan pepatah.. :p tapi aku harus sedar, kesabaran itu penting. Bila di soal perancangan masa depan aku, aku tetap mengatakan, perjalananku di sini harus berakhir pada 2010. Tidak lebih dan tidak kurang, tetapi berita ini mungkin mengubah perancangan aku.. Aku tetap mengatakan, ini bukan masanya.. Satu langkah, satu persatu.

Panjang berbicara, apakah dua perkara gembira itu? Ini baru seperkara yang diceritakan dengan sedikit rumusan tetapi masih panjang lebar. :P

Berita kedua tetap mengenai pelajaran berkaitan nuklear. Aku wanita nuklear.. HAHAHAHA.. Aku baru sedari (sudah lama sedar sebenarnya, cuma reaksinya agak "delay") Aku baru sedar bahawa subjek radiation detection boleh di'register' sebagai tahap 8000. Wow! Ini bermakna aku mengambil 3 pelajaran bertahap 8000 semester ini, patutlah aku hampir pengsan. Aku telah melakukan perkara2 yang patut di registrar untuk memastikan aku mendapat kredit 8000 bagi subjek ini. Tidak lah aku membuang masa lagi memikirkan keperluan subjek 8000. Ini bermakna langkah ku akan lebih mudah pada masa akan datang. Ini merupakan satu berita yang baik dan melegakan.

p/s: Aku seorang sasterawan nuklear.. WAKAKAKA...

Monday, March 02, 2009

What goes around comes around...

Hari ni aku dapat keputusan peperiksaan-1 untuk subject - Radiation Detection.. Terus-terang, keputusannya tidaklah cemerlang tetapi melepasi tahap keserataan (average? hiks) sebanyak 2%.. tetapi kurang 2% dari tahap median.. Boleh dirumuskan, ianya bukanlah keputusan yang baik tetapi masih belum jatuh ke tahap panik.
What goes around comes around...
Pepatah inggeris di atas memberi maksud yang hidup ini satu karma... Aku tidak salahkan sesiapa dengan keputusan kali ini. Aku amat tenang jika diambilkira sifat aku yang sering merungut jika tidak mencapai ~90% bagi setiap peperiksaan, kuiz ataupun lab report pada semester lepas... Tetapi, kali ini aku menerima keputusan ini dengan redha tanpa rasa murung yang keterlaluan atau pun menyalahkan sesiapa atau apa2. Aku tahu kenapa keputusan ini begini.
1. Aku kadang-kala tidak hadir ke kelas memandangkan kelas amat pagi sekali - 8.00 am (I'm gonna change this) - Ini bermakna, aku kehilangan tips atau mungkin point2 penting yang tidak boleh diperolehi dari buku teks mahupun pembacaan.
2. Soalan peperiksaan itu sendiri melebihi tahap silibus... The instructor said that only chapter 1 - 6 will be included in the exam but, it was more than that and i'm not ready for more than I've been told.. (aku x reti nak explain in bahasa.. boleh ke? :p) Apapun aku tak salahkan instructor, aku patut bersedia.. (if others can, why can't I? i just caught off-guard on this) Itu pelajaran yang aku perolehi.. Sebabnya, walaupun dikatakan hanya bab1-6 tetapi apa yang di soal telah disebut di dalam kelas, cuma aku tidak menumpukan perhatian pada bahagian yang dikatakan tidak termasuk dalam peperiksaan.
Haruskah aku marah? pada siapa? Tidak pada diri sendiri kerana bukan salah aku bila aku gagal menjawab bahagian yang dikatakan tidak termasuk dalam peperiksaan.. Tetapi sekiranya aku tidak ponteng, mungkin aku boleh. Tidak juga pada instructor, kerana soalan peperiksaan bukan untuk aku seorang tetapi seisi kelas..
Belajar pelajaran ini...

p/s: tbh, it's a little tiresome for me to write this way.. sungguh cepat berputus asa? hehehe.. I feel weird and maybe a little 'geli' writing like this.. tell me, what do you think?

It's so cold and I'm so lazy...

Theme of the week: meh post!

This blog has a new color and a little adjustment in header.. I just feel like it! Saira's Blog seem so.. boring.. don't know why.. well.. maybe because it's too straight fwd..

Other issue: Aku sebenarnya sangat berniat untuk mengelakkan penggunaan bahasa ingeris (rojak) dan membanyakkan menulis bahasa melayu.. sebabnya? Aku terbaca blog kawan lama (sekolah menengah dulu) dan dia menggunakan bahasa melayu yang menarik.. Aku pulak, walaupun bahasa inggeris berada di tahap C tapi terus-menerus menulis dalam bahasa yang secara jujur, tidak aku gemari. Cuma kadang-kala aku berasa agak sukar untuk mengekpresi (betul ke perkataan ini?) perasaan dalam bahasa ibunda yang aku cintai ini.

Hari ni sangat dingin sekali.. betul2 dingin sehingga aku menggigil di atas katil Secara jujurnya, suhu pada hari ini setara dengan suhu semalam, cuma bezanyanya semalam terdapat salji yang pada pendapat aku berperanan mengawal kedinginan suhu. Hari ini matahari kelihatan indah, tetapi dinginnya mencecah -3 celcius.. jika diambil faktor kelajuan angin, suhu sebenar ialah -9 celcius.. (arghhhhh.. susah bangat aku mahu menulis dan mengatur bahasa ini)

Kenapa aku malas? Pertamanya ialah hari ini adalah 'laundry day'. Seperti yang aku katakan, cuaca amat dingin sekali dan aku harus menapak dan mengendung bakul baju ku ke bilik laundry.. Ianya bagai satu beban untuk keluar dari keselesaan rumah dan menapak dalam kedinginan.. :(

Pembacaan buku juga amat berkurangan sekarang kerana aku lebih gemar bermain internet dan menonton tv sambil membungkus badan di dalam selimut.. Aku tidak gemar cuaca begini.. Sungguh aku tidak bohong bila aku katakan cuaca ini memberi impak kepada diriku.. Semakin sejuk, semakin malas untuk aku bergerak..

p/s: seriously... I don't think my bahasa is good as well.. it's so weird when I can't even make a good sentense without delete and redo it.. It feel a little awkward to write in good malay or in good english.. My conclusion is. I'm just not good at language.. :(

Tetapi aku akan terus mencuba :p