Sunday, May 31, 2009

Live from Changi Airport, Singapore

A long journey home and an excited and exhausted one at the same time...

By chronological order:

From St Louis to Kennedy, NY

again, I've been in NY but this time only the airport.. The flight from St Louis was delayed because of the traffic nonsense (for me la).. Hence, when I arrived at Kennedy Airport.. the time is very tight and I still don't call Net10 (my cell phone provider) to deactivate the line for two months... And while waiting in a long line.. I'm struggle to understand the accent of Net10 operator to go through the process... Then it's done! I need to do so because I've been told that the deactivated can not be done online.. troublesome...

From NY to Frankfurt

The flight is full.. Pack! Ok.. Congratulation Singapore airlines for a good business (whatever) but tell you the truth.. I'm spoiled! Sitting in economy class give me a hard time.. I can't even sleep, watch movie or calm down.. It was so tight! I keep imagining my comfortable bed... Thinking about how comfortable the last long flight (while coming to usa) Thank you JPA for the business class.. This is really suffering for me... I'm angry with the situation.. This is a long long long flight.. Arghhh...

But thank god.. I have someone to complaint with.. (as that make me a little calm).. I sit next to a German who born close to Juelich. So, we have a nice chit chat.. We talk about Germany and USA in general... He is a Prof. from Cologne attending a seminar at New Jersey.. So, we talk about Carnival (one of the biggest parade in Germany), Juelich of course and Cologne.. It bring back memories for me.. I like Juelich.. a very nice small town close to Aachen.. I spent 2 months there in 2005.. And he also happen to live in Aachen before. So, then I remember that I need a water to take my medicine.. And when we stop at Frankfurt.. He gave me 3 euro to buy water.. I don't ask for it but I can't say no.. It will be rude.. Furthermore, I need euro.. I don't think they accept USD or RM there.. So, I'm glad for that.. So, thanks for 3 euro mineral water.. (mahal nak mampus air kat German ni)

(1 hour 45 minute transit)

From Frankfurt to Singapore

Nothing much happen inside the flight.. Since I'm taking my medicine.. I can sleep but still I can't watch a movie.. The sit beside me empty (Thank god!) That German guy stop at Franfurt. So, I feel a little comfortable this time and I also begin to accept the situation... The food not so bad.. The flight still pack but not as pack as before.. Less european faces and more asean looking people now... Nothing to do with me.. So, whatever...

Now ~ 3 hours transit to Kuala Lumpur..

Ok.. It's cliche.. But I feel hot.. Ha ha! Jangan complaint ok.. The grass is always greener on the other side.. LOL! Anyway... I'm so tired and I hope my baggage is OK... c u next time... And We Asean is always the most generous.. Malaysia/Singapore always have a free internet excess at airport... Can't said the same for USA and Europe..


Friday, May 29, 2009

Statue Of Liberty.. So they said its famous..


Summer Destination 3: Malaysia.. Yay!!!

Here I come.. To the best destination ever...


Flight Schedule:

Friday (29 May 09) - St. Louis - 3.01 PM --> JFK, New York - 6.45 PM
Friday (29 May 09) - New York - 9.15 PM --> Singapore - 6.35 AM (Sunday)
Sunday (31 May 09) - Singapore - 10.15 AM --> Kuala Lumpur - 11.10 AM

So.. kepada sesapa yag nak jemput di airport datang la.. kekeke.. Jemput, jemput, sila bentang karpet merah untuk saya ok..

Dan sebagai penutup post yang best ini.. Saya lampirkan.. The best moment eva! Well for me and me and me and others... :D

c u guys.... at Malaysia :)


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

I Heart New York! ;-)

Day 2 now... ;-)

Day 1 destination:

1) Arrived
2) Central Park
3) Times Square


1) China Town
2) Little Italy
3) Brooklyn Bridge
4) Madison Square Park
5) Madison Square Garden


1) Statue of Liberty
2) Ellis Island
3) WTC
4) Rockefeller Center
5) Times Square --- again

Here some pics guys...

So many places in New York.. Great City.. So crowded but easy to move... I like New York.. :D but so expensive as well la..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer Destination 2: New York City, NY

Tomorrow, we are going to NYC.. Yay!

Boston is a great city.. I like it..
We visit some places.. but I have no energy to sort out photos yet.. So.. I give just a little preview..


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Destination 1: Boston, MA and American Idol - NO Spoiler! ;-)

Ok.. American Idol first...

It is between Kris and Adam.. (yeah.. we all knew it) but tell you guys.. I can't predict this time.. for me both have their owned quality and both is good.. Adam of course.. very very good.. but I think Kris give him a good fight and I'm not sure guys... I want Adam to win.. but we'll see.. One more. I can't watch the Finale.. because......

I'm on the road...

Boston, here I come.. Tomorrow have to wake up earlier and take a flight...

p/s: I stop here coz I have no mood on writing right now.. c ya guys..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


No Pain No Gain...

Bukan niat nak menunjuk2.. Tapi ni blog aku.. so.. dengan ini aku mengishtiharkan...

Sekali lagi.. :D :D :D :D :D


Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Break Start!

Sebelum aku pulang ke tanah air yang tercinta.. Aku akan menjelajahi dua bandar di negara ini..

Boston & New York City :)

Pada 20/5/09 kami akan bertolak ke Boston

Flight time 9.35am~~~ Arrive around 2.30pm (Beza masa +1 jam)

Then pada 23/5/09 kami akan bertolak ke New York City by bus

Balik ke Columbia 26/5/09

Flight back 12.08pm ~~~ Arrive St Louis 5.48pm (Beza masa - 1jam)

So.. I know, some people esp some friends in Malaysia concern about the Swine flu.. Honestly, I'm concern too but this travel had been plan around a month ago.. before the outbreak.. And there is no way for me to cancel this travel.. And let me tell you guys.. The situation here...

Aku tak tau la sama ada perkara Swine flu ini sangat kepoh diperkatakan atau tidak di luar sana tapi untuk pengetahuan semua.. Di usa ni, I will say that they don't care that much.. I never seen people wearing a mask here.. And menurut Gigi, time dia terbang ke California hari tu.. Nobody wearing a mask in airport (considering it's a crownd place) And further more... we don't really talk about the flu here.. Seriously, without the news letter from university.. Aku sure tak tau yang bende alah ni femes seluruh dunia.. and we occasionally talk about it.. here and there.. I also chat with some 'cyber' friend from New York (ok.. ok.. I chat at Barca chat room :p) and I ask about the flu.. he has the same opinion with me.. it is like its never happen.. we know about it.. and that's it.

So.. kesimpulannya di sini.. sama ada demam ini tidaklah seburuk yang di war-warkan.. ataupun memang sudah perkara lazim bagi rakyat america untuk being ignorant atau pun.. it's really actually not that bad.. Even in news later, University health center just advise us to stay home and avoid crowd place.. anyway, nobody avoid crowd place as they just have a graduation day last Friday and Saturday.. And kalau ada sintom2 demam.. arahannya.. hanyalah makan ubat demam yang biasa saja... I believe there is people who die because of this flu.. but I also believe it is not lethal.. Dalam erti kata lain.. Kalau demam makan ubat.. It is cureable.. That is my opinion..

So, kesimpulannya selepas penjelasan panjang lebar di atas ialah.. Don't worry okey... I will enjoy my trip and I'm with good friends.. :D


p/s: I bought the shoes... lalalalala..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

DOUBLE!!! Going for TREBLE!!!

We are good.. In fact we are very GOOD! We are THE BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD!!!

Barca just win the league..


WE ARE COPA DEL REY WINNER (Spain King's Cup)!!!


We still have a Champion League Final against Manchester United on May 27th, 2009.

No matter what happen on May 27th.. I stand my ground!




Since dah merdeka.. aku pun jalan2 shopping... just some window shopping and buy some well.. things..

Tapi the issues here is.. Ada satu kasut Clark tu.. aku suka sangat.. harga USD 45.99.. Aku rasa murah la kot sebab kat Malaysia lagi mahal.. Tapi kalau aku beli, aku tak akan pakai sebab well, aku tak perlukan kasut tu utk ke school and my friend cakap mahal.. Tapi, right now.. I'm still thinking about that shoes.. it look good.. It feels good.. But it is unnessary.. What I actually need is, a new sport shoes... and I only have Nike in mind.. So, when nike.. it will cost more than USD40.00.. So.. should I stick to a plan? or should I just buy that clark shoes? (And sport shoes later on.. hehehe) And just another note.. Aku also beli sepasang kasut tadi (high hill lagi, but half cover and so comfortable.. And so nice as well.. on clearance USD12.00) That one also, I don't know when to wear.. because my life here.. either sport shoes, snickers or a sandle.. Jeans and t'shirt life.. But.. My mind can't stop thinking about that Clark shoe... Help!

So, shoud I buy or not?

p/s: Now, if I have a car here.. I just drive and buy it.. hehehe tapi kedai dah tutup la plak...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Severe Weather Alert!

Update: No tornado.. just storm :D.. I can sleep well now.. :) Zzzzzz...

There is a possible of tornado coming by..
The weather channel is following the tornado
The hail (ice ball) may be falling
The storm is coming if the tornado not pass through..

This is all news coming from my friend - updated and real time


I'm so tired.. I don't even feel wake up from this bed
Not even to eat (saying this.. aku tak lunch lagi.. now is 5.30pm :O)
Really... I finished exam today and all energy gone at the moment :)
So.. to be in front of tv watching the weather is kind of a big effort at the moment...
I'm gonna sleep soon

She will update me :)
And there will be a siren..
As long as I'm at home.. I think it is save...



I GOT an A IN ADSP!!!!!
Click my student accout --> Click grade --> (Whatever Saira.. just accept it!)
you know how I struggle this sem.. hahahaha..
And I got A in Microwave and RF design as well..
Nuke exam, baru je abis.. Not so good.. Not so good.. Susah.. but I'm glad it's done!
BUT.. HAHAHAHA!!! adsp.. adsp.. adsp.. (aku meroyan! kekeke)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh.. Summer Break.. Ohhhh... huhuhu

Aku baru je lepas jumpa my advisor.. We talk about my research project..

You know what? I got LOTS OF HOMEWORK DURING SUMMER!!!! WAAAAA!!!!!!

PENGSAN!!! WAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

Kemudian.. terpancullah soklan cepu emas dari bibir professor ku...

"Is it interesting?"
Me: *smile* *angguk* *smile again*

"What do you think? Is it do-able?"
Me: *smile* *angguk* *smile* "I have to read the book for sure" *smile again*

My Homework is:

1) Read 2 texts book about ~~~~ electromagnetic fields and beams accelerator (Waa! Aku nak pengsan!!! *erk.. die*)

2) Read the handout about our cyclotron machine properties and understand it!~~~~ erk... :o

3) Design electromagnetic beam to "guide" proton acceleration ~~~~ aku masih 50-50 paham..

Kesimpulannya.. What the heck I put myself into? I'm dying... WAAAAA!!!!!

Oh... My summer break.. The beach! The beach! Here I come!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

Final Week...

Hari terakhir exam jatuh pada hari terakhir semester... So, some people merdeka awal.. some people like me merdeka on the last day... Aku rasa bagus jugak last day sebab banyak sikit masa untuk study... Projek + final exam... Can't wait for everything to end... Seriously, I'm so tired...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Selamat Hari Ibu.. <3

Entry.. Mengisi Masa Tak Lapang...

So.. sebagai mengisi masa yang tak lapang.. aku tempelkan gambar makan2 kat sini.. Ini some of the events that happen this sem.. yang mana aku rasa malas nak tulis kat blog time it happen tapi rajin lak time banyak keje and dekat exam ni... Insafla wahai ummat.... Hehehe...

1) Makan bersama rakan-rakan se-Negara.. a.k.a.. BBQ at Patrick

2) Makan bersama rakan-rakan yang kebanyakannya dari negara jiran.. Thailand.. tapi + 1 American + 1 Korea + 1 Malaysia <-- Aku la orang Malaysia itu..
~~~~~~~~~~~~~BBQ @ Patrick~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Little Party @ Once Upon A Weekend~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ok... I'm Doing adsp Project....

Copyright (c) Reserved..

:P ~~~ Arghhhh... Final exam + project due = mengong..

Friday, May 08, 2009

.GIF Of The Year!

Rubbed It! On their face!
Chelsea reaction is bad... They are frustrated but their reaction is really unprofessional.. So, because of that.. They let those who are creative make fun of them...

Ok.. I nak clarify.. Barca deserved to be in Final! We are the team who want to play.. Chelsea play with 11 men against 10 (stupid red card for us when Chelsea player clearly diving) and what they do? TRIPPLE DECKER BUS PARKING! ON YOUR FACE! IT'S KARMA! HAHAHA!

Ballack Protest!
All these gif file is from another blog + forums... I owned nothing!

But my top 3 is: 1) rumah terbakar, Tom & Jerry and poke the bees.. Hehehe..

And.. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? Barca player don't even touch him.. ANd look at his face.. He is worst than Cristiano Ronaldo.. If Drogba don't do this so many times... Maybe there will be no 4' injury times.. Chelsea only have themself to blame.. :p

And then, the suppose injured Drogba do the worst complaint ever.. Disgraceful!

Urghhh.. Major scary eyes.. :p

Again, I don't own any of the pictures... But.. great gif ha? Hehehe...