Thursday, July 30, 2009

London 09 - Europe In Rush!

This is the craziest travel plan that I ever made. Because it was so crazy, the person who plan this should be fired! So.. I fired myself.. hehehe...

Arrived at Frankfurt Airport: Thursday, 8.40p.m
Out: 9.20 p.m

German is the best place to stop by in Europe. Based on my two times experienced, they never checked anything... just answers some question with the custom. Done!

I was greeting by my friends here in Germany and we took a train to my friend's friend house in Frankfurt. (~20 minutes) I have 2 baggage with me and so very very tired. There was food ready to eat and chit chat time for us. We eat and play some games until midnight because at 1a.m, me and Yam have to go and took a tram to the bus station. The bus is available at 3a.m and we will arrived at Frankfurt Hann Airport at 5.00 a.m. Crazy?

Because... Next flight:

Frankfurt Hann to London: Friday, 6.30 a.m
Time of arrival in London: Friday, 6.30 a.m (-1 hour, hence 1 hour flight)

Time of rest? None

Took a bus from London airport t the city and we straight away go to the hotel. Can't check in but they give us permission to store the bag. Then straight away we went to the nearest attraction: Buckingham Palace - walking distant. Then we stop by at Victoria Station to buy train tickets to Liverpool.. for tomorrow.

Then, we go back to the hotel to check in and refreshed. We began the tour of London city. It involved: A walk, big ben and london eyes. Too bad we can not make it to the london bridge.. even though the place is just a train away, I can not make it. My body refuse to work anymore. I've been travel from Malaysia.. took more than 12 hours flight. No sleep and straight away come to London. Frankly speaking... I almost died. Indeed.. I don't even see the night view of London. It's all in my dream... Anyway, I don't regret it a bit because no city is as big as New York.. and my logic is: city night at London= city night at Paris = done! And probably it also the same with city night in K.L. LOL.

Next day: Madam Tussouds's Museum and trip to Liverpool.

Until next time. bye.... arghhh.. I'm still very tired.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Majlis Doa Selamat

Sebenarnya ni post tergendala.. Event ni berlaku seminggu sebelum aku berlepas dari Malaysia untuk kembali meneruskan pengembaraan hidup dan menggengam sekalung ijazah sarjana (ewah.. berbahasa pulak :p)

So, inilah sekilas pandamg majlis yang dijayakan oleh mak dan abah tercinta...

Kumpulan Taman Samudera

Antara hidangan yang disediakan

Pulut udang Pn. Azizah (mak aku la) - Sedap....

Buah Melaka Manjung

Kuih Apom kegemaran aku...

Masakan utama ialah bihun singapore dan mee kari...

Terima kasih semua... xo

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer destination continue again.. Frankfurt/U.K/Liverpool

Ok guys.. It's a long time since I write anything here... Now I'm at Cangi Airport, Singapore... Baru tadi gaduh ngan pegawai kastam sebab dia suruh gak aku minum air yg secotek je tu.. katanya walaupun below 100ml tapi container tu 500ml.. nak kena empty gak... So, marah la kejap aku ni.. saje je nak buat hal kat airport Cangi ni... bukan senang aku nak jadi subject of attention ni.. tapi aku tak puas hati gak.. isk isk isk...

Ok.. back to story, before you guys tanya why Cangi Airport? Alasannya ialah sebab aku amik Singapore Airline... No.. No.. Not because it's the cheapest flight from USA but... This is the only flight that enable me to transit at Frankfurt from USA <--> Malaysia.. Hence, Singapore Airlines..

Right now, I have a major headache (maybe this is a reason that I'm easily pissed off at the security check just now).. As usual, I have travel sickness.. I should take a medicine everytime I travel, but I had skip it for flight (K.L - Singapore). Reason: I want to test my self endurance .. :p.. No, because I save it for a longer journey, Singapore - Frankfurt flight.. So, I just have to bare this not so good feeling.. I hate it!

Ok... this is some pictures of me and my beloved family at KLIA:


10.25 am -- KLIA
11.20 am -- Singapore

1.55 pm -- Singapore
8.40 pm -- Frankfurt

To my friend; Yam and her friend, who's going to be my friend also.. who will be waiting for me at Frankfurt Airport.. Thank you so much and see you guys there.. And to Purple... I'll see you on Saturday at Liverpool.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter and Transformers

First of all I wanna say.. Thank God that Harry Potter's 6th movies release on July 16th 2009.. Sebabnya aku kat Malaysia time tu.. Bukan apa, kat US biasanya aku tak tengok wayang.. Well, Columbia is a small town so the quality of cinema is not at my standard of satisfaction.. I don't like it.. serious, tgv n gsc is much much better.. Lagipun I dont have car, so I'm not mobile.. And bla bla bla... better watch at Malaysia.. end of story.

Ok.. review... First of all, I wanna say it is hard for me to judge harry potter's movies because I am Harry Potter fans.. and I am bias. I love Harry Potter. I love the books. By saying that, of course harry potter movies will not and never give me the same feeling as a reader. But, as harry potter fans... I will say I LOVE THE MOVIE! I give it 4 stars. (of course over 5 stars). It's funny.. sad.. advantures.. I give my approval for this movie. So, for all harry potter fans.. Go! Watch it! you will not dissapointed! And of course you can't complain about the plot.. It's already written!!! And don't hate Snape.. he is written that way.. huhuhu.. I remember.. I hate book 6 the most! I hate it to the point that I don't reread the book. (You will not believe if I told you how many times I read book 1-5).. Ok, that's my review which sound more like ramblings..

Actually I don't want to review Transformers.. I like it. It was a very good movie.. Just feel like write it here since I'm talking about movies.. I give transformer 4 stars as well..

Until next time.. ;-)

Ok... I change again

As always...

I've been thinking...

I also feel no connection with gold...

So, I change again... (this might happen several times) --> typical me if you know me...

Ok.. my new blog name should be:

i think i like this better... OK?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I think I have enough with Saira...

I've been thinking...

I don't like Saira name anymore for some time now.. actually for quite a long time.. I think it start since I changed the title of this blog from Saira's blog to whatever now...

I think some of the reasons is because of Mimi --> you know what i mean mimi.. hehehe... Another reason is.. I'm bored with that name already, somehow.. I can't explain it. It's suppose to be my virtual/cyber name but I don't feel the connection anymore...

So.. what name should I used?

My sister used Orren.. My best friend used Purple... So, I'm thinking of Yellow.. hmm.. No! How about Blue..Ewww.. Green? Brown? White? Ok ok.. Color is not my thing! Or 'normal color' is not my thing!

I'm proud to say.. my name is Gold... :p hahahahahahhaha....

Ok.. I'm serious.. you can call me gold.. or mas... I don't mind.. ;-)

Oh.. then it lead to other things... I will change my blog name as well.. because it will no longer be sairastory... So, for the readers and silent readers (if you guys exist).. if you still want to cont read my blog and find out this address no longer valid...

The new address should be: (I already reserved this address)

~~~~ so, sairastory will be here for some times for everybody to read this entry ~~~~