Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Somehow, for whatever reason.. When I feel like shopping.. I don't end up with clothes and shoes (my mum should say something about this.. She always complaint that I spent too much on useless thing - such as dvds, etc.. She said buy beautiful dress more!) Ok.. I like new shoes.. I like new dresses.. I just don't have a passion to spent too much time on that.. But again.. I'm still a normal women who love shoes and clothes..

Anyway, back to main point.. When I surf the net.. say amazon or ebay... I always end up surfing the electronic gadgets and stuff... (note: excluding cell phone, I don't like surfing cell phone- that is not my 'thing')

What I love about ebay is its cheap and most of them is free shipping (electronics categories - don't think it's the same for everything else).. I just bought an ipod holder + case to easily hold it while exercise or jogs.. Very cheap.. just $2.99.. And also a new wireless mouse for less than 5 dollar.. My friend told me.. you will get addicted to ebay.. but I don't think so.. because I just bought what I want.. And i usually buy dvds and books at amazon..

Seriously, I will miss this when I'm back home... I remember more than one occasion that I have to call Kunokuniya or MPH just to make sure they have the book that I want... because I am a collector.. When I like something, I want to have it all complete set (with reasonable price of course).. Oh saying that.. I still don't read the books that I bought some time ago.. the twilight series.. (whatever it call) Well, I don't have time to do that yet.. This is also another problems.. I love buying books... Then, I'll put it in my waiting list..

Another thing - this is study related - Because I am student. Remember my 50 questions homework? We just got it back.. I get 8.89/10.. Which is bad because it is a 'B'. After spending that much time.. I end up getting that mark.. To be fair.. so far I'm the highest among our group study.. Not because I'm better than them.. We basically have the same answer.. It just because the #@$% T.A.. He deducted the point when:

1. We don't state the detail (eg: mass of electron = 0.511 Mev/c^2 must be state before using it)
2. We mistakenly miss write the number
3. We forget to put the notation on the equation
4. We skip the step in calculation
5. We don't explain in detail of our answer (eg: must clearly state why the answer is like that, calculation is not enough an answer)

I think he really don't have anything else to do... 1st of all.. this is only a homework.. On top of it, it's 50 questions.. For 50 questions.. naturally we as a human sometimes miss something.. He treat us like an undergrad student.. We graduate student, sometimes skip the details of tedious calculation... We don't usually write step by step on every detail calculation.. Seriously! We plan to complain.. but from what I can see, the success rate is below 50%.. because I don't think the professor even care. Again, I regret taking this subject. Urghh..

Monday, September 28, 2009

Alpacas and Apple Picking...

Yesterday I went to the farm in Mid Missouri.. Objective? is to see the real farm since just playing FarmVille is no longer enough for me.. I need to see the real thing.. :p

No la.. Actually I went there for apples picking.. This is the only opportunities for me since after this the weather will be too cold to do such thing.. And my time here in USA also very limited.. When kak Ana ask me if I want to join them.. Of course a never say no person like me will say YES.. :D

Here is the pictures because someone once told me.. "Pictures said a thousand words" Honestly speaking.. I can say more than a thousand words.. Maybe a million.. but whatever... :p.. Here it is.. ;-)

With alpacas... Alpacas is a family of camel..

Baby alpacas

Then we when to apple picking.. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"

The farm...

The End.. :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another 50 questions homework???

Here I declare...

The T.A for IoRwM is crazy!!!

He really think that all we take this semester is this subject???


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eid 09

Sembahyang raya di Hearnes Center, MU...

Then pegi beraya rumah kak Ana and family

Ni pulak gambar time berbuka pose kat Masjid MU...

end pichas... :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Menu hari raya...

Aku dengan bangganya announce yang aku masak rendang ayam untuk raya kali ini.. Hehehe... Untuk di makan dengan ketupat.. Yay!

Sila lihat rendang saya yang sedang di masak..

Dan ini ketupatnya...

Proper picture will be taken later.. Tujuan aku masak ni adalah sebagai ole2 untuk di bawa ke rumah kak Ana sebab esok kak Ana and family buat rumah terbuka.. Ini juga merupakan menu berbuka pose aku hari ni.. Ermmm.. rasa? serious sedap.. Hehehe... (tragedi angkat bakul kui kui kui.. jangan mare..)

p/s: Over-excited sebab first time masak rendang...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Selamat Menyambut Aidilfitri...


Friday, September 18, 2009

Crazeeeey Thursday...

Today I:

1. Submited the 50 questions homework.... It turn out that I am a good student.. (ewah) I don't ignore any questions and I finally answered everything... But my study group went crazy.. Everybody stress out and on temper... Yeah, we get annoyed easily... Snap snap snap... It's done finally...

2. I also have a meeting with my adviser... So, last night I do all the calculation needed and I even design the circuit... So, today I present it to him (ehemm... with confident) then while presenting it to him.. Dang! I just realized I put the wrong parameter.. Waaa!!! *crumble* Ok.. I told him that I don't know why I mess up with my numbers... huhuhu.. and I need to re-calculate again.. real quick! Arghhh.. I hate it when I become clumsy... But finally I manage to give him the right result. But he do remark me to email him if I find any other mistakes... huh.. And he also manage to give me more work to do on weekend..
Life is miserable...

3. Then I go to the meeting of Hispanic Engineering group.. I know I know.. I'm not Hispanic... But my great great great grandfather came from Mexico.. (Kidding!) Hehehe.. Actually this group will go to Washington D.C for a conference and I want to join them.. In other words I want to go to Washington D.C.. So, I'll be Hispanic if that I have to be.. hehehe.. This conference is good for experience though and it is sponsored.. So, basically I do this for the greater good.. :D

4. Today is "Fringe" new season premier and the plot goes crazier than ever but I still watch it. This series is more x-file than the x-file and keep me wondering... Oh, saying about TV series.. There is a lot of new season TV series coming out this fall.. For now, I follow "Glee" (new musical series), "So you think you can dance", "House" and I begin to like "Bones"... Here is an interesting story.. I lost my TV's remote control, so believe me or not.. All the TV series I mention above is from FOX channel... I'm too lazy to change the channel manually and you can say that I'm a fox fans.. LOL.


Selamat Berpuasa.. 2 days to go :D

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The 50 Questions Homework... and etc

I'm give up now.. After day and night struggling doing this homework... Day and night spent in the libraries with my group study... I left with 2 or 3 questions unanswered... But, I don't care anymore.. I'm done with this homework... I can't think anymore... I neglect almost everything else just to do this homework.. I'm truly so tired.... And I'm officially hate Einstein for discovered E=mc^2

On the other note.. Somebody told me that I'm interesting.. Hahaha.. What should I think of that? Is it like.. "hmm, this movie is interesting" or is it like... "hmm, what an interesting event... " LOOOL.. Anyway, I take it as a compliment... even though I do believe my life is kind of dull lately... And I also have to talk carefully now coz my group study members found a new hobby.. They keep twisting everything I said and teasing me... It makes me mad sometimes but it also a warm feeling as we get closer as a friends... It's a nice feeling..

Aidilfitri is coming.. very soon... but, first of all... I'm so sorry for not feeling Aidilfitri as much as I should... I'm just too busy with homework and study... And there is not much Malaysian here.. So, I don't get the full impact of hari raya... But I will not have a hard time this year coz hari raya happen to be on Sunday.. So, I can peacefully go to sembahyang raya and having fun a bit.. Hope kak Ana cook great Malaysian dishes. Talking about food.. Today I cooked "Ayam masak kicap pedas" Walla... hehehe... Not mean to angkat bakul sendiri, but I do think it tasted good... HAHAHA... I knew it! I'm a natural... hehehe..

What else? My anime addiction still continue even though I'm busy.. I still go to break-fast at Masjid every Saturday.. And my Amazon package had arrived today.. So.. everything is fine.

Ok.. end of my ramblings today... This week just too crazy..

p/s: I dont even have a weekend last week... doing homework all the time... urghhh...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The group and the net...

I'm sucks at title... I no longer have an idea what to write on the title... So, here again a lame title... whatever...

My nuke class goes as it goes... and right now our study group expand more and I meet a new nice people.. One guy is from South Africa.. At first I don't really like him because he seems too energetic for my liking.. He reminds me of myself one year ago.. So eager to grab all the knowledge (sila muntah dgn pengakuan ini ok) Somehow, he makes me feel a bit uncomfortable in my malas state right now.. Another one is from Nepal.. I think he is odd.. never looks me in the eyes and I think he has some kind of "problem"...

Anyway, today when we did a group meeting.. I found out that the South African guy is actually nice and I like the way he thinks.. He has a natural energetic aura around him and he really can converse well with me.. We can talk about the world in general and his point of view fit my style of thinking... And that Nepal guy is also naturally weird... If last time I thought he can't look people in the eyes.. today, he kind of staring at me.. So.. I conclude.. he just weird... My other two group members is from last semester.. and another one new member is a girl.. Girl can always blend well.. So, we all good... Nice :)

Now what else? My earphone rosak!!! Huhuhu.. I want to buy a new one the same as this 'kaput' one but I can't find an apple earphones that only sell the earphones without mic etc.. That will cost me much more.. So, what am I doing in the past one hour??? Searching the And I end up not only buy the earphones.. I also order 1 set of DVD box and 1 dvd movie as well... hmm...

Well, this is the reason... After I make a decision on buying the earphones (after reading the reviews etc) I found out that the shipping price is around $6.00.. I don't like it since the earphones only cost $9.95 (original priced is state to be $49.90 - great ha?) So, if I bought more that $25.00 I got the free shipping.. hehehe.. Now you know how the story goes... I end up spent around $35.00 but I got the free shipping! See the logic? :D I wish you all can see it.. It might be difficult to understand.. but don't blame your incompetency.. It is just the way it is.. LOOOL :p

UPDATE: What a stupid me.. I just found an apple earphones from amazon... It cost less that $10.00.. Huhuhu.. So, I decide to buy this as well.. So, I'll have the original earphone and hopefully a good noise canceling earphones as well.... urghh...

($ = US Dollar)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I hate feeling stupid...

Ok.. I'm going to complaint.. complaint and complaint...

My class is damn crazy!!!

First of all this is the nuke class but it was more physics than ever.. huhuhu.. Rasa aku balik ke form 5 balik.. The instructor cover the whole of 3 chapters of modern physics text book in one day??? Can you imagine that?? Then his T.A took over the class and cover chapter 4 and 5 in one day also.. Worse ever... he (the TA) did say "bla bla bla" (the real bla bla tau bukan sebab aku malas nak tulis dia cakap apa) And he keep said... "you guys should already know this.." and sometimes he said "well, you guy see this before..." ("HELLO!!! I DON'T!") Nak lebih hampeh lagi.. aku siap salin lagi dia cakap apa sebab aku mmg bengang.. Dia kata:

"Everybody knows how laser work right? It just (..... I'm totally lost here ....)"

Dalam kepala aku.. kepala hotak ko! Aku tak tau ok camne laser work.. Well.. should I know?

And the worst thing is.. Aku nampak mereka2 yang lain menganggukkan kepala bersetuju.. Mak!!! I nak nangis ni.. Habis la aku.. End of classs, aku cakap kat my classmate.. well... I got like 1% whatever he teaches today... and she said.. "well, it kind of revising.. so I did understand a bit.." (A BIT???? I see how many times you nod your head.. don't lied!)

And he gave us 50 problems from text book as a homework.. REPEAT! 50 soklan tau!!! Aku lemah fizik!!! HUHUHU.. Apsal la aku amik kelas ni.. Now dah tak leh drop lagi!!! because I can't add other class anymore... Pastu tadi while doing homework... kitorang buat group discussion.. I'm like the most blur person in the group and when I see their homework... They actually write it like a physicist (because they are!!! WAAAAAA!!! FYI most nuke eng. student is from physic major!!! Nangis lagi).. I don't know how to write like a physicist... I don't know how to write.. "Assuming that rocket time and earth time is measure in 2 frame bla bla bla ...... (don't know how to cont.)

I see doom.... I'm doom.... What the heck is happening???? Huhuhu...

Ok.. Sekian bebel kali ini...

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tick Tock...

Hari ni nak makan apa yer? Nak masak apa yer? Semalam dah shopping2.. Ayam ada.. Udang ada.. Sotong ada.. Hmm...

Homework progress??? Huhuhu.. 10% - Now I'm very the malas ok...
Project progress??? ~ 5% - even worst!!! huhuhu...
Study progress??? ~ 3% - I'm lost in my anime.. That's true.. I'm watching Anime all the time.. We can not say it's distraction anymore.. It's addiction!

Honest honest honest speaking.... This is the list of anime I watched since August.. (not in order)

1. Kyo Kara Maou (God!(?) Save Our King) ~ 3 seasons - 122 episodes
2. Samurai Deeper Kyo ~ 26 episodes but skip maybe 10 episodes
3. Vampire Knight ~ 2 seasons - 26 episodes
4. Fruits Basket ~ 1 season - 26 episodes
5. Ouran High School Host Club - 25 episodes
6. Gantz ~ 1 season - 13 episodes - I lost interest to cont to 2nd season
7. Bleach ~ Ongoing - so far 235 episodes but I skips some.. so, watched about 150 episodes ~~~ maybe
8. Code Geass - 2 seasons - 50 episodes (AWESOME!!! - I re-watched certain episode so many times esp. last episode)
9. Pandora's Heart ~ Ongoing - so far 22 episodes...
10. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ~ Ongoing - so far 20 episodes

Also watch few anime on anime searching - means that I may watched around 1 to 5 episodes only

1. Ayashi No ceres ~ 4 episodes - save for later
2. Bakenomotagari ~ 2 episodes - save for later
3. Rorouni Kensyin ~ 4 episodes - save for later
4. Basilisk ~ 1 episode - not my type
5. Death Note ~ 3 episodes - spoiled
6. Please Teacher ~ 3 episodes - not my type
7. Cowboy Bebop ~ 1 episode - not my type

So.. Where all my time goes? Arghhh.. I really need to knock my head hard!!! Anyway.. Since I watched so many anime already... I'll list my top 5.. :p

1. Code Geass - This is really awesome anime... Seriously... and it's complicated... Never hook to anything like this one gave me.. Since I watched the 1st episode I just have to finish it.. This one really get me.. (KKM just got to be the 2nd one)
2. Kyo Kara Maoh - This one is like my all time fav. Watched in first time in 2007.. And I indeed have it's dvd.. Should be number 1 if not because of CG.. Because this anime is so relaxing and I indeed always watched it as my free time fill in...
3. Gensomaden Saiyuki- This is my 1st love.. LOOOOL.. I love this series so much and owned it..
4. Vampire Knight - Well..
5. Death Note - I put in my top 5 even though I dont watch it all but I do read the manga.. finished it in 2005.. Because I like the manga so much.. and this is a play with the wit and intelligent type of story.. re-watch on anime dont give me a trill because I know everything already.. Still it is one of the best story ever...

Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist and Pandora's Heart is still ongoing series.. So, they don't count.. I actually owned the box set of FMA series (51 episodes complete series) but that one is not original as manga series, they changed the plot.. So, I don't like it as much as FMA:Brotherhood.. This time they follow the manga.. which I like.. :D

Hehehe... Anime lover out there.. You understand me right? :p

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Cerita berbuka...

Aku bukan ape.. saje je nak brag kat sini.. kekeke... Semalam aku masak ayam masak kurma.. kekeke... (nnt jap gi aku amik gambar sebab aku masak banyak.. leh makan 3 hari).. Rupanya tak la susah sangat masak kurma ni.. cuma tak penah cuba jer.. Walau macam mana pun aku tetap rasa bangga..

Rasa masakan aku kali ni ok la.. aku rasa kurang garam sikit sebab tak leh rasa time masak.. Thanks to mak yang men-guide masak bende alah ni.. Aku call Malaysia tau jam 7.30 pagi.. Nasib baik la family kat kampung dah bangun.. hehehe.. Bukan apa, walaupun dah ada resepi tapi kena jugak dgr "live" dari mak di kampung.. Sebab 2 hari lepas aku telah membuat tragedi masak lemak sayur.. Bukan aku tak penah masak masak lemak sayur tapi somehow hari tu aku masak terlebih bubuh gula... Serious aku tak leh makan.. So.. setelah buat adjustment.. aku boleh makan sikit jer.. Rugi-rugi...

Now, aku kat library.. tgh "study" Tapi aku duk teringat nak masak sayur taugeh.. hmm... nyam nyam.. hehehe... Aku rasa la kan.. Bulan puasa ni bukan men-dietkan aku... Tapi merajinkan aku masak dan makan.... Waaaaaaa!!!!!

Sekian.. now jam 2pm.. 5 jam 40 minit to go! :p

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Now we talk... H1N1

Remember I told you guys that here it feel like this flu is nothing.. but the time is coming now... because it's here...
· Minimize contact with other students. Stay in your residence hall room, Greek house or apartment. DO NOT GO TO CLASS.
· Call the Student Health Center (882-7481) or your personal physician. Do NOT go to the Student Health Center, or your personal physician’s office, without CALLING FIRST. This enables timely and efficient care to be provided to those in need and minimizes the spread of influenza to others. If you have extremely severe symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, you may need treatment at Urgent Care or the Emergency Center.
· The typical illness lasts 5-7 days. Fever and body aches should be managed by taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen. If symptoms worsen, contact the Student Health Center or your personal physician. As always, if you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911.
· If you have a chronic medical condition, you may be at risk for complications from influenza and should contact the Student Health Center or your personal physician for recommendations. These problems include lung conditions like asthma, heart problems, kidney, liver or blood disorders (including sickle cell disease), diabetes and other metabolic disorders, immune suppression caused by medications or HIV, pregnancy, and medical conditions that may require long-term aspirin therapy.
· You may return to class or work when your temperature has been less than 100 degrees for at least 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication.
· Email your professors to notify them that you will be missing class due to illness.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Feel a little bit off today...

The Stary Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Always Love It... It's a mix feeling but loneliness is the most standout feeling that this picture gave me...