Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ramblings la!

I've been to Broga Hill last weekend.. Very good experience... I really like the freshness... Love the outdoor xtvt... I wanna go there again! Sape nak gi??? Meh la ajak aku okay... Have some pichas but not in this PC. I've been reminded myself so many times to upload it here (in this PC) but always failed to do so.. Means the pichas have to wait then...

Then the next day (Sunday) I went grocery shopping at Alamanda... At first headed to cold storage to buy cherries (I LOVE fresh cherries) then as usual to C4... Went there alone.. So, I'm kind of.. "Ok take whatever you want"... bad bad impulse grocery shopping... If I can't choose between two things.. I will end up took both, with a "whatever" thinking.. Well.. whatever...

Yesterday.. Masuk je opis, I found out that two of my colleague took a day off... That moment I regret for not doing the same.. Dah la punch card merah (for 1 minutes late.. what a shame)... I tried to do my task but end up wasting most of my times doing nothing in particular (yeah I felt bad)...

Seriously, my mood is upside down nowadays... Many things irritated me.. I have a presentation tomorrow and another meeting on Thurday... I hate it! Because this is the end of the year.. I wanna have a vacation!

At this moment.. I want to be save! Where is my prince in shining armor???

Wednesday, December 22, 2010



What am I doing???


Where is my self control??? What happen to all the "big" talk... Hwaaaaa!!!!

I cannot help it.. I'm always hungry... All the time... Quote from my friend "The best and heavenly place for food is MALAYSIA!!!"

To tone down the exaggeration note... I'm telling you guys, I didn't gain as much... I still maintain having a couple of extra pounds compared to three months ago.. but this is totally not the path that I planned... Well, you know I should lose 5 pounds in three months.. (in my dream... huhuhu)

Ok.. I'm gonna stop talking like a diet freak out... I'm totally NOT freak out.............. yet. :p

I have several issues to talk here... well... not really issues.. just things...

First and foremost.. My sister gonna stay with me.. together with her youngest kid (about 2 years old)... I'm so thrill! I already prepared a room for her... Already bought all the furnitures for her convenience.. etc.. etc.. She now becoming a weekend wife... hehehe.. Gonna have her PhD at UKM and on study leave... Sound good? Very interesting right? But I already warned her.. this sister of hers not gonna change her schedule... a.k.a Cannot interfere the life of a single lady.. HAHA... Well you know what I mean.. :p

Secondly... I have an integrity issue... Not that I'm sooo "good"... It just I cannot stand to see this new colleague in my office... He think this office belong to him.. He can having lunch as long as he like.. On top of that, go back early.. It is not that it bother me too much.. But he did it EVERYDAY.. Even me (repeat) Even me.. an almost senior (senior and me doesn't match :p) never did that... I'm rarely go back on time and always care on how long I take time for lunch break... So, in other words.. I'm annoyed with the attitude of this new guy...

You know.. last weekend I had an AGM and dinner at Legend hotel.. then I lepak with my friend so late that made me feeling unwell a couple days later.. Because I always have an accumulate tiredness... So, I had a little fever but cure after some medicine... Not so critical but it was rare for me to have a fever... Glad it was minor.. :-)

Yesterday I watched Social Network movie.. A story about facebook guy... I like it! It's a bit boring at times but still was a good movie... Now I know who actually invent a facebook and the story behind it...

Oh forget to mention! My Sony Laptop is fixed!!! Terbang RM530.00... High maintenance sungguh... huhuhu.. Hopefully it stay well for at least 3 years... It only have a warranty for 2 months though... The graphic card and RAM need to be replaced... I also bought a GPS and more shoes... A few cloths and some others :p

Last but not least.. I bought a new exercise machine! Hehe.. My target is to have a mini gym in my house... But buying an equipment is meaningless if not utilize it.. BUT.. at least I have no more excuse not to work out... So.. I'll start tomorrow.. :PPPPPPP

Friday, December 17, 2010

Girls day out!

Ni sebenarnya xtvt kami adik-beradik time cuti raya haji haritu... Bersuka-ria di pantai teluk batik... Sebenarnya kami pegi agak lambat.. tapi sebab teringin nak naik banana bot ngan apa ntah nama bot satu lagi ni... So ni la gambar xtvt menarik kitorang...

xtvt pertama ni lebih mencabar dari banana bot... Sampai aku sakit tangan pastu... Sorang bayaran dia RM10.00.. Dinasihati membuka cermin mata umtuk mengelakkan cermin mata anda melambung lalu hilang dilautan...

Di tengah lautan.. Scary jugakla.. terlompat2 kitorang atas pelampung bot tu... Hanya bergantung kepada kekuatan tangan je..
Dah abis dah....

Pastu kitorang naik banana bot pulak.. Sorang RM5.00 jer... Bagi aku banana bot ni biasa2 jer... maybe sebab yg sebelum ni lebih scary...

Agak jauh ke tengah jugak kitorang ni.. tapi sebab menjerit sakan.. tak terasa pon...
Ending dia, diorang sengaja kona lipat... So, kitorang tercampak di lautan... hehehe...

xtvt ni memang besh.. tapi esoknya muscle tangan aku sakit... badan pun sakit2.. Tapi maybe nak naik lagi.. hehehe.. esp yg bot 1st tu.. Sebabnya kitorang cakap kat pemandu tu sederhana laju dulu baru laju betul2.. Lain kali aku nak start2 je terus laju gila... Hehehe...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Birthday day...

14 December 2010

It was a good day...

To tell you the truth, I am so tired that day.. not because of the party or whatsoever... It was due to my workout the other days and the accumulation of lack of sleep... Ikut kata hati.. All I wanna do that day is sleep... BUT because 14 December is a special day... And also so many friends ask me to enjoy the day... More important.. I don't wanna spend my birthday by sleeping the whole day :p

I end up MC yesterday due to tiredness.... (can you imagine that?)

The day start with I'm saying thank you to all the wishes from friends and family... Almost all my office-mate is not in the office... Those who were in is so busy with end of the year report... So, I decided not to have lunch... But then Kay (the only one who are in) ask me to go out... And offered to buy me a cake... (but.. I'm on diet!!! Don't wanna cake! :p) But I end up agree for just a piece of cake... Here is my tiny celebration at Secret Recipe!

Thanks to Kay!

Posing... ;-)
Make a wish!
Hope all my wishes come true! :-)
Carrot cake!
Kay and me...

Then, I have a dinner appointment with Linda and catz... Must go home and look pretty first! ;-) Since it was my birth day... I wanna look cute! (HAHA) So, I wear the whole pink and white dress... I don't take much pictures.. Here is some..

Kay (different one.. Haha), Linda and me...
Thanks Linda for the dinner! :-)

Catz and me...
Catz bought me 2 pieces of cake.. u guys can see in that picture above.. Yummy!!! Thanks Catz! <3

I wear that pick blouse with a white pant and pink sandals.. Can you imagine how cute it was? haha... BUT, white and me really not mean to be together... Somehow, I can't manage white pants... It got dirty so easily... Urgghh.. Don't like it! After this dinner, I went to Alamanda with Catz.. At first I plan to buy myself a birthday present but nothing interest me much... So, I decide to postpone it.. I'll buy myself a new cellphone next year.. hehe...

That's it! I spent the whole of next day to sleep.. Hehe.. ;-)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The best day of the days....

Today is my birthday.. :)))) I'm officially a year older! Haha! Time to be wiser!!! :p

Today start in a good way... I will cherish every moment.. :-)

At 1.00am Yuri called me! Thanks Yuri.. I'm touched.. Well, the time different is confusing.. Panama and here differ 13 hours... Think again, we are so far apart but our the friendship remain close.. GG already wish me an earlier birthday wish.. So, I will count Yuri as the 1st one to wish me on the day of 14th December!!! ;-)

I wanna say Thanks to all my friend yang wish me Happy Birthday... And those yang tak wish or belum wish... I know, they think of me in their heart.. :-) and honestly for me, birthday is not that important.. Well, it is important on the day you were born but not that much afterward.. if you know what I mean... Anyway.. It is a day to celebrate!

When I wake up today... Got some birthday wishes on my phone... But as usual, I'm rushing to make sure I'm not late (again).. YES! I made it!!! Tepat jam 8.00am.. What a good day! ;-) Then I decide, since it is my birthday.. I'm gonna buy myself a nescafe ice to start a day(I love to start my day with Nescafe ice.. but I don't want to make it a habit.. but today is Okay!) When I was at the counter, my colleague offered to pay for me.. Thank you for my 1st B-Day gift! (He doesn't know though and I don't plan to announce my B-Day to everyone :p) Then, at office, swith on my PC.. check fb.. Wah.. Lots of BDay wishes.. Thanks friends :-) Then, I got calls from my sis, bro, sis in law and nieces wishing me a happy birthday! :-D

Yuri told me last night that I should go out for a dinner or something... But I actually don't wanna coz I'm on diet (haha).. But then I'm thinking.. I will say YES for a dinner to the first person who ask me... And it turn out, Linda asked me out 1st... Deal! Catz asked a bit later... So, I asked her to join me if she want... So, I guess that will be my BDay dinner then...

I think this will be all.. I'm gonna call my parents to say Thank you... And I just hope the rest of the day is good and prosperity... I will ignore all the unpleasant things and enjoy my day!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Report?

Why question mark? Sebabnya I'm not sure if this is the right title.. Whatever la kan... hehehe..

Anyway, I wanna update my little simple life here... because I feel like doing it! :-)

I'm still in weight watching program... I try to be more discipline when taking my breakfast and lunch... Try to avoid dinner and working out at the same time... So far I'm doing okay.. I will practice this for at least a month.. Oh one more, I have a resolution not to eat rice this week.. I wanna see the impact of doing it... But that doesn't mean I don't take carbs at all.. I do eat breads, noodles etc.. Hehehe.. just try not to eat rice :P Boleh?

One more, I watched Narnia movie already.. It was good! I like it! I just missed Peter the King... Narnia is different without him.. Hehehe... On Friday night, catz and me went out for karaoke (yes... again) at the place where we said (once) to never go there again.. :p Whatever~~~~

Tata for now...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Watch Out!

The red light is blinking.. I got to be cautious... I'm gaining a couple of extra pounds!!! With 3 weeks in row of 'busy' life.. The effect is showing up now...

Starting now.. I'm not gonna take dinner anymore.. no more ice cream... no more chocolate.. and start the work out session.. The thing is, I'm gonna miss the deadline! I suppose to lose 5 pounds by end of this month but the reverse is happening now! On my defense, the unexpected trip is the main reason... How can I resist all the free foods that dancing in front of me days and nights??? Who are strong enough to stop her/his self??? See!!! Not my fault! :-p

As mention in previous post, I had a workshop in Melaka this week.. and I expected it to be interesting. It turn out to be true.. Hehehe... It was interesting! I like it.. I got to know other people outside of my circle and I got some interesting things happen. Anyway, there was a moment I felt like my brain capacity seems to reach its saturation point...

Oh.. today I supposed to have a dinner for club members at my office.. I actually already dressed myself for the dinner but changed my mind at the last moment... Just when I started my car, I got a message from my friend that most of the table is already full (I'm a bit late) and she cannot spare any space for me... I called her and we talked for a while but then she cut off the call (maybe it was not a good time to talk) but it actually turn me off and I decided to hang out with catz instead.. So, I went back inside, changed to casual and drove to catz's house...

Enough ramblings for now.... I just got too much coffee in my system!

see ya! ;-)

Monday, December 06, 2010

Why am I so bored?

I wanna blog.. but again, I forgot to copy the photos from my netbook to this PC... The reason I need to do so is because I rarely blog from my netbook... When I'm alone with my netbook I do some other stuffs like reading manga, fb, youtube, etc etc etc and blogging is somehow not in the list.. Maybe it's too small for writing... Note to myself! I need to fix my laptop a.s.a.p.. Urghh.. I know where to repair it already.. just always forgot to take it there..

Actually I got many things to do but.. I'm so lazeeeey to do it... Been out of office for so long really give an impact to my working mood... After Eid Adha, suddenly I need to go to Melaka for the whole week for some event.. Which I felt almost stupid doing it.. Then got to attend a conference in KL and this week (starting tomorrow - here goes my Awal Muharram holiday) again, I need to go to Melaka for another event till Friday.. The question is.. WHY MELAKA??? I'm tired of Melaka.. huhuhu.. But this event sound interesting though.. Hope something good happen... Coz, seriously.. I'm so BORED!

Last weekend (Thank god finally I had a weekend for myself) I went to IKEA and bought some stuff for my house.. I believe (perasan) my house now look gorjes.. hehehe... The only problems is.. I still have a lot of things to unpack.. the things from my previous house and also boxes from US that just arrived b4 Eid Adha...

Oh.. Just got a call from Linda.. We gonna watch Harry Potter tonight at Alamanda.. Been some times since I hangout with her... As a fan of HP, I must tell that I already watched it.. This is the 2nd time for me, reason is last time I watched it at my hometown, the cinema is not even TGV or GSC or anything on that level.. The screen a bit smaller than normal.. I think.. So, just feel like watch it again... Saje nak membazir masa, duit dan tenaga.. hihihi... No la.. I wanna spend time with my friend... This maybe a bit of antidote to cure my boredom problem.. I hope!

Tata.. ;-)

Friday, December 03, 2010

Another update entry... soweeee....

Let me count.. Walla!!! I left my blog alone for more than a month.. Sian blog ni... terabai.. huhu...

First of all... I'm very busy this month with work and non-work things (excuse)
But this is life ha? Ada up ada down ada down ada more down and ada up.... but eventually, looking back.. kita kena bersyukur dengan apa yang ada (I keep telling myself this though.. Easy said than done...)

Ok, back to update.. I would like to highlight some xtvts.. sebab xtvt ni bergambar.. xtvt tak bergambar kita story morry je lah yer..

Ist.. The charity walk at Putrajaya on Oct 30, 2010.. I like this xtvt so much.. Pertamanya menyihatkan tubuh badan.. keduanya I did the xtvt with my good friends.. I love spending time with my dear friends... ;-) yang ketiganya.. We got t'shirt and goodies.. I like!!! (Well, it was included with the fee (RM20)) dan yang paling utama.. It was for the world hunger... Be thankful for all were given to us... Aku ni asyik hunger sebab berdiet (exaggerating :p) but some people out there can't even afford the food.... :(((
Here pichas...

with catz, shelly, purp and me~~~ love ya guys!!!
Walk the line... ;-)
5 km feel like nothing!
Because we were having fun!!! :-D
I wanna pose!!!! In front of Justice hall

2nd... Ever heard i-city??? Of course la kan.. I have a bro study di UiTM Shah Alam.. Always telling me to come and visit i-city.. So, on Depavali weekend, i visited there.. It was a nice place.. A lot of sparkling trees... hehe... We park at warong nearby then walk our way up.. Sebab kalau bawak kereta mmg jammed aaa... Was nice time there.. I love it! Here pichas ;-)

I like!
This is me and my bro...
Me and my bro's gf... ;-)

Those were the halfway story of my xtvt.. Ada lagi half tapi don't have pichas on this PC.. Gonna write about those later...

Oh.. one more thing (or two or three :p) There were some shocking things happen recently that open my eyes more...

1. My long long time ago frienemy (friend who actually and enemy.. huhuhu or we used to be good friend but things happen) I thought by gone be by gone... Apparently not to this person.. This person actually did something that surprised me (stab back kind of thing) and made me so sad.. Because now I realized, you never know a person heart even after so many years

2. I heard some sad news about some people I knew in USA that had passed away.. How short life can be.. Innalillah...

3. I know this guy who always portray himself as 'alim'.. However, until you know a person longer.. you can never trust the upfront image... How disappointing...

Ok la.. too long o-le-di... need to stop!

Have a good day friends....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Lately, sangat malas nak menulis blog... Many things happen yang I rasa worth to write about tapi mood menulis yang takde... So.. o to ka jo? To make things simple.. Gonna write it in point as usual...

1. Now I dah install streamyx kat umah... Yay!!!! Baru best nak ber-internet.. Now I can watch all the korean drama for free.. hehehe...

2. I dah hantar my Sony laptop kat Sony service KLCC... Last week they sms me the quotation for repairing.. You know what... It was #$@% expensive!!!! RM1138.00 Uwaaaaaaaa..... How could it be???? So, I said NO la.. Now I'm surveying other computer repair shops.. So far, one shop told me that the repair cost is RM450.00.. Acceptable la.. but I'm gonna survey more... huhuhu...

3. Shopping mania... This one belum cure lagi... I'm gonna stop soon... Kalau pg shopping complex tu kan.. Asyik ada je yang tak cukup.. I should have more self control!

4. Last but not least... Cuti-cuti Malaysia la.... This time I went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.. Actually went there for official business... But, what is business without pleasure... hehehe... Here some pichas guys...

Menikmati keindahan matahari terbenam... hehehe..
Jambatan Tamparuli
Karambunai beach...
Kinabalu Park, kaki gunung kinabalu
Belakang tu, Gunung Kinabalu... Next plan is panjat this gunung... hehehe

I have so many things to write.. but that's all this time... ;-)

Till I write again... hehehe

Friday, October 08, 2010

What Should I Do???


I love this song so much... From Korean drama - You're Beautiful OST

English translation:


When I let you go one step further, my eyes overflowed with tears
When you walk one step further, more tears are falling
As you move away to a place where I can’t reach you,
Even if I reach out my hand, I can’t reach you, I can only cry


What should I do? What should I do ?
You’re leaving
What should I do? What should I do ?
You are leaving me
I love you, I love you
I cry out to you
But you can’t hear me because I am only shouting in my heart

All day long I try to forget you, but I think of you again
All day long I try to say goodbye, but I think of you again
When you went to a place where I can’t hold you,
Even if my hand reaches out to you, I can’t see you, I can only cry

What I should do? What should I do ?
You’re leaving
What should I do? What should I do ?
I love you, I love you
I cry out to you
But you can’t hear me because I am only shouting in my heart

What should I do? What should I do ?
I only have you
What should I do? What should I do ?
You’re leaving
What should I do? What should I do ?
You’re leaving
I love you, I love you
I cry out to you
But you can’t hear me because I am only shouting in my heart

p/s: I'm in love~~~~~ with this song okay.. ;-)

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Back On Track!!!

Hola frens...

Now I'm taking a deep breath... my life is back on track but somehow my shopping habits become worst... Huhuhu... Let see what's happen recently...

I'm officially registered to the gym at my neighborhood.. The equipment is so-so la.. Acceptable with the fees. At least I have no excuse to not to exercise... I still pursue my dream weight (hehehe) and the check point date is December 2010.. Wish me luck guys.. :p "May the force be with me.." hehe..

Beauty cautious alert!!! I don't know what happen to me... Suddenly I think I need so many beauty products... I spent so much (too much!) on this.. So, be ready.. you will meet a new beautiful me to justify all the money I spent for the products! Hehehe... Oh, one more... I'm wearing contact lens now... hehe!

Korean drama side effect! I love Korean drama... and I'm also a "collector" I love to own the drama I love.. So, I bought "the Legend" DVDs just for the sake of having it and I plan to re-watch it.. on TV... Last time I watched it on internet where they usually split one episode to 4-6 parts.. So, I plan to watch it smoothly this time... Then I realized... This drama is on 16:9 screen... Oh, I need a wide screen TV = plasma/LCD/LED TV!!! Then... Oh, I need a dvd player as well.. :p = home theater set... Huhuhu.. Now I have my dream TV and a full set of home theater... That's the side effect of Korean drama... (I'm feeling a bit guilty for not being strong :-P)

Cuti-cuti Malaysia... Last 2 weeks.. I went to Kuantan with catz for a course.. Then we extended the stay for our own vacation.. ;-) Here some pichas..

Visit Cherating turtle sanctuary (That girl is the receptionist there)

Relaxing at our hotel's swimming pool
Eating out at Tanjung Lumpur.. The famous seafood place :-)
Print my name on Teluk Cempedak beach... ;-)
Walk my way towards the other side of the beach
Feel the beach...
My "peace"/"victory" sign
Time to go home~~~~ :-D

That's all folks!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

A letter to my buddies...

I'm a bit depress regarding things that I cannot write in here.. At this moment I miss my buddies... I miss the carefree life... I miss going to gym on Friday evening to play badminton... I miss hanging out at starbuck and has a good time talking about what is love.. :p I miss our biking trip along the MKT trail...

Don't get me wrong.. I like my life right now as well.. It is a continuous adventures but my best buddies is so far away... and I miss you guys...

- a note from far away -

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hola... Aloha...

It's been a long time...

The truth is.. I am bussseeeyyy and laaazeeeeyyyy... hehehe...

I'm already here.. In Malaysia... Arrived on August 11, 2010 and back to work on August 18,2010.. Life is hectic since then...

On my 1st day report duty, I was assigned with some of my colleague an urgent project that must be completed within one week.. Then, I need to prepare a project proposal for an upcoming course which held last week. So, basically I was very busy with project, proposal and hari raya.. Nak shopping raya lagi kan.. tukar duit lagi.. On top of that, I have to shop sofa set for my living room.. So, now my house is no more "surau" concept la. ;-) and a bedroom set to demolish my another "surau" concept, my bedroom.. hehe... So.. since I landed till now, I don't even have a proper weekend for my own leisure... huhu.. Satu wayang pun blom tgk lagi tau! (*sadis ker tu?*)

As right now, I hope everything is back to "normal" (normal = work less play more)... I want to enjoy life.. That's my motto! Think positive and world peace! ;-) And when people back stab you, make sure you return the favor! let them feel sorry for ever did that to you... hehe.. Then life is indeed a joyful place.. :p

Here is some pichas of me on eid and with the rabbit before it became.. "rendang arnab" HAHAHA..

My family and me...

My parents, my lil sis and me...

My sis and me...
My bro and me...
Sesi bermaaf-maafan... hehe..
My bro and his kid
Peace for Arnab!
Yummy???? HAHAHA...

Will update more later!!! :-)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A mixed feeling....

I'm D.O.N.E!!!

Defense <---- Done!
Thesis <---- Done!

I'm excited to end this journey... I'm also sad to end this journey...
It is a mixed feeling...

When I think about going home to Malaysia... I feel so happy.. Back to where I belong... with my family, friends and everything that belong to me.. my house, my car, my work.... everything.... and my longing for Malaysian food will cure.. It is a nice feeling... I can't wait!

But... at the same time, I'm gonna leave Mizzou.. my memories here.... My friends here, my apartment... I'm gonna leave something that is so sweet and meaningful here... While I'm here, my perspective become wider.. In some way, I feel that something changed inside me... I see the world in different view... I am indeed a better person now (that's what I think at least)

What comes next?

The series of farewell parties will follow... (hmm, next week will be busy eating!) I have a list of friends that I'm gonna have dinner with... So, bye bye diet.. hehehe

Packing time.... huhuhu.. I hate this! Somebody do it for me!!!

Clean the apartment... I am dreading to do this..

And finally but most important.. :-DDDD
I have one more travel vacation to celebrate my success here ;-)

It will be a surprise!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Writing is Done!

I'm here to celebrate the end of writing the thesis... YAY!
Total pages is 112.. I'm glad.. :-)

Now, what's left is:

Preparing the presentation and defense it!

The defense date is July 21st, 2010, 3 pm... Pray for me guys... I hope everything goes smoothly...

I can't wait to finish this!

Seriously.. I'm tired of study!!!

Last but not least, condolences to Mimi and family... Semoga arwah sentiasa diberkatiNya... I wish you are alright and please be strong... My pray is with you...

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I have a confession....

I'm spending the whole three days doing nothing!!! huhuhuhu..

I feel super guilty!

And I still not finish writing my thesis.. the defends date is in two weeks... (*scared like hell now*)

The reason???

I'm falling in love and become a prisoner of my emotion.. :P

Well.. It's start with my new netbook.. and the urge of playing with it.. And somehow one thing lead to another.. while surfing mysoju (in the bz time like this, opening that site is a crime by itself)... And while "stalking" my fav all time actor.. "Bae Yong Joon" a.k.a "Jun Sang"... I stumble to this drama... "The Legend"

Then.. I couldn't stop myself... I did try.. but I finally finished watching all 24 episodes of it... HUHUHU.. What's done is done... Seriously... This drama is AWESOME! and BYJ is so damn good looking... And the acting is so damn good... The cinematography is so beautiful... This is one of the best period drama I ever watched.. (or am I bias?) Doesn't matter... This change my opinion.. I thought only Taiwan/China/HK can do good epic drama.. but now I'm looking for more epic drama from Korea (After defense of course... :-P)

Chao.. ;-)

Oh.. here the music videos for the the drama..

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Hola!!! Welcome to my new gadjet! My new Netbook.. :-D

Hola... Hello... Hi...

Now I'm using my new netbook... :-))))

Detailed later okay...


Saturday, July 03, 2010

Rumblings.. and it worst when ur english is sucks and you are depressed... And somehow your malay also sucks.. :P

I'm feeling depressed..
(ps: It's got nothing to do with Brazil out of WC.. hahaha.. I'm glad they were out.. tata.. :-P)


I realized.. I'm not super human... I need my slim tiny little best friend.. My Laptop!!! HUHUHU... It is unlucky.. It is misfortune... Why It had to break at this time??? I have less than 2 months to go... But as people said.. "everything happen for a reason"

The reasons (probably):

1. It's a push for me to buy a netbook.. I've been thinking about buying a netbook for more than a year.. but nothing push me into it.. So, this may be a reason... maybe

2. It's a reminder to me that brand means nothing.. If you are unlucky.. no brand name is reliable...

3. It is a push for me to become an extra-ordinary student... LOL.. believe me... when half of your time in library or computer lab.. What will you thinking? :-P

I for once is a kind of person, when I'm angry.. my ideas will come floating.... It produced the best of me... and now I am angry... Let see what's the "best of me" will it produced...

1. In high school.. when I was bullied.. I turn to book.. Hence, I became an excellent student.. ;-) Should I said thank you to my bullier? :-S

2. Here, my laptop rosak dua kali okay... one time, i spilled water on it... That week happened to be an exam week.. So, I focus on reading instead.. How do you think I got my "A"s??? :-p Now it break when I'm writing a thesis... Being a permanent resident of library got an advantage also.. I'm so tired when I'm home.. So, I cut down my leisure time... (yeah.. right.. :P)

3. When I had a fight with Wit.. Ops.. tukar bahasa.. Masa tu sangat marah.. itulah masanya aku sangat berkobar-kobar exercise di gym.. Semua amarah aku lepaskan kepada machine elliptical tu... Hehehe..

4. Masa aku bengang dgn gigi.. Itu adalah antara masa aku tulis paling banyak.. aku berjaya habiskan 2 chapters.. dalam masa yang lebih singkat.. semua amarah aku lepaskan pada tulisan.. kekeke..

So, as I said.. maybe every bad things happen.. there were a hidden agenda behind it...

Ok.. apa2pun.. Aku tensyen... I need my "best friend".. 4th of July is coming.. Independence day of USA.. So.. cuti umum means library close.. computer lab close... Netbook.. Here I come... I'm gonna buy the cheap one... The cheapest that agreeable to my standard of requirement la... My target is less than RM1000.. So, hopefully I can get the one with less than USD300... Let's see guys...

Oh.. forgot to say.. Last night... After I'm done with my chapter 6.. Shut down and change location.. Suddenly.. Tada.. The file is F corrupted... I have to redo everything... Then when I think that nothing worse can happen.. Then.. Dang! The computer I'm using crashed.. blink-blue screen- WTF??? I'm super angry.. I think the kid (undergrad student) in front of me look at me nervously.. Well, if the computer that I was using is a human.. it will tremble in agony waiting for a horrible death.. :-P.. Anyway, after restart the computer.. I can't recover the file back.. It was corrupted again.. S.T.U.P.I.D.. Well.. Being a calm down and "unemotional" me.. I redo it again for the third time... And I'm doing it in Word 2003 compatible mode.. finished it at approximately 12 a.m.. (my advisor said, don't use the word 'around' use 'approximate' or 'roughly' because it sound better :-P) Seriously.. I'm dead tired.. physical and emotion.. I really think I need to mandi bunga due to the recurring events of misfortunes..

ps: My friend's verdict on my laptop: Please wait and bring home to Malaysia and repair it there.. That's exactly what I'll do... :(

OK.. I'm good now.. I'm calming down... And everything is under control~~~~ ;-)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The permanent resident of computer lab is speaking...

So far I'm survive without personal laptop...
So, what comes into me? What am I suppose to do as my bed time story?
No more online manga... No more youtube videos... No more facebook stalking...

I came back to original me.. When the laptop is not my dearest best friend...
A novel...
I'm reading a few chapters of story books that has been on my bedside table for months...

I have no problem writing my thesis in computer lab.. I have all the material with me in my external HDD and also I always back-up my data on Mizzou's student online space.. So, I'm good with my thesis.. Remember guys.. Always back-up! ;-)

The only problem is I have to go to school... Cannot do work at home... Kena jadi lebih rajin dari biasa.. My schedule become:

watch TV
prepare breakfast and lunch or brunch

biking to school - Library

6 - 8 p.m:

8p.m - 12 a.m:
computer lab (it open 24 hrs :-D)

after midnight:
read novels
watch TV

That's my routine normally... ;-) the time always varies except for the gym time.. it's the same everytime.. :)

ps: my apartment very close to school okie...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We'll be together again...

Evanescence - Together Again

Never thought that I'd be leaving you today
So alone and wondering why I feel this way
So wide the world
Can love remember how to get me home to you

We'll be together again
All just a dream in the end
We'll be together again

So many fears were swimming around and around in my mind
Who would have dreamed the secrets we would find

I've found a world where love and dreams and darkness all collide
Maybe this time we can leave our broken world behind

We'll be together again
All just a dream in the end

Single 2010 dari Evanescence... Lagu ini ditujukan kepada keluarga dan kawan2 di Malaysia... hehehe..

ps: this is my warming up session before start writing my thesis... ;-)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Rematch: Arg vs Ger (QF WC2006 and now WC 2010)

I hope the history will not be repeated...

The diff is, this time Messi is the key player ;-)

Go Argentina! :-)

ps: no update on my laptop yet...

pss: Untuk family kat kampung.. tak boleh buat video conference buat masa ni... laptop yang pinjam dari kawan tu kena guna microphone kalau nak call.. So, kena pi cari mic.. and no camera as well... Bila everything ok.. akan update kat sini.. Okay...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The good :-) and the bad :-( news....

The gap between these two things is just a few hours... So, right now.. I have a mix feeling.. :s

First, the good news...
Yesterday... Finally it's time for me to do the experiment at the cyclotron facility... All my calculation, laboratory experiment is being prepared for this... I'm excited and nervous (a bit) at the same time.. What I'm gonna do if it doesn't works? Then.. when the moment of truth came... YAY!!! It's working.. and it is as I predicted... My advisor suddenly said... "oh, that's mean the calculation is correct".. I'm like.. What??? (but still happy la).. Did he didn't had a confident in me??? huh... c-mon, I'm 100% sure my theory and calculation is correct.. if something going wrong.. is the machine's fault.. :P hehehe... So, I did had a good day.. A very good day indeed...

Here come the bad news... Now I think, maybe it is not good to be too happy.. coz then the bad thing will happen.. :(((

Because I'm so happy... I give myself a break... I play the whole day (play means not doing my thesis - recently always stay in lib or lab till midnight.. huhuhu) and become energetic and can't sleep.. Before sleep, as usual.. surfing the internet and read manga (reading japanese comic is my daily xtvt here).. Suddenly, my laptop go green... the vertical bright green lines appeared and then hang... I restart.. and dang! my laptop monitor color look like being put in the blender... everything mixed together... The monitor have a vertical green background.. ala the matrix.. and then it's hang again.. I cannot use high resolution.. only can be open in safe mode environment.. I immediately back-up all my important data by guessing where certain button was.. because my screen is like being put in watercolor... I did back-up everything... But I'm a bit deepressed with this situation... Right now, I gave the laptop to my friend so he will see if he can help me.. Most probably, the problem is the video card... I won't buy sony again... This is my 1st Sony laptop and I only used it for 2 years... Not enough time to give me problems... Furthermore.. It's VAIO! I bought it because I thought it worth my freaking money!!!

Right now, I'm using my friend's old laptop if I need to do something important.. But I really need my laptop.. EVERYTHING is there.. huhuhu... For time being... I will be a permanent resident of computer lab.. my friend's laptop doesn't has word 2007... and it's slow... But I'm thankful for having it...


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ok.. let's talk about WC 2010

Sana sini orang sembang pasal world cup 2010... Aku yang tengah sibuk tulis thesis ni pun sebenarnya tak ketinggalan.. hehehe.. sebabnya aku mmg minat bola. :p (hehe) So, cam tak logik la plak tak tengok... haritu NBA finals boleh follow takkan tak follow WC plak kan.. well, for ur guys info.. NBA finals (basketball) ada 7 games woo... this year Lakers Vs Celtics... ala Kobe Bryant... kenal? tak kenal takpe.. hehe...

Anyway.. Since I "heart" Messi.. Aku mesti la support Argentina kan... and since I "heart" Barca.. Aku secara automatic support Spain.. I bet you guys.. half of Spain's international is Barca players... And since I'm here in USA.. Secara automatic juga aku support team USA.. :-D

Yay! Argentina won all games... Messi blom score lagi.. but his magic is there.. I'm waiting for him to outshine everybody ;-)... (ps: Messi (10) :p)

Spain play like Barca... seriously... actacking football? beautiful football? great players.. hehe.. (ps: barca: Xavi (8) Villa (7) Pique (3) not in picha: Iniesta (6) Puyol (5) Pedro (18) Valdes (12) and all of them except Valdes had played on the group stage ;-))

Just now I'm screaming so happy/relieve/excited when Donovan scored.. Seriously.. they deserved it! And I really wish that England lost!(I'm sorry England's fans... ) But well, they go through as well... And at the end of Donovan's interview today, he said.. "Hi Bianca!" Sooooo sweeeet ~~~{@ (ps: Donovan (10) )

Anyway, I really think that USA team is not good.. (so-so only) huhuhu.. how they won group C is a mystery.. RO16.. that is as far they can go.. imho.. :p Some of my friends here really don't like team USA.. because they are so 'proud'.. Well.. it's their country and their TV.. What do you expect right? Do you know how many replay of USA goal on espn??? hehe.. and the "UnStopppAble" quote.. LOL... but again... it's their nation.. it is so much better than a boo from your own fans (remember England vs Algeria game?) of course I'm talking about England... And how Rooney supposely better than Messi? urghhh.. cannot stand England...

Ok.. Now, I'm back to thesis writing.. ;-)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Field Of Innocence

"Field Of Innocence" - Evanescence

I still remember the world
From the eyes of a child
Slowly those feelings
Were clouded by what I know now

Where has my heart gone
An uneven trade for the real world
Oh I... I want to go back to
Believing in everything and knowing nothing at all

I still remember the sun
Always warm on my back
Somehow it seems colder now

Where has my heart gone
Trapped in the eyes of a stranger
Oh I... I want to go back to
Believing in everything

[Latin hymn:]
Iesu, Rex admirabilis
Et triumphator nobilis,
Dulcedo ineffabilis,
Totus desiderabilis.

Where has my heart gone
An uneven trade for the real world
Oh I... I want to go back to
Believing in everything
Oh, Where

Where has my heart gone
Trapped in the eyes of a stranger
Oh I... I want to go back to
Believing in everything

I still remember.

Suddenly terasa nak attached lagu ni... I like this song.. the melody and the lyric..
Anyway, I chose this youtube file as a reminder of the anime that I'm going to watch after I'm done with my thesis... Cannot wait..

So far, my writing going on OK level.. I think I can meet the dateline... (harus tu.. oppss bukan harus tapi wajib... hehe) The experiment is in the final stage... Hopefully everything going to be OK... My life here is just the same as usual... My diet plan.. well, it has progress but I don't know if I can reach the target.. I hope I can but somehow I'm a bit frustrated now.. Seriously, sometimes I feel bored with it.. but well, let see guys...


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I already got the flight schedule to go back home...

Seriously.. Cant believe how fast time flies..
Tapi thesis blom habis tulis lagi OK.. huhuhu...

Anyway.. this is my flight schedule...

August 9, 2010
St. Louis, MO (1.25p.m)
Los Angeles, CA (3.20 p.m)
notes: -2 hrs time diff
flight time: ~ 4 hrs flight

August 10, 2010
Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A (12.35 a.m)
August 11, 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (12.15 p.m)
notes: +15 hrs time diff
flight time: ~ tolong kira ek.. sbb aku matematik lemah.. huhuhu..

direct flight from LAX to KLIA.. LA to Taipei (14.14 hrs) isi minyak - 1 hr.. Taipei - KLIA (4.30 hrs) Aku check tix ialah ekonomi kelas, so aku agak kureng puas hati.. tapi katanya JPA cannot do anything sebab polisi ntah apa ntah.. sangat sedih ok.. apapun tak pe la.. yang penting selamat sampai...


research~~~~~ research~~~~~~ research~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mari makan buah-buahan tempatan... hehe..

Buah-buahan tempatan United State of America la.. hehe..

1st is my fav... Buah cherry!!!
Cherry ni ada musim.. dan harganya boleh tahan mahal... but since it's my fav... doesn't matter la.. nanti balik Malaysia mana ada.. ;-)

Regenye.. normal: $4.98/lbs walmart rollback price (time offer): $3.48/lbs
banding ngan strawberry.. average price: $1.67/lbs (sbb stroberi kalau time musim dia. boleh jatuh $0.99/lbs)

Ini picha nya.. sila telan air liur ok.. hehe..

Ni plak gambar aku pergi buat xtvt petik-memetik buah stroberi...

Hasil tuaian..
Gambo ladangnye..

c ya! ;-)