Thursday, April 15, 2010

tick tock... tick tock...

3 bulan ++ to go...

Thesis on the way to finishing line... Hopefully everything will go smoothly... *pray*

Right now, anywhere I go, my brain is imagining my life in Malaysia... I begin to picture my life back in Malaysia...

The weather becoming hotter and hotter.. So, I'm thinking.. "this is nothing compare to Malaysia"

When I saw cars drive pass me.. I'm thinking.. "I'm gonna drive all the time in Malaysia soon"

When my friends ask me for a movie... I'm thinking.. "I used to watched movies every week" but here.. nah.. I have no interest at all...

When I accompany my friend to McDonald... I'm thinking.. "I loved to eat here in Malaysia" but here.. I can't.. just coffee is ok..

Summer is coming... I'm gonna back soon.. I still don't accomplish my weight loss goal... :(((

3 months to go.... Malaysia Boleh! Right??? ;-)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tensyen + bla bla~~~

1. Result tak OK! :(((((( Pening memikirkan ape la sebabnya result simulation and practical tak match ni???? Tadi jumpa advisor discuss... we akan try again next week...

2. Sangat mengantok... Semalam takleh tido sebab result tak OK..

3. Esok el-classico... should be excited but mood down... (Real Madrid vs Barca)

4. Good little news... 2008--> jean's size - 10.. Now, jean's size - 6 (Levi's standard)

5. Malas.. baru habis tulis satu chapter.. my advisor checked.. banyak gila pen merah as grammar error.. tak tau plak my advisor can be English teacher as well. I'm amazed.. seriously... and my English is so bad. :((((

6. I love Muse (British band) listen to them a lot lately.. really like their style

7. Dah 2 minggu tak pi gym.. sebab cedera lutut.. Now dah ok, boleh jalan normal o-le-di.. tapi masih sakit2.. huhuhu..

8. I love spring! cuaca tak sejuk and tak panas...

Sekian, kali ini...

p/s: otak jammed.. sangat malas berfikir utk construct ayat or whatever....

Have a nice weekend guys!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Spring 2010 and ME!!! ~~~

Location: Around campus.... ;-)