Saturday, July 24, 2010

A mixed feeling....

I'm D.O.N.E!!!

Defense <---- Done!
Thesis <---- Done!

I'm excited to end this journey... I'm also sad to end this journey...
It is a mixed feeling...

When I think about going home to Malaysia... I feel so happy.. Back to where I belong... with my family, friends and everything that belong to me.. my house, my car, my work.... everything.... and my longing for Malaysian food will cure.. It is a nice feeling... I can't wait!

But... at the same time, I'm gonna leave Mizzou.. my memories here.... My friends here, my apartment... I'm gonna leave something that is so sweet and meaningful here... While I'm here, my perspective become wider.. In some way, I feel that something changed inside me... I see the world in different view... I am indeed a better person now (that's what I think at least)

What comes next?

The series of farewell parties will follow... (hmm, next week will be busy eating!) I have a list of friends that I'm gonna have dinner with... So, bye bye diet.. hehehe

Packing time.... huhuhu.. I hate this! Somebody do it for me!!!

Clean the apartment... I am dreading to do this..

And finally but most important.. :-DDDD
I have one more travel vacation to celebrate my success here ;-)

It will be a surprise!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Writing is Done!

I'm here to celebrate the end of writing the thesis... YAY!
Total pages is 112.. I'm glad.. :-)

Now, what's left is:

Preparing the presentation and defense it!

The defense date is July 21st, 2010, 3 pm... Pray for me guys... I hope everything goes smoothly...

I can't wait to finish this!

Seriously.. I'm tired of study!!!

Last but not least, condolences to Mimi and family... Semoga arwah sentiasa diberkatiNya... I wish you are alright and please be strong... My pray is with you...

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I have a confession....

I'm spending the whole three days doing nothing!!! huhuhuhu..

I feel super guilty!

And I still not finish writing my thesis.. the defends date is in two weeks... (*scared like hell now*)

The reason???

I'm falling in love and become a prisoner of my emotion.. :P

Well.. It's start with my new netbook.. and the urge of playing with it.. And somehow one thing lead to another.. while surfing mysoju (in the bz time like this, opening that site is a crime by itself)... And while "stalking" my fav all time actor.. "Bae Yong Joon" a.k.a "Jun Sang"... I stumble to this drama... "The Legend"

Then.. I couldn't stop myself... I did try.. but I finally finished watching all 24 episodes of it... HUHUHU.. What's done is done... Seriously... This drama is AWESOME! and BYJ is so damn good looking... And the acting is so damn good... The cinematography is so beautiful... This is one of the best period drama I ever watched.. (or am I bias?) Doesn't matter... This change my opinion.. I thought only Taiwan/China/HK can do good epic drama.. but now I'm looking for more epic drama from Korea (After defense of course... :-P)

Chao.. ;-)

Oh.. here the music videos for the the drama..

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Hola!!! Welcome to my new gadjet! My new Netbook.. :-D

Hola... Hello... Hi...

Now I'm using my new netbook... :-))))

Detailed later okay...


Saturday, July 03, 2010

Rumblings.. and it worst when ur english is sucks and you are depressed... And somehow your malay also sucks.. :P

I'm feeling depressed..
(ps: It's got nothing to do with Brazil out of WC.. hahaha.. I'm glad they were out.. tata.. :-P)


I realized.. I'm not super human... I need my slim tiny little best friend.. My Laptop!!! HUHUHU... It is unlucky.. It is misfortune... Why It had to break at this time??? I have less than 2 months to go... But as people said.. "everything happen for a reason"

The reasons (probably):

1. It's a push for me to buy a netbook.. I've been thinking about buying a netbook for more than a year.. but nothing push me into it.. So, this may be a reason... maybe

2. It's a reminder to me that brand means nothing.. If you are unlucky.. no brand name is reliable...

3. It is a push for me to become an extra-ordinary student... LOL.. believe me... when half of your time in library or computer lab.. What will you thinking? :-P

I for once is a kind of person, when I'm angry.. my ideas will come floating.... It produced the best of me... and now I am angry... Let see what's the "best of me" will it produced...

1. In high school.. when I was bullied.. I turn to book.. Hence, I became an excellent student.. ;-) Should I said thank you to my bullier? :-S

2. Here, my laptop rosak dua kali okay... one time, i spilled water on it... That week happened to be an exam week.. So, I focus on reading instead.. How do you think I got my "A"s??? :-p Now it break when I'm writing a thesis... Being a permanent resident of library got an advantage also.. I'm so tired when I'm home.. So, I cut down my leisure time... (yeah.. right.. :P)

3. When I had a fight with Wit.. Ops.. tukar bahasa.. Masa tu sangat marah.. itulah masanya aku sangat berkobar-kobar exercise di gym.. Semua amarah aku lepaskan kepada machine elliptical tu... Hehehe..

4. Masa aku bengang dgn gigi.. Itu adalah antara masa aku tulis paling banyak.. aku berjaya habiskan 2 chapters.. dalam masa yang lebih singkat.. semua amarah aku lepaskan pada tulisan.. kekeke..

So, as I said.. maybe every bad things happen.. there were a hidden agenda behind it...

Ok.. apa2pun.. Aku tensyen... I need my "best friend".. 4th of July is coming.. Independence day of USA.. So.. cuti umum means library close.. computer lab close... Netbook.. Here I come... I'm gonna buy the cheap one... The cheapest that agreeable to my standard of requirement la... My target is less than RM1000.. So, hopefully I can get the one with less than USD300... Let's see guys...

Oh.. forgot to say.. Last night... After I'm done with my chapter 6.. Shut down and change location.. Suddenly.. Tada.. The file is F corrupted... I have to redo everything... Then when I think that nothing worse can happen.. Then.. Dang! The computer I'm using crashed.. blink-blue screen- WTF??? I'm super angry.. I think the kid (undergrad student) in front of me look at me nervously.. Well, if the computer that I was using is a human.. it will tremble in agony waiting for a horrible death.. :-P.. Anyway, after restart the computer.. I can't recover the file back.. It was corrupted again.. S.T.U.P.I.D.. Well.. Being a calm down and "unemotional" me.. I redo it again for the third time... And I'm doing it in Word 2003 compatible mode.. finished it at approximately 12 a.m.. (my advisor said, don't use the word 'around' use 'approximate' or 'roughly' because it sound better :-P) Seriously.. I'm dead tired.. physical and emotion.. I really think I need to mandi bunga due to the recurring events of misfortunes..

ps: My friend's verdict on my laptop: Please wait and bring home to Malaysia and repair it there.. That's exactly what I'll do... :(

OK.. I'm good now.. I'm calming down... And everything is under control~~~~ ;-)