Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Urghhh.. memory loss...

Seriously... seriously.. seriously.. I'm in trouble.. huhuhu..

I want to confess... I really do have a memory loss syndrome when something 'big' happen in my life...

For example.. When I was in high school.. I forgot my life in primary school. When I was enrolled for my bachelor.. I forgot most of my memories from high school except my 'gang', my crush, my very good or very bad memory.. everything else was forgotten.. I can't even recall the name of my classmate or the event that didn't gave much impact in my life... The same goes when I started working.. I forgot most of my university life, the events in between.. and again.. I don't forget my best friends, my crush and some few things.. But I forgot almost everything... One day, I chatted with my x-university friend and she talked something about our event together.. Apparently we spent a weekend together for sport event and we travel to main campus together.. but.. I have zero (I’m telling you.. ZERO) memory of it.. I have no idea we actually camp together and close? at that time.. Anyway, she was offended by it.. She told me, how could I forgot.. and the truth is.. I even forgot her but I’m too ashamed to admit it (you know we just add friends in fb when we have so many friends in common that we knew that this friends is actually our classmate..) Well now when I’m thinking about it.. I had some memory about the event but still.. errr not much.. That was how bad it was…

Now.. one more major event happen in my life.. I further my study in USA.. from 2008 - 2010.. One of my dream comes true event.. My life totally affected by this experience.. And now I’m back to work… The problem this time is.. I’m coming back to my old life.. I’m back to my old position.. my old workplace.. and I’m attached to the same department but now I should be a better worker with higher education and more mature in planning and a better decision maker (well.. I am :P - perasan abis) BUT I forgot almost everything that happen before 2008.. Huhuhu.. I’m seriously in trouble…

I forgot.. arghh.. I really forget a lot of things… another example: I was a secretariat for one of the event recently.. and they asked me to be the MC, then I said  I never be an MC before, so please choose someone else with experience..but one of the senior told me, he clearly remember that I was one in 2007 and I’m good at it.. (maybe he said I'm good at it just to make me agree :-P) and Iwas like.. “no no.. seriously? Really? you must be kidding me.. ” I really have no memory “ When?” it was in 2007.. huhu.. memory lost happen again… It was true.. I remember a little now. I did become an MC at that time but I can't verify if I was good or not.. hehehe.. we end up assigned someone else to be an MC ;-)

And last week my former boss told me that they need me to re-open my old project as they want to use it.. and he asked me a lot about it.. huhuhu.. I’m dying.. I was like.. “hmm I did it 3 years ago.. worst - it happen before 2008 and I have a memory loss syndrome.. H.E.L.P..” (this was only being said in my heart while giving my boss the most confident smile I had :P) Fortunately, my colleagues were also involved in the project and I keep looking at them (for help).. Now I need to remember and revise the project.. I even lost the box that had the development kit and the paperwork and I have no idea where I placed it.. I search all over my office.. my lab.. No where! The fact that we just move to the new building didn’t help me at all.. everything is everywhere.. somewhere and I have no memory to recall.. I also think I need a retraining for the development tool as well.. It was complicated and I don't remember anymore.. huhu.. And I should blame myself for poorly document my work.. in my defence: I was young at that time :P, I’m lazy to write everything and documentation is my weakness.. I think this is a common problem for a developer/engineer/programmer/researcher like me… right??? huhu.. lesson learned! (p/s: I did documented it.. but it was not organize and I can't understand some (many) of my small note means... and why I wrote the thing I wrote... *cry*)

As I said to my colleagues.. they should be glad that I still remember their names.. :-P


Thursday, November 03, 2011

Love Like a Fool??? :-P

It's OST OST! :PPP ~ I'm talking about the title above, don't be confuse ;-)

I was just finished watching "City Hunter" ~~~ such a good story and interesting plot.. with a good casting ^^ I'm actually not a fan of Lee Min Ho but I can't denied that he is a good looking fella.. hehehe.. However for some unknown reason, I watched two of his drama this month.. "Personal Taste" and "City Hunter" (Maybe I do have a lot of free time :-P) Both is good in its own way.. and both give me a roller coaster feeling ..

In personal taste, the story revolve around Lee Min Ho who is a striving architect trying to success in his career.. He is gifted as an architect but the 'big player' always get in his way.. The major architect corporation was actually belong to his father but his family lost everything after being betrayed by his father number one man.. Resulting to misfortune in his family.. I actually like this drama since it was funny (I really lough out loud watching it).. and it was sad at the right moment.. very entertaining indeed...

Now City Hunter.. This story is a bit different than typical k-drama.. it's about a revenge and has a lot of political agenda inside.. manipulating character and I'm actually surprise at some twist.. The down part of this story is just that the protagonist (Lee Min Ho) is a softhearted assassin.. Well he is not really an assassin but he has a super skill to be one since he was trained since young age. He is a strong believer in justice. (always avoid killing people).. Don't believe in killing people because for him it will be a chain reaction of revenge (true) Well, if he is a cold blood bad ass assassin (like I wish) then this all story plot will collapse :P.. So, it is not bad that he has a soft heart... Anyway, I enjoyed watching this drama.. I like it a lot.. I will rate this drama a bit below than "The devil" (link) (some site wrote the title is "The Lucifer") since it's in the same genre, I can't help but compared them.. but seriously. the devil is just too good.. because as I said.. I like the cold blood heartless protagonist who have a complicated mixed feeling between revenge and moving forward in their life.. (usually the type that can't move fwd and maybe dying or memory lost is the only solution) "The devil" give me the satisfaction feeling of this mixture emotion while "City Hunter" giving the feeling that moving forward and protecting the love one is more important.. Well kind of ideal situation..

What captured me the most with these two dramas are.. They have a very very good OST... I fall in love with it...

City Hunter OST - Yim Jae Bum - "Love"

Personal Taste OST - 2AM - "Like a Fool"


Tuesday, November 01, 2011

What the hell?

This is a story of one insignificant guy...

I happen to know this guy through online chatting.. It started on World Cup 2006... I was so happy to have a friend who I can discuss about football(soccer) a lot and not getting bored with my never ending story of how great FC Barcelona is... Seriously, I realized my limit with my real friends.. they seriously will abandon me if I talked nothing but only Barca Barca and Barca with them :P  So, this guy was my savior... By time, we were getting more familiar with each other.. we started talking about something else as well.. In a way we became closer.. We talked on the phone almost everyday... We exchanged picture, telling each other about things that happen in our daily life, shared a current technology (we have the same interest on gadget as well)... He became a good online buddy to me... 

The friendship continue like that for two years... I was glad that I knew him. and I'm seriously still talking about Barca non-stop with him.. And he always listened and respected me.. From time to time.. I pop a question about his status.. because as for me, I'm worried.. Is it okay for me to talk with him for so long at night.. Will it be okay? You know.. I'm curious... I know for sure there was no romantic feeling between us because he never flirt with me.. So, when he was missing for a week.. I asked if he is getting married.. For unknown reason he denied it.. And as for me, what I care right? But I'm getting suspicious.. So I asked many times after that.. he still denied it.. So,ok.. maybe I think too much...

Then.. one day.. I got a rubbish message from him... It was so weird.. Why he sent incomprehensible message to me? So out of his character... So, then I called him... Can you believe who answer my call? A woman.. At first I thought she was his girlfriend.. the overly jealous girlfriend.. but then she told me.. She is the WIFE! I'm so surprise that I can't process the conversation... And what worse.. She was angry with me.. She warning me to never call her husband again! I'm really speechless at that time.. I feel the need to explain to her that we were just friend and I never know about her.... Then we (me and the wife) had a few conversation with me trying to comfort her telling that she got all this wrong and she should asked her husband herself of the reason that I never knew her existent.

As a person, I don't want to jump to any conclusion... I can't call this friend anymore (the line is cut) but I knew his email address coz we were also communicate by email b4. I asked him why he lied to me. I told him that I knew he didn't had any bad intention.. we never talked about love or anything related to it.. But I need an explanation... I was expected him to at least say sorry to me.. For lying to me and for his wife action.. I want him to at least apologize! He after all..was a good friend...

But I never heard anything from him. He never reply the email. Never contact me. I was sad but it's okay as well.. My conclusion... he just someone that cross my path in this life.. I found a great forum already to talk about Barca ;-) and I have many other friends... But one day (after a year) I realized, he subscribed to my youtube account.. apparently we can search friends through email address..  what the heck? Is he stalking me now? I'm so angry at that time.. I closed my youtube account.. Then a few months later... He request me as his friends in facebook... Then, I asked/consulted my friends about this.. then I decide, whatever.. he was my friend maybe he want to apologize and furthermore he didn't matter much... I have 300++ friends in fb anyway... 

Maybe I shouldn't have any expectation after all.. He never apologized.. He just asked if I'm still angry and when I said maybe he didn't say anything.. And then he started give comments on some of my pictures in fb.. I deleted most of it as i found it was not a good comment... I was cold to him... most of the time I just ignore him.. well, he never apologize and things just can't go back like it used to be.. Then one day he wrote in my wall.. He told me that it is okay to be a friend with a married guy.. I was like? What the heck? Are you crazy? Did you think I don't want to be his friend because he is married? OMG! This shallow minded guy.. totally not worth it.. So I just ignore him.. whatever.. not important..

And now.. the reason i wrote this long entry... After almost a year never heard about him (wait.. maybe he did wish Happy Eid few months back - I can't remember..) Anyway, today he did something stupid again and I'm really pissed off.. He tagged me to this unknown picture.. I was wondering and curious.. who is this lovely girl? his wife? Who is this? Then I read the comments below the picture... There is no him in the comments as well.. Why he tagged me? Is this my long lost sister that I don't know but he happen to know? Then I realize.. The girl is talking with her friend in a friendly manner and the other friend jokingly warned her that he gonna report to her husband that she flirt with others and she reply that she don't care (jokingly)... I was like.. Is this the reason he tagged me? To tell me that it is okay to be friendly with a married guy???

I have enough of this stupid guy! I don't care if he was married or not to begin with.. I just hate liars! Now - unfriend is the best action... I pitied him.. he should get over with this long time ago.. Some people just have too much free time... please be happy with your own life... and stop bothering me!

^_^ end. I'm gonna go back home and watch "City Hunter" staring Lee Min Ho = 이민호


monolog #3

~~~ The unpublished entry ~~~ Last week's entry ^^

I'm still trying my best to listen to this seminar which always lead my mind to wonder around... :PPP

arghh... what's the use of me being in this seminar when they actually just read the handout that was given to us... Maybe it is my incapability to listen is the problem here... What is it that I gain here beside the wonderful knowledge of a wonderful instrumentation system??? No kidding! Now I know how to write Korean! Wow at my capability of doing multitasking :PPP - Am I impress with myself? Or am I overly impress with myself??? I believe, I am humble in my own way. :P ~~ I'm so impress with myself!!

I learned how to write and how to read, like I know how to write and read Arabic.. but still failed to understand the language.. But this is a good step la.. in mho (my humble opinion)... ;-)

 my small note - I did this to memorize the alphabet 

Hahaha.. I like! :-P I can write my own name and learned a few Korean words.. But I still can't understand Korean.. hahaha.. Let see... Love = sarang = 사랑 Yuritza = 유릳사 YoonChee = 윤치 Saira = 사이라 Purp = 풆 Catz = ?? (sorry I don't think I can write catz) hahaha...

Anyway.. that's it!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Monolog #1 and #2

I know I wrote less and less in my blog lately.. The reason is I had so many things to write but then I'm lazy to do it.. There were some events in my life that I think worth writing it down.. and I'm planning on doing it soon even though by the time I wrote it.. it will be already out of date.. but who care right? Anyway.. I'm kind of starting to write some monolog (talking to myself-ish) in my other 'playground' because of some problems I had with blogger.. But as I love my blog and this is actually my main 'playground'.. I'll paste it here as well.. ;-)

monolog #1


I’m in the boring seminar right now.. I want to escape but I can’t.. So.. again I’m doing a major thinking with myself… Lately I was thinking that life doesn’t have much meaning… Just bored all the way.. I want to escape it.. I just want something else.. I want a different path of my life.. I just keep thinking like this.. I read other people life.. The life that I wish to have but obviously I can’t.. Not even if I try.. I know I can’t have that kind of life.. I want a life of celebrity.. HAHAHA (I’m so crazy) I want to have a gamble life where I’m waiting for my chances to be recognized (Yhat’s why people invent fan fic.. to help people like me :PPPP)

Then.. there is a voice talking to me.. why are you not being grateful??? There are many unfortunate people out there and you are here, wishing your life to be different? You are looking at other people life and wishing it was yours? Are you sure you will be happier? What was I thinking? It’s true.. life is so short.. You will waste it by regretting things.. wake up and be grateful!

I will try my best then…

monolog #2


I was having a problem to login through my blogspot account when I’m using the netbook.. It leads me to write it here.. At first I thought it was google problem but then after a few days, I realized that it was my firefox problem since I can login when I’m using IE… However, I like to write it here so I’m thinking of doing it in both site…

Today again I’m in a seminar.. it getting interesting but me being me, I don’t take part much.. just listen and learn.. This might be useful in the future (well it suppose to)

Now, I’m still doing my own thinking (while listening to the seminar)… Suddenly it hits me… what exactly I want in my life? As things getting bored and bored.. a friend suggested to me to have some changes in my career.. Why not you try something else? Transfer to a different department, doing some different things.. get out of your comfort zone as I said to myself.. blow your bubble and walk through it!

But there are so many things to consider.. How about my friends? my office? what if I don’t like the new place? can I change back? What happen if I made a wrong decision? Will people welcome me? And after so many years.. why now? I need a strong reason. It is not like I’m doing nothing all this while to get this bored..

Then I realize.. I’m bored not because of my job.. I have so many things to do.. I’m bored not because of my friends around me.. I love them a lot and I like being with my friends.. I’m bored because I lack passion.. I’m bored because I always run from my problems.. I’m bored because I’m indecisive.. I need to wake up.. I need to revive my energy…

But.. urghh… again.. I’ll try my best..

Thursday, October 06, 2011

No title...

What happen lately in my life...

Actually nothing much.. Just the same me.. as usual... nothing excited or worth much... I just feel like I'm going and doing everything with the flow.. monotonous and well maybe I can say - boring.

I feel like I'm changing a bit inside. I'm no longer optimistic in a lot of things. I gave up pretty easy. Maybe  feel it is too tired to fight things that was out of your control. Accepting is easier. I also have the urge that I need to settle everything. Like - deal with my LHDN issue,  pay all my outstanding bills, fix the fans, lamps and etc that need to be fixed, organized my hard disk, etc.. I just have the feeling that I want everything settle.

So, my life kind of busy dealing with everything.. I also bought a new notebook for my sister who currently study in USM... And we decide to buy her a Toshiba Satellite L745... I think I like this notebook, it fast and new.... 

Isk.. I got interrupted by my sister.. her notebook suddenly crash.. after installing kaspersky antivirus...  After dealing with it my mood to write was gone.. so i will stop here.. Thank god that her computer already okay.. Moral of the story.. ALWAYS BACK-UP YOUR FILES! esp when you are doing your PhD/MSc/Work.. because if you lose the pictures collection you will only be sad but if you lost your thesis write-up/journal collection/documents... being sad will do you no good.. It's your hard work that must be repeated (if you can).. arghh.. can't imagine! Now I'm mentally exhausted..

until next time.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Me and K-Pop!!! - KMW Malaysia 2011

Since when?

Since K-Drama? I don't think so... I think it start when I like FT Island.. Like football (soccer), I don't like football before I know Messi and Barca.. So.. right now, I'm sooo into k-pop (Korean Songs).. I love love love FT Island so much! I've been following them via twitter, tumblr and facebook.. So, when they said they are coming to Malaysia for Korean Music Wave 2011... I'm so happy and disappointed at the same time.. Yes.. I'm happy that FT Island finally came back to Malaysia after 2008 incident (please google if you are curious) but I was disappointed because it was not only them.. there were others as well... Means that they not gonna sing many songs.. Urghhhhh.. I WANT THEIR OWN CONCERT!!!! so greedy.. hehehe..

Whatever la kan.. I went to the k-wave concert anyway... :-))

The tix! For your information.. That was the cheapest price.. Still so expensive.. I can't believe it.. The most expensive price was RM588 follow by RM438, RM288 and RM138.. Wow.. Westlife is having their concert here soon and the price is not this expensive.. But when I think about it.. maybe because this concert involve many groups.. So, the cost increase..

This is our entrance gate.. People queue since 5 maybe? We arrived around 6++.. And I'm gonna say that I'm so impress.. People actually queue and respect each other.. Malaysian people so nice! ;-)

All of us got two of the "I love Coway" balloon.. I don't know what Coway is..  The sits are still half full..  

Selca with catz

Now the concert begin... and it start with... FT Island!!! Live from my camera.. (youtube below) FT Island start with "Hello Hello"

Actually we were not allowed to bring camera inside.. But somehow I managed to smuggle it in.. Hehehe (And I'm not the only one) I also managed to record all of their performances.. They sang 5 songs.. in order: 1. Hello Hello 2. Love Love Love 3. Bad Woman 4. Bing Bing Bing 5. I Hope. All of these are their famous and well known songs.. So I can sing along with them.. HAHAHA.. :PPP (konon la kan..) Suara yang nyanyi dalam video tu is me la.. Yang jerit2 histeria tu org sekeliling I.. Anak sapa la diorang ni.. isk isk isk..

FT Island's picture taken by some other fan on KMWM 2011.. I'm too busy taking video.. So, I can't take picture.. Hongki said they want to have their own concert in Malaysia soon.. (YES!!!) ***I wish it comes true***

5 songs are not enough.. HUHUHU.. I want more I want more.. huhuhu.. My heart still with FT Island but then it was Teen Top group turn.. Seriously.. I don't know any songs from them and I still think about FTI performance.. Well, generally I know Teen Top, they are a new group tho.. Anyway they don't gave any impression to me and my friend.. I yawned several times and I really wish them to end soon.. they also sang 5 songs... To be fair people around me seem to enjoy it (they even sang together :P) Maybe I'm too old for them.. bleh.. hehe..

Next was 4minute - the only girl group for the night. And clap clap to them.. I really enjoyed their performance.. Wow look at their legs.. I even search for their songs and downloaded it.. bravo 4minute! And they also said wanna have their own concert in Malaysia.. *sweet talk* :P and I won't go.. hahaha

Then.. U-KISS.. YES!!! Well, I'm not their 'fan' but I do like them and most of their song.. And they are also very good looking lads.. hehe.. Seriously, their performance also tip top and by far better if compared to TeenTop... By the way, they are not as new as TeenTop.. and their song is more catchy and upbeat  (but I still can't sing together with them).

After 5 songs, follow by a solo singer Park Jung Ming - Literally speaking, I don't know this guy. And his performance is so so.. But so many people like him.. And I just knew (just now) that he is from SS501 group (I know this group).. So, I see.. Now I know why he is so famous.. Ok la.. And he is cute and it was funny when he took out a note to read it to us and found out that he took the wrong note.. So, he kind of making a cute mistake and shy shy cat at the stage la.. By the way.. finally he found the note and the note basically said he wish to perform the best for us in MALAY.. Hahaha.. Thumbs up to him!

Next is another solo performance by Seungri.. Oh my.. who is he again??? I'm so bad.. I only knew FT Island inside out.. :PPP Anyway people around me told me that he is from Big Bang.. Hmm.. I know Big Bang and I know they are good.. And his performance also very good.. I like it! People are going crazy now.. I see that most people here really really like Big Bang.. How can they knew how to sing all of these Korean songs??? If they study like this... Malaysia must be very excellent now.. Walla...

Then.. the highlight of the night and also the final show.. GD & TOP (also from big bang) People are going crazy esp the girl in front of me... (i felt annoyed a bit but not so much la.. still, anak sapa la ni?) Wow.. Even me now feel that the song was soo catchy.. They sang hip hop.. And people are jumping and screaming.. Are they that famous? Or people just so excited coz this is the ending? I'm not sure but they were good.. I like their performance also.. But I still missing FT Island :P

Final song - GD & TOP - High High (MV)

my cam of 'High High' (only part of it) - I took it just because the crowd were so excited..

People are screaming "encore encore" but nobody came out.. Finally MC came out and said it really the end.. Let it go people.. It's not fair to have any encore since there were so many groups.. 

Oh you know what.. I was so lucky to be able to record all FT Island performances because when Teen Top start the performance, the RELA were all over warning people not to take video.. Where were they when FTI performed??? Answer: "Busy enjoying the performance as well.." HAHAHA.. I feel sad that they sang first.. it was so anti-climax but that cannot be helped since they were so busy... Their schedule were so pack.. Their flight back to Korea was at 11pm that night, so they immediately went to the airport after their performance... Hongki (lead singer of FTI) himself just arrived at 4.30pm that day from San Francisco coz he had another program there.. So basically: he landed.. went to PC, sangs several songs and went back.. total: 6.5 hours in Malaysia.. Walla.. I'm impressed..

p/s: this is not beta .. no edit (yet), no re-read.. just write and post.. :)))

the end.

What a night.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tears Are Falling...

Again.. this is the tittle of the song...

This is my feeling at the moment..
There is no particular or strong reason for me to feel this way...
But I do feeling down ~ ~ ~ for various reasons...
The song is just perfect and now I feel like crying..

layan feeling blues... huhuhu...
: '(

p/s: The meaning of this song has nothing to do with my life :P

Monday, September 12, 2011

Small things...

I really have a bad memory...

I do remember the 'big' or 'major' thing but often forget the small things..

How to improve this???

And I always heard people said.. "The small things that you do.. matter the most!"

:'(   T_T

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Love Love Love...

Again.. this is the title of the song.. This is the song:

Actually this is the song from my favorite Korean group - FT Island ;-) "Saranghae FT Island!!!!" And this is the song that made me fall in love with them in the first place.. and then, I love many many more of their songs... Hehehe.. You'll know that this song is great just by listening to it.. ;-) Oh you know.. Hongki oppa, Jonghun oppa, Jaejin oppa, Minhwan oppa and Senghyun oppa will come to Malaysia next two weeks.. Waaaaa!!! Who wanna go to k-wave concert with me???? Rise your hand please!!! *no hope so far... Am I to old for this??? HUHUHU.. * :PPP

Now time for a real blogging.. (as if :PPP)

I went to two open house today.. Great great.. really great food and great people.. But sorry guys I'm not taking any picture :P (lazy) It was the usual.. food food and more food.. Waaaaaa!!! Seriously.. I should seriously thinking on diet program.. I'm gaining so much.. even I don't believe it myself *cry again* I can't let this happen!!! Unfortunately, tomorrow we have the Eid celebration at my workplace (Ok I'm sorry.. It is not unfortunate.. This is good actually, there is no such this as unfortunate celebration! :PPP) BUT this also means more fooooooood!!!! Arghhhhhh!!! Hence, my diet program definitely need to start next week.. why??? Because.. after tomorrow, my event will take place for 3 days.. and that also means free fooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I'm sorry mums.. your daughter just can't resist the temptation of free foods.. I humbly apologize for my lacking of will power! Huhuhuhu....

ok.. the end of my k-pop and food addiction ramblings! :P 

Friday, September 09, 2011

I love you and I love you...

This is the title of this song:

This song is so catchy but even so.. when I listen to it I feel so sad... Then I search again for english subtitle... It is true.. This is a sad song.. And I love it! It keeps playing in my mind.. So I decide to put in here..

I love you and I love you...

And again.. please excuse my long absent... with Eid and long holiday.. I am very busy with the upcoming event where I'm one of the secretariat..  

So.. enjoy! and I will be back! ;-)

p/s: I'm feeling like crying now... maybe because until now (12.27 am) I'm still doing the paperwork of the event.. huhuhu... and this song just trigger my mood~~~

p/s/s: This is Korean song - first single by Oh Won Bin feat Miryo

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Vacation #1 - June 2011 :-D


Been so long again.. Catz said to me that I self-think myself as a celebrity because I always giving hints on what I'm gonna write.. She said, "why don't you just write it? what.. you think people will wait in anticipation for your entry when you said you gonna write this and that on next entry?" LOL... This is my reply: I do want to be a celebrity.. maybe this is my unconscious act of celebrity that I have hidden inside me! :PPP ;-)

Anyway back to the topic.. Exactly one month ago.. I have to attend a conference at Kuantan, Pahang.. Well, I need to drive 4 hrs ++ to be there.. So, why not enjoy it as much as I can! Yay!!! "o to ka jo?" What did I do to please myself?????

Here it is...

1. Stop by to play with the elephant!

Feeding peanuts to the elephant.. scarily wonderful!

Ride them! The guy in front of me is the instructor... His colleagues keep teasing him for riding with such a beautiful lady! (Hahaha.. please don't vomit :-P!!! )

This place called Kuala Gandah.. It was 2 hrs ++ right in the middle of my destination.. To my surprise.. everything is free! well, except for the peanuts.. I got to buy it before feeding the elephant.. The final activities is giving bath to elephant child.. Since I'm not ready with wet cloths nor I have time.. So, I just leave after riding them.. So fun!!! Try it guys!

2. Stay at super nice hotel...

 Hyatt Regency Kuantan - a king size bed room

The Zenith Kuantan - twin room

Oh.. Just to let u know.. I was with my younger sister! ;-).. For the first two nights.. we stay at Hyatt Regency where the conference took place... This is really a very very nice hotel. I definitely go there again.. The concept is traditional.. all wooden floor etc. Hear the funny story when we stayed there.. One of the evening, after we back from swimming.. OMG! the room is in chaos.. My panicking mind suddenly looking for my cell phone since I left it in there.. The evident of trespassing everywhere.. The plates shattered.. the floor was messy.. and all gone! ALL the food was gone! And I saw something! It's the monkey!!! It turned out, We left the veranda's door open.. Huhu.. But the staff cleaned it immediately.. no harm done except that I don't have any snack left in my room..

The final night, we move to The Zenith.. The uptown hotel, right in front of shopping mall.. This is a new hotel, some of my friends recommended me there.. And I love it! The concept is modern... And I love love love the bathroom here.. Super excellent! But, if I have to choose between the two hotel, I will definitely choose Hyatt.. wanna know why??? The reason is as below.. :-)

3. The beach!

Teluk Cempedak beach...

Romantic? :-P

 deck chair in front of the beach

People playing beach volleyball

 I can't ask for anything more! Being able to surf or read books at night in front of the beach and listen to the sound of wave.. ahhhh.. I'm feeling good (Am I being over dramatic??? lol)

This is heaaaaaven! I'm falling in love! Hyatt got their own private beach only for their guest.. I love the privacy.. The feeling of relaxing! Listening to the wind breeze.. bla bla bla... However the South China Sea's wave was a bit strong.. I got tired easily for trying to swimming at the beach.. The solution is....

4. Swimming Pool

 @ The Zenith
@ Hyatt

We've been swimming for everyday.. The good news is, now my sister know how to swim already!!! Yay! Thankss to the best sister in the world who diligently teach her the swimming technique.. :8D... Hahaha

That's it! There is no doubt.. I enjoyed my Kuantan vacation very much! Stay at one place.. just be free.. thinking of nothing... And let the wave take you in... Hahaha ;-)

Till next time!

p/s: Yuri.. if you wanna comment, you can click on the link below (my fav list).. just telling since you said you don't know how ;-)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My imagination gone wild...

What if I become this 'bad woman'?

keep your mind straight... will the heart follow?


Friday, July 08, 2011


Ops! I did it again!

I abandon my blog.. huhuhu...

Actually I'm a bit busy lately... Remember I talked about that I need a vacation? And I'm a person that true to my words.. I've just been on two vacations  (Don't ask how broke I am right now! :-P). First I went to Teluk Cempedak beach at Kuantan.. Actually I went there for work but I make it a vacation by staying at fancy hotel way beyond my allocation (by my own) and of course having a very good time.. Then I went to Pangkor Island for another vacation.. I will talk about both of this fantastic vacation on another entry.. hehehe

The reason I'm writing now is to say...


She just told me that she found my blog and reading it! I'm not listing my blog on my fb because i treat this blog a bit personal.. and who found it.. found it.. It's fate.. (Anyway Yuri.. since you are my best friend.. I supposed I already gave you my blog address.. you just forgot!!! :-PPPP ) Anyway.. you are always welcome to read my blog.. ;-)

Right now, I'm at office just back from a meeting... I became a secretary of one event in my work place and got so many task to do! I HATE IT! Why did I have to be a secretary???? Clearly this job is not me! HUHUHUHU... I'll whining more later coz I really need to go home now.. The reason I'm staying back and writing this blog now is coz right now I'm waiting for my file to be downloaded...  I fancy this Korean group called: F.T Island and since yesterday I began to download all of their songs.. hehehe.. Here they are!

Super cute??? I like them so so much! ;-)

And tonight I'm gonna watch:-

So.. got to go now!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Memory Lane series 2

Now the journey continue... (previous series: #1)

Oh, I just realize that I didn't mention the reason I went to Germany. it's actually for a project collaboration between Malaysia and Germany. So, I was there to learn :-D. I indeed learned many things.

I was introduced to Lodoi as my official tourist (? :P) guide by Heinz. And the best thing happen to me, I got bicycle! Yay!!! I had my own transport, hence I got my freedom. The institute actually provided bus, but it was only one trip go and one trip back and I don't like being bound to schedule.. So, having bicycle with me is like a blessing from god. Hehehe... And the trip is about 6km.. /o\ My first week riding back and forth is hell but it get better after that. Heee ;-). Lodoi was a great friend. He showed me a different route for bicycle rider, he also went shopping with me, thought me some German words (for shopping or course). He was an excellent and patient guide. I feel so lucky! On top of it, he was cute! Hehe..

I've been there on winter time. This was my 1st experience of winter. I feel so good! :-D jakun le katakan... If I stay back late, I'll make sure Lodoi will be back with me coz the bicycle road will be dark and quiet. A bit scary.. Sometimes I went back with Sue.. All the pictures above taken at bicycle route.. It was a special route for bicycle user - so it's safe! Right bottom pic is me in front of a frozen lake.. :-)

But I tell you, my instinct of survival is excellent. After sometimes, I was the one who guided Lodoi a shorter route to office. He was so impressed by me that he told everyone about that. He said, he had been there for almost 2 years but never knew that route! Hahaha... The truth is, I was friendly enough to have many friends at the guest house. And most of us used bicycle to go to work. Lodoi needs to be more friendly and be out of his circle a bit. :-D

This is Lodoi and me!  He was my guide, photographer, shopping partner, language teacher, eating partner, etc. above all, he was my good friend..:-) I owed him a lot! I was lucky to meet such a nice person. He was a quiet person until he got drunk.. then he will talk a bit more.. just a bit more. So, he was better drunk? Hahaha.. His is from Mongolia and doing his phD under Heinz.. Tell ya, he will get angry if I said Mongolia was once China, he said China was once Mongolia... He even told me the history of Mongolia.. Hahaha...

You know what? At first i thought Germany is a weird country. Well, maybe all Europe like that. :-P They closed the shops at 6pm on week days and at 2pm on Saturday. Sunday? All CLOSE! Waaaaa!!! That's mean if I wanna shop, I need to go back earlier and wake-up early on Saturday. Sunday will be the most boring day of the week. I don't have my own laptop and I don't have tv in my room. But I have my sweet smile! HAHAHA... So, I randomly went to common room where they watched TV and have a chit chat with whoever. I'm telling you.. I was the one who started the tradition of cooking your own country dish to your neighbor. (Oh, I'm so proud!). You know what?I don't do most of the cooking! I just request!!! HAHAHA!!!! No kidding! Well, I did help them cooking tho.

On top left is when we were having Indian dinner. Somehow I'm the only girl showed up. I got my hand reading that time. It said I'm gonna be rich! hehehe.. Next picture was Italian dinner, Luiji invite his Italian friends and cooked for us, special vegi spaghetti for me! Nasi ayam is my request to Ann. Top right is when we had dinner party at Sue and Sao apartment. Two middle picture on the left was when Alexander cooked traditional German dishes.. Bottom left was a welcome party for Luiji mom. next bottom picture where Ann and me invite our office friends for lunch. The very middle picture was my farewell party.. We all cooked including me! Hehehe... On the right pic was guys cleaning the dishes.. Hehehe.. This explained why I was not loosing any weight that time! HAHAHA!

I also went to some other places nearby to visit on weekend. Since I had only 2 months.. That's mean I had 8 weekends. The first two weeks was mingled time. Getting to know your environment and making friends. Approach them and plan the idea of traveling into their head :-P. Do puppy face, gotta made people love ya! Haha.. well I'm half kidding! The most important thing is to make sure you used ur time wisely!

Ok I'm gonna stop here today... Until next time! and thanks for reading! :-DDDD

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Irritated entry!

Jiwa kacau... that's is a good description...

Point 1 :  work - I already mention to them many many times to flag out the process of payment since I already paid the fee. BUT, suddenly I got a called saying that the payment was already processed. Now we need to deal with double payment! How can people made this blunder when I already reminded them so many time. Really pissed me off!

Point 2 : that guy - how can I make he understand? I don't like changes and I don't feel good about it. Did he didn't get my message? Need I say it clearly? Like one plus one is equal to two? Why I need to think about this? Why can't everything be smoothed and easy? Why it must be so complicated?

Point 3 : food - it is not like I'm always hungry! But I just tempted to eat. I don't want to eat as much as I eat.Now I'm irritated with myself. Why can't I control myself? I don't think I need to eat all the time. I just feel like I want to eat it. No solid reason.. So all the fault it back to myself. Can't imagine I angry to myself.. Should I be more rational.

Point 4 : vacation - I know I need it so much. I wanna go to the beach or into the woods.. whatever, just not here. Purp now is having fun in the wood. Abby my housemate is having fun shopping in Jakarta and I have a problem with double fee! Urghhh.. Am I exagerating? But the fee is almost 2k you know!!! Give me back the 2k.. I deserved a nice relaxing vacation!

Point 5 : work task - okay, I know I should not irritated with my task because this is my responsibility. But since I'm thinking about nice and relaxing vacation, I became irritated with my task as well. The programming looks like a spaghetti to me. Well, if you do Labview. you know what I mean. Can't they just.. tadaaa! Done! Why I need to think in loop and case? Why not everything happen automatic without me making it automatic? Prfff.. now I'm really going crazy!

Point 6 : money - since I'm actually short of 2k of my salary this month.. thanks to the double payment! I also suddenly get an offer letter from bank rakyat for the investment. They offered me 1k of investment and I remembered applying it like more than 5 years ago. So, I have to accept it! since it was super duper difficult to be offered.. Then when I went to counter, they told me that I can put in 1.5k instead.. and it was a one off deal. I'm happy and sad at the same time coz I'm broke this month! But I can't reject the offer! So, who gonna pay my vacation now???

Point 7 : tv program - All tv program looks repetitive to me... criminal mind, ncis, csi... I end up watching all the fairy tale super cute korean drama. Maybe I should consider myself migrate to Korean since I love their drama so much. So what is nora elena? why can't I make myself watching malay drama that so many people talk about? So, I may should really considering changing my nationality now.. don't I?

Point 8 : manga - I keep looking and looking for a new manga to read. It irritated me went almost all the good one already been read by me. I need something so good that it hook me. Then when I get hooked, suddenly I wish I didn't found it since I can't do anything else but reading it until it's done. So, I want it and don't want it at the same time... Just kill me!

End of rambling.. Now when I think about it.. I'm actually irritated with myself! And this entry is so irritated as well.. Really, I need a day off and play dead to the world!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Memory Lane series 1

Ok lah.. since this is my resolution June 2011.. so, this is my attempt to write 'massively' about my trip oversea.. hehehe.. Tapi setelah belek2 gambar untuk pilih yang tercun dan teranggun telah gagal dengan jayanya (new phrase ok :p)... Sebabnya, my first trip was in 2005 to Germany. That time I weight 15 kg more than now.. Huhuhu...enuff said kan? But that was still me and I gotta love me! hehe.. Then I was thinking.. what should I write? About the place? sound boring to me.. So.. let see what coming out here..

It was on January 2005.. I'm so freaking nervous and excited at the same time. I was young. Never ride a plane. First time buat passport.. etc etc.. Everything seems so dreamlike.. I'm so scared! I remember the feeling of anxious. To make things worst. I had to change 3 flight? 3 OK! First stop at Vienna, Austria then at Frankfurt and last flight at Cologne. Total of 17 hours journey. Lucky me, my supervisor pick me up at Cologne International airport. When I arrived, he bring me to my apartment and gave me a banana and a pack of biscuit. I was like.. what??? I'm so hungry!!! Waaa! You know why? 

In flight story: I took Austria Airline - economy class. 90% of the passengers were europeans. When they served food.. I was sleeping. And when I woke-up.. I was too shy to ask for the food (stupid me!) And I just waited for the second meal.. Then, I was scared to eat. The bacon look so suspicious (again, stupid me!). Actually I already double check with the airline before going in about the status of the food.. but still.. as I said, so shallow minded.. Ingat semua yg nama bacon jer tak halal.. prfffff! Hence, I was super hungry on my first long distant travel experience! Anyway, that night my supervisor took me to the Italian restaurant as welcome dinner! Hee ;-)
This is my supervisor Heinz and me... Reminder ok.. That was me in 2005... Heinz is super nice.. It is my honor to meet him :-) 

 Ok.. This is where I stay for 2 months. The Guest House. I stay in apartment that has 4 rooms. Kiranya sewa bilik la.. Kitchen and dining hall share. Ada 2 bathroom. So, 2 rooms share 1 bathroom.

Top pics is my housemate! ;-) Ann and Rosio on the left. Ann from Thailand, Rosio from Mexico.. top right is Luiji and his mother. You know, Luiji and Ann got married some years back and so far I know, they already have 1 child together.. Walla.. kiranya rumah ini menemukan mereka.. hehehe.. Ops, I pernah tertangkap diorang making out....... awkward! :p
Picture on the bottom is my close friends there. They are all from Thai.. I just happen to have fate with Thai's people (hint: Suwit!) 

Ok.. This is the end of my memory lane series 1.. Hehehe.. Hopefully series 2 coming out soon. Feel free to comment or not :P. Oh I should said feel free to read or not! And thank you for reading! Anyway, this is my another syok sendiri projek.. (I got many 'projects' u know... of course in my other blogs) Hahaha... And hopefully this one survive!

Until next time! ;-)

Monday, June 06, 2011

1st week of June 11

This is the first week of June 2011... My life starting to feel monotone.. So, I need to do something! So, what did I do? All the monotone things..

1. Watching movie
2. Shopping
3. Eating more and more


Just watched X-Men: First Class.. Best aa jugak citer ni.. Even though at the beginning I felt like "urghh why this movie feels so complicated?" It goes all around the world from Poland to UK to Argentina.. finally to America and Russia and maybe some more.. Kira global la citer ni.. hehe.. Anyway, it's a good story, worth of your time and money. Pegi la tgk ok, I give this movie 4 stars la.

Shopping cam biasa la... Just bought a new pant and top. Tempted to buy many other things but as a good human being.. pembaziran adalah amat tidak digalakkan.. :P. And I don't wanna talk about food! I'll be depressed! 

Oh.. As I said before, I would like to talk about my trip all around the world.. Hmm, should I bundle it in this entry or should I make a new one.... think.. think.. think...

ok la.. next entry la.. ;-)

Friday, June 03, 2011

It's Done!

Yay!!!!~ ~ ~ ~

See the new looks guys!

Like it? I like it a lot!
Feel so creative now! HAHAHA...

So long!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

New looks...

Now dlm process mengubah rupa blog ni. I'm gonna change how it looks.. the banner still in process.. I think I need this changes.

I'm sure gonna look the world with different eyes...

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Resolution June 2011!

First of all.. I just have a little chit chat with Purp... We talk about how people always write in their blog enormously, part by part.. sometime up to 5 or 6 part! /o\, put lots and lots of picture.. every time they went oversea.. hikss.. I have no problem with that.. my principal is.. you can do whatever you want in your blog.. because.. it's your blog! hehe..

So my resolution for June 2011 is.. to massively write on my trip to overseas as well! HAHAHA.. You can excuse with a "bleh" statement on "massively" coz.. you know and I know that I'm not capable to massively write about anything.. not even about how great Barca is.. was and will be.. Hehe :P.. By the way world, We just won the Champion League 2011!!!

my bro and me! Kitorang g tgk kat Putrajaya ngan PM tau! Haha! The best night eva' for us! my bro minat Barca gak for Spanish team.. but he is a die-hard Liverpool fan!
p/s: sampai tudung2 aku warna Barca! kalau boleh nak cat muka sekali.. boleh? HAHAHA!

Ok, back to topic.. First of all.. I will write in sequence start with Germany since it was my first trip oversea.. Hehehe.. will follow with paris, vietnam, bangkok, usa, spain and england.. hehehe.. besarnya cita2.. mampukah aku menulis about my experience to all that places? Huhuhu.. kalau pk kan skrg cam tak mampu jer sebab skrg I'm so busy with my work kat opis.. balik umah lak ada byk cite korea nak tgk.. manga lagi nak baca.. pastu game barca lagi.. pas tu ada novel lagi yg beratur tunggu aku baca.. fyi, aku baru je beli lagi 2 novel.. Huhuhu.. kesimpulannya.. mmg bz la! HAHAHA.... 

K lah... sekian resolution June 2011.. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Me today!

me! me!
 with purp...
with catz..

p/s: malas giler nak write blog.. sowwwyyyy... ;-P

Monday, April 11, 2011

my 1st try using Blogger-droid!

Now tgh tunggu servis kete... I like it here, ada free wireless... tetiba terpk nak cari Blogger apps. Now I can blog using this apps... hehe...

My review on produa service center, seksyen 10 bbb:
So far I like the service here. Looks good. They follow the book and waiting room is comfortable. Ada tv and you can see ur car right from the glass windows. Even my Hyundai service ctr is not as good. The reception guy is nice and friendly. Actually aku sesat td and he guide me nicely. And adding bonus, he is cute... hehe...

Ok la. Nak cont. read my manga online. And I can do that because of this wonderful free wi-fi. I feel sorry for a stack of programming doc that I brought here... niat I suci tau, to work while waiting for the service. Hehe...
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy belated and becoming BDAY! ^^

Yesterday I invited Purp, Orren, Abby and catz for dinner at Flaming Steamboat, Sunway.

p/s:  Kalau menurut spanish people (As Yuritza told me) when we said "invite" it means belanja or open table for them.. maybe it's a direct translation from Spanish to English, I'm not sure.. anyway it sound cute and the first time Yuri said to Gigi and me. We were clueless.. /o\ 

Anyway, that's not the point. I owed all of them a birthday dinner.. So, this what we called 4 in 1 package.. hehe..

 The gurls... purp, orren, abby and catz

Orren and me! She is my elder sister.. but we don't look alike right? I think I'm cuter.. HAHAHA!

Purp and Orren were Miss January... Catz lak Miss February.. Dah kira tertinggal kapal terbang la.. hehe.. Tapi never expired okay... better late than never kan..  and Abby is Miss April. For Abby lak kita guna express rakyat.. hehe...

Apapun, very nice food last night with very great companies. I chose this place because of a constant promotion from my brother yang duduk kat Shah Alam tu..  Dok promo cam ade share je ngan restaurant ni.. Tak abis2 dok kata sedap la, marvelous la, amazing la and etc etc... So, let us go there and evaluate ourselves. ^^ Cuma satu je kurang.. Panas! Sebabnya the best time to eat hot pot is when winter time and Malaysia ni mana ada winter.. huhuhu... Panas2 pun memang kenyang gila la semalam... Terus aku memasang niat utk diet bersungguh2 pas ni... Rasa cam dah berat... NOOOOO!!!

Miss December roger and out! ;-)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I wish for the greener grass out there...

It's difficult to explain... But I'm feeling down.. Many things happen that makes me angry, unsatisfied and     down... I really really wish that I'm not here... I wish to be in United State and be far far away from here. I want a new life, a new environment, a new breath. I just don't like it here.

Even though I knew and expected the worst situations, I still feeling sad inside. I know I'm fighting a losing battle, and I'm tired of it. I'm really really tired of it. What I really want is just to let everything go and stop trying. If only I can.. if only I brave enough to do that... 

I wish for the greener grass out there... I really do.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Count on me!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Busy Bee...

As most of people around the world know, Japan is in a complicated situation. Not only they have a major earth-quake and tsunami... Their nuclear reactor power plant in Fukushima is in 'bad' situation. And being a worker in a nuclear agency, this situation makes us.... busy.

Okay, don't get me wrong... We are save! The situation is under control. There is no need to panic. 

However, we (nuclear agency) have to always monitor and update the current situation. And this week I will be busy with the project that need me to run the monitoring setup for people coming from Japan. Just as a precaution measure. Anyway, I'm just doing a small part of it. Just making sure everything is run and ready :-P (You can believe in me, people!) Hehe...

I have lots and lots of things to update like my trip to Bandung, my food review on restaurant around Bangi , my short school of Particle Physic, Movies I watched and also some new friends that I met. But all these have to wait... My "busy-ness and lazy-ness" in on the way! 

Here is some peek preview of my trip to Bandung:
Just arrived! - Bandara Bandung, Indonesia
Me at Takuban Parahu - depan kawah gunung berapi

Ok guys.. That's all for now!


Saturday, March 05, 2011

good morning saturday!

This is my first time blogging via my phone... Not bad ;)

I'm going out to mid valley with my sister today!
To be cont....


Friday, March 04, 2011

Playing with my HTC D.esire HD :-)

I'm tired of saying how I regret neglecting my blog...
I did neglected it but it doesn't mean I don't love it.. ^_^

As you guys know (kalau baca blog ni la).. I bought my htc about a month ago.. So, I'm still in the process of learning.. :-). So, about two weeks ago, I attended a symposium at PWTC. Now, it's time to play around with my htc! While listening to the talk, I played my fav game: "bubble blast II", this game is so addictive and easy.. So, I'm actually doing a multitask - played the game while listened to the talk... or vise-versa. :)

Another function that I love is the camera! The camera has 8 Mega Pixels and the quality was superb...

 Saje try close-up... It's automatic focus.. So tak yah pilih macro ke ape ker :)
Amik gambar sendiri dalam dewan... hehe

Perasan tak gambarnya tinggi kurus.. Ikut screen dimension rasanya.. Cam wide camera lak.. Pastu bila kitorang (aku n purp) nak balik time tu... Kitorang actuallynya kuar awal sebab nak elak jammed.. Konon la kan.. Tapi on the way to parking lot (we parked in fornt of PWTC) We heard somebody was singing in one of the hall... Cam terpanggil gitu nak pi tgk.. Dalam dok mencari2 tu, Purp cakap kat aku.. Bunyinya cam suara Anuar Zain... Eh.. Ada event apa ni??? Kitorangpun masuk la ke dewan apa ntah namanya (byk hall kat situ)... Lalu menonton Anuar Zain buat rehearsal.. Owh.. rupanya weekend tu ada anugerah Seri Angkasa.. Diorang tgh wat full rehearsal, sekali ngan orkestra sekali.. Seriously, suara Anuar Zain best gila. And he was very harkworking.. 3 kali nyanyi baru dia puas hati.. Pasti kitorang tgk lak kumpulan Khatulistiwa (Kalau salah sorry la ek.. aku tak kenal diorang ni), pastu sape ntah.. malas la kan.. Ni some pics I took that day

 Mula2 tgk dari jauh... 
p/s: cun kan camera aku amik.. gelap dewan tu
Lama2 kitorang dudukla.. jadi penonton.. hehe..

Satu lagi.. Purp kata hp aku tak besh sebab tak leh guna pen nak melukis, so tak leh lukis cartoon... Purpnye hp pakai stylus.. htc aku ni pakai jari jemari.. Kalau guna pen tak nak detect. So, aku rasa tercabar la.. Aku kata.. wait aa Purp.. Aku donlod aplication paint dulu.. and you'll see!

This is my drawing guna application "paintjoy"..

 Ni percubaan pertama... Ok la kan :P yang penting leh lukis mata tu guna jari tau!
 Ni lak main2 color kat application tu.. Besh.. besh.. Hehehe (suka!)

Ok la.. That's it this time... :D