Monday, January 31, 2011

Sleepy weekend....

Friday night... Saturday, Sunday, today..... Raining.... non-stop...

So, Malaysia now feel like Fall season... Cuma daun2 tak bertukar color dan berguguran... me like it! 
But it also made me sleepy! And I slept for the whole day on Saturday... I repeat! The WHOLE day!!! it felt so good to just relax and do nothing! I love doing nothing! The moment I woke up, I watched : 
American Idol, So you think you can dance, Live to dance, American next top model, True beauty, Junior Master Chef, Master Chef, Criminal minds, NCIS, CSI, etc etc etc non-academic related things... I wonder, why I chose S&T field at the first place? If only I'm talented... I wanna be a singer like Adam Lambert! Or... I a dancer but nah.. dancing took too much energy.. cancel! Oh, I wanna be a VJ! like Ryan Seacrest.. Yes yes.. That sound cool! Or, a band member... where my life is always in unexpected adventure... waiting for a call or going on tour with a famous artist! I wanna play violin! like Lucia Micarelli! Having one or two solo performance while touring with Josh Groban! Yes.. I want that! Or better, I wake up and realized that I'm actually Paris Hilton! 'Kaching!' My wardrobe is full! LV? Gucci? Jimmy Choo? My own line? Name it! It was all there! 

That's why.. Sleeping too long do no good to your brain... Sleepy head! It was difficult to separate reality and fantasy! :P

Then the moment I woke up on Sunday, the first thing came to my mind was... Hungry!!! And also I had a bad headache! (for sleeping too long.. huhu)... I asked my pren to have lunch at Wong Solo (tetiba jer teringin makan ayam penyet) then we booked "The Green Hornet".. At first I wanna watch  the 2-D version but  it was not available anywhere in KL.. All cinemas only have a 3-D version.. Ok la.. So, this is my first time watched a 3-D movie! So out-of-date kan... Actually the no. 1 reason I always choose 2-D version is because I have this thing called "motion sickness" So, I pretty much afraid if my brain cannot handle 3-D movie... Hence, I cannot enjoy 3-D movie as much! Well ~ ~ ~ I always have my motion sickness pills every time I travel.. And you know, I never ride roller-coaster! The after-effect will be disastrous! The 2nd reason is 3-D movie has no subtitle! Hehehe... I love subtitle! No matter English or Malay subtitle.. I just don't want to listen carefully! It feel more relax with a subtitle...
But, since the 2-D version of this movie is not available, me going into the adventure of 3-D movie! for the first time..  jeng jeng jeng....
This movie was... so so good! 4.5 stars! Most recommended! It was hilarious! cool! and sometime unexpected! And the best part was... My brain do just fine! Maybe I was over cautious... In fact, i think i like 3-D movie. The picture quality was so good... like watching movie in HD. The down part is 3-D cost you more.. RM17 per person... But it was totally worth it! Hehe.. Anyway, I don't think you will lose anything if watching this movie in 2-D... It may be as good as 3-D.. Maybe la...

I end my ramblings now... Ta ta! ;-)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Jejak kasih...

Akhirnya aku bertemu semula dengan best friend aku waktu kitorang form 3 hari tu... Bayangkan... lama terpisah akhirnya kami dapat bertemu semula semuanya kerana facebook! Setelah sekian lama.. dan xtvt pertama kami ialah swimming!!! YAY!

Sambil2 berendam.. kitorang bertukar-tukar cerita.. Pastu berenang2... pastu sembang2... Best giler! Rasa cam kembali ke alam remaja.. Hehe... And today I'm gonna meet her again.. at the same place doing the same xtvt! Love it! 

Kawan2.. marilah kita menyihatkan badan dan bergossip ~~~


Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's in my mind...

I told you guys before that I played squash with catz on Tuesday.. Serious best! I like it! a lot! :-D For a beginner like me, I think I'm doing well... hehehe... I thought I wanna talk a whole length about squash rules here yesterday but unfortunately I had meetings for the whole day... So, now I'm lazy to do that.. hehe... me always do blogging on impulse... :p

Now I'm gonna talk about what's been in my mind at this moment:

1st... about muka kerek or memang kerek? 
Since end of last year, we are having a series of meetings with "A" division regarding their new big project. The reason we are invited is because we have more experience since most of people from "A" division is new and they also needed an objective view from others (which is us) regarding this project. As for us, we have no problem... They "talked" about this project ever since 2 or 3 years ago.. just now is the time when they really act on it.. OK.. done with the background.. I know this is a multimillion project.. bla bla bla ya-da ya-da... it's important! it's important! I know... BUT this one gal... She has this face.. KEREK! The face saying "Oh.. my job is so important, hence.. I am so important.. I don't care what happen around me.." She don't even half look at us... never say hi or smile.. never even try to have a small chat with us during refreshment..  Come-on! How many meetings we had together? And part of your colleague was actually belong to our division previously.. And we had known about your so important project long before you even work here! And pleeesseee... you are just a small fry  there..  This new people really makes us wonder..  We had been wondering about this gal for some times already... Is she only looked "kerek" or she really is? Because honestly.. there is no reason for her to be "kerek" with us... Or.. is that just her personality? So malang la.. for her...

2nd... Knowledge or money?
Again about new people... I mentioned previously about my new colleague.. fyi, they are all from  the same batch/intake... So, diorang ni suppose to be 1st class student or at least 3.5 CGPA and above; or oversea graduated.. This is what I heard la... So, Here the conversation that surprise me the most.. Our boss emailed us to plan our own training course for year 2011.. 
He : "Do we really need to apply for training program and what's the benefit of these training?"
So, I answered honestly la..
Me: "To gain more knowledge and skills to help us do our work... "
Then dia boleh pulak tanya..
He : "When we go to training, can we get a lot of money when we claim"
me is like.. "WUT???" Then purp jawabkan.. 
purp: Well, actually for training dlm negeri.. we will not get a lot of money... usually, just balance out our spent jer.. And if the training provide everything, we normally cannot claim anything pun...
So, he conclude..
He: "Oh.. I don't think I need any training la..."
Then aku pun mencelah la.
Me: "But you get ilmu la.. That's important per" 
Dan dengan selambanya dia jawab..
He: "For me, money is more important!"
Me and purp.... SPEECHLESS! WTH???

ok.. done office talk..

back to work!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So you think you can dance... S7

Apa ke hey nye post dua kali dalam sehari ni? hehehe... 

Actually, semalam aku tengok "So you think you can dance Season 7" ep. 1 - ye.. ye.. Malaysia memang slow.. Dah ada pemenang dah pon... Kalau nak tau sape menang google la sendiri..

Anyway, semalam selepas aku tgk rancangan ni, akhirnya aku membuat kesimpulan.. Aku memang suka contemporary dance. Dulu Aracely (adik kepada kawan aku kat Mizzou) introduced kat aku pasal dance ni, dia amik dance as her major kat Uni dia di Mexico.. So, dia penah tunjuk video2 dia and explained few things kat aku.. Very interesting... So semalam bila aku tengok this guy "Teddy Tedholm" performed.. aku rasa.. WOW! Amazing! So, aku just nak share kat sini how great and amazing he was: 

By the way... Dia tak dapat jadi top 11 pun... Still, this performance is a killer! (at least for me!) and I'm no expert!


Lately aku selalu baca blog orang lain... dah jadi xtvt harian lak... Dolu2 aku hanya akan baca blog aku (self obsess..  hehe) and blog kekawan yang aku kenal jer.. 
Antara blog yang aku paling suka baca sebab very informative ialah blog Aidid Mu'addib Blog dia adalah berkisar tentang keburukan MLM & Pyramid-Schemes... Aku ada beberapa kenalan yang jadi mangsa MLM dan sejak baca blog mamat ni aku respek la ngan perjuangan dia yang serious memberikan fakta terperinci tentang skim2 yang menjatuhkan dan memperbodohkan bangsa kita yang  kononnya berjuang atas nama menolong bangsa kita.. Anyway, aku bukan lah orang yang suka mengulas isu yang serius cam ni di blog.. kalau berminat pegi la baca sendiri ok.. Kalau nak aku sembang pasal isu serius camni or anything else seperti realiti kehidupan dan how I see life in my perspective.. jom la kita gi kopitiam borak2.. Hehehe... 

As for my life.. Everything is going on normally... Aku ada terpikir nak contact beberapa kawan2 lama tapi tak terbuat2... Kekadang rasa cam time too short sampai takde masa, tapi kekadang rasa cam panjang sangat masa sampai tak tau nak buat apa... But I notice lately aku cam cepat penat.. Sebab kurang makan ker? atau perasaan aku jer? Kurang exercise is one of the reason aku cepat rasa penat.. So, maybe this is the real reason.. But somehow aku malas nak berexercise.. camne? 

Owh... One more interesting thing.. Aku ada sorang kawan yang single mingle cam aku.. Tapi dia suka tulis her feeling cam sunyi, self pity, etc kat fb.. Aku tak kisah la sebab suka hati dia la kan nak tulis apa kat status dia, cumanya aku hope dia reserve sikit aa perasaan cam gitu... Lagipun aku rasa, life is too short for self pity... I really hope my friend can get over with self pity, nothing come from it. Instead should proud with herself! Bukan nak suruh berlagak cumanya aku rasa, kalau bandingkan diri kita ngan orang lain.. we r so so much luckier! 

Ok lah.. sebenarnya aku kena pikir camne nak tulis programming utk projek aku nih.. Tapi aku malas.. HEHEHE.. So, instead of buat programming, aku tulis blog.. Jap gi petang aku nak gi main squash ngan catz... Percubaan pertama la ni.. Hopefully jadi xtvt mingguan aku la sebab racket dia mahal.. So, supaya berbaloi my investment aku kena selalu main aa.. hehehe... Tapi kalau korang nak tau, jauh di sudut hati aku, aku sebenarnya main squash ni supaya aku boleh challenge Nicole David! 

chaiyok! 2x

Monday, January 24, 2011

My story so far...

I love blogging... I love my blog...
Somehow, lately I don't have any drive to write... I'm so busy with other things... 
I think the main reason maybe because there are not much to write anyway... Is getting older also contribute to this? I don't know...

On Saturday, I went to Alamanda with my friend.. Again with my shopping spree! I bought 3 shirts, a skirt and a belt. I love all of it! Hehehe... Can't wait to wear my shirts.. I wear my new skirt today but Purp said the skirt look a little too big for me.. Then I just realize, It was US size-8 = GB size-12 = I size-42... I thought size 8 is small enough... But it's actually big. I normally wear GB size-10 (baru tau camne nak baca size huhu) Anyway, time beli tu mmg size yg lebih kecil dah abis.. kira ok la.. This is pichas me wearing my new skirt :-D

Skirt kembang for office wear.. hehe ;)

Ok, back to story.. I also watched "Season of the witch" 
Aku cam terlupa yang citer ni citer thriller.. Ingatkan citer epic biasa2 jer.. Agak ngeri la.. Oh, citer ni rate 18SG.. Sebab ganas.. Bagi aku citer ni besh aaa... Recommended by me ;-) 4 stars. 

Another things happen that day, I asked my friend to have a dinner with me after  we watched this movie.. To my surprise, she said a plain NO to me... Straight face refusing my invitation. It took me by surprise since we were already went out together.. and I had skipped lunch coz she already had hers before we met at Alamanda. I'm trying to understand her reason and be understandable friend but until now this situation seems so weird to me. She said she was still full, tired and want to go home straight after the movie. Seriously, it felt so selfish. I told her clearly that I was hungry, and she even said that's because I didn't have my lunch (she knew!)... This attitude bewilder me... It's not like we met or hanging out everyday...  Once in a while, a simple dinner together will not take that much time after all, even if she just sit there accompany me is a gesture of what normal friend will do... And she asked me for the movie at the first place by the way. At the end, I went home with empty stomach... Still cannot believe that my friend did this to me. We already there for god sake. Seriously... what can I say? Am I missing something here? However I think of it.. I don't think this is normal...

Talking about empty stomach... My diet plan continue to show progress... :) What I have to do is keep up with the momentum! Last week I bought a squash's racket for my next sports xtvt... I'll be joining catz playing squash as soon as she's available... :) 


Monday, January 17, 2011

A "mushroom" weekend!

The title tells everything...

I went nowhere this weekend...
And canceled a plan to hunt for a new cell phone...
Reason? I need to submit a paper that due on Saturday!
Woke up at 7 a.m (on weekend????? I can't believe it myself) and start working at my dinner table (I don't have study table :p) with my ipod music for the whole day. I submitted the paper at 9 p.m (My brain felt so saturated!) Only to know later that they extended the due date to today.. Wut da eff!

On Sunday, I did nothing in particular... Watched tv and surfed internet the whole day. Did you guys watched  "Junior Master-chef Australia" So so amazing.. 8 years old kid can cook like a chef???? Salute!!! "I feel so small" seriously! They are crazy..

And you know, I lost 4 pounds (1.8 kg) !!! :DDDDD So happy... By end of this month! I will reach my 1st level of target! Hehehe...


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Monday till Wednesday...

Apakah misteri tajuk blog aku ni???
Actually aku nak story morry xtvt aku dari Isnin sampaila Rabu..
Malam hari Isnin lepas, aku dijemput oleh catz utk tengok wayang free kat KLCC.. cerita "Faster" yang dibintangi oleh The Rock! Tayangan preview percuma ni dianjurkan oleh mangga ad (Advertising Network) yang selalu blogger2 letak kat blog diorang... Aku tak berkecimbung di dunia meletak ad kat blog sebab aku rasa trafic aku mmg low la.. yang tau kewujudan blog aku ni pun kekawan rapat je or sesiapa yang terjumpa secara tak sengaja.. Sebab bagi aku blog ni personal.. So, only my close friends or fated people je leh baca.. hehehe.. (sungguh tak business minded)  

Back to story...
Catz bagitau aku.. tujuan mangga ad kasi blogger2 ni tgk wayang percuma adalah supaya mereka boleh ulas/promo citer ni kat blog diorang... Ni poster citer ni..

Sebanarnya aku ni malas nak ulas2 cerita ni... Aku buat kesimpulan je la ek... Citer ni kalau you all tengok takkan mengantuk la.. Fast pace and interesting.. A bit ridiculous (enough to make you laugh)... Dari segi story line, aku rasa nothing special, quite straight fwd... A bit predictable (I can even predict the next line of their script, can you imagine that?) Overall aku bagi citer ni *** stars... Without The Rock, citer ni deserved 2.5 star je kot.. Ni bagi aku la... Tapi aku tak nafikan yang it was enjoyable... So, kalau2 rasa nak tengok The Rock beraksi... boleh la tgk citer ni...

Ni pulak some of my pichas that night... Aku sebenarnya dah lama bercita2 nak pakai skirt.. Lately I'm very interested in shawl and skirt outfit... So, this is my attempt wearing a very ladylike outfit..

Gaya ayu no. 1 hehehe...

 Ni pulak gaya "peace"... konon2 cute.. hehehe

Gaya ayu no. 2... konon2 ada props

Last but not least.. self taken picture of catz and me... Thanks catz for the invitation!

On Tuesday, I already promised Abby to go swimming... This is the first swimming xtvt since I came back from US... You know... I didn't forget how to swim.. hehehe.. Maybe disebabkan paras air swimming pool kat mizzou tu 8 kaki.. Made me lost all the confidence.. Anyway, I can swim but no stamina and my technique is out... Note to myself: "I need to take swimming class!" I love swimming, terasa all my muscle exercise... ;-)
After swimming we plan to jog at stadium track, BBB (EWAH!) Tapi somehow, we took a wrong turn and sesat ke Cyberjaya... Suddenly I teringat my friends mention that restaurant arab Saba' kat Cyberjaya sedap... ^_^ Xtvt jogging bertukar menjadi xtvt makan nasi arab.. We went there with sport attire... konon2 baru balik dari gym... hehehe...

After yesterday swimming session, I rasa I can improve my skill and stamina by practice frequently... So, I went swimming again! hehehe.. Different place la pulak, saje nak cuba2... Boleh tak kitorang sesat.. Pastu sampai2 je hujan rintik2.. huwaaa!!! But we went in anyway.. hujan sikit2 not gonna harm us.. Then, suddenly, I realized that I forgot one peace of my swimming suit.. I swam anyway... just my attire is incomplete! but who care?  hehe... :-D

That's all folks...

I end my post today with my another new style of wearing scaft... Ramai je org kat Mesia ni pakai cam gini tapi aku before this aku rasa muka aku yang bulat ni macam tak sesuai.. Now aku rasa ok kot?
Again with peace sign! Purp said it was too cliche :P


Monday, January 10, 2011

Azam 2011

As long as we are still in January, I don't think it's too late to write my Azam 2011...
Actually I feel down lately for no particular reason... Sometimes thing happen without reason I guess.. For example, last night around 10pm while watching AJL 25.. Suddenly I have a severe stomach pain and feeling nauseous... I went to toilet but nothing happen... I just endure it and of course whining all the time to my sister... Then at night, as I felt worst.. I just 'hang out' in toilet trying to make things happen.. I didn't have cb (cirit birit) which I think was better than this.. After I back and forth between toilet and laying down in bed.. Finally I threw up several times... After that, I felt alright and this morning.. ta-da... I'm completely normal... So weird...  Maybe it was food poisoning? But my roommate eat the same thing as me.. Everything the same except buah kiwi.. kiwi is a fruit.. no way that's a reason.. So, I conclude.. "it was a mystery"... 
Lesson learned: Whatever down feeling I had, it will eventually go away on its own... I hope soon...

Okay back to my azam 2011... 

1. Better at managing my work. 
- I must document my works and put everything in order.. Stop messing my documents
2. I must lose at least another 15 pounds (~ 7 kg) - must be discipline
3. I'll make my heart larger.. (try not to get hurt on small things, redha je la)
4. Travel some more (:-P) - this time south east asia
5. Join more outdoor xtvts - swimming, hiking, futsal, badminton, squash etc etc

Pening pulak memikirkan azam tahun baru ni... Cukup la kot buat masa ni.. tgh2 tahun mesti aku akan tambah azam aku ni (boleh?) whatever la kan... Just try my best la to be happy... I'm happy if you happy okay.. Lets us happy together2... 


p/s: I need gg to list down my azam coz I think she did  it last year but never gave the list to me.. :p OR  perhaps, catz and purp can do it also to me this year.. hehehe... BUT please do give it to me okay.. ;-)

I loike...

Aku ni outdated sikit pasal muzik tanah air mahu pun muzik atas angin... Tapi after AJL semalam I like this band..


2010 Reflection.. huh 2009????

Aku sedar aku mmg malas malas malas tulis blog tahun ni.. Don't know why.. I guess.. FB????

Maybe la... Post aku utk 2010 65 posts jer... Then aku check post on January 2010.. Aku tak list down my "Azam 2010" pun.. Walla.. What happen??? That's mean no reflection of 2009 as well.. Ni bukan tertinggal bas or kapal terbang lagi dah ni., Ni dah tahap tertinggal 1 km ke belakang dalam acara sukaneka lari dalam guni!

Dalam membaca entry January 2009, aku dapat rasakan perubahan diri aku.. I think I like  he 2009 me better, sebab the way I wrote my blog felt so easy going, funny at times ,weird and crazy... Too much barca's influence.. hehe...

Since I don't have a list of Azam 2010 to measure my kpi :P (boo hooo) let just go back another year and sum it all up... This is my copy and paste of Azam 2009!

Azam 2009:

1. To continue success in my Master program and get a very very good result and give a good impression of myself..
2. To lose weight.. Target? 15 pound down! :D

3. To be nicer to people (ni macam every year azam je.. hehehe)
4. To exercise more.. mean, try to go to gym sekerap yang mungkin..

5. Learn to be a better cooker

6. Well.. be a good student!

Tercapai kah?
Let's go by number!

1. Yee Haaaa!!!!! YES! YES! I DID IT!
I got my Master in Electrical Engineering! and I did get a VERY VERY GOOD result! 4.0 in cgpa.. Not even in my dream that I'll achieve this! This is one of the sweetest and proudest memory in my life!

I love this shot... Feel 'artistic' (but coming from me, you can just 'bleh' it..)

2. Lose weight!
15 pounds is my target on 2009... and I didn't achieve it by end of 2009 but I did successfully lost 33 pounds by end of 2010! Amazing right? Even me wonder how did it happen???

Left is me in Sept 2008 and right is me in Sept 2010.. ;-)

3. Nicer to people? Hahaha.. I somehow believe that I'm not a very considerate person... I always don't realize what is sensitive for others... and end up hurting people without mean it.. Now  I'm growing and wiser.. and I learned a lot from my new friends... And if I can declare meeting some people is an achievement.. I will declare that knowing Gigi and Yuri is my best achievement! I even go as far as saying it was even worthier  than my Master degree... ;-)

My mizzou best buddies... <3

4. I did exercise a lot early this year.. but since I came back... It gradually going down.. :(

5. I achieve this successfully! With a series of 'calling my mum for recipe,' I'm so proud of myself! hehehe... Tapi since I came back... I also cooked less and I'm afraid that I'm gonna forget everything. BUT, I trust my hidden skills of cooking and I know that when I determined to do it, it will be a success! (lagi adegan perasan tahap gaban)

6. Be a good student is a bit outdated for this reflection.. Anyway I was!... errr I think la.

The list is done but I'm gonna add some more! I told myself that yang aku nak g panjat bukit broga b4 2011 as my 1st step to daki gunung Kinabalu (ewah! ada hati :p) So I did!

Snap shots at Broga Hill! 25 Dec 2010

Dah banyak kali plan nak panjat bukit ni.. asyik cancel sbb kejap A available, B lak tak available and etc etc.. Last2 aku go on je the plan no matters who's available.. Last2 aku ngan Purp je panjat bukit ni.. Yang penting.. I HAD FUN!!! :D

What else? Okay.. Travelling log... Last two years was the time where I travel the most in my life! Sampai dah tak larat dah.. Anyway, I have to grab this opportunity since I study abroad.. Lepas ni bila la pulak kan... Here some pichas summary...

Gi Chicago on Spring Break 09, pastu early Summer 09 break gi Boston and NY, then on Oct g Washington DC

Aku balik Malaysia time Summer break 09... Take that opportunities bawak family jalan2 gi tgk Masjid Kristal kat Kuala Terengganu..
On the way back dari Malaysia ke US.. Aku singgah Europe jap... Memang percutian yang paling aku tunggu2 sebab akhirnya aku dapat menjejak kaki di mana Messi memijak kakinya... Hehehe.. So, Messi and I dah ada things in common... :PPPPP (sudah2 la tu...) Also went to Germany, London and Liverpool as well.. 

On Winter break 10... We travel to St Louis, Las Vegas, San Francisco and LA & Hollywood... 
From Las Vegas, we took one day tour to Grand Canyon :)
My final destination while I'm in USA is Florida... We went there to celebrate our graduation! So happy~~~ We went to Disney World and Sea World... What a good old time :)

With this I wrapped my Year 2009 - 2010 and start a new chapter of 2011... I'm proudly said.. I end my 2010 with a happy smile~~~~ :D

c ya!
(p/s: Now got to list my azam 2011) ~~~ later...

Thursday, January 06, 2011


Bulan January ramai lak yang sambut B-Day...

1st January - Purp
5th January - kak Kay
7th January - my sister

For Purp, since her B-Day was on holiday, jadi tak dapat la nak lunch together2... Then suddenly so busy lak kan.. Purp! I promise you one of the day next week okay.. I belanja.. ;-)

Yesterday... kitorang kuar lunch kat SR.. Here our pichas...

B-Day girl and me
Roki and Purp...

We having lunch at SR, BBB... That time tak la ramai sangat orang tapi service diorang slow gila.. Aku pesan ice lemon tea and chicken garnish je.. kalau ikutkan senang je kan.. bancuh air pastu amik chicken garnish tu masukkan dlm uwave... Kena sound baru la gerak.. Kiranya service terukla.. Bila kitorang complaint dia kata tak cukup pekerja.. peeeelissss la...

Anyway.. I'm on the process of writing my 2010 reflection... Walaupun dah tertinggal bas, as long as it's still January kira okay la..

roger & out!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I'm behind on my blogging... huhu

I know.. I know...

This is the fifth day of year 2011.. but I wrote nothing on my 'azam' or 2010 reflection.. etc.. The truth is.. I don't know myself.. busy with many things... my parents is here.. my sis is busy starting up for phd program... And I somehow busy with meetings and workshop at the end and start of the year.. Also... laziness might be one of the main factors here...

Okay.. I think it is time to announce!


Guys.. please support Nuclear Power Program for our country! if I have time (bila2 rajin nanti) I will write a whole length of the benefit of NPP to us... (bila la tu.. InsyaAllah)

By the way... I just try this new style of wearing shawl... Tgh workshop sambil tangkap2 gambar syok sendiri... hehehe..

So far ok la... I like this style.. easier and comfortable... hehe... Ini kes semalam pi uptown Shah Alam... I shop a lot of shawls.. Murah la wei kat situ.. Best! I like!

Until next time!