Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy belated and becoming BDAY! ^^

Yesterday I invited Purp, Orren, Abby and catz for dinner at Flaming Steamboat, Sunway.

p/s:  Kalau menurut spanish people (As Yuritza told me) when we said "invite" it means belanja or open table for them.. maybe it's a direct translation from Spanish to English, I'm not sure.. anyway it sound cute and the first time Yuri said to Gigi and me. We were clueless.. /o\ 

Anyway, that's not the point. I owed all of them a birthday dinner.. So, this what we called 4 in 1 package.. hehe..

 The gurls... purp, orren, abby and catz

Orren and me! She is my elder sister.. but we don't look alike right? I think I'm cuter.. HAHAHA!

Purp and Orren were Miss January... Catz lak Miss February.. Dah kira tertinggal kapal terbang la.. hehe.. Tapi never expired okay... better late than never kan..  and Abby is Miss April. For Abby lak kita guna express rakyat.. hehe...

Apapun, very nice food last night with very great companies. I chose this place because of a constant promotion from my brother yang duduk kat Shah Alam tu..  Dok promo cam ade share je ngan restaurant ni.. Tak abis2 dok kata sedap la, marvelous la, amazing la and etc etc... So, let us go there and evaluate ourselves. ^^ Cuma satu je kurang.. Panas! Sebabnya the best time to eat hot pot is when winter time and Malaysia ni mana ada winter.. huhuhu... Panas2 pun memang kenyang gila la semalam... Terus aku memasang niat utk diet bersungguh2 pas ni... Rasa cam dah berat... NOOOOO!!!

Miss December roger and out! ;-)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I wish for the greener grass out there...

It's difficult to explain... But I'm feeling down.. Many things happen that makes me angry, unsatisfied and     down... I really really wish that I'm not here... I wish to be in United State and be far far away from here. I want a new life, a new environment, a new breath. I just don't like it here.

Even though I knew and expected the worst situations, I still feeling sad inside. I know I'm fighting a losing battle, and I'm tired of it. I'm really really tired of it. What I really want is just to let everything go and stop trying. If only I can.. if only I brave enough to do that... 

I wish for the greener grass out there... I really do.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Count on me!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Busy Bee...

As most of people around the world know, Japan is in a complicated situation. Not only they have a major earth-quake and tsunami... Their nuclear reactor power plant in Fukushima is in 'bad' situation. And being a worker in a nuclear agency, this situation makes us.... busy.

Okay, don't get me wrong... We are save! The situation is under control. There is no need to panic. 

However, we (nuclear agency) have to always monitor and update the current situation. And this week I will be busy with the project that need me to run the monitoring setup for people coming from Japan. Just as a precaution measure. Anyway, I'm just doing a small part of it. Just making sure everything is run and ready :-P (You can believe in me, people!) Hehe...

I have lots and lots of things to update like my trip to Bandung, my food review on restaurant around Bangi , my short school of Particle Physic, Movies I watched and also some new friends that I met. But all these have to wait... My "busy-ness and lazy-ness" in on the way! 

Here is some peek preview of my trip to Bandung:
Just arrived! - Bandara Bandung, Indonesia
Me at Takuban Parahu - depan kawah gunung berapi

Ok guys.. That's all for now!


Saturday, March 05, 2011

good morning saturday!

This is my first time blogging via my phone... Not bad ;)

I'm going out to mid valley with my sister today!
To be cont....


Friday, March 04, 2011

Playing with my HTC D.esire HD :-)

I'm tired of saying how I regret neglecting my blog...
I did neglected it but it doesn't mean I don't love it.. ^_^

As you guys know (kalau baca blog ni la).. I bought my htc about a month ago.. So, I'm still in the process of learning.. :-). So, about two weeks ago, I attended a symposium at PWTC. Now, it's time to play around with my htc! While listening to the talk, I played my fav game: "bubble blast II", this game is so addictive and easy.. So, I'm actually doing a multitask - played the game while listened to the talk... or vise-versa. :)

Another function that I love is the camera! The camera has 8 Mega Pixels and the quality was superb...

 Saje try close-up... It's automatic focus.. So tak yah pilih macro ke ape ker :)
Amik gambar sendiri dalam dewan... hehe

Perasan tak gambarnya tinggi kurus.. Ikut screen dimension rasanya.. Cam wide camera lak.. Pastu bila kitorang (aku n purp) nak balik time tu... Kitorang actuallynya kuar awal sebab nak elak jammed.. Konon la kan.. Tapi on the way to parking lot (we parked in fornt of PWTC) We heard somebody was singing in one of the hall... Cam terpanggil gitu nak pi tgk.. Dalam dok mencari2 tu, Purp cakap kat aku.. Bunyinya cam suara Anuar Zain... Eh.. Ada event apa ni??? Kitorangpun masuk la ke dewan apa ntah namanya (byk hall kat situ)... Lalu menonton Anuar Zain buat rehearsal.. Owh.. rupanya weekend tu ada anugerah Seri Angkasa.. Diorang tgh wat full rehearsal, sekali ngan orkestra sekali.. Seriously, suara Anuar Zain best gila. And he was very harkworking.. 3 kali nyanyi baru dia puas hati.. Pasti kitorang tgk lak kumpulan Khatulistiwa (Kalau salah sorry la ek.. aku tak kenal diorang ni), pastu sape ntah.. malas la kan.. Ni some pics I took that day

 Mula2 tgk dari jauh... 
p/s: cun kan camera aku amik.. gelap dewan tu
Lama2 kitorang dudukla.. jadi penonton.. hehe..

Satu lagi.. Purp kata hp aku tak besh sebab tak leh guna pen nak melukis, so tak leh lukis cartoon... Purpnye hp pakai stylus.. htc aku ni pakai jari jemari.. Kalau guna pen tak nak detect. So, aku rasa tercabar la.. Aku kata.. wait aa Purp.. Aku donlod aplication paint dulu.. and you'll see!

This is my drawing guna application "paintjoy"..

 Ni percubaan pertama... Ok la kan :P yang penting leh lukis mata tu guna jari tau!
 Ni lak main2 color kat application tu.. Besh.. besh.. Hehehe (suka!)

Ok la.. That's it this time... :D