Friday, June 10, 2011

Memory Lane series 2

Now the journey continue... (previous series: #1)

Oh, I just realize that I didn't mention the reason I went to Germany. it's actually for a project collaboration between Malaysia and Germany. So, I was there to learn :-D. I indeed learned many things.

I was introduced to Lodoi as my official tourist (? :P) guide by Heinz. And the best thing happen to me, I got bicycle! Yay!!! I had my own transport, hence I got my freedom. The institute actually provided bus, but it was only one trip go and one trip back and I don't like being bound to schedule.. So, having bicycle with me is like a blessing from god. Hehehe... And the trip is about 6km.. /o\ My first week riding back and forth is hell but it get better after that. Heee ;-). Lodoi was a great friend. He showed me a different route for bicycle rider, he also went shopping with me, thought me some German words (for shopping or course). He was an excellent and patient guide. I feel so lucky! On top of it, he was cute! Hehe..

I've been there on winter time. This was my 1st experience of winter. I feel so good! :-D jakun le katakan... If I stay back late, I'll make sure Lodoi will be back with me coz the bicycle road will be dark and quiet. A bit scary.. Sometimes I went back with Sue.. All the pictures above taken at bicycle route.. It was a special route for bicycle user - so it's safe! Right bottom pic is me in front of a frozen lake.. :-)

But I tell you, my instinct of survival is excellent. After sometimes, I was the one who guided Lodoi a shorter route to office. He was so impressed by me that he told everyone about that. He said, he had been there for almost 2 years but never knew that route! Hahaha... The truth is, I was friendly enough to have many friends at the guest house. And most of us used bicycle to go to work. Lodoi needs to be more friendly and be out of his circle a bit. :-D

This is Lodoi and me!  He was my guide, photographer, shopping partner, language teacher, eating partner, etc. above all, he was my good friend..:-) I owed him a lot! I was lucky to meet such a nice person. He was a quiet person until he got drunk.. then he will talk a bit more.. just a bit more. So, he was better drunk? Hahaha.. His is from Mongolia and doing his phD under Heinz.. Tell ya, he will get angry if I said Mongolia was once China, he said China was once Mongolia... He even told me the history of Mongolia.. Hahaha...

You know what? At first i thought Germany is a weird country. Well, maybe all Europe like that. :-P They closed the shops at 6pm on week days and at 2pm on Saturday. Sunday? All CLOSE! Waaaaa!!! That's mean if I wanna shop, I need to go back earlier and wake-up early on Saturday. Sunday will be the most boring day of the week. I don't have my own laptop and I don't have tv in my room. But I have my sweet smile! HAHAHA... So, I randomly went to common room where they watched TV and have a chit chat with whoever. I'm telling you.. I was the one who started the tradition of cooking your own country dish to your neighbor. (Oh, I'm so proud!). You know what?I don't do most of the cooking! I just request!!! HAHAHA!!!! No kidding! Well, I did help them cooking tho.

On top left is when we were having Indian dinner. Somehow I'm the only girl showed up. I got my hand reading that time. It said I'm gonna be rich! hehehe.. Next picture was Italian dinner, Luiji invite his Italian friends and cooked for us, special vegi spaghetti for me! Nasi ayam is my request to Ann. Top right is when we had dinner party at Sue and Sao apartment. Two middle picture on the left was when Alexander cooked traditional German dishes.. Bottom left was a welcome party for Luiji mom. next bottom picture where Ann and me invite our office friends for lunch. The very middle picture was my farewell party.. We all cooked including me! Hehehe... On the right pic was guys cleaning the dishes.. Hehehe.. This explained why I was not loosing any weight that time! HAHAHA!

I also went to some other places nearby to visit on weekend. Since I had only 2 months.. That's mean I had 8 weekends. The first two weeks was mingled time. Getting to know your environment and making friends. Approach them and plan the idea of traveling into their head :-P. Do puppy face, gotta made people love ya! Haha.. well I'm half kidding! The most important thing is to make sure you used ur time wisely!

Ok I'm gonna stop here today... Until next time! and thanks for reading! :-DDDD

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Irritated entry!

Jiwa kacau... that's is a good description...

Point 1 :  work - I already mention to them many many times to flag out the process of payment since I already paid the fee. BUT, suddenly I got a called saying that the payment was already processed. Now we need to deal with double payment! How can people made this blunder when I already reminded them so many time. Really pissed me off!

Point 2 : that guy - how can I make he understand? I don't like changes and I don't feel good about it. Did he didn't get my message? Need I say it clearly? Like one plus one is equal to two? Why I need to think about this? Why can't everything be smoothed and easy? Why it must be so complicated?

Point 3 : food - it is not like I'm always hungry! But I just tempted to eat. I don't want to eat as much as I eat.Now I'm irritated with myself. Why can't I control myself? I don't think I need to eat all the time. I just feel like I want to eat it. No solid reason.. So all the fault it back to myself. Can't imagine I angry to myself.. Should I be more rational.

Point 4 : vacation - I know I need it so much. I wanna go to the beach or into the woods.. whatever, just not here. Purp now is having fun in the wood. Abby my housemate is having fun shopping in Jakarta and I have a problem with double fee! Urghhh.. Am I exagerating? But the fee is almost 2k you know!!! Give me back the 2k.. I deserved a nice relaxing vacation!

Point 5 : work task - okay, I know I should not irritated with my task because this is my responsibility. But since I'm thinking about nice and relaxing vacation, I became irritated with my task as well. The programming looks like a spaghetti to me. Well, if you do Labview. you know what I mean. Can't they just.. tadaaa! Done! Why I need to think in loop and case? Why not everything happen automatic without me making it automatic? Prfff.. now I'm really going crazy!

Point 6 : money - since I'm actually short of 2k of my salary this month.. thanks to the double payment! I also suddenly get an offer letter from bank rakyat for the investment. They offered me 1k of investment and I remembered applying it like more than 5 years ago. So, I have to accept it! since it was super duper difficult to be offered.. Then when I went to counter, they told me that I can put in 1.5k instead.. and it was a one off deal. I'm happy and sad at the same time coz I'm broke this month! But I can't reject the offer! So, who gonna pay my vacation now???

Point 7 : tv program - All tv program looks repetitive to me... criminal mind, ncis, csi... I end up watching all the fairy tale super cute korean drama. Maybe I should consider myself migrate to Korean since I love their drama so much. So what is nora elena? why can't I make myself watching malay drama that so many people talk about? So, I may should really considering changing my nationality now.. don't I?

Point 8 : manga - I keep looking and looking for a new manga to read. It irritated me went almost all the good one already been read by me. I need something so good that it hook me. Then when I get hooked, suddenly I wish I didn't found it since I can't do anything else but reading it until it's done. So, I want it and don't want it at the same time... Just kill me!

End of rambling.. Now when I think about it.. I'm actually irritated with myself! And this entry is so irritated as well.. Really, I need a day off and play dead to the world!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Memory Lane series 1

Ok lah.. since this is my resolution June 2011.. so, this is my attempt to write 'massively' about my trip oversea.. hehehe.. Tapi setelah belek2 gambar untuk pilih yang tercun dan teranggun telah gagal dengan jayanya (new phrase ok :p)... Sebabnya, my first trip was in 2005 to Germany. That time I weight 15 kg more than now.. Huhuhu...enuff said kan? But that was still me and I gotta love me! hehe.. Then I was thinking.. what should I write? About the place? sound boring to me.. So.. let see what coming out here..

It was on January 2005.. I'm so freaking nervous and excited at the same time. I was young. Never ride a plane. First time buat passport.. etc etc.. Everything seems so dreamlike.. I'm so scared! I remember the feeling of anxious. To make things worst. I had to change 3 flight? 3 OK! First stop at Vienna, Austria then at Frankfurt and last flight at Cologne. Total of 17 hours journey. Lucky me, my supervisor pick me up at Cologne International airport. When I arrived, he bring me to my apartment and gave me a banana and a pack of biscuit. I was like.. what??? I'm so hungry!!! Waaa! You know why? 

In flight story: I took Austria Airline - economy class. 90% of the passengers were europeans. When they served food.. I was sleeping. And when I woke-up.. I was too shy to ask for the food (stupid me!) And I just waited for the second meal.. Then, I was scared to eat. The bacon look so suspicious (again, stupid me!). Actually I already double check with the airline before going in about the status of the food.. but still.. as I said, so shallow minded.. Ingat semua yg nama bacon jer tak halal.. prfffff! Hence, I was super hungry on my first long distant travel experience! Anyway, that night my supervisor took me to the Italian restaurant as welcome dinner! Hee ;-)
This is my supervisor Heinz and me... Reminder ok.. That was me in 2005... Heinz is super nice.. It is my honor to meet him :-) 

 Ok.. This is where I stay for 2 months. The Guest House. I stay in apartment that has 4 rooms. Kiranya sewa bilik la.. Kitchen and dining hall share. Ada 2 bathroom. So, 2 rooms share 1 bathroom.

Top pics is my housemate! ;-) Ann and Rosio on the left. Ann from Thailand, Rosio from Mexico.. top right is Luiji and his mother. You know, Luiji and Ann got married some years back and so far I know, they already have 1 child together.. Walla.. kiranya rumah ini menemukan mereka.. hehehe.. Ops, I pernah tertangkap diorang making out....... awkward! :p
Picture on the bottom is my close friends there. They are all from Thai.. I just happen to have fate with Thai's people (hint: Suwit!) 

Ok.. This is the end of my memory lane series 1.. Hehehe.. Hopefully series 2 coming out soon. Feel free to comment or not :P. Oh I should said feel free to read or not! And thank you for reading! Anyway, this is my another syok sendiri projek.. (I got many 'projects' u know... of course in my other blogs) Hahaha... And hopefully this one survive!

Until next time! ;-)

Monday, June 06, 2011

1st week of June 11

This is the first week of June 2011... My life starting to feel monotone.. So, I need to do something! So, what did I do? All the monotone things..

1. Watching movie
2. Shopping
3. Eating more and more


Just watched X-Men: First Class.. Best aa jugak citer ni.. Even though at the beginning I felt like "urghh why this movie feels so complicated?" It goes all around the world from Poland to UK to Argentina.. finally to America and Russia and maybe some more.. Kira global la citer ni.. hehe.. Anyway, it's a good story, worth of your time and money. Pegi la tgk ok, I give this movie 4 stars la.

Shopping cam biasa la... Just bought a new pant and top. Tempted to buy many other things but as a good human being.. pembaziran adalah amat tidak digalakkan.. :P. And I don't wanna talk about food! I'll be depressed! 

Oh.. As I said before, I would like to talk about my trip all around the world.. Hmm, should I bundle it in this entry or should I make a new one.... think.. think.. think...

ok la.. next entry la.. ;-)

Friday, June 03, 2011

It's Done!

Yay!!!!~ ~ ~ ~

See the new looks guys!

Like it? I like it a lot!
Feel so creative now! HAHAHA...

So long!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

New looks...

Now dlm process mengubah rupa blog ni. I'm gonna change how it looks.. the banner still in process.. I think I need this changes.

I'm sure gonna look the world with different eyes...

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Resolution June 2011!

First of all.. I just have a little chit chat with Purp... We talk about how people always write in their blog enormously, part by part.. sometime up to 5 or 6 part! /o\, put lots and lots of picture.. every time they went oversea.. hikss.. I have no problem with that.. my principal is.. you can do whatever you want in your blog.. because.. it's your blog! hehe..

So my resolution for June 2011 is.. to massively write on my trip to overseas as well! HAHAHA.. You can excuse with a "bleh" statement on "massively" coz.. you know and I know that I'm not capable to massively write about anything.. not even about how great Barca is.. was and will be.. Hehe :P.. By the way world, We just won the Champion League 2011!!!

my bro and me! Kitorang g tgk kat Putrajaya ngan PM tau! Haha! The best night eva' for us! my bro minat Barca gak for Spanish team.. but he is a die-hard Liverpool fan!
p/s: sampai tudung2 aku warna Barca! kalau boleh nak cat muka sekali.. boleh? HAHAHA!

Ok, back to topic.. First of all.. I will write in sequence start with Germany since it was my first trip oversea.. Hehehe.. will follow with paris, vietnam, bangkok, usa, spain and england.. hehehe.. besarnya cita2.. mampukah aku menulis about my experience to all that places? Huhuhu.. kalau pk kan skrg cam tak mampu jer sebab skrg I'm so busy with my work kat opis.. balik umah lak ada byk cite korea nak tgk.. manga lagi nak baca.. pastu game barca lagi.. pas tu ada novel lagi yg beratur tunggu aku baca.. fyi, aku baru je beli lagi 2 novel.. Huhuhu.. kesimpulannya.. mmg bz la! HAHAHA.... 

K lah... sekian resolution June 2011..