Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Vacation #1 - June 2011 :-D


Been so long again.. Catz said to me that I self-think myself as a celebrity because I always giving hints on what I'm gonna write.. She said, "why don't you just write it? what.. you think people will wait in anticipation for your entry when you said you gonna write this and that on next entry?" LOL... This is my reply: I do want to be a celebrity.. maybe this is my unconscious act of celebrity that I have hidden inside me! :PPP ;-)

Anyway back to the topic.. Exactly one month ago.. I have to attend a conference at Kuantan, Pahang.. Well, I need to drive 4 hrs ++ to be there.. So, why not enjoy it as much as I can! Yay!!! "o to ka jo?" What did I do to please myself?????

Here it is...

1. Stop by to play with the elephant!

Feeding peanuts to the elephant.. scarily wonderful!

Ride them! The guy in front of me is the instructor... His colleagues keep teasing him for riding with such a beautiful lady! (Hahaha.. please don't vomit :-P!!! )

This place called Kuala Gandah.. It was 2 hrs ++ right in the middle of my destination.. To my surprise.. everything is free! well, except for the peanuts.. I got to buy it before feeding the elephant.. The final activities is giving bath to elephant child.. Since I'm not ready with wet cloths nor I have time.. So, I just leave after riding them.. So fun!!! Try it guys!

2. Stay at super nice hotel...

 Hyatt Regency Kuantan - a king size bed room

The Zenith Kuantan - twin room

Oh.. Just to let u know.. I was with my younger sister! ;-).. For the first two nights.. we stay at Hyatt Regency where the conference took place... This is really a very very nice hotel. I definitely go there again.. The concept is traditional.. all wooden floor etc. Hear the funny story when we stayed there.. One of the evening, after we back from swimming.. OMG! the room is in chaos.. My panicking mind suddenly looking for my cell phone since I left it in there.. The evident of trespassing everywhere.. The plates shattered.. the floor was messy.. and all gone! ALL the food was gone! And I saw something! It's the monkey!!! It turned out, We left the veranda's door open.. Huhu.. But the staff cleaned it immediately.. no harm done except that I don't have any snack left in my room..

The final night, we move to The Zenith.. The uptown hotel, right in front of shopping mall.. This is a new hotel, some of my friends recommended me there.. And I love it! The concept is modern... And I love love love the bathroom here.. Super excellent! But, if I have to choose between the two hotel, I will definitely choose Hyatt.. wanna know why??? The reason is as below.. :-)

3. The beach!

Teluk Cempedak beach...

Romantic? :-P

 deck chair in front of the beach

People playing beach volleyball

 I can't ask for anything more! Being able to surf or read books at night in front of the beach and listen to the sound of wave.. ahhhh.. I'm feeling good (Am I being over dramatic??? lol)

This is heaaaaaven! I'm falling in love! Hyatt got their own private beach only for their guest.. I love the privacy.. The feeling of relaxing! Listening to the wind breeze.. bla bla bla... However the South China Sea's wave was a bit strong.. I got tired easily for trying to swimming at the beach.. The solution is....

4. Swimming Pool

 @ The Zenith
@ Hyatt

We've been swimming for everyday.. The good news is, now my sister know how to swim already!!! Yay! Thankss to the best sister in the world who diligently teach her the swimming technique.. :8D... Hahaha

That's it! There is no doubt.. I enjoyed my Kuantan vacation very much! Stay at one place.. just be free.. thinking of nothing... And let the wave take you in... Hahaha ;-)

Till next time!

p/s: Yuri.. if you wanna comment, you can click on the link below (my fav list).. just telling since you said you don't know how ;-)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My imagination gone wild...

What if I become this 'bad woman'?

keep your mind straight... will the heart follow?


Friday, July 08, 2011


Ops! I did it again!

I abandon my blog.. huhuhu...

Actually I'm a bit busy lately... Remember I talked about that I need a vacation? And I'm a person that true to my words.. I've just been on two vacations  (Don't ask how broke I am right now! :-P). First I went to Teluk Cempedak beach at Kuantan.. Actually I went there for work but I make it a vacation by staying at fancy hotel way beyond my allocation (by my own) and of course having a very good time.. Then I went to Pangkor Island for another vacation.. I will talk about both of this fantastic vacation on another entry.. hehehe

The reason I'm writing now is to say...


She just told me that she found my blog and reading it! I'm not listing my blog on my fb because i treat this blog a bit personal.. and who found it.. found it.. It's fate.. (Anyway Yuri.. since you are my best friend.. I supposed I already gave you my blog address.. you just forgot!!! :-PPPP ) Anyway.. you are always welcome to read my blog.. ;-)

Right now, I'm at office just back from a meeting... I became a secretary of one event in my work place and got so many task to do! I HATE IT! Why did I have to be a secretary???? Clearly this job is not me! HUHUHUHU... I'll whining more later coz I really need to go home now.. The reason I'm staying back and writing this blog now is coz right now I'm waiting for my file to be downloaded...  I fancy this Korean group called: F.T Island and since yesterday I began to download all of their songs.. hehehe.. Here they are!

Super cute??? I like them so so much! ;-)

And tonight I'm gonna watch:-

So.. got to go now!