Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Me and K-Pop!!! - KMW Malaysia 2011

Since when?

Since K-Drama? I don't think so... I think it start when I like FT Island.. Like football (soccer), I don't like football before I know Messi and Barca.. So.. right now, I'm sooo into k-pop (Korean Songs).. I love love love FT Island so much! I've been following them via twitter, tumblr and facebook.. So, when they said they are coming to Malaysia for Korean Music Wave 2011... I'm so happy and disappointed at the same time.. Yes.. I'm happy that FT Island finally came back to Malaysia after 2008 incident (please google if you are curious) but I was disappointed because it was not only them.. there were others as well... Means that they not gonna sing many songs.. Urghhhhh.. I WANT THEIR OWN CONCERT!!!! so greedy.. hehehe..

Whatever la kan.. I went to the k-wave concert anyway... :-))

The tix! For your information.. That was the cheapest price.. Still so expensive.. I can't believe it.. The most expensive price was RM588 follow by RM438, RM288 and RM138.. Wow.. Westlife is having their concert here soon and the price is not this expensive.. But when I think about it.. maybe because this concert involve many groups.. So, the cost increase..

This is our entrance gate.. People queue since 5 maybe? We arrived around 6++.. And I'm gonna say that I'm so impress.. People actually queue and respect each other.. Malaysian people so nice! ;-)

All of us got two of the "I love Coway" balloon.. I don't know what Coway is..  The sits are still half full..  

Selca with catz

Now the concert begin... and it start with... FT Island!!! Live from my camera.. (youtube below) FT Island start with "Hello Hello"

Actually we were not allowed to bring camera inside.. But somehow I managed to smuggle it in.. Hehehe (And I'm not the only one) I also managed to record all of their performances.. They sang 5 songs.. in order: 1. Hello Hello 2. Love Love Love 3. Bad Woman 4. Bing Bing Bing 5. I Hope. All of these are their famous and well known songs.. So I can sing along with them.. HAHAHA.. :PPP (konon la kan..) Suara yang nyanyi dalam video tu is me la.. Yang jerit2 histeria tu org sekeliling I.. Anak sapa la diorang ni.. isk isk isk..

FT Island's picture taken by some other fan on KMWM 2011.. I'm too busy taking video.. So, I can't take picture.. Hongki said they want to have their own concert in Malaysia soon.. (YES!!!) ***I wish it comes true***

5 songs are not enough.. HUHUHU.. I want more I want more.. huhuhu.. My heart still with FT Island but then it was Teen Top group turn.. Seriously.. I don't know any songs from them and I still think about FTI performance.. Well, generally I know Teen Top, they are a new group tho.. Anyway they don't gave any impression to me and my friend.. I yawned several times and I really wish them to end soon.. they also sang 5 songs... To be fair people around me seem to enjoy it (they even sang together :P) Maybe I'm too old for them.. bleh.. hehe..

Next was 4minute - the only girl group for the night. And clap clap to them.. I really enjoyed their performance.. Wow look at their legs.. I even search for their songs and downloaded it.. bravo 4minute! And they also said wanna have their own concert in Malaysia.. *sweet talk* :P and I won't go.. hahaha

Then.. U-KISS.. YES!!! Well, I'm not their 'fan' but I do like them and most of their song.. And they are also very good looking lads.. hehe.. Seriously, their performance also tip top and by far better if compared to TeenTop... By the way, they are not as new as TeenTop.. and their song is more catchy and upbeat  (but I still can't sing together with them).

After 5 songs, follow by a solo singer Park Jung Ming - Literally speaking, I don't know this guy. And his performance is so so.. But so many people like him.. And I just knew (just now) that he is from SS501 group (I know this group).. So, I see.. Now I know why he is so famous.. Ok la.. And he is cute and it was funny when he took out a note to read it to us and found out that he took the wrong note.. So, he kind of making a cute mistake and shy shy cat at the stage la.. By the way.. finally he found the note and the note basically said he wish to perform the best for us in MALAY.. Hahaha.. Thumbs up to him!

Next is another solo performance by Seungri.. Oh my.. who is he again??? I'm so bad.. I only knew FT Island inside out.. :PPP Anyway people around me told me that he is from Big Bang.. Hmm.. I know Big Bang and I know they are good.. And his performance also very good.. I like it! People are going crazy now.. I see that most people here really really like Big Bang.. How can they knew how to sing all of these Korean songs??? If they study like this... Malaysia must be very excellent now.. Walla...

Then.. the highlight of the night and also the final show.. GD & TOP (also from big bang) People are going crazy esp the girl in front of me... (i felt annoyed a bit but not so much la.. still, anak sapa la ni?) Wow.. Even me now feel that the song was soo catchy.. They sang hip hop.. And people are jumping and screaming.. Are they that famous? Or people just so excited coz this is the ending? I'm not sure but they were good.. I like their performance also.. But I still missing FT Island :P

Final song - GD & TOP - High High (MV)

my cam of 'High High' (only part of it) - I took it just because the crowd were so excited..

People are screaming "encore encore" but nobody came out.. Finally MC came out and said it really the end.. Let it go people.. It's not fair to have any encore since there were so many groups.. 

Oh you know what.. I was so lucky to be able to record all FT Island performances because when Teen Top start the performance, the RELA were all over warning people not to take video.. Where were they when FTI performed??? Answer: "Busy enjoying the performance as well.." HAHAHA.. I feel sad that they sang first.. it was so anti-climax but that cannot be helped since they were so busy... Their schedule were so pack.. Their flight back to Korea was at 11pm that night, so they immediately went to the airport after their performance... Hongki (lead singer of FTI) himself just arrived at 4.30pm that day from San Francisco coz he had another program there.. So basically: he landed.. went to PC, sangs several songs and went back.. total: 6.5 hours in Malaysia.. Walla.. I'm impressed..

p/s: this is not beta .. no edit (yet), no re-read.. just write and post.. :)))

the end.

What a night.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tears Are Falling...

Again.. this is the tittle of the song...

This is my feeling at the moment..
There is no particular or strong reason for me to feel this way...
But I do feeling down ~ ~ ~ for various reasons...
The song is just perfect and now I feel like crying..

layan feeling blues... huhuhu...
: '(

p/s: The meaning of this song has nothing to do with my life :P

Monday, September 12, 2011

Small things...

I really have a bad memory...

I do remember the 'big' or 'major' thing but often forget the small things..

How to improve this???

And I always heard people said.. "The small things that you do.. matter the most!"

:'(   T_T

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Love Love Love...

Again.. this is the title of the song.. This is the song:

Actually this is the song from my favorite Korean group - FT Island ;-) "Saranghae FT Island!!!!" And this is the song that made me fall in love with them in the first place.. and then, I love many many more of their songs... Hehehe.. You'll know that this song is great just by listening to it.. ;-) Oh you know.. Hongki oppa, Jonghun oppa, Jaejin oppa, Minhwan oppa and Senghyun oppa will come to Malaysia next two weeks.. Waaaaa!!! Who wanna go to k-wave concert with me???? Rise your hand please!!! *no hope so far... Am I to old for this??? HUHUHU.. * :PPP

Now time for a real blogging.. (as if :PPP)

I went to two open house today.. Great great.. really great food and great people.. But sorry guys I'm not taking any picture :P (lazy) It was the usual.. food food and more food.. Waaaaaa!!! Seriously.. I should seriously thinking on diet program.. I'm gaining so much.. even I don't believe it myself *cry again* I can't let this happen!!! Unfortunately, tomorrow we have the Eid celebration at my workplace (Ok I'm sorry.. It is not unfortunate.. This is good actually, there is no such this as unfortunate celebration! :PPP) BUT this also means more fooooooood!!!! Arghhhhhh!!! Hence, my diet program definitely need to start next week.. why??? Because.. after tomorrow, my event will take place for 3 days.. and that also means free fooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I'm sorry mums.. your daughter just can't resist the temptation of free foods.. I humbly apologize for my lacking of will power! Huhuhuhu....

ok.. the end of my k-pop and food addiction ramblings! :P 

Friday, September 09, 2011

I love you and I love you...

This is the title of this song:

This song is so catchy but even so.. when I listen to it I feel so sad... Then I search again for english subtitle... It is true.. This is a sad song.. And I love it! It keeps playing in my mind.. So I decide to put in here..

I love you and I love you...

And again.. please excuse my long absent... with Eid and long holiday.. I am very busy with the upcoming event where I'm one of the secretariat..  

So.. enjoy! and I will be back! ;-)

p/s: I'm feeling like crying now... maybe because until now (12.27 am) I'm still doing the paperwork of the event.. huhuhu... and this song just trigger my mood~~~

p/s/s: This is Korean song - first single by Oh Won Bin feat Miryo