Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Urghhh.. memory loss...

Seriously... seriously.. seriously.. I'm in trouble.. huhuhu..

I want to confess... I really do have a memory loss syndrome when something 'big' happen in my life...

For example.. When I was in high school.. I forgot my life in primary school. When I was enrolled for my bachelor.. I forgot most of my memories from high school except my 'gang', my crush, my very good or very bad memory.. everything else was forgotten.. I can't even recall the name of my classmate or the event that didn't gave much impact in my life... The same goes when I started working.. I forgot most of my university life, the events in between.. and again.. I don't forget my best friends, my crush and some few things.. But I forgot almost everything... One day, I chatted with my x-university friend and she talked something about our event together.. Apparently we spent a weekend together for sport event and we travel to main campus together.. but.. I have zero (I’m telling you.. ZERO) memory of it.. I have no idea we actually camp together and close? at that time.. Anyway, she was offended by it.. She told me, how could I forgot.. and the truth is.. I even forgot her but I’m too ashamed to admit it (you know we just add friends in fb when we have so many friends in common that we knew that this friends is actually our classmate..) Well now when I’m thinking about it.. I had some memory about the event but still.. errr not much.. That was how bad it was…

Now.. one more major event happen in my life.. I further my study in USA.. from 2008 - 2010.. One of my dream comes true event.. My life totally affected by this experience.. And now I’m back to work… The problem this time is.. I’m coming back to my old life.. I’m back to my old position.. my old workplace.. and I’m attached to the same department but now I should be a better worker with higher education and more mature in planning and a better decision maker (well.. I am :P - perasan abis) BUT I forgot almost everything that happen before 2008.. Huhuhu.. I’m seriously in trouble…

I forgot.. arghh.. I really forget a lot of things… another example: I was a secretariat for one of the event recently.. and they asked me to be the MC, then I said  I never be an MC before, so please choose someone else with experience..but one of the senior told me, he clearly remember that I was one in 2007 and I’m good at it.. (maybe he said I'm good at it just to make me agree :-P) and Iwas like.. “no no.. seriously? Really? you must be kidding me.. ” I really have no memory “ When?” it was in 2007.. huhu.. memory lost happen again… It was true.. I remember a little now. I did become an MC at that time but I can't verify if I was good or not.. hehehe.. we end up assigned someone else to be an MC ;-)

And last week my former boss told me that they need me to re-open my old project as they want to use it.. and he asked me a lot about it.. huhuhu.. I’m dying.. I was like.. “hmm I did it 3 years ago.. worst - it happen before 2008 and I have a memory loss syndrome.. H.E.L.P..” (this was only being said in my heart while giving my boss the most confident smile I had :P) Fortunately, my colleagues were also involved in the project and I keep looking at them (for help).. Now I need to remember and revise the project.. I even lost the box that had the development kit and the paperwork and I have no idea where I placed it.. I search all over my office.. my lab.. No where! The fact that we just move to the new building didn’t help me at all.. everything is everywhere.. somewhere and I have no memory to recall.. I also think I need a retraining for the development tool as well.. It was complicated and I don't remember anymore.. huhu.. And I should blame myself for poorly document my work.. in my defence: I was young at that time :P, I’m lazy to write everything and documentation is my weakness.. I think this is a common problem for a developer/engineer/programmer/researcher like me… right??? huhu.. lesson learned! (p/s: I did documented it.. but it was not organize and I can't understand some (many) of my small note means... and why I wrote the thing I wrote... *cry*)

As I said to my colleagues.. they should be glad that I still remember their names.. :-P


Thursday, November 03, 2011

Love Like a Fool??? :-P

It's OST OST! :PPP ~ I'm talking about the title above, don't be confuse ;-)

I was just finished watching "City Hunter" ~~~ such a good story and interesting plot.. with a good casting ^^ I'm actually not a fan of Lee Min Ho but I can't denied that he is a good looking fella.. hehehe.. However for some unknown reason, I watched two of his drama this month.. "Personal Taste" and "City Hunter" (Maybe I do have a lot of free time :-P) Both is good in its own way.. and both give me a roller coaster feeling ..

In personal taste, the story revolve around Lee Min Ho who is a striving architect trying to success in his career.. He is gifted as an architect but the 'big player' always get in his way.. The major architect corporation was actually belong to his father but his family lost everything after being betrayed by his father number one man.. Resulting to misfortune in his family.. I actually like this drama since it was funny (I really lough out loud watching it).. and it was sad at the right moment.. very entertaining indeed...

Now City Hunter.. This story is a bit different than typical k-drama.. it's about a revenge and has a lot of political agenda inside.. manipulating character and I'm actually surprise at some twist.. The down part of this story is just that the protagonist (Lee Min Ho) is a softhearted assassin.. Well he is not really an assassin but he has a super skill to be one since he was trained since young age. He is a strong believer in justice. (always avoid killing people).. Don't believe in killing people because for him it will be a chain reaction of revenge (true) Well, if he is a cold blood bad ass assassin (like I wish) then this all story plot will collapse :P.. So, it is not bad that he has a soft heart... Anyway, I enjoyed watching this drama.. I like it a lot.. I will rate this drama a bit below than "The devil" (link) (some site wrote the title is "The Lucifer") since it's in the same genre, I can't help but compared them.. but seriously. the devil is just too good.. because as I said.. I like the cold blood heartless protagonist who have a complicated mixed feeling between revenge and moving forward in their life.. (usually the type that can't move fwd and maybe dying or memory lost is the only solution) "The devil" give me the satisfaction feeling of this mixture emotion while "City Hunter" giving the feeling that moving forward and protecting the love one is more important.. Well kind of ideal situation..

What captured me the most with these two dramas are.. They have a very very good OST... I fall in love with it...

City Hunter OST - Yim Jae Bum - "Love"

Personal Taste OST - 2AM - "Like a Fool"


Tuesday, November 01, 2011

What the hell?

This is a story of one insignificant guy...

I happen to know this guy through online chatting.. It started on World Cup 2006... I was so happy to have a friend who I can discuss about football(soccer) a lot and not getting bored with my never ending story of how great FC Barcelona is... Seriously, I realized my limit with my real friends.. they seriously will abandon me if I talked nothing but only Barca Barca and Barca with them :P  So, this guy was my savior... By time, we were getting more familiar with each other.. we started talking about something else as well.. In a way we became closer.. We talked on the phone almost everyday... We exchanged picture, telling each other about things that happen in our daily life, shared a current technology (we have the same interest on gadget as well)... He became a good online buddy to me... 

The friendship continue like that for two years... I was glad that I knew him. and I'm seriously still talking about Barca non-stop with him.. And he always listened and respected me.. From time to time.. I pop a question about his status.. because as for me, I'm worried.. Is it okay for me to talk with him for so long at night.. Will it be okay? You know.. I'm curious... I know for sure there was no romantic feeling between us because he never flirt with me.. So, when he was missing for a week.. I asked if he is getting married.. For unknown reason he denied it.. And as for me, what I care right? But I'm getting suspicious.. So I asked many times after that.. he still denied it.. So,ok.. maybe I think too much...

Then.. one day.. I got a rubbish message from him... It was so weird.. Why he sent incomprehensible message to me? So out of his character... So, then I called him... Can you believe who answer my call? A woman.. At first I thought she was his girlfriend.. the overly jealous girlfriend.. but then she told me.. She is the WIFE! I'm so surprise that I can't process the conversation... And what worse.. She was angry with me.. She warning me to never call her husband again! I'm really speechless at that time.. I feel the need to explain to her that we were just friend and I never know about her.... Then we (me and the wife) had a few conversation with me trying to comfort her telling that she got all this wrong and she should asked her husband herself of the reason that I never knew her existent.

As a person, I don't want to jump to any conclusion... I can't call this friend anymore (the line is cut) but I knew his email address coz we were also communicate by email b4. I asked him why he lied to me. I told him that I knew he didn't had any bad intention.. we never talked about love or anything related to it.. But I need an explanation... I was expected him to at least say sorry to me.. For lying to me and for his wife action.. I want him to at least apologize! He after all..was a good friend...

But I never heard anything from him. He never reply the email. Never contact me. I was sad but it's okay as well.. My conclusion... he just someone that cross my path in this life.. I found a great forum already to talk about Barca ;-) and I have many other friends... But one day (after a year) I realized, he subscribed to my youtube account.. apparently we can search friends through email address..  what the heck? Is he stalking me now? I'm so angry at that time.. I closed my youtube account.. Then a few months later... He request me as his friends in facebook... Then, I asked/consulted my friends about this.. then I decide, whatever.. he was my friend maybe he want to apologize and furthermore he didn't matter much... I have 300++ friends in fb anyway... 

Maybe I shouldn't have any expectation after all.. He never apologized.. He just asked if I'm still angry and when I said maybe he didn't say anything.. And then he started give comments on some of my pictures in fb.. I deleted most of it as i found it was not a good comment... I was cold to him... most of the time I just ignore him.. well, he never apologize and things just can't go back like it used to be.. Then one day he wrote in my wall.. He told me that it is okay to be a friend with a married guy.. I was like? What the heck? Are you crazy? Did you think I don't want to be his friend because he is married? OMG! This shallow minded guy.. totally not worth it.. So I just ignore him.. whatever.. not important..

And now.. the reason i wrote this long entry... After almost a year never heard about him (wait.. maybe he did wish Happy Eid few months back - I can't remember..) Anyway, today he did something stupid again and I'm really pissed off.. He tagged me to this unknown picture.. I was wondering and curious.. who is this lovely girl? his wife? Who is this? Then I read the comments below the picture... There is no him in the comments as well.. Why he tagged me? Is this my long lost sister that I don't know but he happen to know? Then I realize.. The girl is talking with her friend in a friendly manner and the other friend jokingly warned her that he gonna report to her husband that she flirt with others and she reply that she don't care (jokingly)... I was like.. Is this the reason he tagged me? To tell me that it is okay to be friendly with a married guy???

I have enough of this stupid guy! I don't care if he was married or not to begin with.. I just hate liars! Now - unfriend is the best action... I pitied him.. he should get over with this long time ago.. Some people just have too much free time... please be happy with your own life... and stop bothering me!

^_^ end. I'm gonna go back home and watch "City Hunter" staring Lee Min Ho = 이민호


monolog #3

~~~ The unpublished entry ~~~ Last week's entry ^^

I'm still trying my best to listen to this seminar which always lead my mind to wonder around... :PPP

arghh... what's the use of me being in this seminar when they actually just read the handout that was given to us... Maybe it is my incapability to listen is the problem here... What is it that I gain here beside the wonderful knowledge of a wonderful instrumentation system??? No kidding! Now I know how to write Korean! Wow at my capability of doing multitasking :PPP - Am I impress with myself? Or am I overly impress with myself??? I believe, I am humble in my own way. :P ~~ I'm so impress with myself!!

I learned how to write and how to read, like I know how to write and read Arabic.. but still failed to understand the language.. But this is a good step la.. in mho (my humble opinion)... ;-)

 my small note - I did this to memorize the alphabet 

Hahaha.. I like! :-P I can write my own name and learned a few Korean words.. But I still can't understand Korean.. hahaha.. Let see... Love = sarang = 사랑 Yuritza = 유릳사 YoonChee = 윤치 Saira = 사이라 Purp = 풆 Catz = ?? (sorry I don't think I can write catz) hahaha...

Anyway.. that's it!