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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Love is so bad

I'm falling in love with this song~~~

Tablo Ft. Jinsil - Bad

" Love is so bad bad bad bad bad~~~~"


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Release Tension.. ^_^ & Rumblings: K-Pop and Korean

K-pop Time...
This MV is so fun and funny.. I like it! First of all, I'm not into girls group.. so this orange caramel really doing a good job for me to talk about them.. haha - poyo.. Please keep watching, the story line is interesting and funny.. esp when they look dreamily at the hero, his action became slow motion and flowers appear around him.. So so much like a manga (japan comic)... 

Here... Orange Caramel - Lipstick

Here is another COOL MV by Big Bang.. Lately, I'm seriously getting into Big Bang and G-Dragon.. Fyi, Big Bang is not a new group.. I knew them and liked their songs previously.. So sure, I knew about their existent for a long time already.. but never really into them.. I'm all FT Island, SuJu, U-Kiss.. But.. dusshhh... This song - Fantastic Baby and the MV.. Now I'm converted to V.I.P.. Hahaha.. Giler.. 

Their new album - ALIVE (well, not so new.. it launched on last March) was really good.. Me likey all the songs in this album. Like.. seriously.. Then, G-Dragon new album... Just launched YESTERDAY! And last night, I'm kind of doing a countdown, waiting and checking.. HAHA.. Urghh... I keep asking myself.. Why I'm attracted to this??? Haha... Funny but it's good since I'm in Korea.. Go Go GD! ;-)

One more thing.. I always heard people said that in reality, Korean people is actually not as good looking as what we saw from tv or etc.. I beg to differ.. Of course not everyone in Korea looks like Super Junior or Big Bang or Girls Generation.. like not everyone looks like Aaron Aziz and Maya Karin right? but.. majority of them is good looking.. there are a lot of similarity.. and their legs (for girls).. I'm so jealous.. The guys are also not bad.. I selalu jugak tertoleh 2 kali.. you know what I mean right? Haha.. Of course this apply for young people.. Fyi.. My house is at university area.. So, a lot of youngster to be sampled in my survey.. :-P

One more things.. I also concluded that Korean like to work too much.. most of them are over-working.. and they also like to walk a lot .. They respect older generation.. All the granny or ajumma (aunts) have the right to just push people when they walk in crowded place...  (I don't know if this is true, but it happen many times, so I guess this must be normal for Korean) They are like a golden citizen.. ops wait.. They are warga emas right?  

That's for now... Just enjoy the music guys.. ^_^

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Video Chapter1: Office Tour...


This is my video number1.. with ZERO edit! HAHAHA.. Nampak sangat malas kan.. The truth is, my life here is kind of bbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Because like Korean food, the main dish always come with various of delicious side dishes... hehe

1. Training a.k.a working <--- This is the main course (seriously! ^^)
2. Korean Drama - Side dish no.1
3. Exercise - Side dish no.2
4. Cooking - Side dish no.3
5. I found a new interest - BIG BANG!!! Huhuhu ~ The time is just right.. after GAKSITAL!!! - Side dish no.4
6. FT Island just come out with new song!!! Don't you guys know??? Huaawaaahahaha... - Side dish no.5

Ok.. This is my Video ~~~

The story behind this video...
Actually, this is a second take..
The first time I took this video, I forgot to press the play button... huhuhu.. WTH? Jadi disebabkan second take, all the spontaneous act is no more spontaneous... Hence the reason I can't stop laughing! Rugi sangat since the first time is always the best! And on this take, it felt kind of rush... somehow..

What is missing?
In the "First take" Farhana did asked me.. "Kena cakap omputih ke?" Well... since I'm so American (wek wek konon) so.. kita cakap omputih la ek.. haha..
We also missed my direct supervisor in this second take but we got Miss Choi instead.. And my boss this time is more relax.. the first time, muka dia surprise gila! Isk isk isk.. 
I also forgot to introduce the guys... maybe because I was too ashame with myself - I forgot everything... Isk..

Anyway.... as much as I regret my stupidity, this video is also okay ~~~~ ^^

Taaaa ~~~

p/s: you see my table right? It was so messy... That was a clear prove of how hardworking and busy I am.. huhu... :P

Big Bang - Blue~~~

This is actually one of my favorite song of Big Bang.. A very good song indeed..  I just feel that the music has a soothing kind of feeling, even though it was actually a very sad song... Not a typical k-pop song I must said.. My no.1 favorite song is definitely "Fantastic Baby" ^_^.. Go for the power baby!!! Big Bang!!! Sarangheyo!!! :PPPP G.D! G.D! G.D! prrfffff...

My life in Korea is kind of stable now... We had moved to a new house and we already get used to the routine.. We mingle well already.. Actually I had planned to post a video blog but... somehow it stopped after taking 2 videos... I found a way to post a video with password protected, however it took a lot of time for a free user.. Kind of a mood killer, and my mood can easily be killed.. :P

However, I did took another video.. Not a video blog thingy but a my routine life video series (ha ha).. I already took a video of our office here.. Hopefully I manage to make it works this time.. huhu..

Taaaa.~~~ ^^

Thursday, August 23, 2012

This song should be my life's motto... hihi~~~

I wish it's always like this~~~

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yay To Samsung Tab!!!

Finally my AP works! Yay!!!!! Now I can use mobile internet....

I need to learn from Alfred (my colleague) here how to setup the AP.. Clearly I'm the one that was stupid. Seriously I'm angry with myself. However since this guest house did not use open ip address, we need to assign ip to each device. This can easily done when you are using computer but quite difficult for smart phone. My htc somehow failed to do so. Only my tab can. However, I believed the reason was not the phone's brand but the adroid version...

Anyway, I'm already happy.. Yay!!!!

Mobile network... I just love you so much! :-X

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Skillet - Awake and Alive

Me like this song~~~

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Percubaan 1 - Gagal!


Percubaan untuk set-up wireless network using AP (Access Point) yang dibawa khas dari Malaysia telah menemui jalan buntu... Penat dah, banyak kali cuba masih unidentify network.. It should be easy right? But I did follow all the instruction!!! Fail.Fail.Fail.

Buat masa ni, I feel so frustrated and tired!
No more trying for today.. Bye bye mobile network!!!!

According to the guys, the did successfully connect the AP but still it doesn't work on the phone. Maybe it's actually hopeless. The only place (so far) that I can use wifi is in the shopping complex. Bila je gi sana, once a week???? Arghhhh... Tension!

Let's see if there will be another percubaan...

Kawan2 ctc me using fb or email ok... :((((((


Welcome to Korea!!!


1 Ogos 2012...adalah hari pertama memijak kaki di Korea.. Here I am, coming to the k-pop land for a noble course - work. :-P I feel so lucky and nervous at the same time. Lucky for the opportunity and nervous for the responsibility.. One of the great thing here is, I can practice my Korean Language here! yay!!!

But, the first thing that happen to me when I need to speak with the native~~~ forgot all the vocab!!! (booo to myself) I forgot all the grammar as well.. but I'm getting better now (I think...)

Let's talk about what happen so far...

1. The first problem - Internet... We can't get internet connection until our 3rd day here... Not in the workplace nor in the guest house. The guest house suppose to have a wifi connection but there is no signal anywhere. They told us, 2 months ago, all the wire connection had been replaced to wireless, hence the wire connection is not possible anymore (Nuri Hall previously using only wire connection).. What frustrated me more, when I keep complaining and asked them to fix and report it to IT people here, they told us that only Malaysia have this problem, no complain from other guests so, they will not fix it. Can you believe it? It was so strange and crazy... I need to verify this. Then the next day, when I asked our housemate, a Myanmar girl- she told me that she can get connected.. (Okay, calm down) How??? She said she used cable and was given an IP address.. I was like.. WHAT? Did I heard it correctly? Didn't they changed the system 2 MONTHS AGO???? And no more wire/cable connection is available???? So, here I was, coming with a new case (of course with a smiling face - I never lose my temper even with this absurd situation ~ please pat my back) - I asked: "How come my Myanmar housemate can have internet connection using cable and IP address? We are basically living in the same house, with the same wall?" Then he said.. "It is possible 2 weeks ago" (maybe he means 2 months ago but got mixed up with the english language).. I said... "This is actually not make any sense right? I want a cable and an IP address too! since we can't even get any wifi signal, please check sir" OK case accepted! He made some calls... And finally ~~~ we got the internet!!! Yay! FINALLY! but still no whatsapp or any mobile internet yet.. I'm too tired to setup the wireless connection from my LAN..

2. Food - So far I have no problem eating.. bekal banyak lagi and I love kimchi!!! Tadi baru beli.. Ada banyak makanan nak rasa - dukbokki, black beans noodle, etc! Dukbokki dah tau dah nak beli kat ner.. tapi tunggu abis bulan puasa baru nak makan.. Setakat ni baru makan kimchi jer.. Yummy! I like... Tapi my colleagues here tak suka.. Previously, I also don't like it... Tapi macam makan sushi la.. First time makan tak suka.. pastu lama2.. jadi loike~~~

 Kimchi - 김치
Me: Annyonghaseyo 안녕하세요?
Seller: Annyonghaseyo 안녕하세요
Me: Gogi issoyo? Jo-nen gogi andwe mogoyo 고기 있어요? 저는 고기 안돼 먹어요
Seller: Gogi obsoyo 고기 없어요
Me: Kamsahamida 감사합니다
Seller: ne~~~  네

3. Work - So far we don't start anything yet. They were busy with preparations and our office just been setup. We will actually work on Monday.. So, everything is okay.. I guess... They told us some interesting news.. We will be attached to one of the university at Seoul for 5 days in October.. Yay!!! Our "handler" said we can go to Seoul everyday that time (ye ke? hehe) Anyway, I'm still getting use to the life here... Oh, did I mention earlier? We are kind of far from Seoul.. about 150 km away..

4.  House - actually we only stay in the guest house for a month.. then we must find other places ~ this is also another long story.. Will blog it later...

Okay.. That's all for now...

Friday, July 13, 2012


Everything is gone?


Last 2 days, I spent a lot of time editing pictures from Russia. I remember, total of 30 pictures out of 100? 200? (not sure) was chosen for my dearest album in fb... Last Tuesday, I left my thumb drive at office and let the chosen pictures uploaded to fb album, but coming back to office the next day, I found that it was failed. I take no heed on such things because.. how many time you failed to upload pics in fb??? countless.. So nothing is unusual.

But today.. today.. when I checked the thumb drive.. that particular one folder is gone! vanished! All the original pictures together with the edited version of pictures gone! How could this happen??? Huhuhu!!! O-to-ke???????????????????

My picture... my precious time...


Sunday, July 01, 2012

Friday +++...

Another pre-written blog... I feel that I should post even though it late. Waste of my energy and brain's space if I don't... This is my reason ok... :-)

Hari ni feel so sleepy... Kul 5am dapat panggilan tepon dari opis. But of course I didn't pick it up. Doesn't make sense for them to think that I left the car at the office for 2 weeks... So weird.

Anyway, yesterday I went out with Asta... We just having our girl time. It is a good feeling to walk around with a girl, at least I can comfortably look around for shoes and cloths. We also can talk about man freely.. Hehe.. Then we were having a dinner at an Italian restaurant. I ate mussle pizza and it tasted superb. Me like it but it was alittle bit expensive.. Dalam rm25 sepinggan and rm6 for coca cola. Anyway I like it. 좋아요!

오늘 저는 자 싶어요...

On Saturday, we plan to go to Moscow...

P/s: I'm just back from Moscow... It was nice! I only have this picture on my phone that I can bluetooth to my tab... Other pictures will be downloaded later from multiple cameras...


This was written on thursday... Hence the title ;-) I was lazy...

Semalam we had an outdoor class, hence the reason I'm not writing... Dalam erti kata lain, kalau tak mulakan penulisan sebelah pagi means petang pun dah takde mood nak menulis... Boleh? Hehehe...

Disebabkan semalam adalah xtvt outdoor means that I got more chance to miggle around. Here is some of the pics.

We felt tired walking around for thw whole half day. Sebelah ptg lak cont ngan group discussion. We were divided into 5 groups and given a study case.

However, what happen here is not as I imagine it will be. At first, I planned to watch the 58 episodes of Ojakgyo Brothers, however so far I'm only manage to watch 5 episodes. How far it deffer from my target?? The guys with me also all very cool.. Last night we had a 'dinner party'.

sedih.. Makan maggi ja... Huhu..

Lupa lak nak tangkap gambar the stall that we often go to buy fruits. Yesterday they gave me a rock melon as a gift. See, I'm so lucky.. :-)

About the weather, it's getter colder. Semalam hujan and today cold.. However since we don't exactly have an air condition, the room temperature is considerable 'hot' but of course not as hot as Malaysia but not cool either.

I also spent some time to study Korean... Hehe...
진구들 이르미: 아쓰리, 서판디, 카이를....

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

From Russia With Love :-P

I'm missing him!!!!

Noted that I'm in the class. Please blame the instructor, he speak with himself. His voice is slow but nobody dare to complain including myself but I tried my hardest to follow up. The topic is relatively easy, maybe because we are still in the introduction area, nothing technical yet.. Just something that I can read through (which is what I'm doing now).

Back to the guy in the picture. His name is Joo Won. :-D (fangirl squezze mode :-P) Actually, back in Malaysia I was in the middle of watching "Gaksital" (Bridal Mask) but unfortunately here the internet is not very good. Just enough for some update and chatting, video streaming is a no-no. Fortunately, I'm alreqdy download lots and lots of drama to fill in my k-drama dose here hehe. However, so far I couldn't find time to do that yet. Ok, not true.. I did watched 1 episode of "Ojokgyo Brother" (because of Joo Won).

My routine so far,
7-8: breakfast
8-6: classes
6-?: walking around - tourist thingy
?-12: free time
12-7: sleep

Time for some story - semalam we all bertembung dgn sekumpulan submarine navy? Or student of submarine navy?? They suddenly stopped us and started a ayam n itik conversation. I was just laughing at the side because these guys were drunk. We didn't know how to stop the conversation and they were getting more persistant. As this went on, I started to feel uncomfortable esp when one of them getting touchy n weirdy. Since I have 3 guys protecting me, no worry. However, we didn't know how to end this endless ayam itik conversation. Fortunately, their friends came and "forcing" his friend to stop. Thank god.. End of a not so funny story but made us laugh everytime we talk about it...

We also went to the biggest shopping complex here, and the first shop we enter is the weapon shop.. Hehe.. Jual senjata on display jer...

Ok la... Pat my own back sebab rajin tulis blog... :-D

p/s: start writing in morning class, then cont at hotel on evening... saje nak bgtau...

Welcome to Russia!!!

First of all.. Welcome back myself to blog.. Indicating that I got many free time now.. (kononnya busy sgt la selama ni).. Actually my style is, I'll write when I need to study (this case is acquire knowledge in form of training).. Dalam erti kata lain aku menulis sambil dgr lecture ni, guna tab.. Hehe... Sbb sini takde internet, tulis kat notepad dulu, jap g baru transfer..

Here we go.... Welcome to Russia!!! When we arrived here, everything seems messy. I'm coming here for some kind of training and its gonna take 2 weeks...
Here is the pic of my first day training.

We were given the access card and some introduction of how things work here.

Here it is! Our real time translater... Walla! The course is actually in both language, English and Russian.. So when the instructor speak in English the translater will be in Russian.. And vise-versa. It felt like the scene in "The King 2 Hearts" k-drama when they had WOC tournament...

The weather here is hot! Well it's summer here and the daylight temperature is ~18C-23C. But the sunlight feel so bright, too bright maybe... Doesn,t feel normal at all. For information, the sunrise here is at ~4.20am and the sunset is at ~10.18pm, so bye-bye my fasting plan. Kononnya nak puasa kat sini sebab dah alang2 susah nak makan kan.. Huhu..

Duit diorang lak cam duit Thailand.. RM1 = Rubel 10, so senang la nak shopping. Sbb aku ni lemah bab convert duit time shopping. I need calculator ok o_O.. So far I dont think there is anything cheap here. Tambang teksi kitorang dari Moscow ke Obninsk (120km) pun USD150.. Ni pun after deal.. :-O

Okla.. That's it for today.. If rajin, I'll write again...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Current Status..

Remember when i said i'm not sure if I want to continue being a student... Yes.. I'm still a student. It is not like me to give up but now I started to regret it. I still not a bright student. I feel so lazy to do homework (I did anyway)... I feel that maybe I made a wrong decision... Huhuhu... I still can't find a way to remember all the vocab. I suck at listening and the teacher speak so fast... So so tired with all these...

One good point is.. I still like Korean language. I just hope that I am already excell on this. Purp said I am a lazy student... and all of this is my own fault. I am not sure if I agree with her statement but I really dont have anything to argue back... Maybe I was lazy but I am also busy... So??? Huhuhu... Arghh so frustrated with this situation. Can somebody just invent some device that can just download a vocabulary in my brain? Pretty pleasssse.....

저는 학생 이에요... 한국어배워요... 팔월 한국에 가요...


Friday, April 06, 2012


Purp just bought a new galaxy note! I want it too... I like the idea of s-pen.. I'm too lazy to use my finger... So, I also bought a stylus for my tab.. Yay! It's really good. Wanna see the picture?

Cute right? with my HTC...
And here I am trying using purp's s note...

Nice ha?
 page 2

Even though my stylus can't write like an s-pen, but it is still okay.. With this new stylus, I hope I will play more with my tab.. because I'm kind of already bored with that (feeling guilty... :-( ) A bit only lorrr...

ok.. c ya!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Should I still be a student?

It's true... I'm a student, a part timer to be specific... I take Korea class since December last year (gigih.. :P)

The reason and the only reason I took this class is just for fun.. I truly enjoyed it, it also help me as a problem reliever... And it was going well until last month...

Last month I had finished Level 1 - Yay!!! Good job! I can read Korean now.. understand few words and can bragging about that to my friends... hehehe... The total 10 people in my class is very nice.. we were happy will our effort... Then, the question came out.. "Do you want to continue for Level 2?"

Being an 'adventurous' me.. :-P, I want to continue to Level 2.. Yay! It was fun and I can meet new friends.. It was something out of my routine and also I can relieve some tension... I knew I was not a bright student when come to language but I survive Level 1 and it was not that bad...

Level 2 begin.....

It was a major step up... The new teacher is good and ................. serious, strict, energetic and demanding... Huhuhu... We got homework and all other students seem so good... Now, every time before class started, I feel restless.. She will ask question us (in Korean) and wait for student to answer. I feel pressurize to answer the question (in Korean also), when it come my turn and if I can't answer she will pointedly asked me, which part that I don't understand.. And then she will ask the class and they can answer it! Arghhhhh... this always happen... Me, a bad student!

It is not that I'm not trying... I did.. well maybe not as much as others.. but... Language is my nemesis.. It is like I want to be a singer, but I can't sing.. I don't have the talent... But I really wanna be a singer. The same with language.. I love to learn language.. I tried Arabic, German and Spanish before but I was so bad.. Now I tried Korean and I gave it a little more effort.. but, still I'm so slow.. Should I give up? Learning Korean is for fun.. that was my reason.. But I was not so much fun anymore... Instead of a tension reliever it becomes the source of my tension.. I still have 2 more classes to go before the next payment... I'll give myself 2 more trial and see how it works for me... 

Here some pictures:

Me doing a homework...

 Me studying...

 Me trying to remember words by write it down at my office whiteboard.. It's in my own office, so it's okay :) Hoping by looking at it all the time will help me memorize it
Me sticking some note at the side of my Computer to make it easy for me to memorize it...

See, I'm doing this much but maybe I'll admit defeat soon... Everything is too much. I hate being stupid in the class. I must admit.. language is my weakness. I spent my whole life learning English and still not good at it. How can I be optimistic in learning Korean?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bubble shoot!!!

I'm on final level!!! Yay!!!!

Great killing time' game...

Give it a try... You gonna love it! ;-)

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I hate

Being an engineer in a research institute...

Being a researcher in a maintenance unit

Can people make up their mind already? Stop making me run both way!

When we wanna do a project with engineering application, you said there is no scientific content.

When we wanna do a research with scientific content, you said not enough skills in the scientific field.

When we do service work, you said we should produce a scientific paper.

When we concentrating on making a scientific paper, you said you should do maintenance service as well since it's your expertise.


Today is a bad day!


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Saturday, March 03, 2012

ding dong

Oh my.. Such a long time.. I'm gonna try to write here again. Been so busy with works and life. My life is kinda.... Not the same. Maybe I'm getting old. I have so many things in my mind.. Made so many mistakes along the way...

Ok.. Let me try write it down some of it... Again, note to myself. Keep writing!

Let me remember....

1. I started 2012 by getting sick. I had a cold starting 1st january and it last for about 2 weeks.. Then I had cough for almost a month. My body seems weak in 2012.. I got food poisoning 2 times already since new year. Had a fever once.. And feeling tired (lazy :-P) almost all the time..

2. I'm getting more drowned in Korean wave as of lately... I watched a lot of Korean drama and movie, went to the concert.. Being crazy of FT Island, Super Junior and Big Bang... But it's not all bad, this also trigger me to take a Korean Language class... I had taking this class for three months already (12 sessions) and I'm getting a bit better in Korean language.. Haha. But don't be impressed yet.. Out of 10 people in my class, I will put myself at no. 8 or 9... I'm one of the worst student.. But yet.. I was truly enjoying myself... Now I understand how it feel to be in the bottom... The whole my life, as a student.. I was rarely to almost never been outside of top 5% (sorry for bragging, I dare to say that it's at least 80% true :-P).. The main reason is maybe because I never did or embraced something that I'm not confident with... But taking this class and being in the bottom 5%.. It makes me feel................ Cute! Hahaha....

3. My best buddy... One of the famous (self proclaim) mizzou best buddy had coming back to Malaysia.. I was so excited waiting for GG at the airport and having our first lunch together in Malaysia.. I was truly happy. Unfortunately she is not all mine... I only got half a day with her but then opportunity came when GG had a business trip to Singapore... Now I can spent more time with her... But the truth of the truth... I don't think we really spent many time catching up.. And I'm actually regret it for not really just sitting down and forget that we were in Singapore... And being a bad friend as I am.. Again, I forgot to wish GG, her birthday on 20th Feb.. I did remember but then... I dont have any excuse... Nothing I said can change the past..Even though you said it's ok.. But here.. Again, I wanna said... I'm really really sorry for forgeting... And I can only apologise...

4. Also, starting 2012... There was a major changed in my work task in office as well... The 1st month is hell for me. I h.a.t.e it so much... I was trying my best but people keep complaining... I can feel the silent rejection... I was so tired battling with myself, with situation... I was angry. But... As the time passes, I'm getting used to it. I finally face and accept it. This is my challenge. I need to do what is trusted to me. No matter what... What I need is patient and a lot of it. Now, I must think for others as well... Being a good person and keep trying my best. I believe, my staff will feel the same. After all we are all only human.

5. I'm buying a new car. With so much things happening... As my depression getting deeper, I need to cheer up! One day I woke up and feeling that I need a new car. The decision is fast and simple... After back and forth thinking on which car I want to buy... The decision came to me just overnight. It is time to say good bye to my old car. However.... Tragedy in Bangkok did actually affected me.. My new car will only available on April... The funny things is, even though I realized this.. My absentminded me putting an advertisement of my current car a bit too early... To be exact.. On mid Feb... Who can expect, around 7 people actually called and asked for my car... I took off the advertisement after a week, I was panicking. I need my car till April. What the heck did I do? I was so surprise by the numbers of people who interested... Maybe I sell it too cheap? Or maybe my car is in high demand? Anyway, I cant sell it before April... So, I will let the fate decide. Let see if people still interested when the time come.

6. Last but not least... The reason I'm writing again in this blog is.... I just bought a new samsung galaxy tab 7.7!!!! Yay... I'm crazy~~~ First of all... I got my htc desire hd just some times ago.. But but but.. I can't write blog on my htc.. It's so small.... It is not convinient... Anyway it is a great phone.. And galaxy tab is not a phone (for me)... I need tab for: 1. Reading manga 2. Writing blog (actively?) 3. Play games 4. Do reports/documentation while watching tv or on the bed 5. Write notes while in the meeting, workshop, talk 6. Surfing internet better 7. Plan my daily agenda 8. So so much more... Conclusion: I REALLY REALLY WANT IT SOOOO MUCH!!!!! And here I am... Having it and liking the fact that I have it. Also... I got a very interesting and valuable story when I bought this new toy. (ops, I mean gadjet).. But I'm so tired and sleepy to continue writing now. But it also a story that I want to forget.

Until next time... When I have so many things in my mind that I need to let it out.. I'll write again. To my friends who read my blog.. Thank you... Even if it only me reading this.. I'm also satisfied. After all... I'm the biggest fan of my own blog... Hahaha...


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