Tuesday, June 26, 2012

From Russia With Love :-P

I'm missing him!!!!

Noted that I'm in the class. Please blame the instructor, he speak with himself. His voice is slow but nobody dare to complain including myself but I tried my hardest to follow up. The topic is relatively easy, maybe because we are still in the introduction area, nothing technical yet.. Just something that I can read through (which is what I'm doing now).

Back to the guy in the picture. His name is Joo Won. :-D (fangirl squezze mode :-P) Actually, back in Malaysia I was in the middle of watching "Gaksital" (Bridal Mask) but unfortunately here the internet is not very good. Just enough for some update and chatting, video streaming is a no-no. Fortunately, I'm alreqdy download lots and lots of drama to fill in my k-drama dose here hehe. However, so far I couldn't find time to do that yet. Ok, not true.. I did watched 1 episode of "Ojokgyo Brother" (because of Joo Won).

My routine so far,
7-8: breakfast
8-6: classes
6-?: walking around - tourist thingy
?-12: free time
12-7: sleep

Time for some story - semalam we all bertembung dgn sekumpulan submarine navy? Or student of submarine navy?? They suddenly stopped us and started a ayam n itik conversation. I was just laughing at the side because these guys were drunk. We didn't know how to stop the conversation and they were getting more persistant. As this went on, I started to feel uncomfortable esp when one of them getting touchy n weirdy. Since I have 3 guys protecting me, no worry. However, we didn't know how to end this endless ayam itik conversation. Fortunately, their friends came and "forcing" his friend to stop. Thank god.. End of a not so funny story but made us laugh everytime we talk about it...

We also went to the biggest shopping complex here, and the first shop we enter is the weapon shop.. Hehe.. Jual senjata on display jer...

Ok la... Pat my own back sebab rajin tulis blog... :-D

p/s: start writing in morning class, then cont at hotel on evening... saje nak bgtau...

Welcome to Russia!!!

First of all.. Welcome back myself to blog.. Indicating that I got many free time now.. (kononnya busy sgt la selama ni).. Actually my style is, I'll write when I need to study (this case is acquire knowledge in form of training).. Dalam erti kata lain aku menulis sambil dgr lecture ni, guna tab.. Hehe... Sbb sini takde internet, tulis kat notepad dulu, jap g baru transfer..

Here we go.... Welcome to Russia!!! When we arrived here, everything seems messy. I'm coming here for some kind of training and its gonna take 2 weeks...
Here is the pic of my first day training.

We were given the access card and some introduction of how things work here.

Here it is! Our real time translater... Walla! The course is actually in both language, English and Russian.. So when the instructor speak in English the translater will be in Russian.. And vise-versa. It felt like the scene in "The King 2 Hearts" k-drama when they had WOC tournament...

The weather here is hot! Well it's summer here and the daylight temperature is ~18C-23C. But the sunlight feel so bright, too bright maybe... Doesn,t feel normal at all. For information, the sunrise here is at ~4.20am and the sunset is at ~10.18pm, so bye-bye my fasting plan. Kononnya nak puasa kat sini sebab dah alang2 susah nak makan kan.. Huhu..

Duit diorang lak cam duit Thailand.. RM1 = Rubel 10, so senang la nak shopping. Sbb aku ni lemah bab convert duit time shopping. I need calculator ok o_O.. So far I dont think there is anything cheap here. Tambang teksi kitorang dari Moscow ke Obninsk (120km) pun USD150.. Ni pun after deal.. :-O

Okla.. That's it for today.. If rajin, I'll write again...