Thursday, August 23, 2012

This song should be my life's motto... hihi~~~

I wish it's always like this~~~

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yay To Samsung Tab!!!

Finally my AP works! Yay!!!!! Now I can use mobile internet....

I need to learn from Alfred (my colleague) here how to setup the AP.. Clearly I'm the one that was stupid. Seriously I'm angry with myself. However since this guest house did not use open ip address, we need to assign ip to each device. This can easily done when you are using computer but quite difficult for smart phone. My htc somehow failed to do so. Only my tab can. However, I believed the reason was not the phone's brand but the adroid version...

Anyway, I'm already happy.. Yay!!!!

Mobile network... I just love you so much! :-X

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Skillet - Awake and Alive

Me like this song~~~

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Percubaan 1 - Gagal!


Percubaan untuk set-up wireless network using AP (Access Point) yang dibawa khas dari Malaysia telah menemui jalan buntu... Penat dah, banyak kali cuba masih unidentify network.. It should be easy right? But I did follow all the instruction!!! Fail.Fail.Fail.

Buat masa ni, I feel so frustrated and tired!
No more trying for today.. Bye bye mobile network!!!!

According to the guys, the did successfully connect the AP but still it doesn't work on the phone. Maybe it's actually hopeless. The only place (so far) that I can use wifi is in the shopping complex. Bila je gi sana, once a week???? Arghhhh... Tension!

Let's see if there will be another percubaan...

Kawan2 ctc me using fb or email ok... :((((((


Welcome to Korea!!!


1 Ogos 2012...adalah hari pertama memijak kaki di Korea.. Here I am, coming to the k-pop land for a noble course - work. :-P I feel so lucky and nervous at the same time. Lucky for the opportunity and nervous for the responsibility.. One of the great thing here is, I can practice my Korean Language here! yay!!!

But, the first thing that happen to me when I need to speak with the native~~~ forgot all the vocab!!! (booo to myself) I forgot all the grammar as well.. but I'm getting better now (I think...)

Let's talk about what happen so far...

1. The first problem - Internet... We can't get internet connection until our 3rd day here... Not in the workplace nor in the guest house. The guest house suppose to have a wifi connection but there is no signal anywhere. They told us, 2 months ago, all the wire connection had been replaced to wireless, hence the wire connection is not possible anymore (Nuri Hall previously using only wire connection).. What frustrated me more, when I keep complaining and asked them to fix and report it to IT people here, they told us that only Malaysia have this problem, no complain from other guests so, they will not fix it. Can you believe it? It was so strange and crazy... I need to verify this. Then the next day, when I asked our housemate, a Myanmar girl- she told me that she can get connected.. (Okay, calm down) How??? She said she used cable and was given an IP address.. I was like.. WHAT? Did I heard it correctly? Didn't they changed the system 2 MONTHS AGO???? And no more wire/cable connection is available???? So, here I was, coming with a new case (of course with a smiling face - I never lose my temper even with this absurd situation ~ please pat my back) - I asked: "How come my Myanmar housemate can have internet connection using cable and IP address? We are basically living in the same house, with the same wall?" Then he said.. "It is possible 2 weeks ago" (maybe he means 2 months ago but got mixed up with the english language).. I said... "This is actually not make any sense right? I want a cable and an IP address too! since we can't even get any wifi signal, please check sir" OK case accepted! He made some calls... And finally ~~~ we got the internet!!! Yay! FINALLY! but still no whatsapp or any mobile internet yet.. I'm too tired to setup the wireless connection from my LAN..

2. Food - So far I have no problem eating.. bekal banyak lagi and I love kimchi!!! Tadi baru beli.. Ada banyak makanan nak rasa - dukbokki, black beans noodle, etc! Dukbokki dah tau dah nak beli kat ner.. tapi tunggu abis bulan puasa baru nak makan.. Setakat ni baru makan kimchi jer.. Yummy! I like... Tapi my colleagues here tak suka.. Previously, I also don't like it... Tapi macam makan sushi la.. First time makan tak suka.. pastu lama2.. jadi loike~~~

 Kimchi - 김치
Me: Annyonghaseyo 안녕하세요?
Seller: Annyonghaseyo 안녕하세요
Me: Gogi issoyo? Jo-nen gogi andwe mogoyo 고기 있어요? 저는 고기 안돼 먹어요
Seller: Gogi obsoyo 고기 없어요
Me: Kamsahamida 감사합니다
Seller: ne~~~  네

3. Work - So far we don't start anything yet. They were busy with preparations and our office just been setup. We will actually work on Monday.. So, everything is okay.. I guess... They told us some interesting news.. We will be attached to one of the university at Seoul for 5 days in October.. Yay!!! Our "handler" said we can go to Seoul everyday that time (ye ke? hehe) Anyway, I'm still getting use to the life here... Oh, did I mention earlier? We are kind of far from Seoul.. about 150 km away..

4.  House - actually we only stay in the guest house for a month.. then we must find other places ~ this is also another long story.. Will blog it later...

Okay.. That's all for now...