Saturday, September 15, 2012

Release Tension.. ^_^ & Rumblings: K-Pop and Korean

K-pop Time...
This MV is so fun and funny.. I like it! First of all, I'm not into girls group.. so this orange caramel really doing a good job for me to talk about them.. haha - poyo.. Please keep watching, the story line is interesting and funny.. esp when they look dreamily at the hero, his action became slow motion and flowers appear around him.. So so much like a manga (japan comic)... 

Here... Orange Caramel - Lipstick

Here is another COOL MV by Big Bang.. Lately, I'm seriously getting into Big Bang and G-Dragon.. Fyi, Big Bang is not a new group.. I knew them and liked their songs previously.. So sure, I knew about their existent for a long time already.. but never really into them.. I'm all FT Island, SuJu, U-Kiss.. But.. dusshhh... This song - Fantastic Baby and the MV.. Now I'm converted to V.I.P.. Hahaha.. Giler.. 

Their new album - ALIVE (well, not so new.. it launched on last March) was really good.. Me likey all the songs in this album. Like.. seriously.. Then, G-Dragon new album... Just launched YESTERDAY! And last night, I'm kind of doing a countdown, waiting and checking.. HAHA.. Urghh... I keep asking myself.. Why I'm attracted to this??? Haha... Funny but it's good since I'm in Korea.. Go Go GD! ;-)

One more thing.. I always heard people said that in reality, Korean people is actually not as good looking as what we saw from tv or etc.. I beg to differ.. Of course not everyone in Korea looks like Super Junior or Big Bang or Girls Generation.. like not everyone looks like Aaron Aziz and Maya Karin right? but.. majority of them is good looking.. there are a lot of similarity.. and their legs (for girls).. I'm so jealous.. The guys are also not bad.. I selalu jugak tertoleh 2 kali.. you know what I mean right? Haha.. Of course this apply for young people.. Fyi.. My house is at university area.. So, a lot of youngster to be sampled in my survey.. :-P

One more things.. I also concluded that Korean like to work too much.. most of them are over-working.. and they also like to walk a lot .. They respect older generation.. All the granny or ajumma (aunts) have the right to just push people when they walk in crowded place...  (I don't know if this is true, but it happen many times, so I guess this must be normal for Korean) They are like a golden citizen.. ops wait.. They are warga emas right?  

That's for now... Just enjoy the music guys.. ^_^

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Video Chapter1: Office Tour...


This is my video number1.. with ZERO edit! HAHAHA.. Nampak sangat malas kan.. The truth is, my life here is kind of bbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Because like Korean food, the main dish always come with various of delicious side dishes... hehe

1. Training a.k.a working <--- This is the main course (seriously! ^^)
2. Korean Drama - Side dish no.1
3. Exercise - Side dish no.2
4. Cooking - Side dish no.3
5. I found a new interest - BIG BANG!!! Huhuhu ~ The time is just right.. after GAKSITAL!!! - Side dish no.4
6. FT Island just come out with new song!!! Don't you guys know??? Huaawaaahahaha... - Side dish no.5

Ok.. This is my Video ~~~

The story behind this video...
Actually, this is a second take..
The first time I took this video, I forgot to press the play button... huhuhu.. WTH? Jadi disebabkan second take, all the spontaneous act is no more spontaneous... Hence the reason I can't stop laughing! Rugi sangat since the first time is always the best! And on this take, it felt kind of rush... somehow..

What is missing?
In the "First take" Farhana did asked me.. "Kena cakap omputih ke?" Well... since I'm so American (wek wek konon) so.. kita cakap omputih la ek.. haha..
We also missed my direct supervisor in this second take but we got Miss Choi instead.. And my boss this time is more relax.. the first time, muka dia surprise gila! Isk isk isk.. 
I also forgot to introduce the guys... maybe because I was too ashame with myself - I forgot everything... Isk..

Anyway.... as much as I regret my stupidity, this video is also okay ~~~~ ^^

Taaaa ~~~

p/s: you see my table right? It was so messy... That was a clear prove of how hardworking and busy I am.. huhu... :P

Big Bang - Blue~~~

This is actually one of my favorite song of Big Bang.. A very good song indeed..  I just feel that the music has a soothing kind of feeling, even though it was actually a very sad song... Not a typical k-pop song I must said.. My no.1 favorite song is definitely "Fantastic Baby" ^_^.. Go for the power baby!!! Big Bang!!! Sarangheyo!!! :PPPP G.D! G.D! G.D! prrfffff...

My life in Korea is kind of stable now... We had moved to a new house and we already get used to the routine.. We mingle well already.. Actually I had planned to post a video blog but... somehow it stopped after taking 2 videos... I found a way to post a video with password protected, however it took a lot of time for a free user.. Kind of a mood killer, and my mood can easily be killed.. :P

However, I did took another video.. Not a video blog thingy but a my routine life video series (ha ha).. I already took a video of our office here.. Hopefully I manage to make it works this time.. huhu..

Taaaa.~~~ ^^