Thursday, March 07, 2013

A distress V.I.P

It's been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time since I'm writing this blog..
And what makes me returned????

I am so sad.. stress... tension.... *cry cry*

Why why why???

GD hold his first World Tour and it start here in Seoul on 30th and 31th March.. And I AM HERE!!!!

~Oh by the way.. I'm back in Korea again Feb 1 to Apr 16.~

The story goes.. Jokingly I'm telling my Korean friends that I wanna go to GD's concert... Well the whole office knew now that I love BB...

And luckily, one of them willingly to go with me.. I am a bit surprise because I know non of them like BB or GD (why??? I wonder why don't they like them.. They are Korean~~~) Anyway, one of them is kind enough to go with me... But she warned me.. To get the ticket is like a war zone.. And it is the truth!!!

Ticket selling open for public on March 5 8PM for the first day of the concert.. And~~~~ It all gone in 12 minutes???? WUT??? My friend only manage to get one ticket.. So we canceled that ticket.. *cry*

The next day is the ticket selling day for the second day of the concert.. But this time I'm more ready.. I even asked my office's friend to help me as well.. I'm so stress in the office... Like seriously.. I want to go~~~ huhu..

Once again, ticket sold out like 10 minutes.... Luckily my friend got the 2 tickets for us...


It was in different section.. We are separated...So far~~~ After much much discussion and thinking... I decided to cancel this tickets as well... *cry* Because first of all, my friend that will go to the concert with me is not a fan of GD.. She is just a normal music listener.. She like GD so-so.. And the reason she want to go to his concert is because she want to accompany me.. And what is the point if we are separated??? It will be very unfair to her. I will not enjoy it very much as well.. I will still go if she is a fan like me.. But, I can't be selfish~~~ (Even though I really wanna go and be selfish.. But I just can't) *cry*

Now.. waaaaaa.... I'm so sad~~~

GD please come to Malaysia!!!

P/s: Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia was already added... now now... Add Malaysia as well... I will definitely go!

The end my rumblings.... Because I am so sad~~~~

This is the story of My k-pop journey in Korea.... *cry again*


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Saira said...

Yes? ok...