Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2015 Resolution~

Hello.. Hola.. Hi.. to myself... or whoever read this..

It's been a long time..

I think it is a waste for me not to update this blog anymore. I was lazy and probably still. But blogging is a way of recording my life, my feeling and whatever significant or insignificant things that happen in my life. I love myself and I love to read and reread my post. So, I guess, I should continue writing this blog.

So this is my resolution. I will try to come back to previous event that happen in 2014 and recorded it here. I miss me who loved to write blog.

So.. Dear me, please don't be lazy and continue writing the journey of your own life. Your life may not be interesting to others but I believe you don't share the same feeling. ^^

So way to go! Let's us keep this memory lane alive!