Thursday, September 17, 2015

Urrrr urrrghh?

Just looking back at my blog.. Reading my 2015 resolution! I was like.. "Shame on you!" lol.. Honestly, I don't even remember that I made such resolution.. Now it is already September.. and i already missed the whole 9 months of my so called resolution~~~

So what to do?

Honestly, nothing.

I will again trying to come back here and start writing because this is what I love to do. I did still writing to be honest.. But, it was a different channel and has a different purpose. Something that I rather keep it for myself.. Unless, I change my mind.. Oh wells, maybe not. haha..

Anyway, this is a good start as I just want to say that I forgot my own resolution and I feel bad about it. There is so much things that happen to me but I guess nothing is major of life changing.. Just me being me and in my own exclusive world.. Which, sometimes I love it too much to even share.

Ok. That's it for now and it is a rambling anyway. I also would like to blame the SNS world called Instagram, twitter, tumblr etc.. Because of them, this little blog of mine had been neglected.

Ah ha.. Ta-ta *insert wave emoticon* p/s: failed attempt of being cute